Yoga Ch. 03


Arthur was dumbfounded. If he hadn't just happened upon the box he would have suspected a trick of some kind. The woman was no student playing a stunt, as from what he could see of her she was about thirty maybe thirty-three, tops. At forty-five next birthday, to him she was a beautiful young woman.

In this small box sitting upon his bed she was helpless unable to defend her self from whatever he wanted to do to her. His cock had stiffened to attention demanding attention, demanding some action. Dare he take advantage of her?

He hadn't had sex in over twelve-months, long since before his wife walked out on him. Now he came to think about it had been longer than that for they hadn't slept together for some time. Building a thriving business had seemed worth sacrificing a home life only now that had all gone, everything gone in a miserable divorce.

His conscience struggled with a basic need. He needed to close that cage door to shut away temptation but didn't think she would appreciate being shut in again. If she could manage a front bend that severe he wondered what she would be like in bed.

She had actually told him she would do anything for him if he got her out. Anything, for a whole weekend! This attractive woman had begged him and offered herself to him. He shook his head trying to clear it of lascivious thoughts.

"This is just too much! I'm going to take a cold shower and then get you out of there." He said with determination. The words were for him in an attempt to regain some self-control. He stepped out of the bathroom in a towel then quickly stepped back in. 'Damn! I'm too used to living alone and just slopping around.' He thought.

He didn't want to go back into the bedroom in just a towel or his business suit and his clean clothes were in there. He rummaged around in the laundry basket to grab a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt that didn't smell too much. She wasn't exactly in a position to complain though. As an after thought he sprayed some deodorant over the trousers and top.

The master negotiator had returned as he tried to treat this like a business deal, in an attempt to remain detached. He didn't want his conscience or his needs to overwhelm him. If he messed up it would be rape or a lost opportunity, either way leaving him feeling bad.

"OK! I must admit I was tempted to just take advantage. Does your offer still stand? Excuse the pun." He smiled, gently.

"Perhaps I was a little scared and shouldn't have said that. You were looking at me like a wolf about to ravish a lamb." Lorain said quietly and deliberately trying to placate rather than accuse.

He sat on the floor looking directly into the box that caged her. Her eyes were blue glinting crystals where a tear remained. If he looked into them he might become overwhelmed with sympathy over her tricky situation. He shifted his gaze an inch lower to her crotch. It was her eyes that had cried yet here too there was a glistening wetness.

"It would be better if you covered me up." She suggested.

He reached forward and placed a large hand on her crotch covering her pussy and asshole. He watched her mouth open in protest yet a mere croaking sound was omitted.

'Shit! I'm in a stranger's bedroom naked and helpless and he has a hand on my pussy.' She thought. If that wasn't bad enough her body was letting her down by becoming excited. She couldn't help thinking this was something kinky she was discovering about herself.

"I didn't mean like that. You can look but don't touch, please!" She said, in desperation.

"It seems to me you like the touch and maybe me looking too. I must say you shave rather close, nice and smooth." He said, while sliding his hand away from her open crotch. A finger slid between the wet folds of her sex and he was sure a whimpering sound escaped her mouth.

She closed her eyes in shame. Blinking her eyes free of tears she tried to talk, to say anything hoping to distract him and win him over. "I guess this situation is tempting but I'm not the sort of woman to, well, you know."

"Not on a first date!" He laughed. "Have you ever been in this situation before?"

"No! Never! That was the first time I managed a front bend and well, you know the rest. I guess you have the advantage and can dictate the terms. I just ask that you get me free. My limbs are already numb and it's going to take awhile to get them working again. You're a decent man so please do the right thing. Please." She pleaded with all the sincerity she could muster

"Does the offer still stand?" He asked, still staring between her spread legs.

"Yes." Lorain whispered.

"So tell me in your own words, just for the record." He smiled.

She gritted her teeth and spoke in an irate tone. "Get me free of this damned box and I'll do whatever you want for the whole weekend."

"Tempting offer but I could just do that anyway. Your tone doesn't exactly inspire confidence either. I didn't invite you here and never asked to get involved in this bizarre situation." He said.

"I'm sorry. You can understand I want out, surely. Just saying such a depraved thing makes me feel ill. You're a complete stranger and I'm offering my body to you, it's just so awful." She said quietly.

He put a finger to her wet lips and told her. "This doesn't agree. It seems eager to play."

"What do you want me to do? Beg you to fuck me? Shit you can't have it all ways." She shoved words at him, hearing them loud in the small confines of the box.

He slid a wet finger over her gaping pussy down to her ass and pressed the little puckered brown hole. "I disagree it looks as though I could do just that, have it all ways." He mused.

"OK! Alright, I beg you to get me out of here and will do what ever you want. Please, Sir." She moaned.

"I like that. A submissive woman is so much more attractive. A most desirable quality and under the circumstances you should do your best to keep me happy, don't you agree?" He smiled.

'Whatever it takes I'll agree to just to get free.' She thought. "Yes sir, I agree. I shall be your submissive woman for the weekend." She noticed the look of pleasure on his face and made a note to work on it, to turn this weakness to her advantage.

"Please get me out sir. I can give you so much more pleasure with my whole body at your disposal." She said with a new winsome quality to her voice. She felt foolish using such an obviously girly tone but he seemed to have bought it.

Loraine hadn't thought it through. Being set free of the tiny cage was all she had concentrated on. She would still be naked, though stealing some of his clothes would allow her to escape this nightmare. The problem of fleeing into the night without money and with no idea where she was hadn't occurred to her yet.


"It's no good, there's no way to get you out like that." He said. He had poured cooking oil into the box and tried to slide her out but the woman was wedged in.

"He put me in so you must be able to get me out. You're not trying hard enough." She complained. The tone of voice wasn't going to get her anywhere so she moderated the demand. "Please, sir." She added.

"Your limbs have stiffened and you seem to have swollen up in there. He looked at her pussy and asshole on display and mused out loud. "Perhaps you are heated up if you know what I mean."

She did know what he was getting at, she could feel it. Being lifted and turned this way and that then shaken hadn't worked so he tried to pull her out. His hands had been all over her trying to get a grip. The oil had become a disadvantage then.

"What do you suggest we do about that?" She asked sounding trite. Realising what she was asking of him left her blushing. Admitting she was aroused meant little while he could see for himself her gaping vagina. It was the idea of asking a stranger to complete the arousal that was so shameful.

"Well I think I can oblige." He smiled. He leaned in close.

Lorain was about to complain only the words didn't emerge. She watched his tongue glide from his mouth and lick her lips. The tip touched and sent a shiver through her whole body. She counted his teeth, the fillings and estimated how many caps he had as a distraction. It wasn't helping much. Despite the effort she was beginning to pant and let go little breathy gasps.

Eventually he stopped. "My jaw is locked." He mumbled. On his knees before the box he worked his jaw in a different motion until the muscles relaxed.

She watched his fingers almost under her nose slide into her now soaking pussy. He found her bud easy enough and worked it trying different angles and strokes until discovering her particular rhythm. She looked on like a voyeur, detached but enjoying it.

'It's nice, very nice, and I don't have to do a thing but enjoy it.' She thought. She watched a finger enter her pussy and sighed. He seemed to be delving in searching for something with a wriggling finger. "Wow! Stop! Please. Oh! Yesssss." She hissed. Her feet waggled banging the sides of the box in time to his finger.

Arthur smiled indulgently. He altered the motion of both fingers bringing her down to a slow drawn out rhythm then upped the tempo. He was having fun playing her like a drum kit, her feet waggling and banging in time with his fingers. Her face was screwed up into a picture of grotesque pleasure.

As soon as she was close to a climax he changed the tempo bringing her down a fraction. Her voice was a low keening sound echoing in the close confines of the hutch. When her eyes opened wide with a wild look, to find out what was going on, he upped the beat and her voice wailed out in a higher pitch.

For a long moment he kept her on the very edge. When she repeated the word 'yes' with the intensity of a fierce insult through gritted teeth he kept going. Her whole body bucked like a rabbit rattling her little cage but he held on to the last.

He blew upon her hot hole with a finger still up her ass. She was a long time coming round but eventually the eyes opened, this time with a glint of awareness. Still panting she tried to speak but the words were meaningless syllables. He didn't bother trying to patch them together instead he patiently waited with a smile upon his face.

If he had his wife in this position they would still be together, he mused. Too little time, not enough effort and they just drifted apart. It was too late now you just can't turn the clock back.

"How did you. What did you do to me?" She croaked.

"You need a drink but not now, when I get you out." He smiled feeling pleased with himself.

"You had better take you finger out." She whispered, with a look of shame upon her face.

"You had better relax or it will hurt." He told her.

"Yes sir." She smiled in return.

Gently he pulled a finger out of her ass and she let out a whispering sigh as though deflating like an old balloon at the end of a long party. Easing her ass then head then thighs he managed to pull her free inch by inch.

On the bed he attempted to un-wrap her limbs but found there was little chance of that without breaking something. The muscles were rigid from being stuck in one place and so he massaged the aches and pains until it just left him with one big ache.

His cock felt as though it would forever be rigid like her arms and legs. He lay back on the bed gazing at her only now seeing how thin and fit she was. She was covered in sweat but decided to allow them both to regain some composure before washing her down.

She shivered a little but the room wasn't cold, she was still on her way down from the orgasm.

"Thank you, sir." She smiled a sweet contentment at him that turned into a broad grin. He couldn't stand much more of this torture to his loins. Her mouth was open just above a soaking wet pussy and still open asshole. Her long hair was sticky with sweat but nevertheless looked alluring in its dishevelled state with that just been rolling in the hay look.

"After that you can do what ever you like with me, the whole weekend, I promise." She said and giggled.

He rolled into position pulling his cock out over the band of the pants. Unable to resist any longer he shoved his cock into her pussy and felt it squeeze tight around him. At first the strokes were long and slow but he had been waiting too long for this and became desperate and slammed into her rocking the ball of fuck flesh into the bed.

As he spurted a gallon into her the thrusts became short and more pressing. As deep as he could he penetrated as though trying to burrow a way into her body. He relaxed the grasp he had made in that moment of madness hoping he hadn't crushed the life out of her.

Lorain was blinking back tears and he relaxed on seeing they were of utter joy. He lay back depleted spread over the bed occasionally resting a hand or finger on her naked body. She sighed and trembled under his touch.

He was dry and knew she too was dehydrated so rolled off the bed onto the floor. Getting up from hands and knees he made it to the kitchen and back without collapsing with fatigue. Dribbling cold water from a glass between her lips he watched every sip. Everything she did looked wonderful.

He made a sling from a large bath towel for she was too slippery to carry. Lowering her into the bath she seemed tiny screwed up in a ball at one end. He lovingly soaped her massaging her legs and arms. His cum seeped from her and he paid particular attention to everything between her legs as though it were something reverential. At last he got to touch her breasts and soaped them carefully where they were tucked under folded arms.

Placed in the centre of the bed he fed her chocolates and anything delicious he could find. They were both hungry and but he didn't want to leave her for am moment, not to cook or fetch a take-away. He balanced a strawberry on her pussy lips for them both to laugh. She stuck her tongue out pretending to reach for it, feigning frustration that it was just out of reach.

"What did you do to me? I felt as though my whole nervous system was on fire. Then, I don't know, I was somewhere else as though one with the universe." Lorain looked at him, curious and shy.

"It was your 'G' spot. I stroked it until I found what worked for you." He said

"I didn't know it existed." She laughed. "If I had known I would have agreed straight away to be your sex slave." She said exuberantly then closed her eyes in embarrassment.

He pressed a chocolate to her lips. "I won't press you if you don't want to." He said and thought he could have said it better.

"You can press me all you like, all the right buttons at once." She laughed. "Thank you sir, you can do that any time you like." The idea that she was lewdly offering herself to a complete stranger, offering him her whole body, everything, struck her as funny. Everything around her seemed to make her feel happy and glad to be alive.

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