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Yet Another Alba Story


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not in anyway reflect the actions or thoughts of Jessica Alba. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money off writing it.

Authors note: This story is a continuation of "Another Alba Story". By the way, I do so apologies for the long absence, as I received many e mails to write again. In fact some of the requests was for another story about the delectable Jessica Alba; and so without further a do: My feature presentation...


Jessica Alba...

He just couldn't get her out of his mind. Every time he saw a tabloid picture of her, or an add or movie on TV featuring her his mind was tossed back to that fateful day they shared in Cape Town, South Africa.

It had all been happenstance really-

Two years ago he had gone to the country to enjoy the Fifa World Cup, and that's where he bumped into her in a restaurant. It started with a raunchy conversation that led to the best sex of his life with one of the hottest women in the world. Now he couldn't make love to his girlfriend without images of her flashing into his head!

Since then his interest in her boarded on obsessive: and he found out that she was actually married with two kids. The lucky prick whom she had said was her boyfriend when they met was Cash Warren her husband of two years; back then. All this led to questions: Like why the hell she would cheat on her husband with a common yokel like him?

Still even though he dreamed his winsome dreams he was a yuts if he actually thought it would all happen again.

Hawaii was a beautiful place for the break he needed. A chance to get away from the city and the demands of his job; not to mention the last episode with his girlfriend that had him calling out Jessica's name during sex: As one may imagine, that didn't end well and he was once again single (How could he explain that he meant Jessica Alba and not some girl he was screwing on the side)...

So here he was in Oahu, just lying back in the warm ocean of Lanikai Beach, letting the waves carry him as he just floated there near the shoreline. He turned into a breaststroke and swam to shore walking up the beach to the spot he had left his stuff. There he dabbed himself off with a towel and then slid on his shades and decided to take a walk along the beach.

After a couple of minutes he saw some rocks and decided to go toward them and just perch himself there and watch the waves. Looking over the other side of the rocks he found that it was secluded and saw a man playing with his two girls near the water and looking further up the beach he saw a woman sunbathing under a beach-umbrella. Even from this distance he could see how her firm ass was accentuated by the way she was lying on her stomach. He jumped off the rocks and decided to walk up to her and as he got closer his smile widened at just how sexy her body was.

'Hey miss, you're quite far from the rest of the crowd, aren't you?' he asked, trying to start up a conversation.

The woman turned and as she did her smirk turned to a wide-eyed shock stricken panic! As for him, he was gob smacked staring down at Jessica Alba.

'You!' was all Alba could get out.

He just stood there speechless. What were the chances of running into her twice on two different continents (Well one continent and an island)? What was he suppose to say?

Besides she had been quite clear that all they had had was a fling; a one night stand! Still she was once again right here in front of him...

Despite the situation he found himself in he couldn't stop from looking at her body poured into the small little yellow bikini she wore and found himself wondering how she could look so good after bringing two children into the world.

'Hey, my eyes are up here Mr,' she snapped as she sat up. 'What the hell are you doing here, are you, like, stalking me?'


'No, god no, I-' 'I was walking and you were just here, I-' he stuttered trying to find an explanation.

'Hey,' came the voice from behind him, 'can I help you buddy?'

He turned to see the guy he had seen earlier come up from the beach with the two girls. Then he recognised them, It was Alba's husband and kids, fuck she was here with her family. They had found a secluded spot so that they wouldn't be bothered by the public or paparazzi while on holiday.

Just then he heard Jessica say his name and he turned back to her.

'What are you doing here,' she asked again.

'Honey, you know this guy,' Cash, her husband, asked.

'Eh, y-yeah, his a banker I met when I went to South Africa two years ago.'

Well, he thought; at least she wasn't lying. He was a banker and they had met in South Africa, she just didn't specify what they "did."

'Oh, sorry,' Cash said extending his hand in introduction.

He could see that Jessica was obviously nervous having some guy she slept with greeting her husband, and he himself had to concentrate on not sweating like a pig.

'Cash, I think the kids want to play in the water again,' Jessica said quickly.

'Oh, yeah. Eh, hey, stick around if you want,' Cash said as he hoisted his youngest daughter on his shoulders and grabbed the hand of the other then walked back down to the beach.

The moment of silence felt like an eternity so he spoke to stop it becoming madingly unbearable, 's-sorry.'

'What the hell are you doing here?' she repeated.

'Same as you, I'm on holiday. Hell how'm I suppose to know we were on the same goddamn island. I'm not stalking you, I swear. It's just coincidence.'

Truth be told he couldn't blame her for thinking he was some psycho-stalker; he had fucked her, and now suddenly he was in Hawaii at the same time as her.

'Okay fine... But I'm with my family here, you can't just-'

'I know,' he interrupted, understanding where she was coming from.

'I Just-'

He was interrupted by her husband returning with the girls.

'Honor's hungry, where'd you put those health bars?'

'huh-what?' Jessica quipped, startled.

'Health bars? Where'd you put it?'

'Eh, in the blue bag by the cooler.'

'Hey, you want a beer buddy?' Cash asked him.

'I-eh,' he stammered, but it was already tossed to him.

'So banking huh? I could use some investment advice.'

'Cash, no business while we're on vacation,' Jessica said.

Cash looked at her and smiled, and she tried to hide her guilt.

'You gonna stand there all day, take a load off, I know you'd like to get to know Jessica better.'

'Huh-wh why!?,' he stuttered guilt ridden and flustered all of a sudden.

'No need to get jittery, she's not stuck up like some of the other Hollywood celebs.'

He looked over at Alba and saw the colour rapidly draining from her face with every passing moment.

'Cash,' she snapped, 'Honor's done with her chocolate, take her to the beach,' Jessica said. 'Please,' she added.

The proud father again got up and took his girls down to the water without a word of objection.

'Shit, this is fucked up,' Jessica said putting her hands in her face.

He awkwardly put the beer down, 'I should go,' he said...

'I'm gonna go,' he re-emphasized.

He turned to walk away when Jessica spoke again, 'It's my own fault really,' she confessed.

'Ain't karma a bitch. I stop screwing around, after we did-'

'And it comes back to bite me in the ass.'

'Hey, it's not like I'm trying to blackmail you or something,' he tried to reassure her.

'Yeah. You know how many times assholes tried to get in my pants making offers for me to get ahead in show business. They never ever said it because of legality, but the insinuations were there plain as day.'

'Look, I know the whole "all men are pigs" stereotype, but-'

'Forget it, he sighed, 'I'm outta here, sorry for screwing your whole family vacation.'

Despite the talk of adultery, punishment and home wrecking he still couldn't stop himself taking a last look at her incredible body.

Jessica eyed him cynically.

'You know I almost bought into that moral crap,' she said.

'You gonna ask me to bang you again right, or you want a blowjob otherwise you'll tell my husband we slept together, or maybe you just want money.'

Irritated by her tone and accusations he decided he had enough, 'whatever,' he shot, then turned and walked away. When he walked a few meters Jessica called him back and he picked up the guilt in her voice.

'Look,' she said, 'my family's down there and all of a sudden a guy I boinked rocks up, what the hell am I suppose to think? I'm sorry, okay. It's just really messed up.'

'Yeah you say that again. Actually I'd rather go before your husband get's back,' he said.

'Oh, believe me, Cash'll spend the whole day playing with the girls...'

'How about that beer?'

He didn't know why, but he accepted the invitation; it was probably because she was so goddamn hot.

In about an hour they had drank a few beers and they were both getting a slight buzz. Behind them the sun was slowly sinking below the horizon.

'So I caught the "Little Fockers",' he said referring to the movie she had starred in.

'Oh yeah, that really took a dive at the Box Office.'

'I know, it sucked,' he laughed with her, '"The Killer Inside Me" wasn't to bad though,' he pressed on.

She raised an eye brow, 'Oh really, and just what was it you liked about it?' she asked hitorically, knowing he was referring to the sex scenes, his grin openly confirming this.

'So, can I ask you something?'

Alba looked at him sceptically, but nodded.

'Back in Africa, on the beach,' he started, persisting despite her obvious discomfort, 'was it any good for you?'

She remained quiet at first, blushing slightly, 'it was okay,' she answered softly, 'why?'

'Well, I was over the moon, I mean I was banging Jessica Alba and I wanted to know if, you know, if I left an impression.'

'Well,' she said lowering her eyes and choosing her words, 'it was; fun.'

'Did you cum?'

Wh- Excuse me?' she asked shocked.

'Did you, have an orgasm?' he repeated.

'Eh-ehuh, I...' 'Yes,' she admitted lowering her eyes again.

He couldn't help smiling, and of course she caught it, 'I came okay, we gelled really well, there was a connection, and with all the sex talk before hand, the sex was great, and, and I had an orgasm, what's the big deal?'

All he heard was: The sex was great!

'The sex was great, really?' he grinned.

Jessica rolled her eyes, 'men! You really need an ego boost huh, a pat on the back to let you know you did a good job in the sack.'

'I guess we do gel well,' he replied, 'I mean we converse really well, right?'

'Yeah, yes we do, she admitted.

They sat in awkward silence for the next few minutes looking out at the sea; then without warning, even though her husband was down by the beach Jessica moved in and kissed him. He had almost forgot how soft those full lips of hers were as he gently slid his tongue into her mouth.

In that instant the kiss intensified and they were gliding their tongues over one another's and swapping spit. Jessica broke the kiss and he found himself lost in those soft bedroom eyes. He took control pushing her down smothering her with the most passionate kiss he could muster.

'God, this is so rr-wrong,' Jessica mumbled between smooches.

'You wanna stop?' he asked, cringing as he said the words.

'Shut up,' was her reply before pulling him in for another kiss then moaning as he cupped her breast. As they made out he ran his hand over her skin enjoying her exquisite body. She stopped kissing him again and raised her head to look over his shoulder and he turned to see what she was looking at to find her trying to see where her husband was. Fortunately he was playing with the kids in the shallow sea water oblivious to his wife's adulterous nature.

Meanwhile Alba reached down and grabbed the waistband of his swimming trunks and freed his erection. She pushed on his stomach so that he lifted his waist off her then slid her bikini bottom from her crotch revealing her tight mound. He groaned inwardly as unlike their last encounter when she had neatly trimmed pubes; this time she was clean shaven, completely bald.

He hesitantly took hold of the base of his dick and slid it over then nudged it up against her vaginal hole. Jessica bit her lip locking eyes with him and rode her legs up his waist.

'Eh-huahh,' she moaned as he pushed forward, his knob pushing thru the folds of her lush slit then breaking through and entering her.

He grit his teeth, she was so tight, her quim giving slight resistance so he pulled back and pushed harder. Jessica snapped her eyes shut and her mouth opened wide as she felt him make headway and stretch her open. She gripped his shoulders as more of his cock filled out her depths and she whimpered her approval.

Eye-lids fluttering he started thrusting, driving his waist up and down giving her half his cock, loving the familiar yet incomparable feeling of her heated sex hugging and clenching around his throbbing member. Alba was there with him, following his lead and rocking her waist as best she could, clenching her thighs and latching onto him.

He stopped driving into her as her vagina was still clamping down denying him from giving her his full length so he just kissed her again. As their lips locked he pushed in as she relaxed and sunk in all the way to the hilt; Jessica gasping at the incredible feeling. She flexed her cunt muscles and he groaned in her mouth. She became warmer and wetter so he went for it, lifting himself up and giving it to her. Jessica swallowed and opened her eyes to look at him, a flustered glow on her pretty face and he drove into her giving her his full length over and over.

He griped her leg over his arm and looked down between their bodies; he pussy was swollen and her vaginal lips were a mixture of brown and pink, wrapping around his cock as it slid in and out of her slick hole. The elastic band of her bikini bottom chafed a little but he didn't care, he just kept up the pace, fucking the beautiful Jessica Alba with everything he had.

Jessica's face was contorted in pleasure and she was trying hard not to yell out. She reached up and pulled him down on top of her then put her feet flat on the ground bracing herself as she rhythmically moved her pelvis so that he could tease the girth of the vaginal walls.

'Fffff-ye...hufffffgod,' she started moaning out loud, and he covered her mouth with her hand less her husband heard.

He bit his lip hard to stop himself growling as she clenched around him, the added pressure of the waistband of his trunks pressing against his balls not helping.

Jessica hugged him tighter and pressed her face to his shoulder. He let it all go, his mind numbing from the pleasure of it all until without waning: Jessica squirmed underneath him.

'Shit, get off, now!' she freaked out, pushing him off her. He rolled and turned coming out of his sex-dazed stupor to find Cash coming up from the beach. He looked at Jessica in surprise to find her quickly pulling her underwear right.

'Put your fucking dick in your pants,' she hissed, and he quickly pushed his erect penis back in his trucks just as Cash reached them, then tried hard to hide his boner.

Cash was holding his youngest daughter (who was asleep) in his arms the other holding onto his trunks, 'looks like the girls are all out of steam Jess,' he said as he stopped by them.

'Eh-hu, oh,' Jessica coughed, trying to regulate her breathing, 'really, well-'

Meantime he sat there cross-legged inwardly groaning- blue balls starting to take effect.

'So,' Cash said, addressing him now, 'our bungalow is just off the beach up the way there, you care to join us for supper?'

He caught Alba's eyes widening and she coughed again to hide a squeak of hysteria.

'Ehum,' he cleared his throat, guilty as sin, 'I should really go-'

'Nonsense,' I insist, Jessica made some Beef Stroganoff. You have to try it,' Cash persisted.


Thirty minutes later he was wondering how things could get anymore absurd as he sat at the dinner table while Jessica prepared the food and Cash put the girls to bed.

He had just fucked Alba while her husband was within shouting distance; hell his dick was still sticky with her gunk.

'Got a bottle of cognac, care for a glass?' Cash asked as he took a seat.

Now that was definitely something he needed- alcohol, he thought, but just nodded politely.

'So, you said you were a banker. Where are you based?'

'N- New York,' he replied after quickly downing his drink.

'Manhattan?' Cash asked, keeping the conversation going.

'No, Brooklyn actually, but I make a lot of trips to Manhattan, our main branch is there.'

As they chatted Jessica walked in with three plates and placed them on the table then took a seat. Dinner was an awkward affair for him and Alba, but Cash was happy to make small talk, completely oblivious to it all. He sat and politely answered all questions posed to him but otherwise just focused on methodically chewing his food wondering if the sex with Jessica was really worth it.

The evening wound down, and out of politeness he offered to help with the dishes (which they declined) then started greeting, quite ready to get the hell out of there.

'You know you may as well spend the night, it's after twelve already,' to his shock astonishment, it was Jessica who had made the offer.

'I-eh,' he stammered.

'Yeah, sure,' Cash jumped in, 'we have an extra bedroom, hell we have four extra rooms.'

'I think I'd-'

'No way,' Cash interjected, 'you walked here and it's way too late to go back, besides, Jessica and I have had a bit too much to drink to drive you; now stop being stubborn and be a good guest...'

'And tomorrow you can take a picture with the family and paste in your Facebook account and score points with your friends,' he joked.

One hour later he laid there in the dark looking at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. He was slightly startled when he heard the door creak open before the light was flicked on to reveal Jessica standing there in a summer satin night gown.

He swallowed involuntarily as Jessica opened her gown to show him that she was utterly naked before shrugging it off. She then closed the door and flicked the light back off. In the moonlight he could make out the soft silhouette of her naked form sauntering over to him, and even so, she was immaculate with her round, firm breasts, her flat, toned tummy, her tight little pussy, and her shapely, slender legs.

She stopped and pulled the blankets off him then pulled off the swimming trunks he still had on. Next she straddled him, ran her spread hands over his chest, and pecked him on the lips before moving her mouth to his ear.

'Like hell I'm going through a dinner out of some nightmare and not getting any reward,' she whispered.

'Your husband couldn't reward you?' he replied cockily.

'Careful buster. His passed out from the drinking, but I could go wake him and have him fuck me leaving you to masturbate to the memory of what we did earlier.'

His reply was to pull her face to his and kiss her passionately and hers was to rub her soft, tight sex against his swelling cock.

Jessica positioned herself over him, moving her waist over his cock and as she did this he grabbed her face again and kissed her hard, his tongue duelling with hers filling them with lust. She pressed his tip against her gleaming sex and let her waist drop pressing down on him and taking his cock inside herself again wanting this so badly.

He groaned into her mouth as his cock was squeezed and hugged within the delicate folds of Alba's warm, sticky cunt. He broke the kiss and growled as she pulled up to his knob and gave a little twitch with her vaginal muscles then pushed down on him again taking him deeper. Jessica leaned over him, wiggling her hips with the initial thrusts so that she could stretch open, her pussy quickly moistening as she slid it a bit further down his length.

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