tagRomanceYou & I: An Evening Well Spent

You & I: An Evening Well Spent


The night is crisp and cold as we walk from the restaurant, a little place that we have found by accident with a great atmosphere. Romantic, but nothing too heavy. A coziness that lends to the feeling. You are wearing a dark red button-up blouse with a pair of blue jeans and low cut cowboy boots. The blouse is open to the second button, exposing just a little cleavage, only enough to get the imagination going. I am wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gray shirt that brings out the color of my eyes. And I have my cowboy boots on.

The dinner that we have shared was filled with laughter broken occasionally by smoldering stares that promised of things to come later. From time to time, our feet would find one another and dance beneath the table, provoking sly smiles as the waitress came over. She having no idea what our feet where doing. As she talked to us about our orders, your foot slipped up and slid along the inside of my thigh, making me stutter for a moment as I tried my best to reveal nothing. The seats we were in was a corner booth built for 2 people. As the evening progressed, we slowly slid closer to one another until we were sitting side by side. I get even when the waitress comes over and asks if we would like desert. As you politely decline, my hand, which until now has been sitting patiently on my thigh, moves over and strokes the inside of your leg up near the crease of your lap. You stutter only briefly, blushing just enough that I can see as I am looking for it.

As the waitress moves away, you turn and give me a look that says, "later, I'll get mine later." I almost have to laugh at this, but I stay quiet, grinning on the inside. You sense my quiet laughter and smile in return. Later, as we walk to the car, our arms slip around one another and I lean over to whisper in your ear, "I love you so very much." You smile and lean your head on my shoulder in answer, leaving the words unspoken but unmistakable none-the-less. The mere closeness of our bodies gives me more pleasure than words can express. We reach the car and climb inside.

We drive to the movie theater, discussing unimportant things to pass the ride away. Every once in a while, we fall silent and just enjoy the presence of each other, feeling comfortable enough that words aren't necessary. We pull into the parking lot and climb from the car, our hands linking together as we walk to the ticket booth. After a brief discussion, we decide on the movie that we want to see and buy our tickets. We go inside and after buying the necessary items (popcorn, sodas, and things like that) we go into the theater to find our seats. We sit toward the middle of the theater. The movie comes on and we start to watch it. After a while, your lean your head on my shoulder again and I turn my head to look at you. Your face is turned towards me and our eyes lock together.

My face comes over to meet yours in a tender kiss and we forget the movie as we make out like two hormone pumped teenagers. From time to time, we come up for air and catch a few scenes of the movie, but for the most part we ignore the movie in favor of each other. Finally the movie ends and the credits roll. We continue to kiss until the lights come up and give us the clue that it's time to leave. We reluctantly break up the fun and leave the theater, our arms wrapped around each other again. As we leave the theater, I turn to you and ask with a straight face, "do you even remember what the movie was about? Cause I sure don't." You break out in laughter and admit you honestly don't remember either. When we reach the car, I ask you if you want to go to the club or do something else. You think about it for a moment and decide that you want to go dancing for a while. We get into the car and head to the club.

At the club, we find our friends and get a couple of seats, draping our jackets over the backs to claim them (like it ever does any good). Just after we get our seats, a slow song comes on and I look at you and make a small motion with my head. You nod and we head to the dance floor, holding hands (you know very well words aren't necessary with us most times). Our arms go around each other and you lay your head on my shoulder as we sway gently to the music. The song playing is John Michael Montgomery's "I Can Love You Like That." You can hear my heart beating as I start to softly sing along with the song. One song ends and another begins, but we pay no attention. We continue to dance, feeling the heat from our bodies mingling and our hearts beating together in their rhythm.

The slow songs end and we go back to our seats. The next song is a Cha-Cha and someone comes up to you and asks if you would dance with him. You look over at me and give you the look that says, "if you want to, it's no problem with me." You go to the dance floor with him and enjoy yourself while I get us something to drink. As soon and the song ends, you come back over and sit next to me, taking a sip of your drink and leaning over to kiss me. I return the kiss with a fever that takes your breath away for a moment. As our lips break contact, you whisper just loud enough so that only I can hear, "god, that was incredible." I merely smile back at you. The evening passes quickly after that and before we realize, it's almost 2 in the morning. The DJ is beginning to shut the booth and is playing one last slow song before he finishes. After the song finishes, we come off the dance floor and grab our coats. Making our good-byes, we head for the door and the night that lies beyond. We reach the car and we need no discussion about what is going to happen next. I drive the car back to our place.

Once we get into the bedroom, we take off our coats and throw them in the closet. I kick my boots and socks off to make myself more comfortable. You smile at me and I take you in my arms, kissing you with a passion and heat that makes the sun look like a sparkler (good, ain't I? :)). We break the kiss and catch our breaths, gazing into each others eyes and feeling the emotions pass between us, words being completely unnecessary at this point. I lean down and kiss the base of your neck as my hands slide up and down your back, working lower and lower until they are resting upon your cheeks. Your hands are busy sliding up and my back and side as you let out a small moan of pleasure.

They come around to the front and unbutton my shirt, pulling from the waist of my jeans. You slide them up and down my chest and I work my lips up and your neck, planting kisses over all the skin my lips can reach. My hands slide up your sides until they are resting just below your breasts and that's where they stop at. You take one hand from my chest and, taking my hand, place it squarely on your breast. Being the sensitive, intelligent man that I am, I take the hint and begin massaging the flesh gently, making sure to keep away from the nipple (for now).

You lean your head forward, resting it on my shoulder and, nuzzling the shirt out of the way, start kissing and lightly biting the skin of my shoulder. Your hands slide around to my back under the shirt and begin softly stroking your nails down my back (you are one of the only people to ever realize exactly what that does to me). I shiver as you do this, chills running up and down my spine, and I enjoy every moment. I start kissing my way downward and unbutton the first button of your blouse using just my lips, teeth, and tongue (told you I was talented). From there I move onto to the second button. Moving the fabric out of the way, I start to kiss the tops of your breasts, just above the cups of your bra. You moan into my shoulder and reach down to feel along the inside of my thigh.

Sliding your hand up, you feel my erection growing along the inside of my pants. Now it's my turn to moan as you graze your fingernails along the outside of my jeans and down the length of my organ. I bend my knees slightly and work the third button of your blouse loose using only my mouth, then the fourth one. At this point, I've almost reached the top of your jeans. I take the fabric just above the jeans in my mouth and pull, your blouse sliding smoothly out of your pants, leaving you with just one button holding your shirt together in the front. In just a few seconds, that button is undone also and the blouse is just hanging on your shoulders. My hands slide up your side and brush the blouse from your shoulders, which falls to the ground where it lays unnoticed. Your hands return the favor and my shirt slides off to join yours on the floor.

The light falls softly on your shoulders and the tops of your breasts as I return to kissing your shoulders and neck, my arms encircling you pulling you close to me. You brush your hand across my chest and down my stomach, pulling teasingly at the few hairs that you can find there. When you reach the waistband of my jeans, you pause. Taking the end of my belt in hand, you pull it and it comes undone in your hand. Pulling with just a little more force, the belt slides around through the belt-loops. I pull you up to face me as I kiss the base of your neck as my hands slide up and down your back, working lower and lower until they are resting upon your hips.

You reach out with trembling hands and unbutton my shirt, pulling from the waist of my jeans. You slide them up and down my chest and I work my lips up and down your breast. My hands slide lightly up your back to your bra and with two fingers I unsnap it, letting it dangle from your body. I move my head over to your other shoulder and slide the strap down your arm with my chin. Your bra is now just hanging on your breasts. Your hands move to my waistband again and, sliding under it, undo the top button. I move my mouth downward, kissing and nibbling the tops of your breasts, sliding the bra lower and lower until it falls off to the floor between us. I lean back slightly and admire your breasts before continuing with my kisses all around your breasts.

You push your chest out slightly so that I can get to the nipples easier, but I ignore them and work my way all around, just skirting the edge of them and frustrating you just a little bit (remember, patience is a virtue...:)). You reach further down and pop open the second button of my button-fly jeans. My hands in the meantime have come back around to the front your jeans and are working at undoing the belt. The belt comes undone and I unbutton the top your jeans. Your hand works down to the third button on my jeans and pops it open. Suddenly, your hand darts into my pants and strokes the top of my pubic hair. My mouth works it's way to the underside of your breasts and back to the top again. My hands slide the zipper of your jeans down to the bottom and come back up to tug the waist of your jeans downward. They slide over your hips and down your legs to reveal your panties (the black silk thongs, you know the ones that drive me nuts).

I maneuver you over to the bed and sit you down on the edge of it. Reaching down, I pull off your boots and socks one at a time, setting them off to the side. Once I get them off, I pull your jeans off the rest of the way. You sit back up and, scraping your nails lightly across my skin (you like doing that, don't you?) , you grab the waistband of my jeans and pull them downward slowly. Once they get to a certain point, my erection pops up and looks you right in the face with that one good eye. I put my hands on your shoulders and push you back onto the bed, straddling your body with mine. My lips fall upon yours and we kiss again with passion and fire, our bodies grinding against one another. I leave your lips with just a little reluctance and move back down to your breasts, where I give your nipples what they so want and place my lips on your right one.

You gasp as I start to kiss and lick and nibble on the tender flesh of your right nipple. You raise one leg slightly and hook your toes into the waistband of my jeans and push them the rest of the way off. My hands slide up and down your body, stroking your flesh tenderly. I start working my way down your body, taking my time and tasting every piece of your skin that my lips and tongue can reach. I get down to your belly button and take a moment to tickle it lightly with my mouth. You giggle slightly before I move on to more fun places. I get down to the top of your panties and my tongue slides along the skin just above it before I skip to the inside of your thigh. You gasp again as I move my mouth along the skin just below the panties. You move your hips slightly trying to get my mouth to move over a few inches, but I very carefully keep my mouth out of that area for now. I move my mouth over to the inside of your other thigh and you start to squirm just a little bit, wanting me to place my mouth and tongue in more pleasurable areas.

After a few moments, I relent and start to kiss your pubic mound through the panties, tasting your juices on my tongue and feeling my body throb in need. But I remain patient until I am done. Your squirming increases as you reach down and run your hands through my hair. I slide my hands up the outside of your thighs and up under your buttocks. Curling my fingers under the top edge of your panties, I begin to roll them down and you lift your hips slightly allowing me to pull them off. They come over the swell of your ass and down your thighs, exposing your pubic area for me to see. As they move down your legs, I follow them with my mouth, placing kisses softly as I go.

After they clear your feet, I drop them off to the side and begin working my way up your legs again. Once I get to the inside of your thighs, I lift your legs and place them on my shoulders. I lean my head forward and place a kiss on the top of your mound, moving down the side until I reach the bottom of your slit. My tongue slides out of my mouth and slithers up your crevice until I almost reach your clit, then reverses course and makes it's way back down again. You moan in pleasurable agony as I tease you without mercy, your hips rocking back and forth in time to my tongue. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I move my tongue back up and curl it around your clit. A shudder passes through your body as the sensation races up and down your spine. My hands slide up under your ass and cup your cheeks, pulling your hips further into my face. Your hands grasp the back of my head and push in, not too hard, just enough to let me know that your enjoying what I'm doing. I twirl my tongue around your clit and flick it up and down, listening to your breathing getting gradually deeper and deeper.

One of your hands leaves my head and slides up your stomach to cup your breast, twirling the nipple between your thumb and forefinger. As you do this, I move one hand out from under you and slip a finger into you, sliding it in one knuckle at a time. Your juices cover my finger and soon I am sliding it in and out of you in time with my tongue. I begin increasing the pressure on your clit, moving my tongue up and down and back and forth. Your body begins to tighten as you feel the beginnings of your orgasm start deep within you. I feel your body tighten and change tactics. I put my lips around your clit and suck it into my mouth, popping it in and out and a steady pace. Every once in a few strokes I stop and just suck your clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and driving further into ecstasy. Soon, your moaning gets louder and louder as you push toward release, begging me to send you over the edge. I smile slightly and decide to give you what you want. I slide another finger in and curl both of them slightly, rubbing the inside of you while my tongue dances on your clit.

Suddenly, your back arches and you let out a loud wail as the orgasm that has been approaching for so very long sweeps over you and sends your body into overload. Colored lights flash behind your eyes as you thrash back and forth. I continue working your clit with my tongue and as soon as your first orgasm starts to subside, another one comes crashing in. Your hips are bucking up and down and your thighs tighten around my head, trapping me (like I'm complaining). Slowly you come down from your orgasm and lay on the bed panting from the sheer exertion I have placed upon your body. I slowly kiss and lick my way back up your body until I am laying beside you holding you in my arms, listening to your breathing coming back to normal.

After a while of just staring at your beautiful face flush with passion, I ask in a soft voice, "did you have fun?" You turn to look me in the eyes and, smiling just a little bit, nod your head. Your hand slides up and down my chest, going lower and lower with every pass. Your hand passes within inches of my throbbing erection, then less and even less than that. Soon, the back of your hand brushes against my organ and a shiver runs through my body. You feel my body tremor with the passion and reach down to grasp me in your cool hand. You can feel the throbbing in your palm as you caress up and down slowly, working it in your hand. You pull your body over mine and kiss me on the lips again, my hands stroking through your hair. You straddle me with your legs and grind your hips against mine, trapping my dick in between us. Your mouth leaves mine and moves down to my neck.

I feel your lips brush across my skin as your hands move together, one scraping lightly the skin of my chest and raising goosebumps as the other one continues to stroke me up and down. Your mouth moves a little further down and covers one of my nipples, lightly teasing it with your teeth. My hands drop down to the bed where they grab the blanket. You look up and the expression on my face and merely grin. You lower your face again and turn your attention to my other nipple before you move on downwards. You trail your tongue across my stomach and down the top of my pubic hair. Grinning up at me with that impish look you get, I realize that it's your turn to tease me. I groan and lay back, waiting for the pleasurable torture to begin.

You slide down between my thighs and start kissing the insides of them just as I did to you. Moving all around my thighs and hips, coming close to, but not actually touching my shaft. You move to the area just under my balls and, lifting them up, lick along them lightly, teasingly. I groan again as you move your tongue along the outside of one and then the other. After what seems like forever, you move your mouth over and start kissing at the base of my now extremely hard shaft. You move your lips so very slowly up the underside of my erection and over the head, working your way down the top and then reversing course. Again, once you get to the top, you move down one side and then the other, driving me up the wall from the wanting, the needing for more.

After a while, you finally take just the head into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it, putting just a little suction on it. You begin moving your mouth downward, taking me in just a little at a time. I resist the urge to thrust my hips up, knowing that you will get there in your own time. You reach the bottom and travel upwards again, driving me up the wall. Soon I can't take it anymore and grab you under the arms, pulling you up to face me. I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately, rolling you onto your back. I reach over into the nightstand and pull out a little package. Not breaking the kiss, I rip the package and roll the condom over my hardness.

You moan into my mouth as take the head of my penis and stroke it lightly up and down the outside of your labia. You wrap your legs around me and try to pull me inside of, but I just keep teasing for a few moments longer. Then, unexpectedly, I thrust all the way inside of you. You arch your back and reach around to dig your fingernails in my back. I wait just a few seconds before I start rocking back and forth, sliding in and out of you. I keep up a steady rhythm, driving you upwards towards bliss, then stopping to bring you down. After a while of this, you look up and staring me in the eyes, tell me that you want to feel me climax inside of you.

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