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It was not easy being so far from home. Julie had always enjoyed being married, having a home to which she could return after a long day at work. Being gone, even for a little while was difficult; but this time the trip was going to be 13 weeks. Three months of being 2,500 miles away from home. The thought of it made her want to cry.

While nation wide there is a nursing shortage, some areas are flooded. As luck would have it Julie and Ken lived in a city with no fewer than 4 nursing schools! Just her luck the hospital would choose to close her unit. Theoretically, there was a job for her, when it came right down to it, no job would work out. Try as she might, none of the local hospitals wanted to pay her for her 20 years nursing experience when there was a flood of young eager nurses willing to work for just over half of what her experience demanded. This did not matter to the various finance companies which held the mortgage on the home and the loans for the three cars, the boat and the numerous credit cards. In order to keep from loosing everything she took a job as a travel nurse to a large hospital just south of San Francisco.

The new job kept her busy, focused for 8 hours a day, but the trouble sleeping left her with over 10 hours a day to reflect on her family, her marriage and her priorities. All of the nice things they had bought, the big house, the boat, she would gladly trade them now to be back home. She had been married for 17 years. Over the course of the marriage her husband had grown fat and more interested in the Colt football team than Sunday afternoon sex. The hour long fuck sessions which had been all too frequent the first 10 years of marriage were replaced with cuddling for a few minutes before Ken rolled over and went to sleep. What had happened, what had gone wrong? Ken was a nice guy, despite the fact that his appetite for pizza and ribs had long ago exceeded his appetite for sex. His being out of shape had taken its tool on his sexual prowess. His diabetes had already affected his ability to maintain an erection. There sex life had devolved to her use of various sex toys while her husband talked played with her tits. Why were bills now what drove every aspect of their life? She had been in a rut, and now that she was away from it all, the rut had seemed to follow her.

Thank God for cell phones. With her nation wide plan, and the calling features at least she could talk to Ken on a daily basis. It was not Ken's fault that their sex life had dwindled. He was nice guy and she missed him. There is only so much to talk about and some how the conversation always turned to sex. Over the marriage Ken had brought up swinging and girl-girl sex from time to time. Julie had chalked it up to "spicing up" the marriage and never actually agreed to any sexual "funny stuff." Ken seemed to delight in kidding her about what she was doing in her free time. In his male mind, her being away from home for three months gave her a free hand to play the young single woman. She did not quite understand it. But she "went along" to keep Ken happy.

The stress was mounting, and she had to do something about it. It was her sixth week away from home when she noticed the YMCA on her way back to her little apartment after one especially long night shift.

"It would be so nice to work out and maybe sit in the sauna or hot tub." Julie thought to herself. "Too bad I did not bring a swimming suit or something to work out in." As if the city planners had thought only of her, she spotted a Target sign at the upcoming exit. "Why not!" She quickly checked her mirrors before changing lanes just in time to make the exit.

Within a matter of minutes she had picked out a swimming suit, shorts, tee-shirt, shoes and socks and returned to the 101 only this time headed south back towards "the Y." She walked into the strange lobby and was surprised by the number of people in the Y at 8 am.

"Is this your first visit?" asked the pretty college-age girl working behind the desk.

"Yes, but I am a member at the Indianapolis YMCA" Julie offered.

"I'm Brittany" Chirped the young woman. "Well then, you will need the deluxe tour! Tim, can you give a tour?" She said as she looked at a handsome dark haired man standing just behind her.

Tim eyed Julie up and down as he answered "No problem, one deluxe tour coming up!"

With that Tim led Julie from one room to another, pointing out the various machines and amenities at the fitness center. Julie thanked him for the tour and headed off to the lady's changing room. She found a locker and slipped out of her scrubs and pulled on her new shorts and oversized tee shirt. Lacing up her new shoes her mind flashed to the various fitness centers she had joined before she was married. Some of them were real meat markets, as much about hooking up as working out.

Julie found a Stairmaster® which gave her a good view of the bench presses. Before long she was lost in checking out the numerous men working out. These guys were sharp looking, professional types; the kind of guy who does not need to show up for work before 9 am, or maybe not at all. It was not long before hunky young stud-muffin casually strolled over to the bench press, adjusted the weights and straddled the bench before reclining and pushing the weight up off the bar. As he did, the thin material of his shorts fanned out revealing the outline of what had to be a seven inch penis, the head of which could clearly be seen up the leg of his shorts from Julie's vantage point. She felt her face flush as she gazed upon his man meat. She wanted to divert her gaze, she wanted to step down, turn around and move to a cycle on the other side of the mirrored room. But she could not move. She felt her body start to moisten, beyond the perspiration dripping from her forehead. Her pussy started to ache as she thought of the massive muscle under his short.

He got off the bench and flashed a wry smile at Julie. Had he known the show he gave? Or was she reading too much into a simple smile? Did he intend to give her a cock-shot? Had she been flashed, or had she peeped at guy just trying to have a work out before his long day at work. What would Ken think if he knew his "loving wife" had gotten an eyeful and more than for a fleeting moment? "Hell, Ken would applaud her for it and want to her a commentary" she thought.

She finished her 40 minute workout on the machine, trying to follow her fantasy fellow around the room as he finished his workout. Three other men found their way to the bench press across from Julie, but although she saw another somewhat smaller outline, she was not treated to anymore flesh.

She went to the locker room and changed into her swimsuit. First she went to the sauna, closing the door, she found herself alone. Years ago she had visited the sauna in Weston Hall, too shy to sit naked as did most of the co-eds at her college. Now she wanted to peel off her suit. She wanted to feel the heat on her nipples. She wanted to be naked, alone or with somebody else; this whole "stress relief" plan hand backfired in an amazing way.

After a few moments she moved to the hot tub. This too was frustrating, as she wanted to adjust herself so the jets would shoot the water at her aching pussy. But there was no way she would take the risk of loosing touch with reality in the midst of a sensual overload only to have an orgasm just as somebody walked into the pool area.

"That's it!" Julie said to herself, "Time to hit the shower and get home to bed."

She climbed out of the tub and headed towards the locker room. As she entered the room it struck her that there had only been two females working out in the club. Kellie tossed her suit in the locker and grabbed a towel and walked naked towards the shower. She adjusted the flow to the perfect temperature and relaxed somewhat as she washed her hair. The soapy water flowed down from her shoulders to her breasts and over her nipples. Once again she felt a flash of heat. She had not masturbated since having left home. She was going to prove that she could be all business on this trip. Now the sex drive was pulling at her every nerve ending. She closed her eyes. She turned her back to the large open door and started to "wash" her 48DD breasts. Somehow she had to put out the fire between her legs, somehow the ache had to end. She moved her hand to her pussy lips and proceeded to alternatively "wash" her pussy and hold open her lips allowing the water to "rinse" her folds.

"High, did you have a good work-out?" The thirty-something brunette said as she walked into the large shower room.

Once again, Julie's face flushed. Once again her mind raced as she wondered if the shapely brunette knew what she had been doing.

"Yeah, it was a good way to unwind after my night shift." Julie tried to say with a straight face.

"I saw Pete give you his show while you were working out." The other woman said. "Oh, my name is Kathy." "Pete is the running joke in the locker room, he has flashed every women who has ever used that machine!" She smiled as she said it. "The only thing bigger than his dick is his ego." "He hits on nearly everybody who talks to him."

"And I thought I was the only one!" Julie confessed with a slight giggle.

The chit chat turned to the circumstances of Julie's trip to the Y, her being away from home and the long night shifts.

"You poor thing" cooed Kathy as she moved closer to Julie. "I would offer you a hug, but under the circumstances, maybe just a shoulder massage?"

"That would be nice" Julie found herself saying. The sleep deprivation, stress and rush of hormones had taken over her senses and she could not resist the offer of human touch.

Kathy's hands worked on Julie's shoulders. She released her pressure and slid her palms down Julies arms and then up her sides, to the shoulder blades before returning to the neck and upper shoulders.

Julie let out a soft moan. "Oh, my god, you have no idea what you are doing to me!" She said as her knees started to weaken somewhat.

"I think I have some idea." Kathy giggled.

With that Kathy moved forward pressing her long nipples into Julie's back and at the same time reaching around under Julie's arms to reach her full breasts. Julie instinctively leaned back. Again without asking or invitation Kathy moved to kiss Julie's neck.

Again, Julie moaned. She had come close to showering with her suitemate in college, but her inhibitions precluded it. She had gotten horney while she watched countless girl-girl scenes with her husband. But she had never before crossed the line. Even now her mind drifted to Ken, she was married. But hell, he had begged her to make out more times than she could count. At least she was not fucking Pete. She was not being unfaithful. Her mind could concentrate no longer. She crossed over to the place she always went during sex. That feeling place, a place devoid of thought, devoid of words; she entered the place of pleasure.

Sensing no resistance, Kathy's right hand moved down towards Kathy's moist pussy. Her fingers pulled apart the lips as she directed Kellie's body towards the shower stream. After what seemed like forever, Kathy once again manipulated the position to the point that they were facing each other. Her nipples pressed into the fullness of Julie's larger, softer bosoms. Her palm pressed against Julie mound as her middle finger ran up and down Julie's slit. She turned her head slightly as she moved her face towards Julie's. She looked at Julie's eyes and then her lips and back to her eyes. It all happened in a moment. Julie tilted her head, closed her eyes and opened her mouth ever so slightly as their lips met.

Their tongues intertwined. Kathy's hands were all over Julie. Julie was not resisting, she was not thinking, she was only responding. Responding to the pure pleasure pouring from the other woman's body through her hands into Julie's now all to willing flesh. Julie went limp, too limp for Kathy to support. Kathy slowed Julie's descent as she slipped to the floor. Once her back was against the wall, Julie instinctually pulled her legs up towards her body, her feet flat on the floor. Kathy was instantly on her stomach. Her hands moved under Julies bottom as she buried her face into the warmth of Julie's soaking pussy. She focused primarily, but not exclusively on the clit, swirling and sucking before moving away to the lips and nibbling and pulling them into her mouth.

"Oh my god, I cumming" Julie's body shook as she thrust her pussy into Kathy's face. "Suck it, suck it! Oh, yes, yes" One more wave rippled through Julies body before she reached down and pulled Kathy up towards her mouth as she kissed her full on the lips once more. "Oh, that was wonderful, that was simply wonderful." She said between kisses.

Julie pulled away. Stood up and turned. "Thank you sweetie, I hope that helps."

With that she walked away. Not even glancing back over her shoulder. Julie tried to get up, but her legs would not cooperate. Her eyes closed, she wanted to sleep. But not even in her weakened state could she sleep in a shower at a YMCA. Once again, she tried to stand. Once again her legs failed her. She hoped Kathy would come back. She hoped that Kathy would help her to her feet. After what seemed like hours, but was only a few moments, she was able to stand long enough to find her way back to the bench in front of her chosen locker.

The room was empty. There was no sign of Kathy. Slowly Julie dried and dressed herself. She walked out of the locker room.

"Hi." Said Pete.

"Hi Pete, no thanks Pete, bye Pete." Julie responded, as Pete's smile faded to a look of confusion.

Julie made her way to her SUV. As she climbed in, she noticed Kathy in a white Jaguar X-type pulling out of the parking lot. The plate read "Fun4U." Just then her cell phone rang.

Picking it up, she flipped it open. "Long night at work, I've been calling for an hour." It was Ken. "Are you doing ok?"

"Honey, I'm fine." Answered Julie.

She too pulled out onto the road, headed back to the apartment. Ken chatted. She listened, but the words did not stick. "Honey, I'm at the apartment, I need to sleep." She said as she pulled up at the rental unit.

After Ken assured her they would talk later, she pulled her scrubs off, and fell into bed. She pulled her hand up to her pussy and was soon asleep.

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