tagInterracial LoveYolanda Aoun of Lebanon

Yolanda Aoun of Lebanon


"They're talking about us, they're mocking us in Arabic," Yolanda Aoun said softly, her head down as she spoke. The young Lebanese-Canadian woman stood in line at the box office at the Scotiabank Movie Theater in Gloucester, Ontario, accompanied by her lover Marcus Jefferson Dixon. Normally calm, cool and collected, the towering, Chicago-born brother bristled upon hearing his lady's words...

"Hey buddy, you got something to say, say it in English," Marcus said to the trio of Middle-Eastern males who stood a few meters behind them. Ever since they spotted Yolanda in line with him, they'd been muttering among themselves while looking in their direction. Marcus at first didn't think much of it, until Yolanda clarified things for him...

Marcus Dixon, born and bred on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, was raised to fear no man. Not the trigger-happy racist cops, the local hoodlums who did nothing but prey on their own, or anything else, really. He reacted the way he'd been taught, hands balled into fists, his handsome face contorted in rage, even as a great calm washed over him in anticipation of a good fight.

"Bro, watch your fucking mouth," said one of the Middle-Eastern guys, a rather tall, dark-haired and scar-faced dude with a scruffy beard. His buddies chuckled at his words and said something in their language. Marcus started in their direction, but Yolanda laid a restraining hand on his arm. For a brief moment Marcus took his eyes off the men, and looked at Yolanda.

"They're not worth it, my love," Yolanda said softly, and, looking at the trio, she said something in Arabic which gave them pause. Marcus saw it in their faces, for anger and outrage are pretty much universal. The three men started screaming at the couple in their language, and Yolanda laughed defiantly. Marcus braced himself for a fight. Let them come, Marcus thought, for he was born ready.

"Whoa, gentlemen, hold your horses," came a loud, masculine voice. Marcus watched as the movie theater security guard, a rather tall, large white man with a goatee approached the scene. He placed himself between Yolanda, Marcus and the oncoming trio. The three Middle-Eastern dudes looked at the guard, and glared at Marcus, but chose not to go through the guard to get at their foe.

"See you around, Abeed," the scar-faced Arab dude said, and he and his buddies left the movie theater in a huff. Marcus did not take his eyes off the three men until they left the movie theater's front door. They cut through the parking lot, and disappeared from his vantage point. Only then did the Chicago brother allow himself a sigh of relief.

"Folks, what was that all about?" the security guard asked, and Yolanda and Marcus exchanged a smile, then shrugged innocently. They casually laughed off the whole thing. Their turn came and they bought their tickets at the box office. Marcus paid for the movie and Yolanda used her Scene Card to get points, and then they headed into Theater Seven to watch the new hit movie Creed 2.

"What was with these foolks anyways?" Marcus asked Yolanda, as they sat in the front row. The young Lebanese Christian woman readjusted her horn-rimmed glasses, and shrugged. They sat up front mainly because of her, for Yolanda's eyesight was not what it could be. The otherwise flawless young woman had a case of myopia, and refused to either have surgery or wear contacts. My nerdy cutie, Marcus thought, smiling.

"Arab guys don't like seeing Arab women with men of other races, especially Black guys, even though most of them Arab dudes have White girlfriends nowadays," Yolanda replied casually, as though discussing the weather. Marcus took that in, and shook his head. He thought he'd left all that racial bullshit back in Chicago, but Canada's Capital region was turning out to be even more hostile than his hometown...

"Duly noted, cutie, but they can forget because you're with me," Marcus said, and he drew close to Yolanda's face, and planted a kiss on her lips. Yolanda smiled as she kissed Marcus back. The brother was full of passion and energy, and she simply couldn't get enough of him. They were still making out as the previews ended, and the movie was about to begin...

"Hmm, you've got sweet lips, handsome, but let's not miss the movie," Yolanda said, gently patting Marcus leg. The brother smiled and shrugged. He'd been a fan of Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan for a long time, having followed his career through movies like Creed, The Fantastic Four, and most recently, Black Panther. Still, for a moment, he'd forgotten all about the movie, blame it on Yolanda...

Marcus Jefferson Dixon had always been the adventurous type. He played varsity soccer at Loyola University in the City of Chicago, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics. While studying at one of America's top private schools, the six-foot-four, athletic and handsome young black man also explored his sexuality, eventually developing a fondness for the world of BDSM.

A bunch of shootings pitting the Chicago police and the local gangs scared Marcus parents, Louisa and Jefferson Dixon, so much that they sent their only son to stay with his aunt Macy Dixon in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. While there, Marcus decided to enroll in the MBA program at Carleton University, intent on pursuing his education.

One night, while browsing Fetlife, Marcus heard about a BDSM munch happening in the By Ward Market area of Ottawa, Ontario. He decided to give it a try. The munch was friendly enough, with eight women and twelve men in attendance. Most of them were over thirty, and white. The only other non-black person in attendance was Yolanda Aoun, who also went by the moniker Mistress Baalbek.

All night Marcus flirted with Mistress Baalbek, whom he mistakenly thought was a Latina. The curvaceous, bronze-skinned, dark-haired and brown-eyed cutie looked dashing in a black leather jacket over a black tank top and black leather pants. Marcus didn't have much experience with folks from the Middle East, but he most definitely knew an interested woman when he saw one.

Mistress Baalbek/Yolanda flirted with the bold and dashing Marcus, and he responded in kind. Ignoring the other attendees of the BDSM munch, they got to know each other a bit. They ended up exchanging numbers, and that's how it all began. Marcus, who also went by the online moniker ChicagoPrince1994 was smitten with Yolanda. The Arab Christian cutie, who'd been dabbling in BDSM for almost a decade, had a few years on him but that didn't faze the Chicago stud a bit.

"Fuck the movie," Marcus said, and he kissed Yolanda's neck, and licked that spot behind her ear, knowing it would drive her absolutely crazy. Yolanda purred like a kitten, then slapped Marcus thigh. As much as she liked, no, loved the handsome, fearless Chicago stud, she did come to the theater to watch the movie. She'd been a fan of Sylvester Stallone forever. In fact, Yolanda's late father, Solomon Aoun, was the one who introduced her to classic Stallone films like Rambo, Assassins, and the like...

"Hmm, Marcus, if you distract me again, I'll spank you when we get home," Yolanda said, smiling. Marcus flashed her a sly wink and stroked his goateed chin thoughtfully. The thought of getting spanked by Yolanda positively aroused Marcus. He didn't say anything and instead took both her hands and placed them on his crotch. Yolanda felt something hard move under her hand, and rolled her eyes.

"I'm incorrigible," Marcus said, laughing, and then, abruptly, he resumed watching the movie. Yolanda grinned and shook her head. What am I going to do with this one? She thought. At the age of twenty eight, Yolanda was at something of a crossroads. She'd gone back to the University of Ottawa, to pursue her Master's degree in Technology Innovation. Previously, she'd studied civil engineering, but after getting her bachelor's years ago, Yolanda decided it wasn't for her.

"Sweet prince," Yolanda thought as Marcus took her hand and squeezed it gently, without taking his eyes off the movie. She smiled at him, this amazing, handsome young man who'd been like an injection of life into her otherwise dreary existence. Yolanda had a lot of secrets, many of which she kept from Marcus, for his own good.

Yolanda Aoun's early university years had been adventurous, to say the least. A thrill-seeker by nature, Yolanda rebelled against her conservative Lebanese Christian upbringing. She dated a wealthy Saudi Arabian Muslim student named Jabbir Alharbi, and while they had a lot of fun together, he soon became too clingy for her, and she dumped him.

Yolanda dabbled in BDSM, and soon discovered how much pleasure she derived from dominating and controlling men. Adopting the moniker Mistress Baalbek, after her family's ancestral hometown, Yolanda became the only Arab dominatrix in Canada's Capital region. She worked discretely, and acquired quite a clientele. Wealthy men from all over the world paid Yolanda/Mistress Baalbek to dominate them. She made tens of thousands of dollars, had lots of fun, but felt something was missing...

For Yolanda Aoun, turning twenty eight had been a wake-up call. At a time when a lot of the young women that she'd graduated with at the University of Ottawa were getting married to their husbands and partners and starting families, Yolanda felt like her life was going nowhere. She'd been working as an account manager with TD Bank when her engineering career didn't pan out. Yolanda had money, and lots of sex, but no fulfillment or anything close to happiness...until Marcus came.

"My Marcus," Yolanda thought with a smile. Marcus, the handsome, brash young African American who'd come to start a new life in the City of Ottawa because, every week, tons of young men of his color got killed in his hometown of Chicago, gunned down either by racist police or local hoodlums.

Marcus, the brother who went to church with his dear old aunt Macy on Sunday, and looked so damn good in his dark suits. The same brother also posted really filthy things on Fetlife, while hollering at freaky ladies on the message boards. Marcus, the man who made Yolanda feel loved and didn't care that her sexual past included selling herself. Marcus convinced Yolanda that she was worthy of any of the blessings that life had to offer...

Yolanda thought of the first kinky session she and Marcus had. BDSM was part of her being and she didn't want to be with a man who didn't embrace it. Marcus was tall, handsome, well-endowed and down for whatever in the bedroom. Marcus wasn't intimidated by female dominance or Yolanda/Mistress Baalbek's wide array of whips, floggers and sex toys...

"Show me what you got," Marcus said to Mistress Baalbek, as she took him in her basement/dungeon for the first time. Smiling, Yolanda/Mistress Baalbek did just that. There is a certain art to female domination, and every mistress worth her salt knows that submission, obtained from a male or a female, is a gift from the submissive to his or her dominant.

"Allow me to enlighten you," Mistress Baalkek replied, and she showed Marcus exactly what she was made of. Yolanda's domination of Marcus started lightly, with some spanking and chest hair pulling. Marcus stoically endured all that, and Yolanda felt he was ready to try some other things. I do like a brave man, Mistress Baalbek thought.

"Fuck this is intense," Marcus said, as Yolanda/Mistress Baalbek stroked his dick while fingering his asshole. She smiled at him and continued working him over. After fingering Marcus ass, Mistress Baalbek took a small dildo, lubricated it, and worked it into his backdoor. Yolanda looked at Marcus face as she fucked his ass, savoring his ever-facing expressions. Pleasure, pain, and back to pleasure...

"Give me that ass, sweet prince," Yolanda/Mistress Baalbek said as she shoved the dildo up Marcus ass. With his teeth gritted, his face contorted in concentration, Marcus refused to scream. Tough guy, I like that, Yolanda thought as she buried the dildo in Marcus ass, and left it there. Grabbing his dick and balls, she gave them a good twist. Marcus yelled at last, and it was sweet music to Mistress Baalbek's ears...

"What are you thinking?" Marcus asked Yolanda, noticing that her eyes were glued to the screen. Creed 2 was a good flick but no movie could captivate anyone like that. Yolanda looked at Marcus and gave him the look. Without another word, she got up, and headed toward the exit, paused, gave him the look again, then exited the movie theater.

"Let's see if he has a damn clue," Yolanda said to herself as she stopped in front of the family washroom. Luckily, the clerk checking tickets was a good thirty meters away with her back turned. Yolanda counted to three and surely enough, Marcus exited the theater showroom. She flashed him a meaningful smile, nodded and went into the family washroom. Marcus came to the door and Yolanda half-dragged him inside, giggling.

"Quickies are the best," Marcus said, and Yolanda smiled as he propped her up on the washroom counter, and pulled down her dress. Kneeling before Yolanda, Marcus admired her neatly shaved pussy. Yolanda nodded emphatically, and Marcus kissed her sex, then buried his face between her legs. Now that's what I like, Yolanda thought, smiling.

"Hmmm, nice, just like that," Yolanda purred as Marcus ate her pussy like a champ. The brother sucked on her clitoris and thrust two fingers into her wet pussy, then added a third. Yolanda sighed happily, and nodded, for Marcus was actually doing a good job munching on her pussy. She smiled and opened her legs wider, granting him greater access. Marcus licked her sweet spot and soon Yolanda found herself moaning in ecstasy...

"Are you ready for me?" Marcus asked Yolanda as he unzipped his pants, freeing his member. Yolanda nodded and grabbed his long, thick and dark member. The things I'm going to do with that fuck stick, Yolanda thought, smiling as Marcus began his approach into her. Locking eyes with his beloved Yolanda, Marcus nodded almost imperceptibly, then thrust into her.

"Hurry up and fuck me," Yolanda demanded, and Marcus smiled and buried his hard dick in her pussy. Gripping the cool surface of the washroom counter, Yolanda groaned, wishing Marcus would fuck her harder. The Chicago stud had a banging body and a long, hard dick, but he wasn't rough enough for her liking sometimes. To encourage Marcus, Yolanda grabbed his chin, hard...

"Shut up," Marcus said, and he rammed his dick into Yolanda, and began to pound away at her. He loved this woman to death, but sometimes her annoying and bossy ways got on his damned nerves. Why do difficult women got the best pussy? Marcus pondered as he fucked Yolanda roughly, even as she screamed his name and rocked against him...

"Open up, security," came a loud male voice, and Marcus and Yolanda, still intimately locked, gasped, then laughed. A few moments later, after fixing their clothes, the two lovebirds exited the movie theater. They looked at the burly security guard, and the ticket-checking lady who'd been facing away from them as they snuck into the family washroom. Yolanda and Marcus laughed all the way to the parking lot...

"Guess we'll see Creed 2 another time, let's go home, handsome," Yolanda said to Marcus, as they stood in the parking lot. I can't get enough of this woman, Marcus thought, amazed by Yolanda's fearlessness. Hand in hand, they headed to the nearby OC Transpo bus station. The two lovers headed home, and once there, took care of each other's needs, finishing what they started in the movie theater washroom. All is well that ends well.

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