tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Are What You Are Ch. 04

You Are What You Are Ch. 04


Once again flying down the freeway in what had already become her beloved hot pink Jeep, Molly's mind was also once again racing at light speed, and as always, her thoughts were a jumble of conflicting emotions.

It had been a month, but it seem like forever. On the one hand, it had been the worst month or her life, but on the other, it had been the best.

She had been abducted, beaten and fucked senseless. She had been forced to go naked in her own home and in front of strangers. She'd even been forced to become the house cock sucker at a men's gym.

The worst part was that she had discovered she hated sucking cock worse than she had ever even imagined it possible to hate anything, but even worse than that, she had also had the time of her life.

She had discovered worlds she had never even dreamed of and she had also discovered qualities in herself that she had never dreamed existed, good parts, strong parts.

She had faced it all and she had come out on the other side. She had not only survived, she had prospered, but looming large over the whole thing, of course, was the one thing and the one person she still couldn't handle... Jason.

He had been responsible for all of it, the worst and the best, but especially the two best things.

He had made her feel good in a way no one else ever had and every time she'd had sex with him it was better than the time before. She had never even imagined either of those things could feel so good and it was her desire for more of both of them that was now overwhelming her, sapping her resolve, causing her will to crumble.

"This time I'm not going to let him sweet talk me," she kept telling herself, "It's just going to be sex, that's all, just sex. He can make me have sex with him, but he can't make me like him."


Punching in the code and then lugging her bags no further than the entryway, she searched the house without success until she finally found Jason relaxing in the hot tub, his head tilted back and his eyes closed, a cooler of wine and two glasses nearby.

After slowly removing her clothes and placing them on the bench at the far wall, she opened the bottle of wine without speaking. Filling the glass to the brim, she chugged it down before again filling both glasses and entering the tub to sit next to the man she again swore to herself she wasn't going to let get the best of her.

Handing him the glass as he finally raised his head to acknowledge her, they sat in silence for a while, simply sipping the wine until Jason finally turned his head to her and spoke.

"Jean Paul says you're doing a terrific job at the studio," he offered, "He likes you very much, they all do."

"He's very nice, they all are," acknowledged Molly, "I like them too."

"You have no idea how wonderful I think you are, Molly," declared Jason, wasting no time, his words impacting her resolve like a punch to the gut, "or how much I care for you. The truth is, I care for you very deeply, Molly, more deeply than I have ever cared for anyone before."

Having swore to resist his every overture, Molly held off for a long moment before finally being compelled to look up into his eyes and was immediately hit with a lightening bolt of both excitement and fear as she could tell to her soul that he was telling the truth.

Stunned to further silence and inaction, she simply looked back down to her glass and continued sipping her wine, her emotions overtaking her to the point that she felt as if she were floating in space... until Jason's next words brought her back down to earth.

"Do you want me to kiss you, Molly"?

Having often thought about the fact that although Jason had fucked her every which way from Sunday, he had never kissed her, Molly realized her answer would change everything, but she also realized there was only one answer she could give because more than anything ever before in her life, she wanted him.

"Yes," she answered, softly, too paralyzed to do anything more than desperately hold on to the glass of wine until Jason slowly took it from her and placed both of them back on the apron.

Forced to wait another moment, a moment in which Molly could only try to imagine how the kiss would come, she issued a soft involuntary whimper as Jason slowly reached across with his right hand and touched her left cheek with his fingers.

Closing her eyes, she once again felt herself floating on air as he caressed her cheek with his fingers and her heart with his words.

"I mean it, Molly," he reiterated softly, "You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know what I would do without you in my life. I am certain I will never be interested in another woman for as long as I live."

Slowly lifting her head to him in surrender, Molly locked her eyes onto his and let her lips meet his as he slowly kissed her softly. Separating only long enough for the kiss to forever establish its identity as their first, they then exchanged several more tender kisses, the tips of their tongues dancing with each other.

Now entirely desperate for more, Molly waited for what seemed like an eternity before Jason finally reached below the water and began softly caressing her breast and the long silence of their kissing was broken as she gave a loud whimper and immediately rushed up and onto his nearest thigh, pushing her back up against him and thrusting her breasts out as he took one in each hand and began caressing and fondling them.

Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, she spent most of the next ten minutes softly moaning and whimpering as Jason pleasured her breasts and nipples until it was time to head for the bedroom.

Wrapping their arms around each other as they walked down the hallways to the bedroom, Molly eagerly prepared for the coming event on the huge ten by twelve foot bed by scampering to the very center and lying down on her back.

Placing one of the small pillows under her hips and a big oversized one under her head, she quickly assumed her favorite position with her legs raised high and spread wide.

Taking a few moments to adjust the bend in her knees and find just the right angle to effortlessly balance her legs, she soon settled in and casually waited as Jason prepared the ambiance of the room, her deliciously robust pussy beautifully displayed at the bottom of a wide v and her equally beautiful feet and toes dangling from her ankles.

Taking in Molly's display, as usual, Jason found himself immediately excited and sporting a massive erection, forcing him to clumsily go about his tasks with his big dick pointing straight up to the sky.

Having gotten used to it by now, however, and determined to enjoy the visual foreplay, he took his time as he went around the room dimming the lights, lighting incense and initiating some soft music, all the while making frequent visits to Molly's pussy with his eyes.

Finally finishing up the preparations, but still wanting to extend and intensify the anticipation, he made his last task that of quickly raiding the small refrigerator for two bunches of sweet green grapes.

Taking up a position directly between Molly's legs and as close as he could get to her pussy, he sat cross-legged and paid no attention to his dick which was still pointing directly at the ceiling.

Handing her some grapes he initiated a casual conversation, having gotten used to fact that Molly could hold her legs up till the cows came home and taking advantage of it every time he got the chance.

"I've been thinking about you all week," he volunteered.

"Really?" asked Molly, plucking the grapes one at a time and eating them with nonchalance.

"Umm humm," he assured her, as they each chewed a grape, "How about you, have you been thinking about me?"

"Not really," teased Molly.

"Oh, really," protested Jason, "not at all."

"Well, maybe once or twice, I guess," reconsidered Molly, "I don't remember. I've been pretty busy."

"You've been busy," Jason protested again, "too busy to think of me?"

"Well, you know how it is, out of sight out of mind," Molly explained.

"So if you were to put a blind fold on right now you would forget all about me," suggested Jason.

"Well," answered Molly, still casually plucking and eating her grapes, "I would say that if I were to put on a blind fold right now I could forget about that big boner you've got there a lot sooner that you could."

"So you ARE thinking about my big boner," countered Jason....

Each enjoying the repartee, they continued with their little sparring match for a while until the conversation slowly turned to other things and they found themselves spending the next hour simply talking about everything from cabbages to kings and Jason once again found himself mesmerized by Molly and everything she was.

There was also something else that totally amazed, captivated and drove Jason almost crazy with desire. Throughout their whole conversation, Molly never once lowered her legs, continuing to display herself as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

Of course, what really captivated him was the fact that, for Molly, it really was the most natural thing in the world.

More and more over time Jason had discovered that Molly had her own little world swirling about her all the time, a world the likes of which he had never dreamed existed, the world of Molly, a world that left him constantly stupefied with amazement and wonder and joy. He also realized the most important and frightening thing of all about Molly.

He did a lot more than care about her, he was crazy about her. He was stone cold, don't know what day it is, can't find your dick, never going to be the same, never gonna look at another girl, crazy about her, and he knew he would do anything for her... anything he could do, that is, and he was terrified when he considered the most profound and undeniable truth of all... he was what he was.

How could the darkness and the light ever become one? It was impossible.

"So this is how I will meet my doom," he thought to himself, "Well, I can't say it's not what I deserve."

Pushing such thoughts from his mind and knowing it was time for action, Jason slowly worked his way between Molly's legs and lowered himself onto his elbows and knees.

Exchanging gentle kisses as Molly held his head in her hands and occasionally guided him to her neck and breasts, she whimpered and moaned and caressed his sides with her knees and feet, occasionally wrapping them tightly around his waist whenever she felt the need to give an especially loud moan or cry.

Finally unable to restrain himself any longer, he gave Molly one last kiss before rising up on his arms and mounting her as she gave a loud cry and adjusted her legs to his thighs.

Taking his time, he indulged himself by giving her a slow and easy fuck for most of the next half-hour as she unabashedly looked into his eyes and loudly moaned and groaned her pleasure, but when the time came, he was determined that the fucking had given her every time before was going to seem like nothing more than practice compared to what he was going to give her this time.

This time he was going to fuck the living hell out of her. This time he was going to take her apart piece by piece and scatter them all over town. This time she was going to give him the one thing she had never given him. This time she was going to damn well give it up.

Taking a deep breath and bracing for the long haul, he set a moderate pace and began paying very close attention to Molly's every reaction. Using every technique he knew, and everything he already knew about her sexually, he relentlessly pursued his goal as Molly moaned and groaned beneath him with every stroke.

Riding her high and low and deep and shallow and every which way in between, he varied his strokes in speed and power and direction until he knew the time had come and once again he found himself absolutely enthralled with the world of Molly.

There was nothing in the world he liked more than giving a girl a long, hard, down and dirty screwing and, luckily for him, there was nothing Molly enjoyed more than getting one. And best of all, she could take it for as long as he could dish it out.

Holding onto his arms for leverage and flailing her legs about, she would take deep breaths and moan and groan and grunt and growl and howl until he finally pushed her over the top by slowing down just a little and putting a little extra pressure on her clit as he continued with the circular motion of his hips.

It was then that he could enjoy the part that was even better than the best part as she would wrap her arms tight around his head and draw her legs back up tight to his ribs and absolutely howl in ecstasy, all the while flutter kicking with her feet as fast as she could go.

The next best part came when she had finished coming and she would take his head in her hands and shower him with grateful kisses, sharing her tongue with him in short little bursts as she continued to moan and whimper a cry out softly.

Still, there was one riddle that he had never been able so solve, but he wasn't going to give up until he did.

Fucking her three more times over the next two hours, he continued to experiment with his technique and pay close attention, determined to reach his goal.

Starting by stroking her slowly, as always, he carefully introduced each new variation and escalation right on time so that the transition from stroking to screwing became seamless. Having Molly exactly where he wanted, he went to work on her like a hungry dog goes to work on a bone.

Kicking it into high gear, he was giving it everything he had and Molly was screaming and moaning and groaning as usual until he noticed something he had never noticed before and once again he realized that Molly, as always, had been ahead of him the whole time.

Paying close attention to the movements of Molly's legs and hips, which he had always thought were simply erratic and the product of unbridled passion, he realized they actually had purpose and meaning.

He also realized something else which both humbled and irritated him till he almost couldn't stand it, Molly had hardly fucked at all in her life, but she could already fuck better than he could.

Determined to rectify the situation, however, he quickly began to coordinate his timing and movements with her until they truly became one and it became such that Molly was not only getting a thoroughly beastly screwing, she was helping Jason give it to her.

Thus, it was then than Jason received his ultimate reward for all his determination and diligence as Molly said the one thing every guy wants his girl to say.

"OH GOD! Fuck me Jason! FUCK ME! Ooooh! Fuck me! Jason! FUCK ME!"

Having finally reached the promised land, the next thirty minutes were the happiest of Jason's life as Molly also discovered that she could save energy and thus fuck better and longer by alternately calling upon Jason and the deity himself in lieu of simply screaming her head off... at least some of the time.

Finally realizing he couldn't hold out any longer, Jason did his best job ever of bringing Molly to her climax before he got his and was more than pleased that when his time came, Molly reached for her ankles and pulled her feet all the way back to her shoulders, thus allowing him easy assess to deposit his natural issue as deeply as possible inside her.

Having Molly once more exhausted and cuddled up against him after they had finished, Jason also once more reluctantly revisited his terrifying thoughts of earlier in the day.

"So I have foreseen my doom and this is it."


"Xenophobia! Triple word score! I win!" exclaimed Molly, with glee, as Jason scattered the scrabble pieces over the bed in mock anger before laying down on his side and propping himself up on one elbow to complain about his bad luck.

"No fair!" he growled, "Nobody gets the word xenophobia! You're supposed to get stuck with the damn X!"

"I win! I win! I win!" Molly rubbed it in as she jumped up from the bed and ran to the little refrigerator and retrieved two more bunches of grapes.

"Next time you die," Jason swore his vengeance, but his frustration was quickly replaced with one of his greatest pleasures as Molly proceeded to swipe the pieces out of her way and off the bed.

Scooting her pussy as closely to his face as possible, she quickly lifted and spread her legs and squirmed even closer, finally placing her left leg on his hip and the other just outside his elbow before propping her head up on the big pillow and casually beginning to eat her grapes.

"Next time I'm going to get figs," grinned Jason, as he stared at Molly's pussy, not more than twelve inches away.

"There are more than 700 varieties of figs," declared Molly, "They are divided into four main divisions according to the way they are pollinated."

"And how are they pollinated, prey tell," asked Jason, not really giving a fuck, but willing to listen to anything as long as he got to keep looking at Molly's beautiful pussy.

"By wasps, of course," continued Molly, "There's one tree that produces only pollen and one only female flowers and... "

Spending the rest of the afternoon alternately talking and fucking without even thinking about lunch, they finally headed to the shower where Jason gave Molly a little surprise of her own as he informed her that they were going out for dinner with some of his friends.

"Thank God Jean Paul sent me that web page on table manners," thought Molly, to herself, "Don't worry, Jason, my sweet. I may be an ugly duckling now, but I'm going to be a princess someday."


Enjoying the best meal she had ever eaten in a restaurant so exclusive it had an unlisted number, Molly was both gratified and relieved to find that the four other couples were genuinely friendly and totally occupied with simply having a good time rather than subjecting her to any particular scrutiny and indeed seemed to make every effort to make her feel welcome.

She wasn't quite prepared, however, when after the table had been cleared and restocked with wine and cheese, someone triggered the table to lower itself to knee level and one of the women began tapping on a glass.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she announced, after getting everyone's attention, "May I present to you the lovely Nicole!"

Her sense of anticipation and curiosity now heightened, Molly found both suddenly transformed to utter amazement as Nicole promptly pulled her dress down to her waist and then removed her bra, completely exposing her breasts for all to see.

Although smallish in size, they were perfectly matched and beautifully adorned with plush areolas and big nipples, which met with instant approval by all.

"Bravo! Nicole!" they all cheered and clapped, "Lovely Nicole! You're a lucky man Eugene!"

"I am indeed," Eugene agreed as they all clinked their wine glasses together in a toast to Nicole.

The conversation returning to normal as soon as the toast had been given, Molly enjoyed the next hour even more than the meal as they all allowed her to be slowly absorbed into the group.

Asking her only the most gentle of questions and generously giving her the little tidbits of inside information necessary for her to understand and appreciate some particular story or situation, they often also included insights into one person or another's personality and particular quirks, making Molly almost feel as if she already knew them well.

Being there among them and nestled up against Jason as he held one arm around her, Molly couldn't remember when she'd had such a good time, so it was without trepidation that she agreed when asked by one of the ladies named Nikki to accompany her to the ladies room.

Preparing to follow Nikki back to the others after they had finished up in the restroom, Molly found herself instead escorted over to a seating area where Nikki sat her down in a small love seat and took both her hands in hers.

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