tagRomanceYou Belong to Me Ch. 01

You Belong to Me Ch. 01


Maria sat in her apartment staring into the void that had become her life. These funks that she seemed to slip into more and more these days were certainly not doing her any favors. It just annoyed her every time she thought of Kevin and his new girlfriend. It wasn't like he technically was hers. They were just friends. She had known him her entire life. Somewhere along the way, he became more than a guy. She started to view him as a man.

It wasn't a hard thing to do. He was fairly tall, golden skinned as a result of his mixed Anglican and African heritage, and dark haired. His big brown eyes and pouty full lips made the butterflies in her stomach dance every time she glanced at him. He wasn't aware of that, though. Was he? As far as she knew, all he thought about her was that she was his best friend for life.

It didn't matter, now. He was Angelica's. Hard to believe that he could have such poor taste in a girlfriend. Angelica was such a superficial twit, but Kevin thought she was "hot" and that's all it took.

"Maria!" she heard a voice booming from the other side of her front door. She knew that sexy baritone.

"Kevin.....what the fuck are you doing here?" she asked as she opened the door and pulled him inside.

"I need some advice on my relationship." she heard him slur obviously intoxicated.

"I think you need to sleep it off, hun." She said ushering him toward her bedroom.

She had slept beside him many times before. They had spent the night at each others houses as kids, even crashed each other's dorms in college just to talk problems out, so having him in her bed wouldn't mean a thing.

"She says she wants me to have a better job so I can be prepared to meet her parents." He said pausing for a response.

"Do you think you need a different job?" Maria asked

"Of course not, but love is about compromising isn't it?" he asked as he sat down on her bed.

Love? The words stung her the minute they spilled from his beautiful mouth. How could he love her? They'd only been going out a month or so, and from was she'd seen of Sarah, she was a horrible example of a human being...in a short skirt albeit. "Well, yeah. If you love her, then compromise is important." Maria said shakily.

"I don't know." He said as he kicked his shoes off.

She found it hard to take her eyes away as he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal a beautifully bronzed chest. He was muscled slightly, a little on the thin side, but very masculine. Her gaze followed the light spattering of jet black chest hair that tapered into a thin line and disappeared beneath the waistline of his jeans. She stood seemingly unable to move as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans before sliding them to the floor. His black boxer briefs clung to his narrow hips and to every curve of his muscled thighs.

Maria could feel the heat of a blush creeping up her neck and face. She turned walked back into her living room unsure of what had come over her. She had seen Kevin in his skivvies before. What was different about tonight? She forced herself to read a novel she had been nursing for a few weeks. He probably needed some alone time to sort out his thoughts and definitely time to sleep off the affects of what appeared to be a rough night at the bar.

The hours seemed to blur together and before she knew it, she had finished the book. With tired eyes and a fatigued body, she knew where she'd have to go. Of course she didn't "have" to go there. She could always sleep on the sofa. But, she'd never miss an opportunity to be next to Kevin. She wanted to smell his manliness. She wanted to feel his warmth beside her.

She tiptoed into her bedroom. He was laying on his back, dark lashes laying in crescents on his cheeks. In that moment, she knew what love was. It was him and her, whether he was aware of it or not. She quickly slipped out of her tee shirt, bra, and jeans, and slipped her sleep shirt over her head.

She crawled into bed beside him and turned off her bedside lamp. The dark oblivion of sleep enveloped her as she sank into her side of her bed.

Some sound in the distance seemed to stir her. Her eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the light of the morning sun seeping in through the window. Immediately, she noticed that she was draped lazily over Kevin. Her head lay on his arm, her hand was splayed possessively over his chest, and her right thigh had slipped dangerously between his.

She was afraid to look, but certain that he was awake. She looked up and stared right into his soulful brown eyes. He didn't say anything, nor did he attempt to free himself from her hold on him. He tilted her head toward his and brushed his lips softly across hers. Instinctively, her hand slid up his chest.

He leaned in for another kiss, this time taking her bottom lip between his, sucking, and teasing it with his tongue. She returned the kiss, tasting his sweet lip while letting her hand slide back down his torso. She could hear his breathing get heavier with each inch of ground she covered on her journey down his body.

She let her hand slide over the bulge in his boxer briefs. He was hard and hot. Crazy images of what she could do it his manhood flashed through her mind as she caressed him softly through his underwear.

She increased the intensity of her sweet torture on him and was rewarded by a quivering intake of breath and a soft moan, which made her insides melt and made her ache for him. His hand went to her exposed thigh. He hiked it higher on his body, pulling her in closer contact with him. His hand slid up the length of her leg, beneath her sleep shirt, and beneath her panties. He grabbed her ass, squeezed it, slid his fingers further and grazed her now soaked pussy lips. She couldn't stop the moan that erupted as a result of the contact.

She knew that this was probably a mistake, but right then, right there, it was right. There was nothing she wanted more than to be filled with emotions for the man she adored, and to feel his manhood throbbing deep inside her.

She rolled on top of him, still kissing his lips. Maria then trailed kisses down his chest and stomach. She loved the moans and breathing that her attention to loving him seemed to cause. It excited her when she heard him moan "Oh God...." It encouraged her. She stood to remove her shirt and panties, as well as his boxer briefs.

She then took him in her hands and started to slowly stroke his cock, feeling its warmth. She licked the under side of it before using her tongue to swirl his precum over the head, savoring the taste of him, probing his little slit with the tip of her tongue. She smiled a little watching him clutch the sheets and clench his teeth.

She slid the length of him into her hot mouth, suckling and using her tongue to tease his shaft. She eased him out again before taking him all the way to the back of her throat, letting his cockhead ease down a little before sliding him back out.

"Oh baby, I need you. Make love to me, Maria." He whimpered staring down at her.

She eased up the length of his body, straddling his hips. She eased her pussy up the length of his shaft, grinding on his cock to tease him. She could see her juices making him slick.

"Are you sure you want this, Kevin?" Maria asked driving him crazy with her teasing grind.
"Yes. I'm yours." He whispered as he released the sheets to grab her hips.

She slowly let him ease into her. It felt delicious as his head began to open her pussy. She could feel it squeezing him as he thrust his hips up yearning to bury more of himself inside of her.

She slid down onto his cock, relishing the feeling of his hot throbbing cock deep inside her, stretching her cunt around him. She moaned his name as she began to rock slowly back and forth on his member. With each rock forward she could hear the sound of her wetness, and with each rock back, she feel him ease into her again.

She took every inch of, she wanted him balls deep inside her as she began to move her hips faster. She could feel her juices oozing down his cock as she got more excited. She began to move faster moaning his name.

"Kevin...you feel so good inside me." She moaned.

Her movements got faster and she began to grind down harder on him. She could hear him breathing frantically, and she knew he would cum soon. She drove harder down on him and began to feel the beginnings of her own climax.

They both began to rock harder and faster, moaning and panting wildly. He announced that he was going to cum before thrusting upward deep into her one last time. She could feel his cock twitch inside her as she clenched and convulsed around his cock in her own orgasm.

They lay there for long moments, before she whispered to him

"You belong to me, Kevin."

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