tagBDSMYes Sir Ch. 01

Yes Sir Ch. 01

byRose P©

The phone rang. She leapt to answer it.

It was him. She quickly turned her back on her colleagues and answered on a quiet husky voice "Yes Master"

He gave her half an hour to get to the usual meeting place. A shiver ran down her spine in anticipation. She turned back to her colleagues. A look of despair crossed her face. She had become a master of lies and manipulation in the last three weeks.

"Terrible news. It's my best friend. A car accident. I need to get to the hospital. I will work the time in." It tumbled from her mouth quickly and urgently. Her boss looked at her and with great compassion said she could go. She offered to drive her to the hospital. With great control and a tone of gratefulness she said no thank you and that it was enough to remove one person from the store but two was too much. The hospital was close enough. She'd be fine.

In a rush she collected her stuff and all but ran from the store. Desperately checking her watch she found 10 minutes to have passed. 20 remaining. She would have to run. As she arrived at her car she pulled down her panties from under her pencil skirt, the one leg catching on her heel and causing her to land heavily on the driver's seat. She found her wipes in the cubbyhole and urgently wiped her cunt clean. Her master liked it like that and it was a standing instruction. She started the car and directed the air conditioner between her legs. She needed get herself as quickly as possible. The cold air was titillating on her cunt walls and reminded her of the experience awaiting her.

15 minutes remaining. She left the parking lot driving like the hellcat she was.

All the robots were green. This took at least 5 minutes off her time. She skimmed through the stop streets and screamed around the corners.

As she pulled into his drive way she found she had 8 minutes to spare. Relieved she checked her hair, her make up, her suspenders and her cunt. All clean straight and surprisingly prepared. She took a deep breath; she jumped from the car, slammed the car door and ran up behind the house and down the basement steps.

She stepped into the semi darkness of the basement. Her eyes took a moment to adjust. The lights were off, the blinds down, the candles lit. There was nothing in the room except a chair. She stepped deeper into the room and peered around to seem what she could in the dimness. There was no sound, the room being sound proof. She stood uncertainly in the middle of the room next to the chair unsure of what to do. Knowing her master as she did this event could go any way he desired.

Suddenly from the corner a deep husky voice boomed out through the room making her jump.

"The impetus to grow and live intensely is so powerful in you, you cannot resist it. You will work, you will love your partner, but you will fulfill yourself."

The quote from Anais Nin caused a feeling of delicious foreboding, fear and anticipation to run through her and left her breathless.

"You are early. 3 minutes early. I told you half an hour. Not 27 minutes. This is not to my specification."

She turned to see him. A feeling of contriteness motivating her. "I am sorry master. I will not do it again."

"Who told you to turn or speak? Who gave you permission?"

There was no anger in the voice. It was low, husky and rough in the silence of the room.

She dropped her head her hair tumbling over her eyes. She knew this moved him deeply and incited great desire. She heard him shift in his seat and knew that his erection had started. This gave her supreme pleasure.

The basis of control in their relation was a shifting one. She could contain his power by subtly matching and exceeding it with a few simple moves and attitudes. She could limit or inflame his passion in ways he could not control. The power was an aphrodisiac to both of them.

He left her standing in the middle of the room and quietly assessed her as he often did. Young, supple and vulnerable. Just the way he liked them. His slaves were never over the age of 23 or under the age of 19. He found these to be the most satisfying years. For him and them both.

The silence was deafening. She could hear nothing but her ragged breathing and his quiet breath.

The anticipation was the greatest and better part of her desire.

He quietly stood and padded across the deep crimson carpet. She did not hear him and was startled when she felt him circling her. He was close but not close enough.

She yearned to touch him but knew that the discipline on this urge would be almost unbearable. He was the master, she the slave. She would submit to him in all aspects and would enjoy the experience all the more for it.

"Remove your shoes. Sit on the floor. Cross your legs and remove them"

She complied immediately and removed her heels.

"Stand, lift your skirt to just above your hips and bend at the waist." As she bent over he placed a solitary finger inside her and rolled it against the walls of her cunt. He heard her sharp intake of breath and felt her tighten around him. Carefully he removed his finger and left her throbbing.

"Stand up, drop your skirt and place your hands on your head."

He came up close behind her. His arms reached around her. His hands stroked her breasts under her silk blouse. She was wearing the bra he had given her. Silk and sheer. Her nipples hardened and her breathing got heavier.

Almost as quickly as he had begun, he stopped, stepping back and leaving her rippling with unreleased desire.

Silence descended on the room again.

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