tagRomanceYou Are For Candlelight, Darling

You Are For Candlelight, Darling


It's a mild Valentine's night as I lay here in my bed; the windows are open allowing a delicate breeze to touch my lightly moistened body still damp from my evening shower; the candle on my nightstand flickers and cast shadows across the lonely walls of my room. A mild sweet aftertaste of bourbon and cola give me a warm sensuous feeling as I hear Paul Rodgers sing "Ready for Love" and, for a few minutes thoughts of you light again on my mind and gently compress against my longing heart.

You were born to be illuminated in the soft yellow hue of candlelight my darling. I believe that as I recall your long willowy back, the soft curve of your ass only partially covered by the gently clinging cotton sheets, the way you prop yourself up on your elbows and look over at me...the way your hair hangs loosely and so touchable as the shadows from the soft sensuous firelight dance across your face.

Yes, I can imagine you this way when my mind is allowed to withdraw into its sensuous sanctuary where thoughts of you are kept as coveted treasures that inspire lubricious dreams of languorous journeys. I've ask you to join me, yes to join me under the nighttime lights twinkling above us and the city's illumination of the horizon with its white and gold sparkles...It's calm and sultry which, seems to complement the tension and passion building in our bodies.

I've wanted you this way for a long time...to feel the spray of water running down our bodies...this sense of melding we realize as our warm wet flesh presses tightly together. I love our mouths touching...the hotness of the flesh contrasting from the freshness of the water streaming down our faces...the way the warm, slickness of our saliva mixes with the cooler, clean liquid trickling through our lips and tongue.

I want to bite your lip and fuck your mouth with my tongue. Your wet straight hair is dark and dripping with water giving you such a "human" look...a look I crave and could eat as I push you against the redwood pickets and drop to my knee. Pressing my tongue hard against your cunt I slither my hands along your abdomen to your stomach until I can grasp your breast...my arms pressed against your body...absorbing as much sensation as I can into my hungering skin. Your cunt is fulfilling...your warm lubricant, drives me mad as I feel it on my tongue and mouth...the water is running along your body and across my face moving me to push harder into you so as to not lose any of this delicious coating.

My throbbing penis is longing to penetrate while my loins beg to press against you. As I stand my intentions are so damn obvious that you reach your arms around my neck and then, clinching them firmly together. I reach behind your lower thighs and lift your legs causing your back to press hard into the redwood pickets for support. Lifting your cunt just above my cock my throbbing purple head finds your opening and begins to enter as I ease you down. The water is flushing my cock so I must hoist and drop you again and again allowing my cock to penetrate then retreat drawing a little more of your lubricate coatings farther down the shaft.

My throbbing lingam eventually finds itself deep inside you sensing you clinching tighter and drawing yourself firmly against me. I push you hard into the pickets such that the wood grain begins to "brand' the tender white skin of your back. My chest and arms are bulging and my veins are clearly delineated along my arms as I hold you off the floor...I pump harder and I feel your body constricting in unison more and more with mine. My ass, thighs and calves...scream out to me and my head pounds so much I can feel it in my eardrums even, as I ask them to constrict and release over and over.

I am nearing loss of consciousness as I feel my loins tightening and then unloading deep into you. My body is surrendering to the strain and exhaustion such that I can't stay standing. So, I lean harder against you allowing your compression against the pickets to support me briefly as my loins finish ejaculating my warm semen into your drenched fleshly tube. I long to hold you for a minute more as I feel your body still subsiding from the spasmodic crescendo it just experienced. We're trembling as our muscles beg for reprise and together we slowly melt into wooden floor of the outdoor deck. Leaning back against the redwood wall we don't say a word...just listening to the spray of the water and sensing it's reinvigoration as the smell of sex lingers like a soft sensual aftertaste...as of a good red wine...on this Valentine's Day.

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