Yoga Ch. 02


Lorain let out a long breath in relief on hearing the front door slam shut. The noise of a bunch of lads enjoying themselves receded leaving the apartment quiet and empty. She was still trapped in the uncomfortable yoga position but at least the threat from a bunch of young men finding her helpless and naked had tumbled out of the apartment.

It was the first time she had managed this yoga position, a front bend, and had disastrously rolled back trapping her body in this indelicate position. Her legs became clamped behind her head with her arms twisted around them leaving her trapped displaying everything. When Peter's friends arrived unexpectedly he quickly hid her out of the way behind the sofa, trapping her limbs tighter still. Feeling them stiffen she knew it was now entirely up to Peter to free her.

The fear of what his friends would have done to her receded leaving just the thought of what might have been. Right in front of her face was her pussy. She couldn't look away from it the way she was bent over and it was proving to be a revelation. There was no way to deny it her lips were swelling with everything opening up. The thought of those young men taking advantage of her vulnerable position was exciting her physically.

Not wanting to admit such crude thoughts were a turn on, she tried hard to think of something else. The sound of the front door opening then slamming brought steamy lewd thoughts to a sudden halt. She held her breath in trepidation wondering if the gang of young men had returned.

Peter walked slowly into the room but he was far from feeling calm. His heartbeat was fast and sweat beaded on his forehead revealing the tension he felt. An erection bulged in his trousers. With one heave the sofa was pulled away from the wall revealing the naked woman. "Your still here waiting for me, then!" He chuckled.

She watched him pulling off the white tee shirt, almost ripping it in haste, showing off his broad shoulders. When he peeled off the tight jeans she admired his tight arse, not for the first time since moving in to his apartment.

Once more he bent over her body with a maddening smirk on his face. After the wonderful orgasm he had driven her to she felt he was owed something in return. Besides, what could she do to stop him? There was no need for foreplay she was more then ready.

Inches from her face she watched his penis slide across her pussy lips. Suddenly afraid she tried to regain some self-control. Her voice quavered with lust. "Please Peter. Get some protection. I'm not on the pill. Please!" She begged him.

She could see the tension rippling through the hard cock. He hesitated then moved away. She breathed a sigh of relief.

He grabbed the bottle of oil used to massage her limbs earlier. He had pretended to use it in a halfhearted attempt to release her. "What are you doing?" She gasped on feeling a finger enter her tight arse.

"I don't have any condoms. If you don't want me in here." He said, while fingering her wet pussy. "Then I'll take this." He added, with a finger probing her bottom.

"Please. No! Don't do that." She whimpered. Thinking quickly she told him. "My mouth. Let me suck you. Please, let me suck you off." She begged. The sound of the words, the words themselves, struck her with a deep feeling of humiliation. The dread of what he was about to do to drove her on.

"I'll do it for you. It will be much better than that." She pleaded, attempting to entice him away from that degrading act. Seeing him hesitate she attempted to smile. "Please Peter. Fuck my face." She choked on the words even though they were motivated by desperation she was ashamed of them.

She watched his throbbing member skim across her wet lips. Closer, hesitantly it inched closer. She opened her mouth and sucked hard at its head. Working it with her tongue for all she was worth she made sure he wouldn't change his mind.

Since staying at the apartment she had ridden the young man to keep him in check. Only that morning she had scolded him for not washing up after a late night supper. Now he was ridding her. She couldn't believe that she had actually pleaded with him to fuck her face. The greatest irony was that she was enjoying it.

There was no way to control what was happening to her while her arms were tucked behind her head. She had to swallow him whole breathing desperately between thrusts. When he came it seemed to take an age while she choked and swallowed his semen.

He managed to hold himself up over her when all he wanted was to collapse upon her body. Before he rolled onto the floor beside her he dribbled the last of his come over her face. Breathing heavily he turned to her and found a breast tucked away under an arm and nuzzled it.

They lay there in supine calm glowing warmly in orgasmic pleasure. Hers was a warm tingling, a small comfortable coming. His was a great volcanic release of tension.


"It's no good I can't pull your arms or legs free without hurting you."

"You must get me free. The longer I'm like this the stiffer my limbs will get."

"I know someone. A physiotherapist. She works at the gym."

As much as the thought of someone seeing her like this was infuriating she agreed he should call her.

"She won't come over here, we'll have to go to her. It'll be OK. Honest! The gym is closed so no one will be there. I've washed the cum off your face and cleaned up your pussy. Yes, your bottom too." He tried to reassure her. He couldn't carry her while she was twisted up like a pretzel but he came up with a solution to that problem too.

"Try again. Get her to come over here." She told him. There was no choice but to let him manoeuvre her into the little cage. She couldn't stop him. She was still protesting as he slid her into the plastic cage. It was for transporting a small dog to the vet and was only just big enough to squeeze her slight frame in. She looked out through the wire mesh with a look of misery plainly splashed across her face as though she were being taken to a vet.

Carrying it was another matter but he solved the problem. Peter lifted the small box onto a skateboard and wheeled her out of the apartment into a lift. 'Pussy on wheels.' He thought. 'Pussy delivery!' He chortled to himself.

One heave and she was on the passenger seat of the car. He lifted the cloth covering the mesh door to give her a reassuring grin. "We'll soon be there and have you out in no time. Don't worry. Sylvie will get those limbs working and limbered up."


Peter lifted the cage off the passenger seat onto the path directly outside the gym. It was dark round at the back of the building and seemingly safe from prying eyes.

She dare not say a word in case she was discovered. Of all the stupid humiliating situations anyone could be in, this beat them all. Lorain didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Which ever, it would have to be silent.

He parked the car keeping her in view the whole time. Walking back to the door he found it locked. "Damn!" Sylvie hadn't left the back door open as promised. He hesitated wondering if he should let Lorain know what was going on then decided not to risk the aggravation. Rather than wheel her round the front he would leave her there and open the back door to retrieve her.


It had been a profitable evening for Arthur. He had wined and dined a client until they had agreed to sign the contract. Back at the car park he needed to relieve himself of what felt like several gallons of diet cola. He had plied the client with rum cola only drinking plain cola himself. "Always cut an edge." He said to himself, laughing pleasantly.

Turning to walk back to the restaurant he decided instead to make a furtive stop in the shadow of a doorway. He was a big man with a slow and easy stride but this was closer and the restaurant was probably closed by now. Zipping himself up he wondered what the box was. His thoughts wondered back over the evenings deal, forgetting all about the mysterious box.


Lorain shivered in the cold night air. She cursed Peter thinking he had taken time out to pee up against the wall. 'Where is he now?' She wondered. Not daring to make a sound she only just refrained from shouting at him to get a move on.


Arthur switched on the headlights and noticed the box directly in the beam. Curiosity got the better of him and so he pulled the car up next to it. Sliding out he opened the rear door and slung the box onto seat. I was heavier than it looked. Though he was fifty-five the years of working out gave him the strength.

As quickly he slid back into the front seat and drove off looking in the rear mirror making sure no one had seen him. 'It's probably rubbish. Thrown out the back door.' He laughed to himself. He knew it wasn't collection night and in any case the box hadn't been left anywhere near the garbage.

On the drive home he mused what it might be. All the way he resisted the urge to stop and look into the box. It was his lucky night so was this too a lucky find? He would probably have to throw it out, what ever it was, but there was that slight chance it might be something of value and he was feeling lucky.

It was heavy and a struggle to lift it onto the kitchen table but he managed. There was a whimper and movement from the box. "Damn!" He sighed. "It's some kind of animal. Not a pup by its weight. Someone's dumped the poor thing. That's all I need in this apartment a pet to look after. I get rid of a wife only to be lumbered with a pet dog."

Lifting the cloth he peered in. "Oh! Shit!" Arthur fell back on the floor. "What the hell!" He shouted. From the floor he was eye level with the mesh closing the box. At first all he could see was an arse hole and clitoris. As his eyes focused he saw long hair falling over what looked like a face. Just a nose was peering through, and then he saw an eye blink through the hair.

"What. What are you?" He asked. His mind raced with thoughts of animal experimentation even aliens and mutants.

"Could you get me out of here, please." Lorain pleaded. "I've been stuck in here for hours.

"How the hell did you get into that small box?" He wondered out loud.

"It's a long story. I need a pee and don't want to do it on your table." She said. Lorain was mortified at the predicament but how much more degrading would it be to wet the kitchen table.

He struggled with the box into the bathroom to perch it on the bidet where it hung over the edge of the toilet. "OK. There you go."

She had expected to be eased out of the box not to be carried to the toilet. It was no good she couldn't wait so let go. It seemed to take an age but the relief was gratifying.

In fascination he watched the stream of yellow flow from her open legs. Still wary of her he nevertheless reached in and wiped her dry. With a better look into the cage he could see she was a woman not something dreadful. She was bent over forwards with her chin over her belly button. Her face was inches from her pussy. To even get into that position, despite being in the cage, must mean she was double jointed.

He carried her into the bedroom and plonked her down onto the bed. Breathing heavily he sat on the edge of the large double bed wondering what to do with her. He tucked the hair away from her face. She was a pretty young thing. "Well. This is a new one on me. You're a pussy in a box. I guess that's a perfect gift for any man. All you need is to be fed and watered, a real low maintenance pussy."

Lorain was distraught. The thought of being kept in this cage for a stranger to use and abuse was dreadful. Could she talk him into just using her mouth as Peter had? The idea of pleading with a stranger to fuck her face was outrageous. How long would it take before he started on her pussy and her bottom? She moaned in despair. How could such a simple little mistake degenerate into such a despicable situation.

He laughed at her, the misery plain on her face. "So, tell me how did this happen. I take it your not into this sort of thing."

She made it short outlining the episode omitting the fact Peter had taken her or that he had even played with her.

"I think there's something you're not telling me." He wiped some dried cum from under her chin and wiped it under her nose. "Was this before or after he put you in the box?"

She sobbed a moment then told him the truth. For some reason she even told him how she had enjoyed his touch and the teasing. Perhaps it was in mitigation for giving in to him. "I didn't have much choice. You can see I'm helpless. Please. Will you get me out of hear. I can't stay like this forever. I need to eat. I need to get the use of my limbs back. Please. I beg you don't take advantage. If you get me out I'll do what ever you want. The whole weekend will be yours. You can do whatever you want with me just let me out. Please." She begged in earnest.

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