We each work, but you drives against the traffic, and I drive with it. We both drive about twelve miles each way. You get off work at four o'clock; I don't get off until five. The direction you drive means you'll usually get home ninety minutes before I do. Tonight I was caught in traffic and you beat me by almost two full hours.

We love each other. I don't mean an infatuation, or a 'for the time being' love. I mean the real old-fashioned story book love.

You're the light of my life. We're not in our early twenties. We've been together for more than ten years. You have a great figure, the kind that I love. This is not the high fashion figure, and not the 'Twiggy' type. I call you full-figured, but definitely not fat. You have that extra twenty pounds in exactly the right places. You have a good-sized B-cup, great thighs and calves, fabulous butt, narrow waist, and a softly rounded belly. You always dress conservatively when you're away. When you're at home, you almost never wear anything beneath a full skirt and well-fitting blouse. The skirt comes to the knee, and I can't see through the skirt or blouse. Though not transparent, I know and can always sense what is beneath.

When I get home, you're fixing my favorite dinner. You have this way of combining skinned chicken thighs, with a personal sauce distributed over them on a bed of sticky white rice. After about an hour in the oven, the chicken is done to a turn with crispy outside and it falls apart in my mouth. You usually combine it with a tossed green salad and your own homemade salad dressing. A person hasn't lived until they've tasted it. They can't even imagine it.

Tonight, the dish is about to go into the oven. You're turned away from me as I enter, but can sense my presence and whisper 'Hi'. I walk up behind you, take you in my arms and kiss the back of your neck. You stand on your toes, press back, and then grind your cheeks against me. You suggest that I relax while you finish dinner. I ask if I can help and you say 'Definitely not'. I tell you that I'll do the dishes after dinner.

I change clothes into a pair of loose fitting Dockers and sport shirt. I leave the briefs and T-shirt off, and then go into the living room to watch the late news. I hate Brokaw, Jennings and that guy from CBS, and so I select a local station and sit on the sofa. The usual sports, mayhem and scandal, but I watch it.

A few minutes later, you join me on the sofa. You fit perfectly under my arm, curl your legs and feet under the edge of the skirt, and lean against me. You belong there. I can smell your perfume and everything else about you. I kiss you lightly on the forehead, and you respond by wrapping your arms around my left bicep, pulling it to rest between your breasts, and then reach up to kiss me on the cheek. As you pull back, you pause and return to kiss me fully on the lips. You have warm, lush, beautiful lips with a touch of dark lipstick. As I return the kiss, you increase the passion behind them and I feel your wonderfully warm full tongue lightly enter my mouth, and quickly retract. You know that I love to dance with your tongue, and I respond. We have a serious, loving kiss full of deep significance.

Your breasts rest on my arm, and I can feel their warmth, firmness and fullness. Your nipples don't get hard, but they get seriously firm. I can feel the nipples, too, against my arm.

Slowly you lean closer, and turn, as you lie across my lap. You have your face up and lips still on mine. Your arms unwrap to clasp again behind my neck. My arms go around you and pull you closer to me. I enjoy everything about you and I whisper my love in your ear. You snuggle in my lap as you pull my head down.

I move my left arm and slowly raise your skirt and softly rub your soft tummy with my hand. You moan lightly and raise your hips under my hand. My hand slips slowly around and grasps your left cheek. You roll sideways to face my chest and place your shoulder over the firmness in my Dockers. You tease me by rolling it back and forth, smiling as you do it.

You have the greatest smile I've seen, and you smile often. I think your smile is what first attracted me. I'll do anything to make you smile. Now you murmur something soft and move down to place your cheek against that firmness. My hand and arm follow you as you move. You rock your head rubbing me with her cheek. The firmness grows, and you say that you've found something warm.

I raise my hand to a breast, you lower your hips and then arch your back toward me. I tell you that I, too, have found something warm. I softly rub the breast and then circle it with my palm. Occasionally I switch to the other breast, before finally pulling the blouse to your neck and placing my hand directly on that soft skin. I circle the nipple of one and then the other. I use my hand to cup each breast in turn. You're moaning and your lips return to mine and join for a heavenly few minutes.

You pull away slightly, and turn on your side with your face down. My hand continues to explore your breasts, and you begin to unbutton and unzip. With my pants fully opened, you stretch the waist and pull them down to allow your hands full entrance. You push my leg to signal that I should spread my thighs. I happily oblige and your hand reaches under to fully release me and my companions. You curl up with your cheek against that firmness. One hand cuddles the companions.

Now, I move my hand down to signal you to spread your own legs. Slowly, I run my fingers down your tummy, and continue to rub it, enjoying its softness. You release me and reach down to push my hand lower. It enters a soft, light colored down, coming to rest with my fingers tracing the lushness of a second set of lips.

You moan and reach down to pull my hand closer. I feel the lips spread slightly, exposing my fingers to a soft, smooth, perfect moistness. Slowly I move my fingers, rotating them as they slide. I slowly extend the fingers to the back of those lips and return them just as slowly. You tremble and again raise your hips to me.

Slowly I slide down with my back to the sofa until my head is opposite your soft, wonderful tummy. I kiss it and continue to explore it more with each kiss. You spread your legs further and grasp each side of my face with a hand and slowly force me down between your inner thighs. I run my tongue over them, tasting the sweetness and the tenderness. You rotate your cheek against me and then one hand is holding me and pulling it hard against your cheek.

With my face buried between your thighs, you begin to close them around my head. I raise my hands, spread and hold your thighs apart to allow me to breathe. I'd be in heaven and gladly suffocate here, but my need to satisfy you keeps me breathing. I feel the downy softness and those luscious lips against my own. Slowly I rub my chin back and forth against you and then side to side to spread those lips. You moan softly and your hands reach to pull my head hard against you. My mouth finds its way in and I wrap my lips around your spot. Slowly I tease it and it gets firm, then I use my tongue to taste that warm moistness and to trace the same sweet path that my fingers explored a few moments ago. You taste and smell so sweet that I can feel myself trembling. Then I return my lips and begin to tease and massage your tenderness. I feel you trembling and hear you moaning. Savagely, you begin to push and retract your hips against me. My lips and tongue follow every thrust, teasing you relentlessly. A soft keening escapes your throat and signals that you are approaching climax.

My hands are holding your thighs firmly and I try my best to please you and to lose myself in you. My pleasure and passion are exquisite. You begin the climax and I continue to pleasure you. Again and again you reach that pinnacle of your passion. After a few minutes, I feel your hands on my head, first pulling me in and then after a few more minutes you're trying desperately to get me to release you. Finally, and reluctantly I yield to your urgings.

You lay for a few minutes, gathering your breath and your senses, and then you gasp, sit up and then run to the kitchen. You scold me, telling me not to move, and tell me that you're taking the slightly overcooked dinner from the oven.

Almost immediately you return and tell me to sit up. You curl those wonderful legs under you again, but this time you're sitting on the floor at my feet. You tell me softly that you love me, and quietly thank me, and tell me that you needed the release. Your hands reach to me and wrap firmly around me. You begin to stroke me and your thumbs are circling the head. You pause and squeeze me, and then bend forward while rising to your knees. Your lips lightly kiss me and then begin to travel over me. Then your tongue comes out, you're looking directly into my eyes and smiling. You make soft sounds and moan again, softly. When you reach the head, your tongue circles it again and again. I'm moaning now, and can barely stand the pleasure. It seems like I'm in paradise as you tease me into your mouth. You raise and lower your head, slowly at first. As my own hips are thrust forward, you take me deep in your mouth, to the entrance of your throat. Your throat and the back of your tongue are doing their magic and I work my hardest to postpone my climax. Again you look me in the eyes, and your hands and lips are fondling me the way I've experienced so many times before. I think of my deep love and affection for you as it explodes in spite of every effort. You draw more and more from me, until I'm completely expended and start breathing again. You clean me thoroughly, pat me softly, lay me down between my thighs. You smile most sweetly and tell me you love me. Again, satisfied, you say you needed that. I reply that I did, too.

You begin to sit again, placing your head on my knees. But, I raise it and ask you to stand. As you get up, I grab your hips, lift you, and pull you toward me. I ask you to bend your knees and raise your legs to my shoulders. As your legs rest on my shoulders I pull you closer with my head pressing back into that downy softness. You relax your legs and they bend at the knees to rest on the back of the sofa with the calf of each leg hanging down.

Again, I do my best to pleasure you. You make me pause and swing one leg over my head. You turn over and then return the other leg back over my head to rest on my shoulders. Your legs are spread, and my arms go around your slender hips pulling you into me. As my tongue begins its ministrations, I feel your tongue on me again. In a few moments I'm rigid again, and you moan once and tell me to lie down. As I recline, you sit up and pull away. You turn once, lift your skirt and then climb on me with one knee on each side of my hips. I'm personally saluting your efforts by standing firmly at attention. You reach between your legs and grab me. Slowly you guide me between your patch of heaven, sliding me back and forth. The softness and moistness have me harder than ever as you insert me and then sit down slowly. Your movements guide me deeper and deeper, and I feel surrounded by heaven. You're so soft, so smooth, so enticing that I can feel the blood pulsing within me. Now you begin to rock back and forth on your knees. You drive me deep and then almost extract it, before repeating the movement. You increase the speed of this movement and I'm doing everything I can to prolong your pleasure. You climax and almost drive me over the edge. After a slight pause, you begin again, but you slowly unwrap your legs and place one on each side of my head and against my ears. As you continue, you lift one leg and place it over my head. You are sitting and you begin to rotate slowly until you are facing my feet. Each partial turns causes you to moan softly and you whisper that this is special. I can only agree.

When you're facing my feet, you begin the rocking all over again. You climax and the as you drive it deeply and thrust your head back on your shoulders, I too, climax. As I let everything go, my hands grip your hips lifting and pulling. As I reach the peak of this climax, I pull you down hard and explode. Slowly, as I gulp of air, I sit up and place my hands around your soft tummy hugging you to me. Then I raise them and cup a breast in each hand. I kiss the nape of your neck and tell you of my love. I've wilted and begun to withdraw as you lean forward and crawl off me.

You turn around, place your arms around my neck and repeat your love.

You're the most perfect person in the world and you're in my life. What have I done to receive such a perfect blessing?

I told you this was my favorite dinner - - and the chicken was almost as tasty.

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