tagIllustratedYin's Yang

Yin's Yang

byMy Erotic Tail©

( Erotic Illustrated Story, by My Erotic Tail. Pictures drawn with Paint Program, the tale 'come' from my mind. Enjoy! )

* * * * *

"Knock Knock Knock," lowering my fist. I stood, waiting for someone to open the door. I was a bit nervous and really didn't know what to expect.

My friend Joe, hooked me up with, "A Lady of the Evening." I had a problem...I have 'Enormous Cock Syndrome.' Nobody knew this except my wife, well, ex-wife now. Been over a year since I had sex and my friend, 'Hooked me up.' I tend to be a bit shy. But after a year of no sex, "Tonight by golly, I'm gonna get me some."

The sound of a latch and the door knob turned as the door slowly opened. A small, petite Asian woman stood smiling at the door. Her black stockings were pulled up tight by her garter. A long black strap intertwined across her slightly see through vest.

"You Johnson...Mr. Johnson?" She asked. Her black hair pulled tightly above her head. Her smile was warm and friendly. Cocking her hand on her hips and shifting her weight slightly, poising herself seductively.

"Yes...yes, I'm Brad Johnson." I melted like butter in a microwave. My knees were trying to go out on me, they were shaking and wobbling. Then they decided to freeze up on me. They wouldn't move.

"Come in...please," She said as she stepped back and opened the door even more. The first thing I saw was this great big 'Ying Yang' symbol hanging in the living room. It was very large and set against the wall over the couch, in bold black and white. That's when I noticed her necklace, which was a matching colored ying yang.

"Please...come in, my name is 'Yin'." She said smiling and gestured me to come in. I got one leg to move an inch but I was still trying to get the other leg to get motivated. I looked at 'Yin' my eyes traveled about her sleek frame and sexy attire. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind when my feet were going through the door.

The room was quaint, with a black leather couch and chair, a large glass center table and an entertainment center. I turned back and caught a glimpse of the hall as she was shutting the door. My last hope for escape or to back out. But my feet took me farther into this Asian's layer.

"Something to Drink, Mr. Johnson?" She asked slowly and seductive.

"Yes...huh...anything's fine, wine perhaps?" I wasn't sure what she had and didn't want to insult her. I could only guess she was from the orient with her accent and decor.

I'm a tall man, 6'4, but this little woman was short. I mean real short. I mean yeah she'd still have to duck to get under a barb wire fence but I was beginning to wonder if she was the one who was going to help me with my love muscle? 13 inches of pure hard, all American flesh and bone, turns to steel in 11.4 seconds.

"Here you go," she said smiling as I turned from admiring her chess set. Her arm reached out with a glass of red wine.

"Thank you," I said while taking the wine and gulping a swallow or two. Light strands of hair fell across her neck while her short cape lightly trailed as she went straight to the couch and sat down. Patting the couch next to her, looking up smiling.

I didn't have to tell my feet anything, I was the couch, spontaneously. As I sat, she quickly slung a leg over mine and began toying with my chest with her whirling finger. I held my glass out and sat it on the table for fear of spillage. Her hand slowly caressed my knee as I sat back fully.

"You have, problem?" She said lightly as she began rubbing my leg a little higher.

"Huh...NO. It's not actually a problem. Did Joe say that? He did didn't he?" Remind me to 'kill Joe' if this doesn't work out. Yin's hand got to my third leg and her eyes lit up. I thought it was from my size but then when she asked me this I knew it was dollar signs.

"You know...how much it take for me...fix Problem," She said with that gleam in her eyes. Like...Diamonds, that Joe's paying for.

"Yes...the money...right," I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the sealed envelope and handed it to her. "It's all there...see, the envelope is still sealed, just like Joe handed it to me. That's Joe Harmond, 45 red oak lane, I think." I was making sure we had the same person in mind. I saw her thumbing through the bills in the envelope and wishing I had looked inside the sealed envelope. Dang, there is a lot of money in the envelope. Yin put the envelope to the side and smiled wider than the Mississippi and dove into the latch on my pants.

Her fingers worked like lightening to unfasten them. Her encouragement must have been a bonus but I didn't care I was getting a boner. One hand rubbed my cock through my slacks and her other zipped them open. Her hand reached in my pants like a cat with its paw in the fish tank. Running her fingers back and forth across my lower tummy reaching even deeper. I felt her warm fingers grasp my Dick and pull about the time I saw her eyes light up.

"You Yang...is very big," She said while her smile slowly melted then revived as my cock sprang from their confines of clothing. Beginning to unfold was the monster cock of my doom. Yin's look was changing as my cock continued to grow. She let go of my cock...only for a moment then licked her fingers and wrapped them around my cock slowly then pulled lightly. Sliding her moist fingers across my textured and ridged penis. She began to smile again as she took both hands and began stroking me, slowly.

"You see my problem?" I wasn't sure if this was where I got the boot out the door or the I have a headache part come to play.

"Is no problem...only solution." Yin said with a grin. Her fingers gliding lightly across my stiff rod. Her eyes were peering all over my cocks length and moved my ball sack around to get a better look. I was checking out her perky little breast. Slightly through her see thru, I could make out her medium sized brown nipples.

The feel of warmth came from my cocks head as she tried to put my large Dick in her mouth. Her slightly wet lips rolled around the head but she just couldn't get it in her small mouth. She kissed it down it's side and back up to my cock's head. Then tried again to engulf me but her angle was a bit off. She leaned up and pulled my pant legs till my pants were hers. I sat there in my briefs, then she pulled them off too. As she tossed my underwear off behind her and smiled at my cock then looked up at me.

She began to sway her hips slightly back and forth as she unlaced her top and let it slide off her body sensually. It laid upon the floor before she took her foot and gently pushed it to the side then a safe distance more. Her arms raised over her head and her bare breasts raised as well. Pointing straight out as she pulled a long pin out of her hair and her black silken hair fell past her shoulders. She turned and smiled knowing I'd be watching her every move.

She knelt down between my legs and with one hand reached up under the couch and retrieved a small glass bottle. She opened it and put some on her hand then closed the bottle and let it fall to the carpet. With her knee she pushed the bottle back under the couch. Her hands were encircling each other. The scent of the lotion was strong, like vanilla. Sweet aroma filled the air while she began rubbing my cock fully with lubed hands.

Sliding along the tightened skin in a half grasp. The lubricated glide "Squished," as she went back and forth along the length of my rod. Gripping tighter with clinched fist as her other hand's fingers toyed playfully with my balls. The sensation was extremely pleasing and erotic. Her smiling glances back and forth from my cock's head to my eyes then back again. Engrossed in her work of stroking my Dick with expert movements.

She raised up and straddled me, sitting downward. Pulling my cock to her slit, she tried to sit upon it but it wouldn't enter. More slippery than grease on a door knob. She let out a laugh and rattled off some oriental words, "Yin and Yang," she said and pointed to her picture of the oval black and white ying yang symbol then she pointed at my cock then her little, bitty hole.

My eyes shot wide open and before me, between her legs was the smallest whole known to man. Next to the 'Eye of a needle' this woman classified as having the tiniest whole. "Huh, somebody messed up in the translation, see...I wanted a big pussy." I tried to speak slow so that she would understand. But her cunt looked more like an ear's hole than a normal pussy slit.

"Yes...see...Pussy," she replied smiling and pointing between her legs, giggling.

She didn't bat an eye about it, she just straddled herself over my enormous love muscle and fixed herself by rolling casually side to side. Pressing her pussy lips over my stiff cock. Slowly she began sliding back and forth over my lotioned potion. My urge to thrust was uncontrollable. Gripping her tiny waist I began thrusting upwards towards her pushing slides. Her long hair fell forward as she reached and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her tongue began trailing around my shoulder as she continued to rock on my hard on.

I turned to her and instantly her lips found mine. Kissing me with panting breaths Yin humped feverishly onto my cock. my hand reached down and gripped her firm ass cheek and pulled her into me more as I began pumping back towards her. Thrusting wildly towards her. Squeezing her legs slightly she gripped my cock with her hand and began jerking quick sharp strokes.

Her lips left mine as she slowly squirmed downwards to my inevitable explosion. I felt her warm mouth envelope around the slit in my cock and I came. Blasting her mouth with a warm load of cum. Her head moved in sync with my uncontrollable humping thrusts. My cock's head swoll up enormously as it relieved itself.

Slowly it began to deflate. Yin licked her fingers and then wiped her mouth with a finger and licked it again. Savoring the taste of my love syrup. Smiling with her head tilted slightly and her hair fell to that side.

"Is Okay Mr. Johnson?" She asked with a grin as she climbed off me and twisted to sit beside me. Placing her hand on my chest and crossing her legs. Guess that means it's over.

"Oh yes Ma'am, wonderful," I didn't know what to say she was sensational. Her smile got wider as she settled in to twirl her finger around my nipple, playfully. "You can call me Brad, although I kind of like the Mister thing." I dribbled.

"No, I call you...Yin's Yang," she chuckled and I did too.

I stood and found my pants and put them back on. Fixed my shirt and walked towards the door where Yin was pulling my arm slightly. She didn't bother dressing she just got to the door and leaned up and gave me a kiss and opened it.

"Can I make another appointment?" I asked. I had to ask.

"Sure, you friend, Joe, he have number...okay, bye. Yin shut the door with wiggling, waving fingers. Her smile vanished only by the doors closure. "That was the biggest Dick I ever saw."

I heard her clear as a bell from the hall, it didn't sound with an accent either. I had an enormous smile on my face. Totally satisfied and grinning from ear to ear. It didn't take me long to realize I left without my underwear but I left with some awesome thoughts of Yin and my Yang.

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