tagNonHumanYiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 04

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 04


The interview with the newspaper had gone according to plan. People looked askance at Jill when she went about in public and paparazzi harassed her and Sarah at their homes, but that was to be expected. The title of the headline had been "Genetically Engineered Soldier Points Finger At ADI" and it had indeed put the kibosh on ADI's operation. All was, to appearances, well.

Of course, because she could no longer work for ADI, Sarah had to find a new job. Her search was going poorly, but she had saved money and was not in immediate danger; besides, the story had been lucrative and royalty payments to her and Jill for their likenesses had begun to arrive. Jill had, meantime, been hired as a gas station cashier: a workplace conveniently frequented by truckers and the like, who would carry her story about ADI to the four corners of the globe.

ADI had not tried, and probably would not try, to assassinate either of them. Due to their newfound celebrity and their accusations against ADI, even an apparently accidental death would probably be interpreted as a hit-man. Jill's most dangerous situation so far had been the indefatigable procession of human men asking her out. Every once in a while, she would take one up on his offer, thereby securing for herself a free meal.

Sarah had recommended that Jill consult with a psychologist, which she had. They met daily after Jill's work, and discussed what had changed in her mind since her transfiguration and how she might respond to hypothetical scenarios. They were just finishing for the day.

"And you don't think you'll just randomly start killing people?"

"No. It'd be more accurate to say that I wouldn't regret killing someone if I decided to kill them and did."

"What would make you decide to kill someone?"

"If they hurt me or someone I loved, for example."

"But you wouldn't feel remorse about it."

"Not the slightest qualm, ever. Not if they deserved it."

"Perhaps you'd be surprised to know that I've encountered opinions like that from many normal and well-adjusted people who aren't genetically modified super-soldiers at all."

"I think people are all like that on the inside. Like animals, I mean. They just find ways of hiding it and talking in circles around it. They pay lip service to high-minded ideals they'd actually abandon in a heartbeat if they could."

"Does that make you angry?"

"No. Perplexed, maybe. It's like duplicity, but the only ones they're fooling are themselves."

"Well, that's all the time I have for today. I'll see you tomorrow."

There was a shallow swimming pool at the nearby Wannabe Fitness, where Jill liked to practice her backstroke on a slow afternoon. The drive there was uneventful, except for a near-crash at an intersection when the other driver had not seen a median post because he was staring at her. Sarah had telephoned earlier that week to tell Jill she had tonight free, and the couple met, as planned, in the gym parking lot.

"What's the big occasion?"

"Jenny is having a sleepover with some friends. I have until after school tomorrow before I need to be back home for her, so I thought I'd drop by. I've missed you."

"I see. Thanks. I missed you, too." Jill refrained from kissing or holding hands with Sarah, because a confused customer had walked out the front door and begun staring at her.

They proceeded inside and found their way to the changing room. Jill was already wearing a blue one-piece competition swimsuit beneath her green polka-dot dress, but Sarah had to remove her suit and matching white underwear to change into hers. Jill admired Sarah's curvaceous figure and improbably enormous D-cup breasts as she did.

"Still no luck with the job search?"

"Nothing yet, but there are open managerial positions at several of the fast food chains and department stores near me, and I've been busy applying to all of them. If all of those fall through, I've still got the cashier, cook, and janitorial positions to try."

"Good luck. Now, I hope you don't mind the smell of wet fur..."

The couple continued to make small talk as they took their obligatory pre-swim showers, then exited the bathing room through the poolside egress. The pool room was completely empty. They waded into the water, which was only about four feet deep, and began to swim laps, racing one another to see who could complete the most before tiring. Jill was quite surprised when Sarah somehow won.

"I think it's because I have better buoyancy," Sarah guessed, pinching her belly.

"Or perhaps becoming a furry has made me a weakling," replied Jill, who had been trained in three martial arts.

"Would you like to do something together tonight?"

"I'm making breakfast-for-dinner. Please, join me. And, uh, would you like to do something else special?" Jill seemed hesitant to make the proposition.

"Why, whatever could you have in mind?" Sarah goosed Jill playfully, since nobody could see.

As the two of them climbed the stairs out of the pool, Sarah noticed that Jill had cut a small hole out of the back of her swimsuit to accommodate her tail. Jill's fur, weighed down by water, transformed from a comical billow to a sagging flatness as she lifted her body above the surface. Sarah wanted to brush Jill's coat; she decided to ask tomorrow.

Jill's idea of breakfast for dinner was scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. The changes to her physiology had made her an obligate carnivore, and she ate greedily. Her mustelid jaw made chewing awkward: a circumstance that fascinated Sarah, who would pause with a half-chewed mouthful or loaded fork to watch. Sarah's appetite was more reserved, but the meal was nonetheless over quickly.

"So you have to eat meat, or else you die?"

"Yeah. It's part of being a ferret, I guess. Hell, I suppose it's better than being a guinea pig and eating my own shit."

Sarah thought better of asking for dessert.

After they'd washed their dishes, Jill and Sarah went to the bedroom and undressed. Sarah was curious what Jill had had in mind earlier. Jill, who was no longer hesitant, informed Sarah that she wanted to try tribadism tonight, and asked her to assume the bottom position.

Jill climbed into bed second and lifted Sarah's leg, scooting up with her own legs apart until their vulva were pressed together, leaning back and supporting part of her weight with her arms. Sarah got a close look at the claws on Jill's toes as she joined their bodies together in this scissors position. The warmth of their intimate contact suffused both their groins as Jill started to undulate her lower body, rocking her hips against Sarah's.

Sarah enjoyed the fuzzy softness of Jill's pussy as she rubbed it against her. Jill's fur had dried in the time since they'd left the gym; it was warm and slightly ticklish against Sarah's skin, with only a hint of dampness remaining. Sarah began to undulate as well, grinding her hips against Jill's, squishing their genitals together. Jill's tail brushed occasionally against Sarah's leg as they moved.

Sarah was beginning to feel somewhat damp herself. The sensation of Jill's body against hers reminded her of nothing so much as her youth: the way she had sometimes masturbated with her favorite teddy bear, tickled by its fur against her thighs. The sensation of butterflies in her stomach, her cautious excitement as she built toward sexual release, her unspoken prayer that no one would find her out. She moaned softly as she remembered the pleasure she had once felt, and redoubled her efforts at rubbing herself against Jill, increasing the speed and pressure with which their vulva rubbed together.

Jill had no fond sexual memories of her youth; at least, not before Sarah, who had been her first lover. She had, however, used vibrators, and began to imagine what one would feel like between the two of them right now. She felt her sex muscles twitch with pleasure at the thought. As Sarah increased speed, so did she.

Sarah came first. Her orgasm swept through her like a refreshing breeze, lifting her mind into a pleasurable euphoria. She maintained her concentration, however, and continued to move and press herself against Jill until she was sure she had been satisfied. Jill's sigh of relief as she achieved sexual climax echoed infinitesimally in the lonely house.

Their workout completed, the lovers pulled the down comforter up around them and snuggled their bodies close. Jill kissed Sarah goodnight and Sarah returned the courtesy. Tomorrow would be a wonderful day.

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