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Deline took the bottle of old Grand Dad 101 and gently putting it her lips she eased the bottle back and took a drink. The fluid burned as it flowed down her throat causing her to lean forward and nearly dropped the bottle as she coughed from reflex.

"Newbie!" Mary Winston and Shelly Hargrove two of her 'best friends' had come over for a sleep over and Mary had snuck a bottle of her father's bourbon out of the house with her. All three women were celebrating their graduation from high school and looking forward to their first year at the local community college. Deline was the last to turn eighteen just weeks before so this made the celebration even more special for her.

"Man that burns! " Deline exclaimed, as she took another swig from the bottle. This time it went down a bit easier as she handed the bottle back to Mary. She suddenly felt a bit light headed as she sat on the edge of her bed in her pajamas. Mary took a swig and passed the bottle over to Shelly as she edged a little closer to Deline on the bed.

"Deline have you ever kissed a girl before?" Mary asked, her voice soft as she spoke. Shelly giggled as she knew where this was going, her and Mary had planned this for a week since they heard Deline was still a virgin.

"Well, no I haven't." Deline replied as the alcohol began to take an effect on her, "Have you?" she asked as her nipples began to protrude through her pajama top betraying her arousal from the sudden change to talk of sex. Deline had been interested in boys, but her parents church practically forbid any contact and when she did they were all jerks. Deline had more recently though begun to feel different about her sexual interests and seemed to be catching herself noticing women more and more as she went out and about.

"Yes." Mary turned and kissed Shelly hard on the lips for several minutes as they tongues embraced each other. Mary reached up and tweaked one of Shelly's nipples through her pajama top causing Shelly to jump slightly before she broke the kiss.

"See. It's pretty good once you try it. Wanna kiss me?" Mary leaned in close, her breath soft on Deline neck as she spoke.

"Umm... sure I gue..." Before Deline could finish the statement Mary leaned in and kissed Deline hard on the lips. Her tongue seeking out Deline's as she pushed her back on the bed. Deline leaned back as Mary climbed on top of her and began to rub her leg along Deline's crotch. Her pajama bottoms were getting soaked from her arousal and Mary's lips were so soft. Gently Mary reached up under Deline top and began to play with one of Deline's breasts, carefully pinching the nipple occasionally as she rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. Deline could feel herself getting seriously aroused and reached up to touch Mary's breast when the door burst open and her father walked into the room.



Who are you?

I am you.

But who am I?

We are Deline.


She stood in a field of tall grain as far as the eye could see in all directions, the sun high overhead illuminating a brilliant blue sky. Looking around she picked a direction and began walking. Her hands gliding over the tops of the grain as it tickled her palms. Beyond her was a wall about knee high. No matter how much she walked it never got closer, never came within reach. Always reaching, she never caught up...




Sarah Trueblood reclined in the easy chair and watched as her boyfriend Tom tried on a new pair of slacks she'd bought him earlier in the day. The pants were brown and pleated in the front flowing seamlessly down his legs to the floor. The smooth fabric traced a gentle curve across his behind sending a tingle through her as she watched him fasten his belt.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Nice, fit", he replied, "real nice fit. And I even like the color." Tom was all about his image. Every aspect of his image had to be perfect. His vanity knew no bounds and Sarah played this aspect of their relationship whenever she had the chance. It was one way of getting what she wanted out of their relationship until he left his wife Deline. And what she really wanted was his wife out of the way and her hands on Tom. Sarah had decided during her college years that the only way to get ahead was to marry an old rich man. The old part fell by the wayside, but she'd decided she was going to marry rich even if she had to steal a man from another woman.

Sarah stood up and approached him from across the bedroom. As she approached she reached her hands around him, placed them on his behind and gave him a gentle squeeze as she pressed her lips to his in a deep kiss.

"I'll say" she said coyly as she broke the kiss.

Tom's hands move up from her waste began to undo her blouse. At the same time he began to subtly kiss her down the side of her neck pausing to nibble at her ear. Sarah reached up and gently cupped his face in her hands.

"Not now dear and besides shouldn't you be getting home to your wife?"

Tom looked at his watch and noticed it was past three in the afternoon. "She won't be home for another hour at least... maybe two" he replied. "She has the County Council meeting today. You know the 'Defense of Marriage' proposal is up for review again and she wanted to be there to add her voice to the chorus with all the other zealots."

Cocking her right eye and stepping back out of reach she asked, "Well speaking of your wife have you decided what we're going to do with her? She's got to go if we're going to continue this relationship." Sarah grabbed his crotch firmly with her hand and then let go as she spoke.

"I know, I know..." he replied softly. This was a topic he hated to discuss and she kept bringing it up more and more in recent months. He really wanted to leave Deline and marry Sarah, but was afraid of the public scandal and how it might affect his image as a businessman and "pillar of the community". If he could somehow "deflect" the cause of the breakup to Deline, he could ride out the public storm, maintain his image and maybe even keep most if not all of his company to himself.

Unfortunately his wife was a squeaky clean evangelical christian with no baggage whatsoever to exploit in a divorce proceeding. Of course the thought of her actually doing something as salacious as cheating on him or anything else "naughty" made Tom chuckle. In the nearly five years they'd been married Deline wouldn't even so much as think about doing anything that went against the church's doctrine. Don't drink, don't smoke and as for sex well the opportunities seemed to get further and further apart and more bland, like it was her duty as a good christian wife.

"What's so funny?" Sarah asked.

"Just thinking about what to do with my wife..." he replied.

"Really?" Sarah cocked her eye again and continued "And what do you find so funny about her?"

"The fact that she is so clean that she'd look like Mother Teresa at the divorce proceedings" Tom replied with a wry smile.

"Clean as in how clean?"

"To her any sexual position other than the missionary position would require an immediate confession after we'd finish. That's how religious she is..." his voice trailed off as he began to remove his new slacks in order to change back to his original pair.

"Wow I thought she was a goody two shoes, but didn't think it was that bad" Sarah noticed Tom beginning to undress and immediately moved her hands to the button of his pants. "Here let me help with that" she said as she unhooked the button and slowly drew the zipper down.

"Help yourself..." he replied.

Sarah helped him out of his pants and laid them on the nearby easy chair. Stooping to her knees, she knelt in front of him, reaching up, she began to massage the front of his briefs, gently caressing his cock through the material. His erection grew almost immediately. She could tell he was interested despite his "need" to get home.

"How's that feel?" she asked quietly.

"Hmmm... that feels great" he replied.

Sarah continued to massage his erect cock with her right hand and with her left she reached up through the bottom of his briefs and began to play his testicles between her fingers. Tom let out a soft moan as her hands danced across his manhood.

"Sit back on the bed"

Tom sat back on the edge of the bed with Sarah kneeling between his legs, continuing her manipulation of his manhood.

"Lay back" she said. As Tom lay back on the bed Sarah moved her hands to the sides of his briefs and in a swift motion pulled them off his erect cock and moved her mouth to its head. She paused and gently teased the head of Tom's cock with her tongue tasting his saltiness.

"Ooh" Tom cooed.

Suddenly she engulfed his entire cock in her mouth taking it deep in her throat, her tongue playing a dance along the surface as the cock went deeper.

Tom let out a sudden gasp and gripped the bed linens with his hands. He raised his head slightly to see his cock buried deep within Sarah's soft mouth. Slowly she let his manhood withdraw from her mouth letting her tongue slide gently along its length only to plunge her head back down engulfing his cock deeply once again.

Tom let out a soft moan as he reveled in her manipulation of his cock. Slowly she began to pick up speed as she ravenously sucked his dick. Faster! Faster! His thoughts raced as she gripped his throbbing shaft with her lips and played her tongue across it length as it pistoned in and out of her mouth. Faster! He could feel his orgasm building and he wanted so bad to let go.

Sarah reached up with a hand and gripped the bottom of his throbbing shaft, squeezing and releasing her grip as she took him in her mouth. She could sense his growing orgasm as his body grew stiffer and harder emulating his rock hard penis.

Tom began to grunt as he felt his orgasm build towards climax. The sounds from his mouth were completely illegible as he threw himself into the final act Sarah was playing out for him.

"Uunnggghhh!" With one complete yell Tom let lose his orgasm and released himself to Sarah's ministrations, emptying his cum into her awaiting mouth. Sarah continued to pump his shaft with her hand as she released his cock from her mouth and let his cum splash her face and neck. Sarah swallowed what she could and with her free hand wiped his cum from her face and licked it away savoring the salty taste.

"How do you feel now?" she asked with a wry smile on her face as she continued to lick her fingers clean.

"Wonderful!" her exclaimed, "Oh my god I wish Deline would do that, or for that matter would do anything like that!" Tom reached up and brushed his trembling hand across her damp cheek as he tried to recover from his orgasm.

Sarah ran her tongue along his now fading shaft, "Divorce Deline and there's more where that came from" she paused to grin and look him in the eye, "So to speak".

"But how?" the bewildered look on his face made him look almost boyish. "How do I do it and still keep everything?"

Sarah climbed up on the bed and sat next to him. Tom sat up and ran his fingers through her hair and caressed her cheek.

"Hmm, how indeed..." Sarah sat there for a moment and pondered the enigma posed to her. How to get rid of Deline and allow Tom to keep everything... As she thought this through Tom began tracing a line along her breast to its nipple. Slowly he began pinching it through her blouse and bra causing it to become erect and reveal itself through the material. Sarah brushed his hand aside and with a sudden inspiration she turned to face Tom and spoke calmly as her idea began to gel in her mind "You said she's very religious, right?, Very uptight?"

"Yes, I guess you could say that" he replied.

Raising an eyebrow as she spoke, "Well I think I have an idea how we can get rid of Deline and allow you to save face at the same time, something that will destroy her reputation and completely humiliate her."

"What's that?"

"Tom, is she homophobic at all?"

"Homophobic? God is she ever!" he exclaimed. Tom felt a cool breeze play across his body and realized that his briefs were still around his ankles. "She's probably one of the biggest homophobes around. Don't you remember she got her face in the local paper recently over the 'Defense of Marriage' charter before the County Council? Why what do you have in mind?"

"Hmm... I have an acquaintance that might be able to help us. Besides she owes me a special favor or two and should be more than willing to oblige me on this..."

"Tell me! Tell me!" Tom suddenly saw a solution to his dilemma, even though he had no idea where Sarah was taking this. For a year now he had been stalling Sarah every time she brought it up, but now he saw a light at the end of the tunnel and desperately wanted to get closer.

"You just wait. I need to speak with my friend and find out if she's interested or not. I'll let you know what you have to do, so the less you know now the better your reaction will be when the time comes". Sarah reached down and gently stroked his spent penis. "Remember be patient. From this point on you need to let me handle this," and with that she leaned over and took his cock in her mouth again and this time she sucked it until it was hard. Standing she pushed him back on the bed "I hope you didn't think you were getting out of here without satisfying me did you?"

"No... No of course not" he replied as a wicked smile crossed his face.

Sarah climbed onto the bed straddling Tom's midsection. Leaning over she kissed him gently at first and then passionately, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Tom had never tasted himself before. It was salty, but not bad. Not something I plan to do on a regular basis he thought to himself, so he let the thought pass and returned the kiss as passionately as he was given.

Sarah reached up under her skirt and moving her g-string aside she positioned herself over Tom's hard cock. Tom gasped as she grabbed hold of his cock and began to rub it along her sex. Sarah felt herself getting wetter as her juices flowed down his rock hard shaft and onto her fingers. Giving him the blowjob earlier had made her very horny. Positioning the head of his penis just inside her she spoke very softly "Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever –" and before he could finish she had dropped herself hard on his cock thrusting it deep inside her and causing Tom to gasp again.

Sarah sat back and began to slowly rock up and down on his cock. Reaching up she undid her blouse and began to rub her nipples through her bra. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as Tom's cock filled her pussy. She loved fucking him this way. It allowed her to take him deep inside her. Deeper than any other position they'd tried. God I can't wait till he's mine, she thought. I'm going to fuck his brains out for at least twenty-four hours straight.

Tom reached up, brushed aside her hands and began to pinch and stroke her nipples. Sarah reached around and undid her bra letting it fall away from her 34Ds. Sarah picked up her tempo and began to rock harder and harder on Tom's hard cock. Tom began to thrust back against her causing her to let out little yelps each time he did so.

Sarah felt her climax building. It started deep inside her and began to build like a volcano waiting to go off. "Harder! Pinch them harder!" she screamed as she picked up her pace. Tom pinched her nipples as hard as he dared. Sarah nearly screamed from the pain and at that moment the volcano exploded and Sarah let out a tremendous scream. She felt the rush as the orgasm rode over her like a wave cresting on the beach. She continued rocking up and down in an attempt to ride that wave to its very end, milking it for all it was worth. She felt her own juices gush over Tom's cock, his midsection and then onto the bed. Reaching down Sarah slowly collapsed on to Tom's heaving chest. She kissed him gently and laid her head on his shoulder gasping for breath.

"Oh my god that was great!" she exclaimed. "Guess I'll need to clean the sheets again" Sarah chuckled as she spoke. She pretty much had to do that every time they fucked since she was a gusher when she came.

Sitting up she felt a post orgasm shudder flow through her body. "Damn that was good, sure you can't stay for more?" she asked somewhat coyly.

"Well maybe just a little more" and with that he shifted his hips and rolled her onto her back. Tom's cock was still inside her and she felt it pulse as he flexed it. Pushing up on his hands Tom began to slowly thrust his way in and out of Sarah's pussy. At one point bringing it just to the brink of her opening and thrusting it back in hard.

Sarah gasped, reached down, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him in hard "Don't tease me, just fuck me!" she exclaimed.

A smile crossed his face as he started thrusting harder, but kept his pace slow and even. Sarah cried out each time he slammed her pussy with his cock.

"Are" wham! "you" wham! "going" wham! "to" wham! "fuck" wham! "me" wham! "or not". Sarah could barely speak as Tom thrust himself into her sopping wet pussy.

"Hold on" he said as he picked up his pace, his cock slamming her pussy harder and harder.

Tom could feel his orgasm building. That little point deep in his gut. Like a fire, at first it built slowly and then suddenly he felt the embers become a fire and he worked faster and faster to build it. "Cum on my tits!" she cried out as he hammered away at her pussy "Cum on my tits!"

Tom felt her orgasm crest as her pussy gripped his cock and her juices once again covered the bed. Sarah screamed in ecstasy. This was the last straw and just as his fire became an unstoppable storm he pulled out, moved up and showered his load all over her chest, plastering her tits with his cum.

Sarah reached up and began to rub his cum into her tits. With one hand she reached out, grabbed his cock and continued to pump his load finishing his orgasm. With her other she wiped his cum from her chest and licked her fingers.

"Roll over" she said.

Tom obliged and lay on his back as Sarah moved up and sucked his cock clean of both their juices. She wasn't a lesbian herself, but she figured part of this came from her so it wasn't too bad. She tasted their lovemaking on his cock as she sucked it dry and when she was satisfied she'd "removed" the evidence she leaned back and took a deep breath.

"Damn that was good!" she shouted.

"You'll get no complaints from me that's for sure!" he exclaimed. Tom rose slowly and went into the adjoining bathroom to "cleanup" before going home to Deline.

Sitting up on one elbow Sarah spoke, "Remember I'll contact you when I've got a better idea of what we're going to do, ok?"

Tom nodded his head in agreement as he returned to the bedroom and began to dress himself.

"Not even a hint?" he asked.

"No hints. I want this to be a surprise," she paused for a moment, "in fact lets' just say this is part of my wedding gift to you."

Sarah rose from the bed and as she walked towards the bathroom she kissed Tom on the cheek, "I need to take a shower after all that so I'll call you later and let you know the details", and with that she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Tom suddenly couldn't help but wonder what Sarah had planned and deep down inside he couldn't wait to see it happen. As he left Sarah's apartment he thought, anything to escape his loveless marriage...


The air in the county council chamber was stifling and thick. The air system could barely keep up with the hot air outside the building let alone the 'hot' air inside. Deline wiped her forehead with a handkerchief and placed it back in her purse. God it's hot today, she thought. She'd been waiting for several hours as the council went through its regular business before taking up new business and this made her even more agitated as the proceeding went on. Finally the council chairman called for new business to be presented.

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