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Yoga Instructor Taught Me


It was after a lot of trouble that my wife was able to convince me to go out, do some yoga and get fit. I tried dodging her but, I knew I had no choice, so finally I checked out on a couple of yoga classes in Chandigarh (India) and joined one that was from 6:00 am to 7:00 am. The female instructor (name changed to Deepika) and was approximately 37 years old and very fit.....She looked at me and said 'Yup you have come to the right place.....I am sure you will get fitter and fitter as the days go by'. In nearly every class, she would motivate me along with the other participants which including five males and two females.

Since I was not comfortable wearing track-pants, I started the sessions wearing my shorts. She asked me why, I told her that it was difficult for me to move as I get rashes from it sometimes. She was OK with it. I have always been a back-bencher, so I daily took position at the end of the class. After a couple of days we started practising our 'Setu Bandha Asana' which involved lifting of the pelvis & chest by putting the legs resting on the ground in 'L' shape with the head resting on the ground.

I was having trouble doing it and she helped me in adjusting to it. Suddenly I noticed that my balls had fallen to one side of my shorts and the inside netting and were visible to her.....I saw her quickly gazing at them. This made my dick go hard and it started making the shape that attracts every female. I had to do something quick.....I acted as if I had slipped and purposely fell down on my back with a thud, so that my standing pole would not attract any unwanted attention from the other young and not-so-young ladies in the small hall.

Next day, she wanted us to do the 'Baddha Konasana' which involved sitting and lifting, both feet up and joining the soles. Doing this made my dick really visible and the complete crotch too. She came near me and was more interested in my dick and not at all concerned, whether I was doing the asana properly or not.

The look in her eyes was full of raw lust and if given an opportunity, she would have simply grabbed my dick. The same thing continued for the next few days, where she would simply come and try and touch me or brush her arm purposely on my dick......making it hard. Was difficult for me to control the hardness and was concerned about the other participants in the class. I guess she was getting 'sex-sadistic' pleasure out of this.....phew.

One morning, I went to class as usual and was surprised to see no other student......I asked her.....she said, 'Today I thought I will take a break and have no class.....so I SMSed everyone......didn't you get my sms'.

I said NO. She cursed the cell phone service provider. 'OK since you have come so why don't we do some yoga', she smiled. We started and let me tell you that the classes are held on the top floor hall of a three-floor building with only one entrance. She moved swiftly and bolted the door. I saw that she was wearing a tighter pink yoga pants than usual and I could make out that there was no outline of her panty visible.......wow I knew something was on.......as she had purposely not worn her panty that morning. She said that you watch, as I will demonstrate some of my 'asanas'.

I nodded in affirmation. She started with the 'Upavishta Konasana' which involved spreading of the legs wide, lifting of the legs and holding the toes with the hands. She did it with ballet dancer like dexterity. Her pussy outline was clearly visible and I could make out it's complete folds.....as if inviting me. From the twinkle in her eye, she very well knew that she had been successful in making me horny. I could feel my dick stir.

Then she started to do 'Half Moon asana' which involved resting the right arm and leg on the ground and lifting the other two upwards. Her rounded ass and the pussy outline from sniffing distance made my dick stand-up. I guess she was waiting for this opportunity.

I desperately tried hiding the moment.....she saw my dick and motioning towards it said, 'See I have been successful and you have failed'. I knew what she was talking about. My dick was standing like a pole and the throbbing had started. She moved closer to me and caressed my dick with her palm and running her hands over my bare lower legs. 'So what say', She said......I knew the breaking --point had come.

Before, I could say anything she said, 'Let me give you an experience that you will never forget'. She took off her yoga pants and her tee-shirt. Motioning towards me she told me to remove her sports bra. I moved swiftly and removed it. She was looking like a goddess with perfect curves and my eyes were stuck on her hairy pussy. 'What are you looking at ....remove your clothes too, dumbo', she remarked. I moved out of my clothes and she looked hungrily at my dick. Now I will make love to you through the yoga 'asanas'.

She quickly took position of an inverted bow by curving her body upwards and touching her hand and feet to the ground and O'Boy what a sight it was.....you all have to see it to believe it......her supple body inverted in the shape of a bow and her pussy hair sticking out towards the sky. I brought my eyes to her body level and could see her pussy hair fluttering towards the ceiling and her juicy tits.

I took the cue and brought my mouth onto her thighs and stared licking her.....slowly moving upwards.....the hairy jungle was crying to be explored. I moved my hands on her and the feel of her soft pubic hair was much better than even the softest muslin. The pussy had opened up and was ready to be devoured. Wow!! whatta sight it was. I started licking her pussy and she was tasty for sure......my long tongue-strokes were making her body quiver.......but she still held her position......her pussy juices started flowing and I was slurping them as if there was no tomorrow.

My dick was hard as a rock and throbbing constantly.....the juicy pussy was the foremost thing on it's mind. I inwardly reminded it to stay calm....enjoy the moment and promised to dip it into the nectar filled crevice soon. And then she climaxed and her juices were splattered all over my lips and face.

She slowly turned and started taking position for the Wide-Legged Forward Bend or the Prasarita Padottanasana where she bent forward put her head on the floor and also her bent palms. Her ass and pussy were calling out to me loudly to come and rim them. Her pussy hair had slowly moved on to the joint that the bottom most part of a human body.

The hair was in the shape of a triangle. I appreciated the delightful sight. And started licking her ass.....she moaned......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And I put my index finger into her ass and inserted my thumb into her pussy folds which were crying for attention. She started moving her ass rhythmically and started stroking my dick which was already wet with pre-cum. My mouth was licking the upper part of her ass. After some prolonged attention to her holes, she then expertly positioned herself to do a headstand where she crossed her arms and put her head on them and lifted her body upwards. Then she spread her legs wide.......ohh my word her vulva was all greasy with dollops of juices. Her stamina was so inspiring. I think she simply loved her pussy to be licked more than anything else. I immediately dove into the nectar between her legs and started frantically licking here again and in the right places......aaaah....that's it.......that's the way I like it......hold on your tongue right there......you aaaaaare ssooooooo good......I was her slave and listening to her orders one by one. I knew she had climaxed as her body slumped on to the carpeted floor.

Now it was her turn to give me a good time. She then made me take the 'Supta Virasana' where I had to lie down face up on the floor and fold my legs behind my back and lie on them. This gave my pelvis more support and my cock jutted out like a long pole.....this asana also gave her easy and unrestricted access to my genitals. She put my dick into a mouth a centimetre at a time. A few moments later, she had swallowed it all. Her mouth felt honey coated and as smooth as silk. Then after blowing me for more than 15 minutes, she started licking my balls and the area below it. My pubic hair was fingered and licked a number of times and when she knew that I was coming close to the intermittent 'cum-shower'. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and squeezed it softly at a point just below the balls. My urge to cum simply diminished. Her yoga skills had for sure converted her into a 'sex yoga guru'.

Then she made me sit with my legs open wide and she did the same...came close.....inserted my dick into her very very wet pussy....just like a warm knife that slices into butter. Both of us, started moving rhythmically. We fucked for almost ten minutes.

Then she asked me are u ready.......I nodded. She then licked my dick once more....gave me slurpy kiss and took position for the climactic 'Ardha Pincha Mayurasana' where she put her forearms forward touching the floor, rested the top of her head on the floor and raised her hips as high as she could. She told me to do it doggy-style. I inserted my hungry dick into her pussy, where it fitted as if the hairy wonder was just made exclusively for it. Her moans became louder and louder....I told her to be a little quiet as someone might hear our so-called yoga sessions.

I could even hear the kind-of-slurpy wet pussy sounds being made whenever my dick would make deeper strokes and come out to go in again digging in deeper and deeper. Finally, the moment came and I erupted in her pussy.....I think it was the largest amount of cum that I must have discharged in months.........She too had climaxed a number of times....I could not count how many, as I was concentrating on my own energies.

After regaining our senses, I asked her about whether we were safe, as we had used no condoms...she told me don't worry, I have inserted the Copper-T thing inside me, so all your cum will cling to it and make me wet just thinking about it. After that our 'sexessions' have been around once a week......my yoga learning has also increased and so has my sexual creativity.

Now whenever we fix up a time for a 'sexsession', I neither have sex with my wife or masturbate at least for 3-4 days and then devour Deepika my sexy yoga instructor.

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