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Yes Sir


Mary had always been the good girl until she met Steve. He had turned her world upside down . Steve had shown Mary a side of herself that she had never known even existed. She never realized how much it turned her on to be told what to do. Yet even when she thought about it her nipples started to get hard.

Steve had never met a girl quite like Mary. She wanted everyone around her to think that she was this sweet innocent little angel when Steve had found out very differently. Mary was truly a slut at heart. The phone conversation they had would make a good girl turn crimson. Yet Mary seemed to get more and more graphic every time.He constantly pictured what it would be like to do some of the things they had talked about to her. Now he would finally get the chance. They had decided it was time they met in person. It would be on Saturday when they both were off and he could spend all day having his way with her.

As Saturday approached, Mary was gitty with anticipation. She could not wait to do all the things she and Steve had discussed. He had told her to pack an overnight bag with all the essentials like a toothbrush and a hairbrush. When she asked if she should pack a nightgown he laughed. "What the heck do we need that silly thing getting the way for?"

Finally Saturday arrived, Mary packed everything into her car and drove the short distance to Steve's house. When she arrived she knocked on the door and he yanked her inside. "Get your ass in here." He slammed the door behind her. "Did you bring the stuff?"

"Yes, it's in the bag,"said Mary. She handed the bag over to Steve.

"Now strip and get over there," said Steve. He pointed to the corner of the room. "Don't face me."

Mary did exactly as she was told. It seemed like forever until she heard any movement in back of her. When she heard shuffling in back of her she tried to turn around.

"Don't you dare turn around. You are not to face me unless I give you permission."

"I'm sorry, Steve."

"When we are together it is sir not Steve. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good." He came behind her. "Give me your hands." Mary placed her hands behind her back. Steve then clicked a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. "Now you can turn around but I want you down on your knees." Mary sank to her knees in front of Steve. "Very good." He patted her on the head. Then he unzipped his pants. He pushed them down his legs and stepped out kicking them across the floor. His cock sprang out to meet her." Do you want to suck my cock?"

"Yes sir."

"Then beg me for it. Beg me for my hard cock."

"Please sir. Please let me suck your big hard cock."

"Open your mouth wide. I want to feel my cock hit the back of your throat." Mary opened her mouth as wide as she could. "Very nice." Steve then shoved his cock down her throat. Mary started gagging on it. "Keep going. You know you like the feel of me in that slutty throat of yours." He pulled himself part way out. Mary licked the head of his cock before he shoved it back down her throat. "You had better swallow every last drop when I cum." After a few more thrusts, he shot his cum right down her throat. "Make sure you clean me off. I don't want to make a mess on my new carpets." Mary sucked and licked his cock until it was completely clean. "Did you like the taste of my cum?"

"Yes sir. You taste very good. Can we please remove my handcuffs they are beginning to cut my wrists?"

"As long as you promise to do everything I tell you to no questions asked." Mary nodded. "Stand up and face backwards." She did as she was told and he unlocked her cuffs. " Now let's see how wet that pussy of yours is." He came up behind her and unceremoniously shoved his middle finger up into her. "Just as I suspected your pussy is soaking wet. See!" He then shoved the finger right in Mary's face. "Now lick my finger clean of all your juice my good girl." She licked and sucked his finger clean of all of her juice. "I want you down on your hands and knees in front of me and don't face me. I want a nice view of your ass as I fuck you."

"Yes sir," Mary said as she sank to her hands and knees. Steve quickly came up behind her. Suddenly she felt a hard slap on her ass. The first one hurt but as he continued to spank her she was getting more and more turned on. She began to moan.

"You like this don't you? You like it when I spank your pretty little ass."

"Yes sir," Mary almost moaned the words out of her mouth.

"Then you have proved to me exactly what I suspected all along. You truly are a submissive little slut. Now stay exactly the way you are while I fuck that hot, wet, little pussy of yours." He slowly inserted his hard cock into her. "Shit you are so tight. I can feel you squeezing my cock. It feels so damn good." Then he pulled out and slammed it hard into her. She screamed in both pleasure and pain.

"You feel so good inside me right now. I need to cum so bad."

"Then beg me to let you cum. Beg me to let you have your relief," Steve said as he continued to pound her.

"Sir please I so need to cum. Please let me cum."

"First you have to admit what you are. Tell me what you are then I may let you cum."


"You know what sucking my hard cock and begging me to let you cum makes you. Now tell me what you are," Steve said as he gave her ass a hard slap.

"I am your little submissive slut and I am here to serve your every need."

"Now my little slut I want you to cum as hard as you can,"he said as he shoved deep into her. They both shuttered with their own orgasms at the same time. "Very good my little slut. Now let's get some sleep . We have plenty more fun ahead of us."

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