tagNovels and NovellasYoko's Diary Ch. 06-10

Yoko's Diary Ch. 06-10


Part 6

Ohayo Ogre! November 3rd. 2000

Genki desu ka?

How are you?

Yesterday evening I got a phone call from one of my cousins called Aoki. That's a pretty old-fashioned name but he is only 28. He told me he heard that I've become available now. We played together as small Childs. He told me since he saw me developing when a teenager he lusted after me and that now he couldn't wait just one more minute to get me into his bed. He is already married since '96 to a pretty and now 22 year old secretary. They were together since she was 15 and he's her only boyfriend. I never thought he would cheat openly in front of her but he just ordered me to come to their apartment to spend the night with both of them. I should bring anything along so that I could go to univ. from their place the next morning.

I arrived shortly after 10pm with my bag. Surprisingly Tomoko opened the door and winked me in. She wore a nice very tight dark blue mini dress. She must have removed the breast caps cause the shapes of her boobs and nipples were clearly visible. Insecure I looked into her eyes but couldn't see anything besides her usual kindness. I like her a lot she is very funny and cool to be with but this was a completely new situation. She ushered me into the living room of their small apartment and offered me some diet coke. Her husband was there on the sofa as I walked in he got up and greeted me formerly. I must have looked confused cause he explained that as an official "meiyo onna" (sort of: "honour woman") of the family everybody has to treat me with utmost respect. I asked "really?" and he explained well respect yes but it is me who has to obey all orders. I asked if Tomoko was into all this and he said that she is a very good husband following wife. Then he decided we wasted enough time and ordered her to undress me. Tomoko did slowly and in an arousing manner. Finally I was completely nude before them. He whistled saying he had dreamed so long about seeing me like this. Aoki told his wife to kneel before me and serve me with her tongue. She did and soon after I was moaning in ecstasy. She definitely was experienced in that...

When I orgasmed I had to sit down and then I asked about her. He said he often had girls here that he knew from work or met in bars and he always lets Tomoko serve them before he fucks them and she watches. As a sort of modern girl I asked if Tomoko gets to fuck others, too but he angrily denied that but also admitted that he liked to show her off that it turned him on when other men looked at her and he knew that only he could have her. She is his and just does what she is told. Then he said I talk too much and need my mouth stuffed. He undressed and ordered me to blow him. I moved over and he grabbed my head and fucked into my mouth fast and hard. Telling me to take him into my still sore throat. In the back of my mind I recognized the doorbell ring.

It was his boss...

Aoki wanted a promotion in his company and the boss told him that he would get it when he could fuck Aoki's young pretty wife. Aoki refused that. But today immediately after he heard about my new status he arranged a deal that offered me to his boss instead. Because the boss knew me he agreed. Only that I was a bit late at Aoki’s place or the boss to early so Aoki wasn't finished with me yet.

Anyway after my cousin made me drink his cum I recognized who was standing next to us. I felt like a whore. Well I guess I am sort of a whore now only that I get no money for it. The boss and Aoki exchanged some formal greetings then my cousin handed me over to the older man. They showed us their bed. The about 45-year-old man asked Aoki about an extra fee for Tomoko but he refused. After some discussions he agreed to show off his wife naked and let me and her perform a 69 show for them. We two girls got on the bed and I pulled the dress over her head - she was not even wearing panties. Her pussy hair was trimmed to a small patch above her actual sex and her lips were fully viewable. She was pretty insecure now cause there never was another man around. I also felt very nervous in my belly about all this. But in the last few days there were so many strange going on in my life that I just did it. The boss stopped us and ordered us both to undress him. Aoki didn't look happy but wasn't saying anything. I did most cause Tomoko was very hesitant but the man never tried to touch her - in difference to me. He told me to suck him big and then lie vice versa on top of Tomoko on the bed. I complied and finally was lapping out the sweet pussy of the small Tomoko while she did the same to me for the second time today. I recognized how Aoki was staring nervously at his boss and us while they enjoyed the show. Some ten minutes later it was all over. Tomoko came already long before me but I continued and she was aroused again as I exploded, too. The mid 40 year old Mr.X (as I will call him from now on cause its getting difficult to not use his name) suggested to Aoki that both us girls are now ready and wet for a good fucking. He told Aoki to fuck his wife while we would lie next to them and do it alike. So we really did that and while the men both were on top and pumped away into our love tunnels I recognized that the boss kept looking over to Tomoko. She had her eyes closed and Aoki was busy fucking her so they didn't recognize it. Well I was not even close to orgasm as Mr. X was the first of us shoot his load. He disengaged from me and watched the left couple while probing at my cunt. After my cousin finished on his wife he got up and went to the bathroom. Mr. X ordered Tomoko to just lay there with spread legs. Then I had to suck on him while he examined Tomoko's body inch by inch with his eyes. Some cum dripped out of her pussy. He ordered me to sample it with my fingers and let him taste it. For his age he was erect pretty fast again. He must have had really some crush on the little Tomoko.

As Aoki came back he asked about a simple blowjob of course my cousin refused. Then he asked if he could caress her body but again Aoki didn't allow it. He told him if he could have her Aoki could have his wife as that didn't work he offered to get Aoki some teenage girls whenever he wanted. Still it didn't work but then Aoki got some mad idea and asked if he could have Mr. X's younger daughter. The boss became quite angry but calmed down a bit after some thinking he said that she is still virgin but he would give her to Aoki if they would exchange the girls on a regular basis once a week for 6 hours and that everyone in the company would get to know that he is dating Tomoko cause he would go out with her to restaurants, parties or even business meetings but nobody was allowed to hear about his daughter. I don't know the bosses daughter nor do I know her age but she must be a really hot chick cause Aoki finally agreed after some hard thinking. As a seal to their pact Mr. X wanted to fuck Tomoko now immediately but he grinned and said that Aoki shouldn't be sad cause he knew how long he lusted after me and finally they both got what they wanted. So Tomoko got her second piece of male meat doggy style on her husband’s bed. Aoki and I went into the bathroom to play under the shower cause he didn't want to see her getting fucked. Aoki was treating me pretty rough I could see he was angry with himself and he used me as an object to restrain himself. He pinned me against the wall and fucked away hard and fast smashing me against the wall with his both hands pressing against my breasts. He shot his load into the condom he used with me and let me glide to the floor He then dried himself threw me a towel and left the flat after dressing.

I went back to the living room. Mr. X was on top of the poor Tomoko French kissing her heavily while probing all over her upper body. As she looked in my direction I saw her sadness. I wanted to hug her and give her comfort but I just could watch. I don't care who is fucking me cause I can split up sex and love but I knew that for Tomoko it was her world being ripped apart and she felt betrayed now. As he was exhausted he saw me and asked where Aoki was. I said that he had left after fucking me in the shower. The boss also got dressed and smiled a lot at his new toy telling they will have a great time together from now on. She looked very unhappy so Mr. X asked Tomoko if it would be easier for her when the next time they meet I will accompany her. She saw up at me and I nodded. He said Tomoko should be worth the cost cause his daughter is very important to him and actually should have stayed virgin until marriage with the proper high society man and Aoki was very lucky that he didn't kick him out of his company after suggesting such a thing. Tomoko herself asked how old his daughter was and how Aoki knew her. The older guy replied she is his 2nd daughter from his first wife, 17 years old and quite a stunner. He actually had no idea how to get his little princess to sleep with Aoki and if he doesn't manage the deal will be off course he wouldn't force her. Aoki knew her from her visits of the office. They never even talked to each other Mr X. thought. I was a little surprised to hear that because it means that Aoki probably gave his beloved wife to another man for nothing. He said he wanted to date us on Saturday evening at eight o'clock. Aoki should drive us to his house and would take his daughter out. At 2 am he should return her and he would get us back then. Aoki wasn't allowed to force or rape his daughter but could try to talk her into sex with him. He would do everything to loosen his daughter up and convince her to go out with Aoki. Some alcohol must do the rest. At last he told me when I wanted to come, too I should be ready to have sex else I should stay away. Then he left.

I talked to Tomoko and tried to calm her down. Finally we cleaned up a bit and then went to bed together. She told me that her deepest secret is that she likes girls and that she is actually having fun when her husband takes a girl home and orders her to do her. She of course isn't happy that he fucks them but she sees it as a sort of deal. She has fun with the girls so her husband can, too. We just held each other for a long time before Aoki came back. He saw that his boss was gone and ordered Tomoko to get a shower cause he wouldn't touch her before she had cleansed herself. While she was gone he sighed and meant that there is one place left he hadn't fucked me and as long we were alone he would use the opportunity to plunge into my shit hole. Sometimes I really hate men! They are just cold and heartless sexmaniacs. Anyway I wasn't allowed to argue so I got into the appropriate position and he quickly undressed and pleased himself. As Tomoko was finished he had her lie next to him but ignored her and fondled me until we fell asleep. In the morning he gave me another quick fuck and then let me pleasure his wife with my fast tongue while he got dressed and left for work. I stayed with Tomoko as long as I could but finally had to leave.

This afternoon at home I first called to see how she was. She had a friend over to not feel so lonely she told me but she wished I was there. I said I can't cause I sadly have other duties now but wished I would be there with her, too.

As dad came home he said he wouldn't fuck me today cause it costs him too much strength and he wanted to have Ayumi later. But that I shouldn't worry cause I would get my treat today.

That’s all folks!

See ya tomorrow!

Love Yoko

Part 7

Ohayo Gozaimasu! November 4th. 2000

How are u Ogre? First I need to tell I wrote the following text some hours ago but had no time to send it earlier. Thx for your kind mail. I dunno if it really matters who has sex with me as long as it is somehow related to our family. I told you I can compare between sex and love and I feel sure that I really love my parents and also will love my future husband and that the sex now is just for fun. I don't think I will do it forever like now but it is new and I guess when I first had sex with all family members it will calm down a little. But now on to the mail:

The afternoon went slow. I had to do much homework and was pretty busy. The two dildos inside my love holes weren't supporting me there either. At least it was pretty warm inside my room. My dad didn't like to fuck me instead he was humping Ayumi in her room. She also had been used good yesterday night. One of my dad’s younger brothers came and stayed overnight. He even got to fuck mom in the living room while dad again fucked his little darling. Well she is younger so dad still sees her as his little daughter and not as grown up woman and I should be happy for her and not jealous. And I guess mom also is enjoying the new attention she gets since her daughters play so important roles in our family. Today was no difference my parents got many calls from the family when and how they could meet Ayumi or me. So they told everyone that they would make a schedule for us and that after classes and finishing our studies we would be available for one after the other except they wanted to share us in a group. Today’s evening Ayumi would get a visit from another of my dads brothers and I would have to go to my moms sister, the one with the 16 year old daughter who was made a woman just some days ago, you remember? Her husband and her two sons wanted to have some extra fun. I don't remember their exact age but one son must be around 18 the other about 20. Their dad must be just hitting 50 or so my mom’s sister is only 42, though. Anyway they all must be there and I was curious who would fuck whom besides me.

Some hours later I knocked at their apartment door. The younger of the male cousins greeted me with a big grin on his face. He just pushed me towards his parent’s bedroom telling me to get undressed and then to wait there. I did as he had told me and waited some minutes. My aunt came in and said it is time to prepare me. She laid me down on the bed cuffed my hands on top of my head to the frame and put a blindfold on me. She spread my legs apart and bent my knees and said I should remain like this. Minutes passed I could hear sounds from the living room. Well it was Friday evening and I guessed from the number of voices that they had invited some friends or other relatives. Anyway at some time a guy came in fondled a bit with my tits and pussy and then entered me. He fucked me but came pretty fast. He just had left as the next entered and took his turn with me. At the end seven guys did me like that but the break was always long enough to cool me down so I never came to a climax. It all lasted around two hours or so I guessed. Finally the sounds became dimmer and minutes later there was nothing to hear at all. The door opened and I heard me female cousin say that they ordered her to clean me up but first she removed the blindfold. She had a hot washcloth and a towel and removed all stains and sweat. Of course they all had used condoms but I was sort of a mess anyway. When she had finished all three male family members walked in. Uncle was the first he just fucked me like the other guys before him. My older cousin took me next without a break so I got some relief with him at last. Just seconds after he pulled out his brother mounted me. And that guy could last pretty long so I came close to another orgasm but he came moments to early and immediately pulled out to be replaced by his dad who took another turn. That brought me over the edge again. And of course the two juniors wanted also a second round so I had another fine sexual peak. Sort of I was happy that they didn't fuck my ass or mouth cause I was still raw from the past days. My uncle left but the two boys remained there to have some more fun. One after the other fucked me a third time then they also left. Only few moments later their mom and sis came in released the cuffs and helped me walk on dizzy feet to the bathroom. They put me in the tub, which already had hot water in it and also washed my whole body. I was pretty tired and didn't feel so good. But I asked anyway whom the other where that fucked me first but they refused to tell. Also I asked if there was some sex among them besides my uncle and aunt. They told me no but that dad and the boys had fucked my 16-year-old cousin the last day of her "initiation" for the first and only time. I put my dress back on and my older cousin drove me home. He immediately ordered me to get his cock out and suck him for the whole drive until we would reach my home. The car had an automatic gear so he had no big troubles. Only whenever we were in a lot of traffic and there was a red light so we had to stop I panicked that somebody might see what was going on and really at one stop a small truck stood next to us and the co driver looked directly into my eyes and grinned while I was serving my cousin who had forbidden me to stop in such a situation. Even though he had already shot his load into my mouth I was to suck on his flaccid prick. Also the co driver of a van and later a woman in an ordinary car saw me. The woman really looked disgusted. As we reached my place he was almost hard again and he brought me up to our door. In the elevator he pushed me against the wall fondled my pussy and tits and French kissed me roughly. But before I could unlock the door he said goodbye and went downstairs making no further efforts towards me.

I entered and heard some hot dirty noises from the living room. I peeked and there was my mom lying on her back with Ayumi’s head between her legs and my dad’s brother pumping in my sister’s cunt. My dad was nowhere in sight. I watched some minutes and then tiptoed to my room. Daddy was lying on my bed in his pyjamas and reading some magazine. As he saw me he got up and gave me the paper. It was a porn mag with bondage picture stories. He told me to undress, put my dildos in, sit with spread legs on my desk chair and then read the magazine stories aloud for him. It was pretty nasty stuff of some girls being captured, bound, raped and tortured with wax whips and piss. After finishing dad told me that I now would have a good imagination what might happen to me in the next time besides that I wouldn't be captured nor would it be rape and I also wouldn't struggle but obediently take all this. He asked if I was really willing to do that. He said he thought I am such a fine young lady and what happened the last days to me was more then I should have been through but that it only was the beginning. He said its okay for Ayumi cause he knew about her past as schoolgirl hooker. I was surprised how he knew that and he told me that he actually had fucked her on one occasion when she was with her closest friend from school. He and a colleague of his got the two girls but the colleague blindfolded the girls before he came in and they fucked Yumiko and her. They both were 16 at that time and already pretty experienced he could say. I didn't know that Yumiko was also involved in Ayumi’s "enjo kosai" I know her well she often visits us. Dad thinks Ayumi is a whore and can be treated like one. It doesn't matter if he or two hundred other guys have their way with her. He only sees her as a slut but not as his daughter anymore so he has no problem fucking her. But I was still his little innocent baby and he had problems having sex with me. I was flattered! I assured daddy that I am now a real woman, one of the "honour women" of the family and he should be proud of me. He seemed sad so I held his head and gave him a real long, wet and sloppy tongue kiss. I said that I love him and always will be his daughter no matter what happens but that I had a new place in our society now and as long as I had this place I not only am his daughter but also a "geisha" that would serve him anytime he wants. He said he is very proud of me, which by the way is a thing no father here would tell his kid unless something really special happens. He asked me if I would like to sleep with him tonight and so we did. It was real passionate and slow lovemaking! And I felt very comfortable and warm. It was the best ever!

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