tagIncest/TabooYou Are Mine

You Are Mine


For your love only

"Don't go outside"

Niva told very coolly to her aged son Ratan. She was standing in such a position covering the entrance that nobody can go outside without pushing her body specially smashing her heavy boobs covered by thin saris. Her cleavage shows very clear how big they are. Ratan has to go outside to have his regular quota of women flesh which will recharge him for next few days hard task already arranged near his Bungalow.

'I have to go related with my personal work" replied Ratan.

"I know what is your personal work you are going to enjoy your night with that aged women nearer like me" Niva straight looked at her son,

"I cannot understand what you are talking about? Ratan replied.

" I know after hard work mentally and also physically you need company of women to full fill your desire, but having attachment with outsider may harmful to you and it is also not safe for you, Why you are not marrying some nice girl? I can also help you to choose someone as per your likings."

Ratan cannot avoid seeing those big milk jugs of his mother though covered with thin saris. Those are bigger than Rekha's boobs even the figure of his mother is more attractive than her, only the face is a little bit older due to the age but still now comparatively she can turn any man she wants.

"How do you know my likings? I like experienced women who will do all the things to please me as long as I want."

Niva came inside, close the door and said in a very low tone "Yes I know what both of you did in the night, being a man still you are not getting the extreme pleasure what you deserve against the money you are spending on her. May be she is sincere maintained good figure but do not know the best way to treat a man to the fullest." "


"I am not going to argue with you, yes a am agreed that chances of getting disease are there but she always keep me satisfied that is sufficient for me" Ratan came very close to Niva for crossing to reach the door. Niva intentionally smashed her sari covered heavy fleshy boobs directly to her matured son's flat chest to cover between the door and her son to make the attempt to stop him and also the intention to giving him the pleasure of her soft bouncing boobs.

" Mom, please let me go" Niva came closure to her son her woman scent indulged her son to hear her word silently, mother's soft boobies make him confused, Niva kiss her son' s ear "Sunny do you forget those days when Both of us kissed and love each other when nobody in the house and you always return me back my kisses holding me tightly like lovers even some time you rest your head on my boobies, I always allow you to do so and frequently you are crossing the limit pressing my boobs madly?"

Ratan cannot deny her mother, that time he was really wants to make love with her mother very intentionally. Ratan kept silent, "Let me go today I will discuss everything with you after coming back."

Ratan leave the house rashly. Niva seats on the chair and recall those old days while his friend circle wants to see adult picture or hungry to see women's pair of hanging melon, he was that time very much interested to go to his house after closing the door he directly hold his matured mom with both the hands, moms big melons smashed his body with warm pleasure, Niva allow her son to feel her heavy jugs and enjoy her womanized body and said "Naughty boy! Whenever you getting chance always rubbing your face to my milk can for pleasure! Now you are a man you cannot squeeze me like this, you know I never wear bra while in the house if somebody sees us like this, what they will think?"

Mom is encouraging her mature son to have some physical entertainment inside the house burring her son in between the pair of her juicy jugs with the test of forbidden fruit. Without responding her, her son close in himself near to her and put down his lips directly to the her deep cleavage with a mild pressure on her blouse covered right big boob resting his clutches.


"Umm! You are going to be crazy." "You are making me crazy I cannot control myself while seeing your boobies hanging likes melons just calling me "come baby we are waiting for you only"

Ratan blowing kisses her huge milk Jug very passionately.

"Umm baby you are really irresistible"

Her saris uncovered the thin materials of her blouse covered tits, those are suppose to burst any time, it seems that they are unable to hold those huge boobies for long time. Ratan easily find the big hard nipple of her aged mother slowly sucking with passion blouse covered entrance of milk tank. Niva try to control the situation holding her son in hand kissing him with love.

"Please leave me baby you are going to love me like your lover please. Nobody will know if I hold you like this even without any blouse also or both of us make love our self on the bed like lovers within the close door".

"Let me close the main door first, I don't want that anybody will see us while you will do all naughty things to me."

While Niva closing the door Ratan holding her from back, his manhood pressing deeply with the pleasure of her mother's fleshy back, Ratan squeeze Niva's blouse covered big milky jugs little bit hard to pull closer, "Now the door is locked show me your love to me"

Niva smiled silently, your boobies are heavy and too big to hold each even with two hands is a tough job".

"I think you are very much happy to do the tough job."

Niva closing her eyes with the pleasure, her son's going to rub his thicker pennies into her roughly.

"Baby you are taking advantage of my soft tummy, what you want from me? "

"I want to see those jugs uncovered" Ratan replied

"You are already smashed them though covered with the blouse with your thirsty lips if I allow them uncovered, you will never release your mummy without sucking them badly, the hard thing in side you is still asking me for love."

"Please mom show me your heavy boobs, I promise I will suck those jugs and make you free" Ratan plead his aged mom continuing squeezing her boobies like car's horn.

The thick penny poking in her back already make her week, her cunt is going to be wet, she knows that if she open her blouse and allow her son to suck her hanging huge breasts even, giving him a womanly pleasure and take his hard rod and meet up his thrust for his aged mom, no outsider even imagine their passionate relations.


"I will uncover my blouse, free my big jugs for you not only for today but for all the days when nobody will be in the house and allow you to suck them, squeeze them whenever you want in one condition, if you will be mine for ever. You will be my secret lover for whom I will make myself waiting, for the man for love."

Ratan kissed her shoulder with passion "Mommy accept me as your lover, every day I will make you fill that you have a man who always eager to show his love

like this even I will never show my interest to marry if you want."

Ratan wants to show his urge for his mother. Niva pleased to hear all those wards "No if you want to marry I will never say no, but we will keep some special time on regular basis to love each other."

Niva turn back make herself facing her son unhooked the buttons of her blouse two gigantic mountains slowly exposed their huge shapes with little slogged due to heavy weight. Ratan come closure pressed his ten fingers on those huge globes "Mom you have really huge tight boobies any man will prefer you than any younger girl even me."

"Uff! sunny you are complementing me more I deserved I will be rather happy if my son show his interest every time to take care of me all the time like to day."Niva released her blouse.

"Baby my love come to your mom, my big jugs are eagerly waiting to meet up your thrust for long days."

"Oh mom your boobies are bigger than I imagine. You can meet the thrust two men like me." Ratan starts sucking her mom's herd brown nipple madly.

"Baby women always love to be sucked but not so fast." Rubbing her son's head on her huge fleshy globes.

"I am now onwards yours baby, be assured that I will always make myself ready to fill you."


From that day the mom son love story started. Niva's urges for her son going upwards rapidly, she never control herself to touch her son's thick rod which is constantly knocking her soft abdomen Niva easily understand the extra ordinary thickness of her son's love pole. Touching lightly her soft fingers on the heated rod Niva close her mouth to her son's ear "Baby you are too thick and hot may be I am not able take you properly like any young girls,"

"Mom nobody can satisfy me like you, I want to make you my woman the moment you kissed me two months back while sleeping with you during power cut. I never forget the pleasure of cuddling your body till date. From today you will be my woman."

"Yes baby you are right from now inside home I will be your passion, Baby let allow your mom to see your thick love pole, I am getting aroused to see your hard thing." continue sucking mom's milk jugs alternating each other Ratan replied.

'Do not hesitate? It is yours, untie my blouse and play with it as much want."

He didn't talk. He kissed her again. He reached his hand under her blouse and easily pulled down the soft bra. It felt hot to her when her son touched the bare flesh. He said, "Your breasts feel as beautiful as they look mom."

Niva could only moan softly in reply. He fondled her tits for what seemed like forever. She wanted him to stop and she wanted him to continue - with equal intensity. He pulled on the rubbery nipples that had responded to his touch by engorging and elongating. Finally he bent his head down and took one of them between his lips. "OH..." was as much a cry as a sigh, as her son once again suckled. But it was so different this time. This time her whole body was suffused with sexual desire. Every inch of her yearned for Niva to be where she could hardly imagine him - inside her. Niva wrestled with the images of her son astride her, on top of her, having her aching center filled with her boy's manhood. Ratan's sucking on his mother's tit also made him hungry for her. Her creamy flesh was full in his hand, and her nipple between his lips and on his tongue had made his cock strain. It was straining to find his mother. He wasn't troubled with his desire to put that cock deep inside his mother's center, he savored it. Her responses


encouraged him and the son thought that in a few moments he would be where he had long fantasized about being, inside her. Ablaze with sexual hunger, and giving little thought to what he was about to do, Ratan unzipped his pant and took out his cock. Niva tried not to stare but was taken aback by the massive evidence of her son's desire for her. She was frozen in indecision as he stood and took his pants off. When he brought his cock near to her face, her boy's musky aroma aroused her. She knew what her son wanted but was reticent about taking him into her mouth. Her desire to please him overcame her reluctance and she wrapped her lips around the spongy swollen head. Niva was surprised by the excitement she felt as she tasted her son for the first time. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth and she instinctively sucked. The feel of him on her lips registered as a complex sensation; the skin was soft and velvety, but the shaft was hard, so hard. It made her feel desirable that her own son could be that hard for her. He seemed to grow right in her mouth. The width of his hard meat registered on her lips. She liked his taste. She liked having him there. Years of thinking that a woman only took a man in her mouth to please him, changed in moments.
To Ratan, the sight of his mother's face, with her lips wrapped around his cock was exquisite. He found it so beautiful, it almost surpassed the sensations her sucking was creating. His engorged knob was completely in her mouth, and when he felt her tongue exploring it, there was a call and response as he moaned, and then she moaned.

She reached and touched his shaft and balls as she continued to suck. Exploring this unfamiliar territory awakened something in her and she moaned and writhed from the stimulating ache deep between her legs. This encouraged her son to stroke into her mouth. Yet even as her desire was inflamed, a more overwhelming emotion washed over her, and she thought, 'I love him so much.'

The young man looked at his mother as she sucked him with earnest desire and was overwhelmed by tenderness for her. He stroked her hair as she took more of him into her mouth. He'd been given head before, but he'd never been made love to in this way. She touched him with love, she stroked him with love, and she sucked him with love.


Niva hold the hard thick rods of her matured son with love give him a warm squeezed and say in a very low voice "Baby I will always give you the most pleasure that any women can give it to you".

"It is an immense pleasure as you squeezing it with you soft exited fingers." Ratan shaking with sheers in his mom's soft womanly touch. Niva rubbing his hanging balls nicely "love me mom the way you are doing, it needs your love from long days."

Starting ups and down the fore skin of her son's thick cock Niva said "Your mom will take care of your love pole whenever you come and ask for it, it is mine now sunny your mom wants to drink you."

Ratan can not understand her mom's ward "mom is you thirsty?" "From the sounds he was making and the tension she felt from his hand on her breast, Niva intuited that Ratan was about to orgasm. She thought that if he came she wouldn't have to contend with the dilemma of intercourse. She stopped sucking long enough to say, "Are you going to ejaculate in my mouth?"

Ratan smiled at her use of the term that was usually referred to as 'Come', or 'Cum,' in the porn books. He thought about being inside her, but figured that would come later. By asking, it seemed to him that she was telling him that he could. His mother was telling him that he could come in his mouth.He could only say, "Yes mom."

Niva took her son's cock back into her mouth. He put one hand on the back of his mother's head and started pushing in and out harder than he should have. He sensed his mother's difficulty and eased up. When she caressed his balls, he began to release between her lips.

"Yes I want to eat your baby, after long time seeing your thick lovely cock I have the desire to drink male juices direct from your love pole, give it to me baby please."

"No mom my love, it is my duty to fulfill you in every way you want, the way you are sucking me, I am very much near to explode after long sucking of your boobies, take it as much you want it is your thing."

Ratan fills that that mom's lovely teasing as well as sucking in such a pleasure he is going to explore, he moaned 'Mom take it out all my juices, oh I am Cumming mom you are sucking me so nicely, no women can ever do this so affectionately. "


"Yes baby give me all you have for me, I know that men are very much satisfied while women pleased him sucking and swallowing his male juices." Ratan spurts huge loads of hot sperms inside her mouth like a bull, holding her hair forcedly

"Umm! Niva groaned but managed his bursting heavy thick cock with very experienced way; never allow any single drop of male honey outside squeezing his balls to give him an extra pleasure till last drop. Her cunt discharging with womanly pleasure while drinking the thick cum of her son. Ratan slowly open his eyes Niva circling her tong over the monster cock of her son like a tigress who got the taste of man juices after long time smiles looking her tired son after a fantastic blow job by her matured mom with uncovered huge hanging tits like pendulum.

"Darling the taste and manly smell of yours make me wet after long time" Niva adjust hair with both the hands her huge melons touching each other very erotically, her armpits covered with black lair of hairs make her more sexy she knows it.

"The way you squeezed my tits its paining but still now it's a pleasure for me that you treat me like your woman who never missed his loving mom to eat."

Sleeping on the bed besides her son she kissed his hairy chest very lovely manner Ratan giving her a hard squeezed of her big tit.

"My baby does not satisfy with long sucking of my boobies? Let your mom be ready for another session, come to me baby rest your face on me boobs to make me feel that I got a man to cuddle whenever I want".

Ratan reached under her armpit hairy places and suddenly kissed gently "Do not tease me baby you are reaching to a very sensitive place."

"Did I hurt you while discharging? I hold your head towards me tightly"

"oh baby, men always give his full throbbing cock inside her lovers mouth while discharging love juices with force, women should adjust this with the eagerness of having it."

Ratan rubbing his lips under his mom's hairy armpits Niva sheers with that sexy plays of her son loves touch. "Umm baby you are making me mad better you fix your lips on my hard big nipple and suck me like earlier.


Ratan pressed his palm on his mom's heavy tit and pushed his face deep inside that bushy armpits "Oh my naughty baby always keep on doing naughty thing bring pleasant feelings that your mom will never sleep without her loving son".

Niva keep fingers on the foreskin of her matured son's thick prick, it is now stiff again "My thick lover is growing very first."

Ratan chewing his mom's hairy armpits slowly and replied "My organs knows that his lover beautiful mom wants more from him."

'Oh no baby my love I know you can take me many times a day but we will make love each other in the night like husband and wife when there will be no disturbance while you take your mom fully as well as I will give you full pleasure like you want from your lover mom".

The way Ratan burring his face to her bushy armpits Niva cannot resist her urge instead keeping off her hand from her son's cock she womanly squeeze his pennies and his hairy balls with passion, her cunt is wetting and aroused.

"Darling hold me roughly and keep on playing with my bushy armpits it makes me very hot I need you to cover me my boobies my body under your manly pressure as much tight as you can I really need a lover like you my son".

Niva stroking her son's thick monster slowly to enjoy the show of rising man pole. "This time I will make you ready for my pleasure baby.

" Ratan give little bite to the nipple of herMother's huge fleshy tits, "Mom do you want me in you without any protection? I mean required any condom,

" Niva is in fire now hugging her son with motherly love "No baby I will take your raw meat in me and do not want to miss a single touch of your thick cock inside me."


Finally she moved away slightly, raised her petticoat up her waist, showing her pussy. Ratan couldn't see it clearly in that dim light as her pussy was covered with dark public hair. Then she took his right hand and placed it between her legs. She guided her son's first two fingers to her pussy and rubbed herself with them. She released his hand slowly and allowed him to continue rubbing her by her son. "Oh Baby! Niva sheers with pleasure and also thinking the moment while her son's thick cock will be pushed with manly force.

"Baby come to mom give me your dick and show me your love to me, eat me baby" her hands got hold of Ratan's thick penis, pushed it inside her inflamed vagina. Niva feels rough thrusting of her son's monster to adjust, Niva gasped, as she always did, while her son's enlarged penis penetrating her violently. After long time she is having huge male in her.

"Yes baby do not hesitate push your full length hot rod in me uff I love the thrust do it baby my darling." Niva holding her son's naked body passionately. Ratan began pushing his body into his mother's warm wet love hole, little by little. Niva raised her hips to meet his son's thrust, groaning at each shove. They kept it at a steady pace, not wanting to rush their lust for each other, their increased bit by bit.

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