tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Are What You Are Ch. 03

You Are What You Are Ch. 03


Walking around the perimeter of the gym until she found the door with the name "Nick" etched into the small gold rectangle, Molly entered the empty room and waited as she had been instructed.

It was obviously a combination personal workout room, office and personal space and there were dozens of pictures on the wall of Nick posing with various dignitaries and celebrities, many of which featured him accepting body building trophies.

There also wasn't anything ordinary about any of it. It was strictly first class and the office and personal space was more akin to a luxury suite than anything else, with leather furniture, plush carpets and the finest fixtures.

Finally cooling off after her vigorous aerobics' class, Molly casually appraised herself in the mirror and she had to admit she liked the expensive workout clothes that had been waiting for her when she had tentatively asked for Nick at the front desk.

The young man had simply given her the box of clothes and informed her that she had been enrolled in "Angela's" class and that she was to report to Nick's office after her workout.

She hadn't yet seen Nick, but just as her thoughts drifted to what might come next, the door opened and in strode the man himself, all six feet six and three hundred pounds of him, and all pure muscle.

"Take this and stand over there," he ordered, with a nondescript tone in his voice which gave Molly no indication as to his attitude or mood before he turned his back and began going through a nearby closet.

Doing as she had been told, Molly found herself standing in the center of a big exercise mat holding a wicker basket and wondering what in the hell was going to happen next.

Finally finding what he was looking for, he then sat on a nearby stool and began addressing Molly, as he held the object in his hands and moved it around so Molly could see it plainly.

"Jason likes a paddle, but I like a leather strap," he informed her. As you know, my name is Nick and I'm going to be your personal trainer and if you don't do exactly what I say, or if I catch you not giving me your absolute best effort, or if you just piss me off in any way, I'm going to beat your ass. Do you understand?"

"English IS my first language," Molly answered sarcastically, in spite of the warning, "and that wasn't all that complicated."

"Well then, now that we've got that out of the way, get your damned clothes off," Nick retorted, his voice somewhere between a bark and a growl.

Knowing she had no choice, Molly slowly removed her clothes to the basket, sat it down and stood right where she was, not bothering to cover herself as she knew it wouldn't do any good.

"Now, I don't work for free and in your case you can pay in one of two ways," informed the giant bodybuilder, "You can fuck or you can suck, once for each session and pay as you go.

If you choose fuck, it will just be me, if you choose suck, it will sometimes be me and sometimes someone else. Maybe someone I owe a favor or someone I want to owe me a favor. Your choice, what's it going to be?"

"Suck," answered Molly, with just the right tone to indicate that she'd rather suck ten dicks than let Nick fuck her.

"Suck it is then, now get up on this massage table on your hands and knees," came his next gruff order, followed by an observation after Molly had reluctantly done so, her breasts now hanging down and her pussy sticking out proudly from between her legs.

"Damn, that's the biggest pussy I've ever seen," he observed, after he had slowly walked behind her.

"Yeah and keep your hands off it," barked Molly, surprising herself with her boldness, in spite of the danger.

"I warned you about pissing me off," growled Nick, "If you don't want me to touch your pussy, you'd better ask me nicely."

"Please," Molly responded, after a long pause.

"Please what?" he asked, forcing her to retreat further.

"Please don't touch my pussy," replied Molly.

"That's better, but this is as good a time as any to address the particulars of our arrangement," he then added thoughtfully, "Your tits belong to me and I will feel of them as I please. An ass whipping also includes a good fucking. You fuck up, you fuck off, you get fucked... after you get your ass beat. You got all that?"

"Yeah, I got it," answered Molly, begrudgingly.

"Good," the big fellow growled, and then promptly subjected her to another indignity, "Spread your knees a little more."

After having her blood pressure taken and her heart and lungs listened to, Molly was hopeful that she could soon get off the table and end the humiliating examination, but much to her chagrin the worst part was yet to come as Nick exchanged his stethoscope for a clipboard and she was forced to continue displaying herself for almost another quarter hour as he asked her a long series of questions about her medical status and history.

"Alright, you can get down now," he finally permitted, but just as quickly initiated the next awful new task, "Get those two ten pound arm bars and come stand in front of me."

Required to remain naked, for the next forty five minutes Molly was subjected to a brutal workout. Consisting entirely of weight training, she was moved from device to device and worked to exhaustion on each one before moving on to the next.

Making it all worse, of course, was that each and every exercise had it's own particular way of taking advantage of her nudity. Many of them required her to lay down and straddle a bench, thus spreading her legs and exposing her pussy while others featured the constant jiggling of her breasts. By the time it was over there wasn't anything Nick didn't know about her body.

The only good part was that he was obviously an expert at his trade and he was fair. He knew exactly when she'd had enough of each exercise and he was actually very positive, encouraging and coaching and rewarding her with his approval each time she pushed herself to the limit.

Finally able to do no more than sit on one of the benches and hang her head after the last of her routines, Nick even came to her rescue as he straddled the bench and sat behind her.

"Here, raise up now, head up and breath deep," he consoled her as he also began massaging her shoulders, "You can't breath good with your head down and you need the oxygen. That's it, just give it a couple of minutes and you'll bounce back better than ever."

"Good Lord, I hurt all over," complained Molly, forgetting for the moment her general resentment of the whole situation.

"I know," laughed Nick, "Don't it feel good! Ya gotta love those endorphins."

"Why don't they just put them in a bottle?" groaned Molly, "It would be a lot easier."

"They do," laughed Nick, as he urged her up, "It's called dope and it's illegal. Come on now, let's hit the shower.

Getting up with a big groan, Molly followed him to the shower and offered no resistance as Nick proceeded to gently wash her hair and give her a great scalp massage.

Neither did she bother to protest as he lathered his hands with soap and rubbed it over the whole of her body, keeping his word, however, and politely letting her attend to her pussy herself before exchanging positions with her under the shower stream and letting her rinse herself off.

Offering Nick the same when she was done except that he had to wash his own hair because she couldn't reach that high, she started with his back and then bravely began lathering up his package when the time came, but quickly came once again under his tutelage.

You've not done much of this have you?" he observed.

"I've been around," lied Molly.

"Nice try, but no you haven't," insisted Nick, "No shame in that, but I could give you a couple of tips."

"Okay," agreed Molly, meekly.

"First of all, I'm not circumcised, so you need to pull the foreskin back and make sure everything gets good and soapy. If you're going to suck it, you want it to be clean. Never ever suck a dick that you haven't personally washed yourself would be my advice," offered Nick.

"Umm," answered Molly.

"It's called a blow job, for a reason, Molly," continued Nick, speaking frankly to what they both knew was going to be a part of her future, "because that's exactly what it is, a job, and to do any job right you have to take charge of it. You have to own it. It may not be a job you asked for, or want to do, but if you're going to do it, you have to own it."

Not saying anything, Molly, nevertheless indicated he had her attention as she looked up into his eyes.

"Good, now, don't just wash my dick, look at it, inspect it carefully and thoroughly," continued Nick, "Make sure it's healthy... absolutely healthy... if you ever spot anything, anything at all, the job is over, right then and right there, no one will ever fault you for that."

"Okay," answered Molly, but Nick's comment made her realize that Nick probably knew more about her future than she did and she very much wanted to question him, but she knew it would be an indiscretion. She was, however, grateful that he had discreetly imparted some valuable information regarding her situation and status.

Finishing their shower, they once again returned to the workout room where Nick sat on one of the benches and Molly assumed her inevitable position on her knees between his legs.

Now, reach behind my balls with your middle finger and feel... do you feel that muscle? That's a very sensitive area and it likes to be massaged. Balls like to be paid attention to, not too much and not too little... Now, put my dick in your other hand and stroke it a little... "

Following Nicks instructions for most the next half hour, Molly was guided through the techniques of a good hand job until the time came that she had to put mouth to dick.

Bravely moving forward, Molly began stroking away, but had hardly more than begun before Nick once again took over.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," grinned Nick, as Molly couldn't help but pull off and grin herself, the hand job lessons having convinced her as to what a rank amateur she really was.

"Alright, first of all, you have to kiss my Dick, guys love to have their dicks kissed," began Nick, however, he didn't get to go any further as Molly couldn't help but start laughing, so much so that she even fell back on the mat and had trouble containing herself...

"Oh! You think that's funny do you!" exclaimed Nick as he got a good laugh out of it as well and it took the both of them some time to recover before Molly once again resumed her position between his knees and awaited further instructions.

"Go on!" Kiss my dick... that's it... keep going... all over..." continued Nick, as Molly followed his instructions, the previous interlude of laughter allowing her a new attitude, "Now give me some tongue... lick it good... lick it all over... alright give me some mouth time... that's it... use your lips, that's what they're for... that's why God invented them, to massage dicks... "

Continuing on with the lesson for the better part of twenty minutes until he had guided Molly through a variety of techniques, Nick once again called for a momentary break for another verbal lecture.

"Here's the thing, Molly," he explained, "If you just suck a guys dick, you might have all the technique in the world, but if you don't connect with him mentally, it will take longer and you will end up spending a lot of time on your knees bobbing your head up and down that you could just as well spend doing something else."

"How do I do that?" asked Molly, now genuinely perplexed, but also genuinely interested in anything that would get the job done in the least amount of time possible.

"It's called acting, dummy," Nick replied, simply.

"How do I do that?" asked Molly.

"The object is to make the guy think it's bringing you pleasure to give him pleasure because you think he was given to you by god. Make it an experience he will remember. Make him think he's special, that you're doing it better for him than you have ever done it for anyone else."

"How do I do THAT!" asked Molly.

"Well, you obviously can't talk with your mouth full," replied Nick, "So you do it the same way actors have always done it, with your eyes, with your expression, with everything you have, but mostly it's in the eyes."

"I see," replied Molly.

"We'll see about that," replied Nick, "Now get busy."

Taking a deep breath, Molly carefully cupped Nick's balls in her hand and began kissing his dick, this time looking him in the eyes often and long as she went through the repertoire of techniques he had taught her as well as some dictated by her imagination.

Slowly getting into it and getting the hang of it as she felt Nick respond, she continued on for another ten minutes until it became obvious that the time had come to attend to the end game and correctly began vigorously stroking up and down for all she was worth until she felt the telltale flex of Nick's dick and then quickly began sucking his come as it spewed into her mouth in a quantity she was highly disappointed to discover was very robust indeed.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," offered Nick, with a smile after Molly had obligingly gulped the foul tasting liquid and then grinned at him.

Not saying anything as they dressed, Nick finished first and watched with a contented smile on his face as Molly packed the last of her things in her gym bag before motioning her to come sit beside him.

"This is a key to my office," he informed her, handing her a key, "You can let yourself in before your session and wait for me. I expect you to be ready to go when I get here.

"You mean naked?" asked Molly.

"As the day you were born," grinned Nick.

"Ass hole," responded Molly, "but elicited only a laugh from Nick, rather than a rebuke, as he handed her a small gold statue of a unicorn and continued with further instructions

"On Friday's there's always a little social after Angie's class. Some of the guys will be wearing a gold name tag and you can take your pick from any one of those. After the social just drop this into his message box. He'll know what to do."

"You mean to pay for my session?" asked Molly.

"Yeah," answered Nick.

"My choice?" asked Molly.

"Your choice," confirmed Nick, "Does that make it better or worse?"

"Both, I guess," answered Molly, "I'm married you know. It's not like cheating if I don't have a choice."

"Do you want me to choose then?" asked Nick.

"Hell, no," grinned Molly.

"I didn't think so," replied Nick, "although sometimes I will, depending on the situation, but for now you can choose."

"Once more thing if you don't mind," asked Molly, after she had opened the door to leave and turned back for one more question.

"Sure," replied Nick.

"Nick, would you really beat me with that strap?" asked Molly.

"In a heart beat," replied Nick, "I would beat your ass, fuck the hell out of you and enjoy every moment of it."

"That's what I thought," replied Molly, with a grin.

"You could always change your mind about your payment method you know," offered Nick.

"Now, Nick, you and I both know that's the last thing on earth I could do even if I wanted to," replied Molly.

"Jason said you were smart," laughed Nick, "See you Friday."

"Yeah, Friday, and Nick...."

"Yeah," replied Nick.

"Thanks," offered Molly.

"You're welcome, Molly," Nick replied with a grin, as she gave him a parting smile.


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