You Are Mine


She cuddled in such a manner that Ratan felt the full pressure of her busty boobies smashing on his body like anything. Ratan kissed her lips like she wants. "Thanks baby you will get the return in time" "when?" "

"Oh naughty! My love you know better than me, the time when I will take you in my mouth." Ratan gave a little bite to her lips and left the house.


The interview session was great. Ratan cannot forget the last test of his mom's soft eager lips. Feeling very satisfied with everything that He has the woman who always ready to please him as much as he wants. To refresh himself let's take a cup of coffee. He entered in to the café and relaxed. Remembering all those intimates' moments between her son, Niva never feel any regret. By nature her matured son required women of his choice (especially with the heavy tight milk tank and who also give him a real oral pleasure he wants). At the same time she also needs a hard man in her to fulfill her loneliness in the night who will cover her naked full woman body under him. Niva also had experience sex with woman though she is not typical Lesbos. She loves to be tested by woman if she will be the admirer of her feminine assets like her son. She has some long term secret relations with Sudha the widow neighbor use to come her frequently its started long time before she cuddled with her in the bed.

After few days Sudha always showing interest to get intimate frequently touching her body the way passionate men intended to touch. Primarily she did not take seriously but one day Sudha hold her and kissed on her lips and said in a very husky tune " You are still very attractive"

"I never feel so"

" you have everything in full size that even any woman can get attracted to you"

"Oh no both we have the same thing like any woman. Sudha keep her hand on Niva's heavy mountain and squeeze hard "You have bigger balls then us"

"Yours are also in having good size" Niva indicating Sudha's boobs with a light smile Sudha again too close to her pressed her boobies hard

" you know if I will be a man than I will have you every night."

"Oh god blessed me I cannot take lover in me every night at this age"

"Don't lie you have still enough fire in you to satisfy any man even your son's age to the fullest"

"Oh you are going too far, I know that mature women like me are more desirable for the young stud like my son but usually he will prefer you in bed than aged woman like me."


Sudha never detached her body while talking; they are much free with the conversation between them. "You are not wearing bra inside your blouse let me see the original size of your heavy twins" Sudha requested her Niva little bit astonished the way sudha looking at her and squeezing her boobs like hungry lover may do. Niva directly touched her hanging melon softly "Sudha I know you are junior to me, you have hunger for sex but you need a man with pole not me."

Sudha again kissed her like a lover "I need you the day I saw you, your figure always make me exited rather than man I have experienced about men but they always hurt me to get their own pleasure, I don't know that I will get the right man for me or not but I am sure your warm womanly body will give me the taste of love to some extent."

Sudha rubbed her breast roughly "You are alone and need some sexual pleasure I am also, why not start to please each other be assured that I will give you all the pleasure you expect from your loving man"

Sudha touched her sari covered secret place and squeezed. The way she started playing with her Niva felt that the woman is very much aware about how to aroused women. Sudha continuing steady punching of her huge breast makes her nipple hard, Sudha is also in burning desire "Let me open your blouse" Sudha released all the front hooks of her blouse within few seconds Sudha's hungry looks on her huge milk tank make her wet. Sudha holding one huge boob with both hands squeeze like bus horn and moaning "It is much bigger as I imagined, I will take out all the juices from your milk jar Niva hold her head the moment she started sucking her boobs so passionately chewing her hard nipple.

"ohh baby don't rush you will have me as much as you want" they cuddled each other Niva help her to release her dress one by one Sudha's hand expertly covering Niva's naked body with lust Niva enjoying the thirsty lips sucking her boobs so hungry even any man can do the same. Sudha holding both her boobies and squeezing them very hard.

"Ohh nice baby squeeze them harder uff! Baby you are doing this better than any man can handled." Niva keep her hand on Sudha's love triangle and rubbing gently pushing finger in it, Sudha getting aroused with the game.


"Ohh Niva your boobs are so tasty and soo hard let me take all the honey from it." Niva closed her eyes and enjoying the violent sucking with deep pleasure "Yes baby suck me hard suck out all the liquid from my heavy jugs make empty if you can" pressing her head into her naked breast like she used to take her like lover "Umm baby my sucking doll" Niva squeezed Sudha's hanging melons little bit hard with excitement Sudha sucking her so roughly that Niva holding her body and pray her "Please Sudha take me to the bed eat me as much as you like"

Niva keep herself relax Sudha cuddled her whole body like a man, started kissing all the parts of her body her lips rubbed her hairy armpits so lusty manners that Niva felt cumming and flooded her cunt with juices Sudha's lips sucking deeply her hairy armpit with joy she knows that Niva releasing her juices she kissed all sides of her heavy breasts and moaned "Yes Niva cum for me flood your cunt with your sweet juices I will help you to released you baby."

Niva's body is shaking with sexual pleasure Sudha put her fingers in her wetted cunt "Oh no Sudha you are going to folk me with your fingers"

"yes Niva it will give you a pleasure like a man's hard cock" Sudha ins and out her fingers rapidly Niva holding tightly Sudha's naked body like a lover.

"Sudha my baby love me baby this is first time any woman having me and giving me orgasm so lovely way" Making her moan Sudha come down and covered Niva's cunt with her hungry lips Again Niva shacked her body and discharged. Sudha suck all the juices from Niva's wetted cunt with great satisfaction while sucking her she discharge herself with pleasure. Niva never expect that any woman will suck her cunt and drink her so folking good, her whole body enjoying the oral sex by Sudha her lady love "Umm Sudha you are too good than any man I met ever," Sudha still licking her cunt slowly Niva crossed her leg holding Sudha

"Come baby come my love naughty girl you have taken all my cunt juices, are you satisfied? Sudha covered her naked tits and playing with them said "Niva I will be your man I want to have your body, your jugs, wetted cunt, all of you as mine. Niva took her naked within her and kissed her with love"

"Yes baby you will be my man, I will take you in me whenever you want you will have my juices while you are thirsty even if I will get involved to any man I will always allow you to have me like this way"


Sudha took Niva's finger into her own cunt and smile "look, what you did to me? I am getting so much exited to see your naked body that I discharged myself so badly while eating your cum".

"Oh my honey I never thought that any woman can love me so boldly like you did. You make me mad baby. Niva kissed her naked soft boobs gently.

"Umm you are a real lady, your tenderly loving attitude insisting me to have you like a man I don't know whether you ever tasted hard cock or not but if I will be your man than I will force you to eat me every night"

"You sweet baby no need to be so rough I am that kind of normal women who always love to have hard pole of my lover and pleased him shallow all male juices in to my mouth willingly' Niva pushed her thick finger into her wetted cunt deeply "let me give pleasure to her lady love."

Sudha opened her legs wide to enjoy the good finger folk by Niva "Oh yes insert your finger deep, it feels me so good ah ah I am going to cum" Sudha's cunt squeezed her thick fingers with womanly lust. Niva took her inside her busty melon with love."

"Yes baby release you cum suck me baby while you are Cumming let me feel that I satisfied you to the fullest. Sudha shacked her body holding Niva's big boobs with both the hands with high voltage orgasm and slowly come down burring her face into Niva's fleshy tits with loud moan "Oh honey my love don't take out your thick finger in me until I released my volcano fully."

"Yes baby yes enjoy the discharging as much you want" Both the mature full naked ladies holding each other so passionately any couple will get envy of it.

Don't wear bra now Sudha stopped Niva wearing bra. "Niva baby I want to see your huge boobs only covered with saris you looks sexier in that"


Sudha grabbed her like a man and squeezed her hanging melon very hard" "Nobody will come soon don't force me to folk you again"


Niva smiled in a provocative manner "So if you will be my man you will screw me till I will be unable and exosted to satisfied you to the fullest."

Sudha hugged her closely holding her half naked body with love pressing her breast hard. Niva kissed her lips in return her heavy boobs smashed Sudha's soft hanging melon clashing each other. Niva has again feel that she is going to be aroused with effect of rough fondling her huge milk tank by Sudha. Niva is that kind of woman who always enjoying squeezing boobs hard. Kissing passionately Niva starts moaning "Darling you are again arousing me by squeezing my boobs so wild you are more hungry to have me than any man."

Sudha said nothing only placed her mouth on Niva's big hard nipple and sucked with force like she will take all the liquid from her big tits with in a minutes Niva felt paining the way Sudha sucked her hard big doller sized nipple with biting but never complain Niva knows that big bobbies woman have to bear such bitings from her lover to satisfy her sexual desire. Sudha continue her manly treatment to make her best orgasm Niva rubbing her whole body holding Sudha like lover take her hand on her hairy mound "Baby see what you did to me I never get wetted so early even any man drilled me with their stiff rod keep me closer have me in, you Sudha my lovely darling."

Niva moaned in a husky voice said Sudha squeezed her huge breast too hard. Niva moaned loudly "Oh my love don't get so aroused if you squeezed my jugs so hard I can't wear bra for two three days while going outside due to paining"

" don't talk rubbish you are my woman those heavy boobs are always be treated like this just enjoy the pumping baby" Sudha kissed her very warm.

"Sorry baby don't get upset keep on pumping as much hard with my jugs" she relax her body and closed her eyes allowing her to play with her body, arousing herself to think how Sudha has given pleasure sucking her cunt so hungry lover. They again come to the bed Sudha coming down in between the legs She touched her flooded cunt with her lips and discharging with sheers due to continue fondling Niva's sexy body she has to discharge earlier lips burring into Niva's cunt with extreme sexual pleasure Sudha moaned "Oh baby once again you won the game of love touching your sweet cunt entrance I cannot hold my juices"


Niva holding her head in between her silky thighs " Yes baby your woman needs your lovely tong in her swelling cunt and fulfill your desire to have me taking my cunt juices and drink your woman's love ahhhh" Niva moaning like a horny chicks.

Both of them holding each other enjoying the sexual pleasure with full of their lust.

Sudha slept on the top of Niva's naked soft fleshy body rubbing slowly her face surrounding her big breasts after the final climax while both of them cooling down the hit of their lusty sexual affairs. Niva affectionately stroking her fingers through sudha's hair and "Darling you know that my aged son is grown up enough to make pregnant any women like you, if I loitering inside the house without any bra only wearing blouse he never stop himself to steer at my globes due to their enormous size which some time makes me ashamed after all I am his mother'

Sudha smiled seductively 'nothing to be ashamed any women will feel proud having those big milk tank like yours being woman I felt exited to see your solid tits. both of you are staying alone if you two have any physical relations or your son will get attracted by your beautiful boobies don't disappoint him nobody will going to know if you making love with your matured son inside the room."

Hearing those wards Niva mentally get exited but coolly expressed "You naughty baby do you know what you are talking about? Is he getting interested to take aged woman like me?"

"I bet he will be more satisfy getting sexy baby like you rather than any girl nearer his age that will also safe sex for both of you I am also ready to share my sexy doll only with your son and I believe that you are the only woman who will satisfy both of us very perfectly" Sudha teased her big nipple with pressure. Niva agreed with her but try to keep hide her feelings.

"You naughty lover eating me twice now insisting me to get involve with my aged son so that he may also pushed his thick hungry cock and tore my soft pussy with male thrust."


Sudha cover her lips with her palm "sss that means you have seen her male organ already?"

"Did I say you? Niva get puzzled

"Then how you came to know that his cock is thick"Sudha don't want to miss her chance to tease her.

"He is my baby I have rights to see his rod if I want" Niva tackle her in a very tricky way

"That's the thing I was telling you, have your matured son taste his male juices I thing he will enjoy his sexy mother's thirsty lips and give her his honey to lovely mother suck and shallow."

Sudha increasing her interest to her son rapidely and also getting herself exited thinking the possibilities of taboo love affair between mom son. Niva smiled coolly remembering the fact that she has already involved with her son and sharing her on bed, enjoying her son like lover every night like husband and wife. Niva kissed Sudha and asked "do you really happy if I take my sunny in the bed being his lover I hope he will never let me go without having me I mean discharging his hot sperm inside me if it will start once than he will never sleep without his loving mother in the bed alone like his wife."

".What is the harm in it? You are protected let your matured son pumping twice or thrice daily and have his hot sperm and feel youth full freshness make you more energetic in the mean time I will also getting chance to have mixed taste both of yours juices from my lover's sweet cunt".

Soda kissed her aggressively and she is serious also. " You naughty love please get down and allow me to take rest" Sudha get down from top on her "Niva please kissed my lips with your whole passion bite me sweetly' Niva does what Sudha expected She hugged Niva get her dressed. The long lusty session ends. Closing her eyes got the sound of her main door locked by Sudha. After good sleep she will be make herself ready for her lusty son in the night.


After having dinner, Ratan followed her into the kitchen. He saw her standing at the kitchen Sink washing the dishes. Ratan closed the kitchen door and locked it. When Niva saw her son locking the door she washed her hands and wiped them dry with her napkin. Ratan turned around and looked straight at her she could clearly read his eyes for his nasty intentions. "NO! You cannot! Maid servant is coming shortly, It's too risky." She said nervously; her hands shaking with fear. For some time Ratan stood calm, his eyes looking at her ravenously.

"Ratan dear, No! It's too dangerous." She whispered loudly at him again. Ratan's ears had gone deaf; his eyes filled with lust and then almost at a lightning speed she saw her son plunge at her like a lion. She felt his strong arms grasp her waist and with his raw force he pulled her down with him, forcing her to lie over the kitchen floor. "Oh my love, I am serious, if you don't stop now I will scream." Niva flinched. She was damn serious. She didn't like the idea of having sex with her son while anybody may come and knock.

"You are mine" Ratan grunted at his sexy mother, "And nothing can stop me now." He began kissing her, first on her lips, then on her neck, then down her breast.

"You are crazy... You know that" she whispered loudly but she wasn't struggling. By now she had given up her choices. Ratan smiled at her 'not-so-pleased' face.

"We will do it in the bed while nobody will be in the house." She whispered into his ears. Ratan looked amused at Niva's word. She kept gawking at him for a while, gazing into his big black eyes. She could see no fear in them. Suddenly she felt confident about his moves. And then bringing a smile on her beautiful face, she giggled, "You know I don't want to do it rashly." Ratan smiled at her as he pushed her sari above her knees. He watched her face blush when he caressed her milky white thighs with his soft hand. Her timid legs squeezed in, holding tightly against each other. Ratan embraced her legs and tried to spread "Are you still hungry?' then I will prepare something for my bad boy to eat," he giggled at her and walked out of her door.


As she walked out of the room she whooshed. It was a close one- she thought. Her timid legs squeezed in, holding tightly against each other. Ratan entered in to the room again with lust and embraced her legs and tried to spread them apart but Niva held them together not allowing him to see her dampen panty-crotch. He then brought his hand down under to feel the softness of her inner thighs. Her body trembled with his caressing touch. "Ratan my love you are crazy, if anybody finds us like this, I will loss you forever' She whispered.

Her voice trembled as she spoke to him. But her sultry words only made her son grow over passionate and he hurriedly undressed himself. He ripped off his shirt and hastily undid his pants. His bulge began to ache inside his knickers so he undid them also.

Niva gawked desperately at his hardened manhood; all swollen and pulsating, as it flung before her craving eyes. She rose stretching her hand eagerly trying to hold it between her fingers. "OK let your mom to have you in me take me to the bed" While Niva keep her half naked body placed flat on the bed, "Come on baby give me your thick tool in me so you can have it." Niva with her eyes filled with lust and her body craving for her son's swollen manhood, willing spread her legs before him. Ratan's eyes were drooling at her pink laced undies that were semi transparent. Through its transparent fabric he could see her beautiful snatch that he wanted to fuck so dearly. He grasped the two ends of her panty and gently peeled her panty out of her legs. As he removed her panties out his eyes kept drooling at her moisten slit like a hungry dog. Now naked below her waist she felt like an 18-year old virgin. Ratan watched his mother's face intently as he caressed her silky smooth cunt lips with his fingers. She felt overwhelmed and her heart missed a bit with his sensuous touch.

"Oh Ratan, we have to hurry up." Niva moaned softly at her son while she still worried about her maid servant who may come any time. But instead she saw her son relax and kneel down between her legs as if they had ample time. Then he bowed his head down between her legs and kissed her soft fleshy thighs; one after other. And with his warm wet tongue he began licking her left thigh; in circles, moving gradually towards her swollen pussy lips. Niva felt gushed as his tongue grew closer to her soaked pussy; the dampness of which she could feel growing excessively. And overwhelmed by her growing ecstasy she bit her lower lip and cooed delightfully, "Oh Ratan! You are making me wet."

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