Yo Momma's a Ho'!


Now I felt Serena's hot tongue in the crack of my ass, and, looking over, saw Hope digging hers into Bobby's crack.

"Yo' momma wiped yo' asshole fo' you when you were a baby, now she be lickin' it," Serena cackled.

"She never wiped anything for me," Bobby said, "she was too busy trampin' around, turning tricks."

There was no bitterness in Bobby's voice as he said this; he was just being factual. But, raised as he was by this grandma all through childhood, I suppose it was true.

"Well I'm wipin' it with my tongue right now, Bobby, makin' up for lost time," she said, slurping away.

"Okay, studs, tha's enough for you," Serena said as they turned us around and stared at out dicks.

"Look how fuckin' stiff they are now," Serena said.

"Yeah, let's not waste those nice stiff dicks," Hope said.

Serena pushed me down on the bed and immediately straddled me, working my cock into her tight cunt. I had only fucked a black woman once before and she was only ho-hum. She was no sizzling, sleek fox like this Serena. So this was all extra exciting to me.

Meanwhile next to me, Hope was lying on her back, calmly spreading her legs for her son, as Bobby got in between them and slammed it inside her.

"Damn stud!" Serena said, looking down at me. "You be thick, you really be fillin' up this black pussy!"

She was tight.

Meanwhile Bobby was really pumping it into his mom. I looked up at him and smiled.

"You old--" I began.

"I know what you're gonna say," he interrupted.

"You old motherfucker you," I hissed.

"Yeah, Bobby,' Serena cackled. "You be a true mothafucker now!

Hope laughed, wrapping her legs around Bobby, bucking up against his hard thrusts.

"Let's do it another way, baby," Hope told her son, pushing him away and getting on elbows and knees. From a little earlier I knew this was a favorite position of Hope's. So now Bobby got behind her and slammed it inside again.

Hope was in position so her head was right behind Serena's butt as Bobby drilled her now.

"Aw shit!" Serena howled. "The bitch got her tongue in my asshole!"

I couldn't see, but reaching around with my hand I felt that Hope's face was buried between Serena's smooth, brown buns.

"Bobby's always tellin' me how much you love it up your funky black ass," Hope said.

"Goddamn!" Serena said excitedly. "You be offerin' me a sandwich?"

Of course I knew what this meant and from the horny smile on Bobby's face I knew he did too. Hope now pushed Bobby out of her and encouraged him to kneel behind Serena.

"Damnnnnnnn!!!" Serena shrieked as Bobby buried it up her ass.

Bobby and I looked at each other with lust-glazed eyes.

"Goddamnnnnnn!!!" Serena kept howling as she took in the wild, savage sensations. I could feel Bobby massaging her rectum with his hard tool, as I'm sure he could feel mine plowing Serena's pussy.

Hope just lay on the bed right next to our triple coupling, watching and playing with her pussy.

Serena was really almost out of control, shrieking and howling, her smooth, dark body covered with a film of sweat.

"Fuck the bitch, she loves it!" Hope urged, knowing her ex-cellmate and her partner in the trade well.

And then Serena went into what looked almost like a seizure. But we all knew what it actually was, and let her have her pleasure tantrum before she finally settled down and we pulled out of her.

"Yo' turn," Serena said to Hope, a very satisfied smile on her face.

Then Hope spit into her hand and reached around to slap that natural lubricant into her crack, rubbing it around in there.

Now she got on top of me, sinking her cunt down over my shaft again.

"Uh huh, Bobby, you know what to do, dude," Serena hissed. "Slam it up yo' momma's ass!"

"Hear that, Bobby," Hope said, turning her neck to look at her son. "Serena's tellin' you to shove it up your whore mother's asshole."

She said it to him so directly, almost demandingly. A second later he was behind her, burying it up her rectum.

"You must think I'm such a fuckin' tramp," Hope said, looking down at me with a smile as I rammed it in her. "My own boy behind me, sliding it up my ass. Well I am a tramp. I'm a fuckin' tramp, and I fuckin' love it!"

"Tramps make me fuckin' horny," I told her.

"Good!" she meowed, smiling sweetly.

Now Serena came up to Hope and lifted one of her big, heavy tits to her mouth, sucking it, while the dual action of my cock, and Bobby's, was taking care of business down below.

"How do you like it, bitch?" Serena hissed at Hope. "How do you like taking it up the ass from your son?"

"It's a fuckin' hard dick, ain't it?" Hope answered.

Serena laughed. "Just like my daddy's was."

So, Serena had experienced the pleasures of incest herself, it seemed.

Suddenly we could all hear Bobby grunt as his body went rigid, and I knew he unloaded inside his mother. A few seconds later his shrunken dick slipped out of her and he pulled away, collapsing on the bed, spent.

"How about you now, stud?" Hope said to me. "Am I gonna get to try that thick one of yours in my butt too?"

"It'll be my pleasure," I said, pulling out of her cunt as she reached down and repositioned my cock against her rear hole. Seconds ago her son's cock had left it; and now mine was entering it.

"Shit, let me look at that," Serena said, getting behind Hope. "I want to see it!"

Like I said, I've got the kind of cock that not every woman is willing to take up her ass, and, as a practiced whore, Serena must've known that. So now she wanted to take in the sight.

"You look so fuckin obscene, bitch, all that dick crammed up yo' butt!"

"And I'm lovin' every thick inch," Hope bragged, really sinking down hard on it.

Now I'd had my fill, and slamming every last inch up inside Hope's bottom, I unloaded deep, deep in her bowels, adding my bounty of spunk to her son's.

She stayed there for awhile, squeezing me with her rectal muscles, unable or unwilling to move.

Finally she lifted herself off of me, and she and Serena went to get some warm, wet towels to sponge off themselves and me and Bobby.

"That was fuckin' freaky," Bobby said, still amazed at what had happened.

"Yeah, Bobby," I said. "Thanks for asking me over."

"Thanks for all that nice, solid cock, dudes," Serena said.

"Yeah, thanks," Hope added, then turned to her son. "Now that you busted me out, son, you let me know any time you want to start up a stable. I'm your momma... and now I'm your whore too."

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