tagNovels and NovellasYoko's Diary Ch. 18-19

Yoko's Diary Ch. 18-19


Part 18


So my last diary entry has been quite a while ago but I will tell you the most interesting "incidents" from the last weeks now.

On Saturday’s I as usual visit Mr. and Mrs. X. The first time after I got Mr X to tell me that he really is lusting for his teenage daughter made me try to see if I could get them together just as you requested. The first time was a miss though. Aoki and she went out together so I mostly stayed alone with Mrs. X and her hubby with Tomoko. Only after they returned at 2am and Aoki and Tomoko left I went to the daughter again and had some girl to girl talk with her. She likes it a lot how Aoki is treating and fucking her and she admitted that she also liked my close encounter with her. So I spent the night with that little slut and made some great love. Hmmm she is sooo yummy! I love her scent and taste! The next morning I let her dad know where I spent the night and what we did. He got sooo hard! His wife told me later after she returned from driving me home he fucked her like mad. She was grateful for that so she wasn't disappointed anymore that I didn't stay with her that night.

During the last weeks my sister visited me here at my new home a few times. She and Naoko became quite good friends, too. Well they are almost the same age. Two times when she spent the night with me my boss had the pleasure to do both of us. He loved her piercing’s and her young body. He said he never had such a young girl in years so she agreed to do it with him whenever she visits me and they both meet ...which happened quite a few times since then. Besides supporting me she just loves sex more then anything.

On almost every Wednesday I visited my parents. We rarely slept together cause there was not so much time and also my mom was home so mostly talked and exchanged the news. My dad is a little disappointed cause he would love to see me more and also have more sex with me. In the end they miss me a lot and can't get used to the fact that I now live at another place. I’m worried about my mom and what she does at the moment – staying with my uncle most of the time and fucking with him and his friends. Well my dad still has Ayumi but I believe that he needs a supporting and loving wife and not just some horny women around him. One time I slept with him he’d almost cried which is very rare for an Asian man to do so in front of somebody else. He is so weak and I want to take care of him so much. I almost regret that I live so far now and can’t be there for him always. But I’m not the woman for him, just a loving daughter and new lover. Besides that I know that he is a man and also loves to fuck any pretty girl he can get.

I also went to my uncle again. Sometimes together with Ayumi. The first time we all drove to the farm together we met Asami and Megumi with their dads and some other unknown men there. Uncle was happy to see Asami there so he sort of exchanged Ayumi with her and disappeared to a private room. Her dad did the same with my sister. That left me with Megumi, her dad and four other men. Actually two of them were pretty young they were the sons of one of the men and I guessed them to be around 15 and 16. Their mom is around Megumi’s age but not involved in this so their dad told them to take Megumi and pretend she is their mom. All three of them vanished together with their dad and that finally left me with Megumi’s dad and another guy who was about my father’s age. We also went to a private room, which had a shower. They had me kneel in it and took turns pissing on my tits and face. They showered me with ice-cold water and then bound me onto the bed. They spread my legs with a bar and got a wet towel. It was pretty old and rough so as they swung it with mighty blows on my breasts it hurt a lot. I cried and sobbed a little. They asked me about my level of experience and I told them all about the last weeks. It turned them on a lot so they climbed on top of me and fucked me one after the other. I was lucky cause I climaxed during the second fuck. They didn't last long though. After they were done they left the room and also turned the light off. It was pitch dark and I was lying there for a long time before someone else came in. It was a girl but I had no clue who cause she left the light out. She slowly came towards the bed not knowing how to find me I guess. Finally she climbed in a 69 position on top of me and so we licked our pussies. She was shaved and pretty small so I guessed her to be Asami but was not sure cause I never had touched her before. I orgasmed first but she waited till my tongue was making her clit explode, too. Then the light was switched on. My uncle was staying there with a big hard one in his hand. Indeed it was the little 16 year old Asami that 69ed me. He told me later that he only had whipped her ass then let her drink his piss and eat his shit directly from his ass - something I wouldn't like to do at all but I heard that she was raised as slave right from her birth. I admit I was quite shocked by that news! I mean I think it’s ok to have sex as a teenager but to be treated like this for the whole life is something I can’t imagine. I had a chance of talking to her later and she seemed fine with it, though. Well I guess it is because she doesn’t know another way of living, which makes me feel very sorry. But back to my story, my uncle didn't penetrate her that day but was going to change that. But before he wanted to fuck her they released me and then I had to sit at the end leaning against the wall with my legs spread. Asami was kneeling on hands and knees right before me with her face close to my pussy. Uncle gave her a short command to lick my slutty hole and she started right away. Boy she had a long and fast tongue. My older relative mounted the young girl from behind and started humping her immediately. Somehow they found a rhythm to fuck and lick me at the same time. I felt in heaven! Asami was moaning and breathing heavily against my wet spot and uncle also let out some grunts while pumping her pink cunt.

Some days later I visited my uncle again. As you might know I still "work" as "pleasure girl" for my family sometimes and this was one situation. My mom was there and he made us both 69 each other before we drove to a friend of him about an hour later who lives directly in Akihabara the "fun and shopping" district of Tokyo. He dropped us at his friends place and left. We rang and after climbing some steps were greeted by a rather young man of about 30 years. He introduced himself as "Harun" which wasn’t his real name but he told us to call him that which was related that he was not Asian but from Dubai the capitol of the United Arab Emirates and works in Japan for some years already. We got to know that he met my uncle through some businesses and that he had told him how lonely he felt here. He of course had dated some women here but his wife was still home in the UAE and he just needed some fun to relieve himself sometimes. To make it short… he once fucked a mother/daughter couple when in India and loved it so much that he badly wanted a similar experience. After we drank some alcohol he removed the sheets from his bed and sat down. He ordered us to strip and we did that while kissing and groping each other. I felt a little funny cause I never was so close to my mom despite the orgies we had together. Anyway it was fun and turned us all on. As we were complete naked we kissed and hugged some more before him, which he seemed to like a lot. Then he told us to join him on the bed and we sat on either side next to him. He turned towards my mom and kissed her gently then pushed her back she spread her legs and he went on top of her and they started fucking. I caressed both of them but mostly him. His cock was very big maybe even about nine or ten inches and I was wondering how it felt. Well my mom seemed to love it! My thoughts wandered to my dad and what he would think when he knew what we were doing. My mother came right before him and her body shuddered with pleasure as did his. They lay there exhausted a few minutes and then he rolled over to me and started hugging and kissing me. His hands explored my back and pressed hard on my asscheeks. We caressed and discovered each other for some time until I felt is dick to grow again. I reached down and gently stroked his genitals. It felt so good to have him press against my pubic area. My cunt moistened and he pushed me on my back and mounted me like my mom 45 minutes ago. He took me slow and gentle and it was the best pleasurable fuck I had in weeks. I was pretty hot so I came quite fast but he was not even close so for the first time in my life as far as I remember I came twice before the guy exploded. When he came he broke down heavily on me but rolled off immediately. While I was resting my mom caressed his chest and penis and also started to suck his limp member it became semi erect again but not more by now so he told me mom to lick me clean. She did and made me hot again but he didn’t want to fuck one of us again so mom and I 69ed each other. He got up and called my uncle who came some minutes later to pick us up. Before leaving he thanked us both for the pleasures we gave him. I’ve become quite settled in my new home and my boss is a good lover who regularly screws me. Now I don’t spend every night with him as I did the first weeks and we don’t fuck every day but when he is horny I’m there. His stepdaughter Naoko is still virgin but there were some hot incidents in the last weeks that turned her into a sex-craving woman. I got some hot emails from a pen pal and she reads and loves to masturbate fantasizing about them. It went this far that I masturbated her with a dildo, of course just rubbing it against her parted lips and clit to not damage her cherry. My boss loves to take me when she is with us and watching. She gets naked by now and masturbates when he fucks me so he can watch her. I know he wants her but she needs to find a fiancé who will break her in and when that happened my boss hopes to be able to also take her, too. We talked about it lately and she said she is fine with the idea of him fucking her in fact she hopes her husband will permit that she can service her company like I do or will do. She thinks she has to keep up a lot cause she never enjoyed lovemaking. I am very curious about her future. Well I’m also curious about mine and how I will go on like this.

Uncle told me that Asami visited him for some days and as an exchange my sis went to her dad. Ayumi told me later that their house has a torture chamber with lots of tools that really could do permanent damage or kill a person but that Asami's dad was in fact quite nice and besides that she had to serve him he only whipped her a few times. Asami on the other hand was something that a horny guy like my uncle loved to have in his grasp. I don’t know the details but I know that she was practically fucked day and night by him and his friends. I wonder if I could live like her but the fact that she gets fucked so much also has some advantages. She gets a lot of gifts and so she always wears expensive clothes, which gives her a good reputation at school. Well that is a social problem that I don’t need to write about here. My boss said that he has told a friend about me and that his friend would like to fuck me. His friend is also a wealthy businessman and married. He has a son around my age that is also married. His friend is lusting for his son’s young wife and cause he can't have her my boss suggested to let out some steam with some other younger woman. Because the man didn't want to meet a hooker he suggested me. Naoko was with us when her dad told me that. So after we went upstairs she asked me what I think and I said that I hope it will be fun :-)

The date with my boss’s friend was sort of funny. After everything was set and we got introduced and had dinner we went to his place instead a hotel or so. His wife was there and I recognized he definitely wanted to humiliate her. She was in her late 40ies and he in his early fifties, I guess. I got it that they didn’t have sex in a long time and so we went to their bedroom, got undressed and fucked a little. It was ok, just plain sex nothing special but not that bad either. We just did it twice at the whole evening both times in the ordinary position with him on top. In between he called his wife in to get us some drinks and also something to eat. He pulled the covers back so when she came in we laid there openly displayed. She didn’t say a think but I felt bad for her. I have no idea what he wanted to accomplish with showing me off and let her hear the noise we made while fucking. Before I left she thanked me for satisfying her husband. My boss told me later that she couldn’t have children cause of some disease in her youth. He was angry with her for that and he got a lover that he has actually two sons with. The lover is dead since two or three years I don’t know exactly and he badly needed some sex. Well that was that story... What else happened? I had sex with one of my professors! He was making passes at me and my uncle told me to give in and let him fuck me! I met him after classes and we went to a cheap love motel. I had to undress before him and move seductively to some music. He asked how he can fuck me and I told him every way he wants... so he took me in the ass first! We spent there about two hours and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. He was quite experienced and he told me that he fucks a lot of students. Of course some reject him but mostly he is quite successful. Actually I think its bad that professors and teachers here can have sex so easily with their students. It’s really common here.

For my own enjoyment I met my girlfriend - Mrs. X as often as possible. Don’t get any wrong ideas… we didn’t end up in bed every time we met but we had much fun this or that way. Often I went to her place and it was pretty funny to see her husband and not have sex with him but just talk. He thinks it’s nice that his wife has a girlfriend that he also screws sometimes. When I was there last weekend I also met Aoki and Tomoko. They had a nice foursome with his daughter while Mrs. X and I had our own private party.

Part 19

Saturday evening I had nothing to do so Naoko and I decided to let me do as you requested. We both dressed in miniskirts and blouses, Naoko was wearing panties and stockings but no bra and I decided to go completely without undergarments. We went out to a club in Shibuya and got some drinks. Then we started dancing. We were both looking for a guy that I could tease, it was much fun for her to choose one for me! Finally we found a cute guy that was dancing alone. So I moved over to him while she continued dancing alone but watching us. As I was in his view close to him he practically automatically moved a little closer to me. We made eye contact and grinned a little then we danced together for a while without saying a word. He was around 25 I don't know for sure. He had a great figure and pretty muscular arms. One could see that he was working out. In a break he got me something to drink and we chatted a little. Then we danced again. I was moving sexily in front of him, swaying my hips and ass, turning around and grinding my bottom into his bulge. Hugging his neck with my arms straight looking deep into his eyes and licking over my lips. I always hoped I didn't overdo it but I guess his brain must have been in his pants by then. I hugged him closer pressing my tits against his chest, his knee moved up and down my crotch. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. When the music was over we walked outside as I noticed Naoko were following us. We found a secluded spot not so far away but impossible to see from the street and started kissing. His hands roamed all over my body and took some time to fondly my braless boobs under my blouse and my ass, I was caressing his chest and grabbing his ass, too. Finally his hand moved down under my skirt and I can say I was pretty wet by then it was so funny to see his amazed eyes as he found out I had no panties on I had to giggle. He moaned into my ear that he likes a shaved cunt while he stroked his fingers over my slit his other hand started to unbutton my blouse and gently rubbed my nipples between index finger and thumb. Meanwhile the other had parted my lips and were exploring inside my folds with one, two and three fingers. I was unzipping his fly and trying to get his cock out which wasn't so easy because he was hard and his pants where in the way. Finally we parted for a moment and he took it out himself. I looked into his eyes and he nodded so I kneeled down and gently caressed his shaft with my tongue before taking the cock into my mouth. We heard a group of people walking by and I wondered where Naoko was. As I started to deepthroat him he gasped in surprise. His hands took my head and moved them not forcefully along with my movements. It didn't take that long and he blew his load into my mouth. I drank it and he looked at me with a questioning face. I bet he wondered what kind of slut I was!? He stuffed his dick back into his pants and asked me what I wanted to do now. I told him that I was still unsatisfied and asked him to return the favour I gave him. He again looked surprised but I lifted my skirt up and spread my legs and told him that I need it now. He looked at my cunt and that must have made him horny again because he knelt down and licked me. I held his hair with one hand my other wandered into my blouse and played with my nipples. His tongue and fingers worked on my clit and pussy and after only five or so minutes I came. He continued licking my fluids up and then stood up. I rearranged my clothes and asked him that it’s up to him now what to do. He told me that we couldn’t go to his place because he still lived with his parents. I told him the same. So finally we agreed to first go back inside and dance some more. Almost two hours later we were both pretty exhausted and I still wondered where Naoko was. We exchanged names and phones numbers and promised to call each other but we parted and went home without fucking. Before I left I looked for Naoko and found her drinking with some people. As she saw me she said bye to them and she told me on the way home that she knew them from her high school. Naoko indeed had watched my whole oral intercourse with that guy and I told her that I missed some fucking. It was almost 4am when we arrived home. We undressed and went into her bed. Suddenly she said she needed to piss and vanished. When she came back her dad was with her. He said that Naoko had woken him up telling that I was badly needing a good fuck. I was surprised by her boldness, walking to her step dad completely nude and waking him up in the early morning. He stood besides the bed and I grabbed his tool and sucked him big. Then he lay on top of me I spread my legs wide and he fucked me silly. Naoko was watching from a chair and playing with herself until she came. When we were done Naoko joined on the bed with me in the middle. Only three hours later my boss woke up and was ready to go for another round. We removed the covers and threw them onto the floor. He fucked me doggy in the ass and watched the just waking up Naoko stretch herself. After Naoko was fully awake she spread her thighs and fingered her clit some more.

I met the guy from last weekend again on Friday night at the same disco. We danced and fooled around a little but it became clear that he in fact has a girlfriend (who wasn't there) but many of his friends where also there so he was scared that if he suddenly disappears with me they might get suspicious and tell his girlfriend... nevertheless we vanished for 30 minutes to the same spot as last time. I blew him big and then he fucked me from behind. I was leaning against the wall arms and legs spread to support myself and give him good access. Unhappily he came pretty fast maybe because he was so nervous then? We went inside as soon as it was over – me completely unsatisfied... :-( At least the night was great after I went home, Naoko was there for me and we made such sweet love I would have forgotten already about this guy if I wouldn't wanted to tell you... I hope to have some nice cocks inside me ASAP and I'm sure I will on Sunday.

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