tagBDSMYes Sir Ch. 02

Yes Sir Ch. 02

byRose P©

She wondered what would come next. She was still fully clothed barring her shoes. How would he continue the experience? The silence continued. She could hear nothing but her breathing.

Suddenly his voice was in front of her. “Your elbows are too close. Open them wider. Stick your chest out so that your tits are higher up. Keep your head up and spread your legs. Close your eyes.”

She complied feeling exposed and vulnerable. The feeling caused her to become wetter. She felt herself running down her thighs. Her suspenders were caressing the outside of her thighs as she moved. The breath of fresh air up her legs reminded her of the longing her cunt was going through. She knew that if she came without his permission she would be wholly punished and the quiet sense of foreboding stopped her in her tracks.

Her breathing was heavier and he knew that she was being submissive in the extreme.

He placed the light beneath her focussed upward to catch her cunt and turned it on. She had never experienced this and wondered what he was doing. She felt his hands on her blouse buttons and took a sharp intake of breath. The caresses ran through her like electricity. Her blouse opened to the top he slipped his hands around her and undid the bra. As it slipped over her tits in front he leaned forward and gently kissed her lips. She responded with hunger.

“Who gave you permission to respond to my kiss?” resounded the voice. She was silent in reply.

“I will have to punish you for your presumption”. She felt his fingers tighten around her nipples and twist them until they hurt. She winced but said nothing. The shot of pain was delightful.

“Move behind the chair, lift your skirt, spread your legs and lean forward over the back of the chair with your waist over the support of the back. Put your head down as low as it will go. You will be punished now. No unauthorised sound is to escape your lips or I will increase the punishment. Do not move your hips. Do not try to avoid the punishment in any way.”

She felt the sting of the tears in her eyes. They were tears of fear and longing. She felt naughty and that she deserved whatever was to come.

As she put herself into position the light went out and was moved below her from behind. She knew it would highlight her exposed arse and cunt. She was on display.

He moved slowly knowing that the anticipation and trepidation would make the punishment more effective.

He opened the door of the cupboard and surveyed the various tools he had within. He lovingly ran his hands across the canes and whips trying to decide on the one he would use. Only one today. Only 9 strokes. He would divide them into three’s. He would use his slipper to warm her up. 9 warm up strokes. Also divided into threes.

He turned and watched her bent over the chair. Expectant, fearful and anticipatory.

He knew the small breaks in silence were fuelling her imagination and her desire. Not knowing what would come next was fuelling her trepidation.

He moved stealthily back toward her. Her hair and the dimness would obscure her vision although she would be staring hard to see what she could to her sides.

He placed the cane next to the chair where she would just be able to see it. He heard her whimper in fear at the sight.

She wondered how many she would receive and how they would be administered. His punishments in the past had been severe but delightful.

She felt his hands moving her skirt higher to ensure maximum exposure. She felt him pin the material back so that it would not descend at any time thereby giving relief and protection. It took all her willpower not to roll her hips or moan. She bit her lip and felt her tears dry on her cheeks.

His own desire was reaching breaking point. His erection strained against the material of his pants. Seeing her exposed cunt and arse left him with the extreme desire to slip it out and into her. He resisted. It would be all the better for waiting.

He saw her wetness in the light. She loved this as much as he did.

He stood silently waiting to gain control of his own feelings. Knowing that the silence and expectation was driving her wild.

“You will receive a fair punishment for your behaviour. You will receive warm up strokes as well as full punishment strokes. You will count them down in a clear steady voice. This is the only sound I will hear. I will double the punishment if I hear any other sound.”

She knew this would be the hardest punishment yet. He usually allowed her to moan through the pain, sometimes even shout. He counted down.

He stepped to her side and she saw his feet. Slightly apart and knew his arm was across his chest giving him maximum power. He would bring his arm down. She anticipated the pain. The first stroke was the easiest as she knew how it would feel. The others would be harder.

Suddenly she heard the swish and felt the pain on her one arse cheek. Full in the middle. She clenched hard as the pain shot through her. “One”

He saw the skin move out and return red and warm.

He moved to the other side. Pulled his arm back and counted to 5 before bringing the slipper down on the other cheek in the middle.


He remained on this side and silently counted to 12. The uneven counts would add to the effect. He watched her arse clench and unclench in anticipation.

“Three” came the voice with a little more fear and pain.

“ Four; Five; Six” followed in rapid succession each stroke moving from the top of her thighs higher until they reached the top of her arse cheek. They left a trail of warm rosy redness.

He moved to her other side. Three stokes remained.

He counted to 15 and brought the slipper down below her arse in the tender fold. The slipper bent inwards to catch her inner thigh.

“Seven” came the loud whimper.

“Eight” followed 7 counts later in the middle of her arse cheek. The sting almost brought a cry to her lips.

He stood back seeing the glow. He would make the last stroke count. She heard him moving from side to side behind her.

The expectation was almost too much to bear.

She burnt inside to turn around lie down on the floor, spread her legs and beg him to fuck her hard. She bit her lip in an attempt to control herself. The pain of drawing blood only succeeded in adding to her dilemma. She was breathing heavily and he knew that she was close to breaking point. This brought him close to the point of no return.

He turned his back on her and walked around to the front of her. He sat down in his armchair and watched her waiting for him.

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