tagGroup SexYokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 03

Yokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 03


The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet through one of the swinger personal sites. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure. Part 3 is Saturday. This has been co-written by Angel and myself.

Saturday morning was a bright sunny day in Yokohama, which was exactly what we needed to show off Angel's clean-shaven pussy to all who cared to look. The day started off with a shopping trip. Although Angel had some pretty sexy clothing I wanted something more revealing, especially since she had a bare pussy and a new string of pearls attached to each of her nipple rings to show off. It did not take much to convince her.

The first stop was for a new semi-see-through top. We selected one that was sheer, white and very soft. When she came out of the changing room, I could hear a quick intake of breath from the salesgirl. She had obviously never seen nipple rings. Through the top, you could see Angel's nipples, with the string of pearls being very visible.

The next stop was for a short mini skirt. It complemented the outfit perfectly. All her old clothes were in the bags so we set out to show her off. It was amazing that the majority of those who looked at my lovely Angel strutting herself were women. Most could not take their eyes off her. The Japanese men for the most part would glance then look away.

I knew exactly where I wanted to take her. It was a coffee shop that had windows and seating overlooking the street, which was always teaming with people. We were in luck; all of the window seats were open. We sat facing the window. With Angel's willowy legs, she hardly even had to open them for anyone to see her naked crotch.

There were many stares, many double takes and many repeat customers walking back and forth. I went out to also ensure the view was adequate. From anywhere on the sidewalk and for those that passed the window, the view was outstanding. There could be no doubt in anyone's mind about what he or she had just seen. After all of our great fucking the evening before, her labia was very protruded and looked good enough to eat.

Next we went shoe shopping. There was a place just across the street, but all they sold were sports shoes. We asked whether she could try on a couple of pairs that she had shown some interest in with a very young salesman. He graciously found her a stool to sit on while he tried the shoes on her. It was very obvious that he had seen her bald pussy as he became more and more nervous. Customers were also hanging around and getting a good glimpse of her treasures.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a seating area that directly faced the exit from the shopping mall and Yokohama train station. Angel, no longer having any shyness, demurely placed one of her legs over mine. Well you can only imagine what a view that caused.

After about 10 minutes a Japanese gentleman around 30 years of age stopped, looked directly at her exposed pussy and walked directly up to where we were sitting. He never for a moment took his eyes from between her legs. He sat on the opposite side of her, reached around and began fondling her breasts. Angel looked at me; her eyes asking what she should do. I smiled and said it was up to her, but to start up a conversation with him. (Angel speaks very good Japanese)

After a few minutes I suggested that she invite him up to our room. There was no hesitation and within another 10 minutes we were there. Neither Angel nor her new conquest knew how to start things off. Being my first time in a threesome, I took a wild stab at it by pulling off her top, revealing her in all her glory; her marvelous breasts, nipple rings and pearl chain. Next, I opened her skirt and let it fall. She was now standing before us in only her white nylons and garter belt.

As she stood there, we both reached for a nipple and began to play with her. He was the first to reach her pussy with his hands and began exploring the feel and touch of her hairless crotch. I helped her sit then lie on the bed with her legs splayed open for his viewing pleasure and roaming hands.

He was no stranger to pussy and was soon licking her with great abandon. Angel was moaning and enjoying his ministrations with wild thrusts of her hips. After at least 10 minutes he withdrew and brought his now raging cock to her face. She immediately began to suck on his engorged member. I don't know how he held back, but he did.

I in the meantime was being the official photographer so that she could enjoy this for months and years to come. When he placed his 8 inches of dick into her wet and open pussy, her level of moaning increased significantly. I left my role as a cameraman and kissed her deeply while rolling and pulling on her nipples to increase the pleasure she was enjoying.

Not to be left completely out, I placed my 7 inches close to her mouth, which she quickly sucked in. Between her suction, her lips moving up and down my dick and the vibrations of her moaning I soon filled her mouth to overflowing once again.

Our Japanese guest proved to be quite the cock's man as he pounded her for what seemed a very long time before cumming. He rubbed the remaining sperm still dripping off his shrinking member on her upper mound making it glisten in the light.

After the three of us had shared a beer, we were ready to go at it again. He began this time by finger fucking her while I started to kiss her. She whispered to me that he had put one of his fingers up her anal opening while continuing to fuck her with 2 of his other fingers. Taking this as a cue, I resumed my camera operation to capture the moment.

Wanting to change positions he gently pulled her by the arms off the bed. Angel quickly dropped to her knees and began to suck on his very erect, hard dick. In this position with her legs spread open, I lay on my back and moved between her legs. As I licked and sucked on her swollen lips and clit, I could see his dick plunging in and out of her willing mouth. Angel also rewarded me with her juices as she repeatedly came in my open and greedy mouth.

Without warning, he began to grunt and pulled out of her mouth and shot another load all over her face and tits. I could see his seed running down and over her flat, hard stomach. I was fully aware that in a few seconds it would be dripping down on me as well, but I did not want to move, could not move as Angel had pressed her legs together trapping me in this wonderful position.

My first taste of another mans' cum made me shoot off all over myself. I am not gay and have never had any serious thoughts, but the situation and scene before my eyes prevented me from holding back.

After another beer, Angels' new Japanese lover left. Looking at the clock we had been going at it for over 4 hours. I had made reservations at the restaurant at the top of our hotel so we hurriedly cleaned up and dressed for dinner.

After a wonderful meal, we went back to our room. While we had been dining, Angel had shown herself off to the waiter on numerous occasions. This had made me very horny again and had also ensured great service.

Back in the room, Angel said she wanted to go pee. I was so horny, that instead of letting her go, I pulled her over to me, sat on the bed and pushed her skirt up around her waist. She squatted slightly to give my fingers easier access to her. As I was massaging and then pounding my fingers up into her I felt a flowing that was soon dribbling from my hand onto the floor and my pants. She was moaning louder than I had ever heard her. I thought she was peeing, but did not care.

She kept pleading with me to do it again, which I did. This time I was rewarded not with a trickle but only what I could describe as a gushing. Fluids were running out of her, splashing from my hand all over me and in a steady stream onto the floor. After her fourth orgasm, I withdrew my fingers from her sopping wet crotch and tentatively smelled, then tasted the fluids that were running all over my hand. I discovered it was not pee, it was her pussy lubricant. It had the same taste and hardly any odor just like her pussy.

Angel went to pee, came back and asked me to do it again and again. I quickly undressed and obliged. I wanted to see and feel more of this phenomenon. During one of her (she had heard them called)"vaginal organisms," I grabbed one of the tea cups close by and within a few seconds had it over half full of her juices. This was only a fraction as the rest missed the cup splashing over my legs and the floor.

When she had settled down we both tried a sip of her juices from the cup. It was still warm, and except for a slight salty tinge, had little odor and an excellent taste. She wanted more and so did I. This time I lay on my back with her squatting over me. Within 10 seconds she was flowing again. Her juices were splashing and soaking my body and face. Having that warm liquid running all over me felt amazing. I lost track of how many times she came like that, but is was many.

She had heard of the term and felt that what I had found within her pussy was in all probability the "G Spot." Later, checking on the Internet, at her urging, we found many sex therapists that said this phenomenon was a myth and others that said it can occur. Angel said to me that this was the first time she had felt such extreme pleasure; it was also my first experience. I would love to take her to these so called experts that claim it is a myth and prove that it is not.

Needless to say, I helped her to experience many more vaginal orgasms that weekend. I also showed off her gushing talent to her next lovers on the Sunday and at a swingers bar we visited on Monday night. That and the other events will be Part 4 and 5.

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