tagNovels and NovellasYoko's Diary Ch. 11-15

Yoko's Diary Ch. 11-15


Part 11

Dear Ogre!

Wednesday afternoon I was home first again... well not really. My old uncle waited there for me. After he used me for some 30 minutes in my mouth and ass then we talked. He wanted to know my desires and what I don't like. I told him the truth that I hate the pain but like to be humiliated. That I take the pain cause abusing me like this is humiliation and that turns me on. I told him I like to be displayed in front of others and like to be ordered to do dirty things. He asked me if I would like to have piercing’s like my sister and I denied it. Then he told it would be a great humiliation when I would be ordered to show my nipple rings to somebody. I said clamps would do. And then he took a bag and really got some nipple clamps from it. "Okay" he said"

"from now on you will wear these all day long except when during sex someone removes them." With that he attached a small golden ring with a screw in it to each of my nipples and secured them hard so it hurt a lot. Only when sleeping I am allowed to remove them.

But that was not all he had in store for me. He told me I would be a wonderful sexy slut and obedient slave. And that the next "equipment" would make my body very beautiful. Then he got some other clamps from his bag. There was a little chain attached to them and on the other end were some weights. He said that there is nothing more beautiful then a girl that has very long pulled out cunt lips. He told me to try to wear them at least three hours a day so that after some time my pussy lips will become long and puffing out by themselves all the time. He also had me wear high heel shoes. "Now that is the way you will always run around at home and never any different" he ordered. I was naked only with nipple clamps," bottom lip clamps with weights and high heel shoes. I am such a whorish sight... Then he ordered me to also wear my dildos," which became quite difficult.

Afterwards my mom came out of the living room also completely nude. I didn't even know she was there. She grinned at my sight and gave me some long white gloves as a final addition. You know the ones you wear with party dresses. What happened next drove me almost crazy. Uncle pushed me out of our apartment into the stairwell like I was telling me to go two floors higher to some friends of my family. They are in my parent’s age and knew about everything but I didn't know that at that time. I thought I would die! He ordered me to ask if they could borrow me some porn movie. Luckily nobody else was on the stairs at my level at the moment but I heard somebody coming up. I hurried upstairs as fast as I could with these weights.

As I rang their doorbell it took an eternity for somebody to answer it. It was their son who opened. He is 21 and as he saw me his eyes grew very wide. But his parents came right after him and his dad waved me inside and closed the door. His wife asked what I wanted and I asked if I could borrow a porn movie. She replied no but I could play for them some scenes as porn actress.

Her son gulped for air and almost fainted. She told him to shut up and have some fun with his little birthday present. We know each other since childhood and often played together. I really felt bad about having sex with him. He was stunned. He is neither bad nor good-looking and his last girlfriend dumped him about six months ago. Anyway to make a long story short... we went into his room and had some sex. It was just plain but I had a climax. I made him cum 3 times. Once in my mouth twice in my pussy. Then his parents disturbed us and said he had to leave cause his friends would meet him in a bar to celebrate. After he left I also wanted to go but they held me back.

"You are not finished yet Yoko-slut"," the man told me to suck him. In the meantime his wife undressed and then started to caress my whole body. As he was rock hard I 69ed with his wife and he fucked my ass at the same time. Before I finally was allowed to sneak down again he made me bend over a chair and spanked my ass with a long thin stick while his wife masturbated just inches in front my eyes then she pushed her cunt into my face and pissed into my mouth. Of course it gave a mess in that position. As she was finished he stopped spanking and pissed on my butt.

They ordered me on the floor and lick everything up that they spilled. Finally I could go downstairs wet as I was. Before I reached the apartment door our neighbour opened to go shopping or something. He saw me and got a real big grin. "I heard you became a sex slave but I couldn't believe it's true. You are so yummy would you mind to play with me sometimes," too?" I must tell he is divorced in his mid thirties and pretty fat. So I replied a cautious maybe. That wasn't good enough for him. "If you don't tell me a sweet sure sir I will take you right here and now." I answered,"

"I'm sorry but I really need to get cleaned up first" but he insisted on an answer so I told him that I don't want to have sex with him. He chuckled and said,"

"We'll see," we'll see." I got inside and into the shower. Uncle and mom were naked in the living room she had dildos inside both holes like me and served his cock.

Ayumi came home. She had gotten her monthly period during classes today. So I learned a new rule. During our period we are free of duty and don't have to follow any orders but just have some free time instead. Well that didn't stop my slutty sister from offering her mouth and ass for free use during her "holidays." She needed a shower and I who just had washed myself helped her clean up. Dad didn't come home tonight. Mom said he most usually would be away with some friend(s) and also maybe date some schoolgirls but most usually he would just go out and have some fun in a bar or something. Uncle stayed overnight. He slept in the living room between mom and me. They both used me as toilet when they had to piss also I had to lick his ass while he fucked her. I just had to give them a show with my dildos masturbating myself and they watched but that was all so I slept pretty well. In the morning while mom made breakfast he pumped my cunt. He forbade me to ever wear any kind of underwear except I had my own period. Also I should wear thin shirts. Anyway I left for univ. soon after.



Part 12

Dear Ogre!

I just finished my last classes for today as a younger student came towards me. She was very beautiful but also pretty flat in the bust department. But she really looked cute. I had no idea who she was. She introduced herself as Naoko and said she had orders for me from my dad. I was to follow her and don't ask questions but just do it. We left the campus and went to a parked limousine," a real big car with black windows. She opened the backseat door and we hopped in. My father was in the car next to an older man who got introduced as my dad’s boss. They were the same age and went to university together were they became friends. That's how my dad actually got his job in his company. The car drove towards the city and dad told me his boss had an offer for me. I was curious what that might be but I had a pretty good idea it was related to sexual things.

"Your dad told me all about your new status in your family as an "honour woman." He also told me that he doesn't like it that your uncle and some other people use their new power over you to abuse and torture you. Even though you seem to take all orders with great attitude and spirit and do perfectly as ordered no matter how harsh the pain or humiliation is. He talked with your mom today about what happened yesterday at your place and that finally made your dad decide that he had to find a way out for you without you giving up your status. He accepts your status and wants to have sex with you and he also doesn't mind if some relatives or friends or whoever has sex with you as long as you are not physically tortured." I admitted that I like to be humiliated. I explained the whole torture thing to them and how I feel about it. Dad and his boss nodded and then his boss continued: "I really like you Yoko! You are just the kind of girl that fits into my plans!"

I had no clue what he meant. "You see I need a girl that is very obedient and likes to be openly displayed to anyone I might come up with. But it is guaranteed that she would be treated very nicely only sometimes she would need to service my guests or whomever with her beautiful body. Also she wouldn't be alone but supported by Naoko here. My little darling is very experienced and knows everything since early childhood. Her parents worked for me but tragically died in a car accident eight years ago. I adopted her and she became my student. One day she will fill my shoes because I don't have children of my own but so far she has to obey and to learn. But because she will be in my place one day she can't give her body away and needs someone who will do that for her. That would be a real job that also would take much of your time.

Time that you can't be abused and tortured. You would get a very good payment and also would be able to continue your studies. When you have finished your masters degree you could become a full employee that also could help in our foreign affairs department." I was stunned. Wow what an opportunity! But what exactly would I have to do besides fucking with business partners? He left the answer to that unclear it would depend on the situation. I would have to move to their mansion and get a big room next to Naoko's and also my own bathroom. That would be the only way that my relatives couldn't abuse me any further. Of course I would need to go home for visits sometimes but the time shouldn't be long enough that anyone wanted more then "ordinary" sex from me.

Also nobody would know when I would be home so I could avoid my uncle. And they wouldn't miss me that much cause they still could play with Ayumi all the time. But I still had no clear imagination what I would have to do there. They told me basically the same as I did the last week. Having sex with lots of guys sometimes with girls sometimes both sometimes just have dinner with them and talk or sort of work like a geisha - stuff like that. We could start immediately with getting my things from our home if I agreed. My head felt dizzy - what should I do? My dad begged me to take the offer cause he couldn't stand it how my uncle was treating me.

He said he hates my mom’s brother for torturing me. I was wondering if I also still would have to follow his orders like wearing the dildos and the clamps and weights. My dad told me that unfortunately I still would have to do it cause uncle ordered it. Also when I come home and he is there he still could torture me but because I won't be home often the chances are slim that he and I are there at the same time. We arrived at my place and said goodbye after I agreed to at least try it for a while. There would come a van to get my stuff tomorrow. Unfortunately we had bad luck. Cause my uncle was there still or again (?) so I had to undress soon after I got in and let him fuck me on my bed. Then I had to wear the same outfit as yesterday with the high heel shoes dildos and weights and so.

Uncle told me that he had a nice talk with our neighbour and that I would have to go over immediately and do everything that man wants. I was disgusted. Why did he do that to me? But I had no choice so one minute later I was knocking at the door of that ugly man. "See I told ya I would get ya"," he grinned nastily and I felt some butterflies in my belly. What would he want to do to me? He started out easy and ordered me to stand with spread legs and hands behind my head so that he could feel me up. He definitely took his time caressing stroking and probing all my body parts. Then he pushed me face first against the wall my hands apart leaning against it to steady me. He got his cock out and pressed it against my pussy lips. "Ahhh you slut are so wet already it will go in easily. But beg me to stick it in you whore!"

"Please sir fuck me with your beautiful cock" I whispered and he pushed it in my tight hole immediately fucking raw and fast. Before he came he pulled out and ordered me to kneel. I did and he shot the load onto my face. "A slut like you should always wear cum on her face. That's the most beautiful make up a girl can get!" He had me held my head up so that it won't drip on the floor while we went into his bedchamber. I went on hands and knees he got behind me and stroked himself with one hand while the other played with my pussy. "I never fucked a woman in the ass but I heard you love it so today I will use u properly." Inside myself I grinned. If that’s the worst he can think of he has no idea. I'm so used to have something in my ass now I almost really love the feeling. As he was hard again he softly pushed at my back entrance. He really took care in different to most men who lately fucked me and just pushed in to have their fun. I must admit I loved it as he slowly pushed in and started a steady rhythm. I almost came this time but he pulled out again and bathed my face in more of his sperm. The doorbell rang. He had invited a friend of about the same age. They first talked out side then they came into the room and the man's jaw almost dropped to the ground. "I told u I have her here."

"Yeah but how you managed"? "She is a nymphomaniac and loves to fuck there was nobody else she could do today so she begged me to please her. And I just couldn't deny the request of such a sexy young girl," could I"? His friend’s eyes were still glued to my naked body. "If you like you can have a go. I need a break anyway I just did her two times but that slut still hasn't got enough. See how wet her slit is. But remember to shoot on her face when u come. I will let u alone now for a while. Have fun"! He left and his friend quickly got undressed.

He was hard already and just humped me furiously. He did as told and spurted on my face while I held my head still upwards but it started to almost leak down now. As my neighbour came back he took me in the ass again to show his friend that I would do everything they wanted. So his friend asked if it were true and I said that they could do to me whatever they want. He asked if they could spank me and I gave a positive answer. Somewhere they found a long ruler and hit my ass with it until it got red. Then the new guy asked me what the nastiest thing is that I would do. Now it was them to be shocked cause I told them that I would like to get fucked by a huge dog. They made some dirty remarks but I guess they really were overwhelmed. Well both of them took me another time once in the ass once in the cunt and then they both brought me home. They followed inside after uncle let us in.

I had to kneel down and uncle called mom and Ayumi. Both came into the room naked so the two guys eyes almost popped out as they saw them. Uncle ordered them to clean my face with their tongues. They lapped everything up. Seeing this the guys got hard again. So uncle allowed them to each choose a girl from us three. A minute later our neighbour fucked mom and the other fellow my sis. Uncle grabbed my head and fucked into my mouth watching the scene. Dad came in and saw us. He must have really felt humiliated to see his wife get banged by our neighbour cause he looked horrified. The friend of our neighbour left an hour later cause he had to go home to his wife after he also had done it with my mom.

Uncle and our neighbour stayed overnight and Ayumi and mom had to service them in many ways but dad got me out of there and slept with me in my room. We hugged each other tightly and he always said how much he loved me. Then he surprised me. He talked about getting divorced! He always hated it that other men fucked mom and in the last time everything became worse. Well I tried to take it easy on him and said I would marry him immediately if I could. We both laughed and then fell asleep. In the morning we made some passionate love but as I got up our neighbour discovered me while I showered and climbed in. He pressed me against the wall and took me from behind. My uncle must have heard us cause the door was left open so after the man had finished uncle took his place and fucked me the same way. He then took his morning piss into my mouth and told our neighbour who had watched astounded to do the same. Before I could leave I also had to drink moms and Ayumi’s urine then both of them were ordered to fuck each other with some dildos in the ass while licking each other’s cunts. But I was gone.

Take Care

Love Yoko

Part 13

Hi Ogre!

Yes Ayumi and I really love each other she just seems to enjoy the sex pain and humiliation. I guess she is a real submissive and also more used to this kind of sex from her past. So we don't had much fun together lately except when they wanted us but I know she will always be my lover now! And I guess with dad its about the same. I met Naoko between classes. She studies economics at the same university. We talked for a while and she seemed really nice to me. She was 20 years old and couldn't remember her real parents clearly. She told me that she really was a virgin and would stay it until she would marry. But so far she had no interests in men except that she serviced them at business meetings. She watched those meetings listened and learned from it while she serviced some food," tea or later alcohol. She admitted that she was not really inexperienced with men but nobody was allowed to break her cherry. Well she didn't tell me how experienced she really was but I somehow believe quite a lot cause she made some hints. She told me she lived quite secure what made it difficult for her to have lots of friends so she hoped we would become good ones especially cause we practically had our rooms next to each other’s from now on.

After I came home uncle and our neighbour waited for me. They sandwiched me and penetrated both holes at the same time. An hour later I was still doing my homework a van came with two guys to get my stuff. Uncle had no idea who they were but dad had come with them from his work. Of course they looked pretty surprised to see me naked. And after uncle was told for what they were here he grinned devilishly and told me to be nice to them cause they have to work so much for me. Surprisingly they refused! After an hour of exhausting work we had my room completely empty besides some little stuff that I wouldn't need and some clothes that I left. I would visit pretty often anyway. We drove to my new home. It was a real huge mansion in the finest part of town. Even better then Aoki's boss's place. Dad's boss was of course at work but Naoko showed us everything and even helped unpacking my stuff. My dad and the workers left and Naoko and I went to the large kitchen and she showed me where everything was and told me to serve myself whenever I wanted. She told me that the house was much to big for two persons and she often felt lonely here," She seemed to be very happy that I was with her now. We chit chatted some more but she had to do some more homework. So I wrote yesterdays mail to you. Tomoko called me and asked if I would accompany her to Mr. X again. I told her my new situation and said I don't know if I can but if possible I would go with them. Funnily some minutes later Mrs. X called me and asked the same. I explained everything and she asked if she could meet with me any other way soon. I told her that I would ask when my services would be needed and call her as soon as I knew when I had time.

I preferred to stay fully dressed even though I didn't wear any underwear besides my nipple clamps and the dildos. Also I had no idea how I could wear the pussy clamps and the weights while here. How should I manage to wear them three hours a day? I would need to be nude but what would Naoko say? I was shaken but finally decided to perform my task so I got undressed and put the weights on hoping Naoko would be busy herself the next time. Of course she wasn't so she knocked at my door soon after and also came inside without waiting for an answer. She saw me looked funny and asked politely why I was like I was. So I explained and she laughed and said she thought I wanted to seduce her. But she asked while I still followed orders after I moved out of there. So I told her that my orders are still valid and I would follow them. She smiled and now I grinned and asked if she would have wanted that I try to seduce her. She was mocking a maybe. We made some more fun and I relaxed being naked in front of the younger woman.

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