Since the day she joined our lab, I felt extremely attracted to Ying. I'm an Indian and don't particularly prefer Chinese women, but there was something different about her. For one thing, she was tall, around five feet seven; and for another, she had beautiful, large eyes - both odd qualities for a Chinese girl. Also unlike many girls these days who wear contacts, she wore stylish black glasses - and they lent her an air of sexuality that drove me crazy.

Like everyone else, she always wore jeans, a t-shirt and usually a buttoned-up jacket at work. Not particularly revealing, but they were tight-fitting and showed off her well-toned body. A slim waist, pert breasts, long shapely legs and a tight ass. Her tops were always short and occasionally when I passed her desk and she happened to be leaning forward, I'd get a glimpse of bit of naked back and a slice of her lace panties which never failed to excite me considerably.

A research lab environment is always friendly, and once after offering her some snacks, we got talking and broke the ice pretty quickly. She was intelligent and had an amazing sense of humour. We found out that we both enjoyed squash and played a few games in the first month after she joined. At the games, I concentrated less on the ball and more on her lovely long, pale-skinned legs and her t-shirt, wet with sweat, clinging to her breasts. I'm sure she knew that I was checking her out. She, however, was not a bit flirtatious, being much more on the shy side; which made her even more desirable in my eyes. I knew I wanted her - to explore every inch of her - to make her moan with pleasure as I made love to her.

One day, after a game, we were both working late and were the only ones left in the lab; not an uncommon situation. The goddess of fortune was smiling on me, however. I went and sat beside her to talk - I did that quite often, now - and she complained of a lingering backache, probably from the heavy exercise.

"I give a pretty decent massage," I said. "Why don't you just turn around and remove your jacket?"

"OK" she smiled, and did exactly that.

I stood behind her and started - with the back of her shoulders moving my thumbs in a gentle but firm circular motion and gradually moving on to her upper back.

"Ohhhh" she moaned. I can assure you, having had a back massage myself, that it feels extremely relaxing and stimulating, so it was no surprise that she was enjoying it.

"Oh, Kris, this feels soooo good." What I was enjoying, of course, was touching her and imagining her moans to be moans of sexual, erotic arousal and enjoyment. Her t-shirt was thin, and as I massaged her back I could feel the contours of her body and her bra-straps, which aroused me even more. My cock was quite hard by this time, but I was enjoying myself so much (and clearly, so was she) that I didn't care.

I asked her to put her face down on the desk as I moved on to the small of her back, and presto, I got the beautiful view of her black lace panties again. She kept sighing blissfully as I massaged her lower and lower and finally dared to - in my state of excitement I could hardly NOT have dared to - rub my fingers gently directly on the exposed part of her back.

She didn't seem to mind it at all, or maybe she was feeling in such sensual heaven that she didn't realize it at all. Yes, sometimes my ego is too big for my own good - but this seemed a safe bet!

I leant forward and whispered into her left ear, "So, how's the pain, Ying?"

"Oh, it's just gone... thank you sooo much Kris. I'm enjoying this so much!"

I decided to be bold. "I'm enjoying it too, Ying. A slice of your panties looks so erotic on you; I can only imagine how sexy you'll look when you've nothing else on."

Her eyes went wide and then she laughed, and hit me playfully on the head. "You pervert!" she joked.

After I was done, she turned around and said, "Wow. That was great. OK, now it's your turn. You could use one too, right?"

"I'm good, thanks. But I could use something else," I looked straight at her, my eyes as suggestive as I could make them.

Once again, she turned slightly pink, and shy, and lowered her eyes... and once again, I was almost struck down by a wave of sexual desire that washed over me. "What?" she asked.

"Just a small favour. Close your eyes," I said. "And if you want me to stop, just tell me, okay?"

"OK," she said in a low, slightly trembling voice, and closed her eyes. And sat before me, the picture of erotic desire. Her face was flushed, her lips inviting, her breasts straining against her t-shirt.

I gently put my hands on her waist, and raised her from the chair. I brought my face close to hers - slowly - kissed her full on the lips. If she was shy and nervous earlier, none of it showed now. Almost before I had begun kissing her, she responded in kind, and put her arms around my neck. Our kiss soon became fierce, and she opened her mouth to let my eager tongue in and I explored her mouth and tongue with reckless abandon.

I had pulled her body close to mine as well. She could no doubt feel my rock-hard dick grinding into her body, and I could feel her firm breasts pushing against my chest. I ran my hands up and down her back, and finally reached further and cupped her ass tightly, which made her moan even as our kissing continued unabated.

After the longest time we broke the kiss and I winked at her and said, "Wow, that was better than any massage I've ever got! Now, why don't I walk you home?"

We held hands all the way to her room on campus. "Thanks... will you be off now?" she asked, once again the demure girl.

"Do you want me to?" I asked as I held her in my hands and we both sat down on her - single - bed.

"No..." came the barely-audible reply, with her eyes downcast again. I was enjoying myself. While it was agonizing to wait for my most erotic dreams to become reality, watching her being so shy about the obvious pleasures to come was incredibly sexy.

"I'd like to finish what we started, Ying. I've been eyeing your sexy body for quite a while now. Would you mind if I ripped off your clothes, explored every inch of your delicious, sexy body, and made love to you on your cozy bed?"

"Ohhh, Kris..."

I couldn't wait any longer. I held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply... passionately... even roughly. Our hands were exploring each other madly. I ran my palms upwards along her waist and felt her breasts along the way, my thumbs caressing her nipples through her clothes.

I pulled her t-shirt up and we broke our kiss as she raised her arms to allow me to undress her - bringing her black, lace, see-through bra in full view. God! She looked so hot, with her breasts jutting out proudly, straining against the thin material. Her light brown nipples were clearly visible and beautifully contrasting against the light, creamy skin of her sexy tits.

My t-shirt was off too, by this time, and I buried my face into the valley between her tits and started kissing and licking her bare skin, tracing the edge of the bra while kneading her boobs with my hands. She was pushing my head onto her chest with one hand and helping my hands feeling up her breasts with the other and whispering ecstatically, "Yes!!!!" I reached behind, fumbled with her bra strap before finally releasing it and freeing her mountains.

She lay on the bed and pulled me on top of her and we kissed again, my rigid cock feeling constrained in my jeans as it ground against her pelvis. I moved down and sucked on her left nipple noisily while my hand played with her right, circling her breast around her nipple slowly, in a ever closer spiral, drawing even more excited moans of pleasure from her. My mouth soon switched positions as I impartially sucked on her like a baby, enjoying her lovely firm globes, before starting south, kissing and licking her tummy and reaching her navel.

I quickly unzipped her jeans and took them off, leaving her naked except for a pair of sheer lace panties barely hiding the promised land. By this time my dick was in agony in my jeans and so I took a moment to slip out of my jeans and underwear and Ying gasped as my cock stood proud an straight, pointed straight ahead. She sat up on the bed and put her hand around my cock and started stroking it.

"Ohhh.. yes baby that feels awesome, keep at it..." I said, taking the opportunity to knead her boobs again. Her soft, gentle hands furiously stroking my dick made me hornier than ever, and nearly made me cum right there. I had to consciously hold myself back and take a few deep breaths - I wanted a lot more hot sex with this chick tonight.

I led her hand off my dick and held her by the shoulders and brought her closer to me - and my cock was right in front of her proud and sexy tits. She moaned in ecstasy as she realized what was about to happen and took a breast in each hand as I guided my dick in between her smooth valley and proceeded to french fuck her. If her hands had felt soft and stimulating on my dick, her breasts were pure heaven. We were whimpering in sync now as I moved smoothly up and down between her breasts and she continue to hold them tight against my cock and pinching her nipples with her fingers.

Once again, I waited till I was on the brink of ejaculating on top of those pretty breasts before pushing her back onto the bed. I started with her right foot and licked her ankles and sucked her toes, which drove her crazy. You'd have thought I was already fucking her brainless. I repeated it with her left foot and kissed and licked my way up her legs to her inner thighs and smelled her strong sexy scent on her (by now) drenched panties. I traced the edges of her panties on her thigh with my tongue until I came right in between her legs and kissed her mound.

"Aaaahhhhh GOD" she moaned as I teased her pussy from over her underwear. Finally, I raised her ass and swiftly removed the last article of clothing between me and the "passport to heaven".

I was staring at a sexy, pale cunt with neatly trimmed hair and bulging lips and attacked it madly with my lips and tongue. I kissed her outer lips at first and slowly explored my way around till I found her clitoris. As my tongue closed around her clit she was thrashing around, screaming in Chinese now, hands playing crazily with her tits and nipples. I had to hold her hips with my hands firmly to keep her pussy within reach. As I moved on to fuck her pussy with my tongue, she screamed loudly and came, leaving my face drenched with her juices.

"Kris, you make me feel so SEXYYY..." she sighed. "My turn" she said, got up and pushed me till I was lying flat on her bed, as I surrendered my body to her explorations. She started by kissing me deeply on the mouth, tasting her own cum as I was conscious of her tits pressing against my chest and her pussy very very close to my throbbing member. I pressed my palms against her tight ass and pulled her as close as I could. Her mouth continued to move below, licking my neck and moving on to suck my nipples. She displayed a particular fondness for running her fingers through the hair on my chest - Chinese men - I take it are slightly lacking in that department!

As she went below she once again put my cock between her boobs and moved rhythmically back and forth. The sight of her looking up at me with her tits moving against my dick was exhilarating. Getting on to the part which I was waiting for, she started by licking along the length of my dick - oh so slowly it was intoxicating, before putting it in her pretty mouth and sucking on it, her head bobbing.

"Yes, baby, oooooh, yeah.. Ying, suck me..." my eyes were closed... just feeling the wetness of her mouth and tongue on my dick felt sooo good. I encouraged her by holding her by her hair and pushing her head towards my dick as it went deeper and deeper into her mouth.

"Bbabe.. I can't wait to fuck your brains out" I told her after a while... pulling her up so she lay right on top of me, and kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth, while my hands held her ass and pushed her pussy hard against my cock.

I turned over and she lay on her back, legs spread with her pussy inviting me in. She held my dick and guided me in as I dived in between her folds and plunged into her tight, wet cunt. She tightened around my cock, as I slowly pushed my way deeper into her pussy... God she was tight. "Aaaahhh.. YESSS... a bit slow!! Oooooohhhhh Kris YESS FUCK ME!!" she screamed as I penetrated deeper. I began slow, piston like movements as she began pushing up her hips to meet my strokes.

We were both sweating and our bodies were slipping against each other where ever we touched. After a while I leaned forward and kissed her along with fucking her, as my strokes got faster and faster. "Baby, I'm going to cum..." I said and I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I shot my load deep into her pussy, and I seemed to cum forever - certainly far longer than I had in a long time.

"That was incredible, babe" I told her as I held her in my arms afterwards. She smiled, once again gave me a shy look as she averted her eyes - and I knew that I'd be seeing a lot more of her.

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