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Standing in the barn, I noticed as the boss's daughter walked in, that air of arrogance about her, like she owned the place; and she almost did. For the past few days she had really tried my patience, picking up on every little thing I did, seeming to take a deliberate and an almost perverse delight in criticising and correcting me in everything action I took.

She was attractive, no doubt but her attitude instilled in me an anger and though I hated to admit it, a lust.

She stood there, her hands on her hips with that haughty look on her face.

She was dressed in faded denim shorts, brown cowboy boots and a plaid shirt, unbuttoned to show her delicious cleavage. On top of her long blonde hair was perched at a cute angle, a cowboy hat. A red bandana was knotted tightly at the side of her slender neck. She looked good enough to eat!

She had a riding crop in her hand and poked my shoulder with it, "Straighten that saddle it looks untidy!" she spoke with a soft southern drawl.

I adjusted the saddle that hung over one of the partitions in the barn. "It's still not straight! Do it again!"

I turned look at her, there was almost a smile on that impudent, pretty face. "Do it yourself!"

"What?! How dare you! I own this place!"

"You don't own me, you little monster!"

She walked towards me anger in her eyes and drew back her arm to strike me with the crop.

"I don't think so missy!" I caught her wrist, twisted her arm behind her back and clamped my hand over her mouth.

"I think you need to be taught some manners!"

Taking a length of rope from a hook, I tie her hands securely behind her back; she yelps as the rough cord bites into her soft wrists. "I'm telling my Father, you'll be in deep trouble over this!"

I have had enough of her insolence. I pull a blue bandana from my back pocket and force it deep into her haughty mouth, packing it hard between her back teeth, making sure her entire mouth is filled; no more arrogant words from this little spitfire!

I untie the red bandana from around her tiny neck and pull it hard between her teeth, knotting it tightly at the back of her head. Muffled cries come from her mouth as the cloth bites into the corners of her lips, forcing the packing even deeper into her mouth.

I pull that cute but infuriating hat from her golden head and drag her by the hair across my knees, she cries angrily through her gag but the words are not intelligible.

I jerk those denim shorts down, exposing that cute, curvaceous ass!

I see her riding crop on the floor, Karma calls, I think!

I bring the crop down hard, she screams through her stuffed mouth as it bites into that round, smooth, delicious ass! Again and again, lashing down! She wriggles and screams as the pain races through her arrogant frame. Delightful red weals decorate that pale posterior; a perverted work of art!

She stops wriggling; I strike again. A shudder from her body; a yelp from her gagged mouth but the defiance seems to have gone.

I lift her from my lap and place her kneeling before me, she looks up tears of pain in her eyes. She tries to speak but the gag prevents her. "You want me to remove that?" She nodded, "Any lip and it goes straight back on, understand me!" She nodded again.

I untie her red bandana and remove the sodden packing from her mouth. She looks into my eyes, "Fuck me!"

I was slightly taken aback but reacted quickly to the situation, "Beg me, beg for my cock!"

"Please fuck me. I want your cock. I want it deep inside of me. Please fuck me Sir!"

I unbutton my Levis, "Okay you little slut but first you are going to do something for me."

I pull her hair roughly, she opens her mouth to scream and I shove my stiff cock deep into her soft mouth. She begins to choke and gag as my hard flesh fills her throat. I thrust in and out a few times then stop.

"Suck it and suck it hard!" Her soft lips suck eagerly at my head, her little tongue flicking up and down at it's end. This excites me and I begin thrusting into her mouth and throat again but faster and harder!

Tears stream from her eyes, she gasps and chokes as my meat fills her. I push her close to my groin so my entire length fills her mouth. She finds it hard to breathe, she is frightened now and tries to pull away but I hold her head firm. Muffled cries of fear escape her flesh packed mouth. I slide out, she gasps for breath. Tears, saliva and snot drip from her face.

I pick up her red bandana and wipe her face clean then force it into her mouth, making sure it is fully packed in every part.

I grab her blonde hair and drag her to her feet towards a large bale of hay. Pushing her against it, I rip open her plaid shirt, exposing those firm, pert breasts beneath. I pinch and twist her nipples hard! She screams again through that packed mouth. I pinch and twist again, harder this time. Her legs almost give way as the pain shoots through her.

"So you want me to fuck you? Then beg me again!"

She attempts to speak but the bandana fills her mouth. "If you don't ask, you don't get! Now beg me bitch!"

She makes a pathetic attempt to beg through her stuffed mouth but just muffled nonsense escapes. "Never mind, you're getting it anyway!"

I grab her knees and spread her legs wide, her slit is swollen and dripping with juice; a beautiful sight! I force my stiff cock deep inside her, she moans through her stuffed mouth as my hard rod fills her. I feel her her wet and warm and tight all around me. I thrust into her, slowly at first, almost gently then build the speed and the force. Faster! Harder! Faster! Harder! Pounding into her now, almost crazed like I want to fuck right through her! Pounding! Pounding!

I look into her eyes, she seems to be in another place but I know where I am, deep inside her cunt!

Laying across that bale, hands tied, mouth stuffed, helpless. Stabbing, thrusting, pounding! I feel her writhe below me, hear that muffled orgasmic cry as I explode inside her, filling that delightful hole full of my cum!

I slide out of her. I remove the bandana from her mouth. I point to my cock, "Now lick it clean!"

Like a good girl she sets her tongue to work, licking my shaft and knob and balls. I think I might keep this one.

"Still going to tell your Father?"

"No Sir." she said, a little smile playing on her lips.

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