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You Belong to Me Ch. 05


Author's notes: My first note is an apology for the overly long delay, at least ten months, between chapter four and chapter five. A number of readers have emailed asking if and when questions. I can only apologize; there was a family issue that totally distracted me and kept me from writing anything at all. There will be one more chapter to wrap up this tale; I hope to have it out and posted here on Literotica before football season starts.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real life characters or situations is completely coincidental. This is the fifth chapter of You Belong to Me, a story of a happily married couple with all of the hallmarks of a successful marriage wherein the wife takes another man as lover. If this type of story is not for you, move on to another. This chapter is devoted to Porter finally getting a little bit of outside adventure as he and Peggy each enjoy a threesome following a restaurant dinner where Silver introduces Porter to a mother and daughter, and Silver's friend Red makes a second appearance.


Chapter Five -- A Threesome for Peggy And Porter

Once again Peggy's eyes blinked open while her husband still slept soundly beside her. She snuggled her bottom close to Porter, but he didn't stir. A yawn completed her wake cycle and Peggy had time to remember last night, first with her lover Silver and then her husband Porter. Dinner and dancing with Silver, alone, no husband chaperone, had been girlish delight. Last night Peggy was young again. Sharing Silver's bed as lover without Porter's shadow was even more exciting than having her lover in her own bedroom.

Peggy wondered if her daughter Nancy had ever shared as passionate a kiss at the doorstep like the kiss Silver dazzled Peggy with last night. Probably she had; she must have. Peggy had a mother daughter talk about the ethics, morality and mechanics of sex and boys, but Nancy was not one to share intimate details with her mother. I wonder if I can ever tell Porter exactly how my end-of-date kiss made me feel? Kissing on my doorstep in the glow of our welcome light I became twenty years younger. No I don't think telling Porter is such a good idea.

Peggy reached for her husband's thigh just to feel his warmth; having Porter beside her in bed was reassuring. It was cute finding Porter asleep on the couch when I came home last night, Peggy thought to herself. I often found my mother or father just like that when I was a schoolgirl coming home late from a date. Of course I didn't kiss them awake the way I kissed Porter. I didn't go directly to my bedroom for a final lust driven sex wrestling match when I was a teenager either. Porter and I sure did last night.

Peggy wished this morning was Saturday; she really wanted to wake her husband by rolling on top and loving him every way possible all day long. It's only Friday, she thought to herself, we will have to make do with a quickie before work. Her hand moved up Porter's thigh where she found a morning erection. She squeezed. Porter groaned and his eyes flashed open. Peggy began with a kiss and let their passion take them rapidly to climax.

Peggy finished her shower and had coffee ready when Porter came to the kitchen. Another warm kiss followed handing over his cup. They sat side by side at the kitchen table holding their coffee cups in one hand and each other's hand. "I love you Porter. You are the best husband in the world. There is no other man than you I ever want to be with in the morning like this. We belong together. You belong to me, and I belong with you."

Driving to work Porter wondered about his wife Peggy. She had been in a really loving mood this morning. He wondered if this morning was the start of a new atmosphere between them; was her infatuation with Silver satisfied? Or, just maybe, this morning was staged to give excuse to cut me off and relegate Porter even further down the lineup of men available for Peggy. Porter was busy enough at work to drive those questions out of his mind.

The questions Porter asked himself on the way to work that morning reappeared and were still running through his mind on the drive home that evening. Peggy beat him home and was already in the kitchen cooking dinner. Porter stopped in his tracks on seeing his wife; she had the few clothes she wore covered by a matrons apron that she normally only wore when cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was the clothes under the apron that brought him short, a bright red bra and panty set and nothing else, not even shoes.

Peggy turned and beckoned her husband. "Come kiss me darling. I want to show you I can dress a little sexy especially for my husband, not just for the lover you permit me to enjoy." Porter broke from his trance and quickly moved to wrap Peggy in his arms. His welcome home kiss this Friday evening was long and ardent.

During dinner, Peggy blew air kisses across the table between bites of food. Porter's skepticism finally overwhelmed his pleasure. "Are you teasing me tonight to tell me you have another date with Silver?"

Peggy affected a mock look of indignation, "Me, tease my loving husband?" She smiled broadly and blew another air kiss, "No Honey, no date with Silver tonight, not for me. I feel sexy and loving for you, and if I am teasing now, I will deliver the goods after dinner. I just love you so much."

To Porter's delight, Peggy backed up her sweet words with action. When dinner dishes were cleared and cleaned, and her seldom worn apron returned to its hiding place in the pantry, Peggy snuggled her red covered bottom onto her husband's lap in the living room. Kisses followed along with soft touches; Porter's skepticism vanished as blood drained from brain to genitals.

The couple necked like teenagers for ten minutes while the TV news Porter had been watching droned in the background. Finally Peggy broke their clenches and asked Porter if he was more interested in the news or the fun they were having. "Why don't you find some romantic music and we can continue from here." Porter selected three mellow jazz CDs and then returned to his bride. He didn't bother to ask who her sexual partner for the weekend would be; the here and now together was satisfying enough for the moment.

Peggy kept her bra and panties in place, intact even, through their passionate play while listening to the first CD. The same could not be said for Porter's clothes; his shirt was on the floor and his pants unfastened and flopped open at the waist. Peggy's hand had fun playing. As the second CD began to play Porter went to work on Peggy's bra and by the second band it was in his lap. Half way through the music selection Peggy and Porter were panting heavily. They gave up on listening and retired to their bedroom to make music themselves.

Porter had a singular goal, to please his bride sexually. Peggy didn't give thought once to her Silver lover. Husband and wife together made love and shared the passion and joy of marriage. Sated they eased into sleep cuddled together. In the morning they repeated lovemaking before breakfast and a day of weekend life activity together.

Peggy floated on a pillow of love and affection for her husband as she sorted their laundry and performed that weekly task. She didn't even grouse and scowl as she moved from room to room doing her deep cleaning chores. Porter was in a whistle while you work mood too. Using the lawn mower was as simple as guiding it across the grass, their privacy shrubbery got trimmed and all clippings bagged and at curbside for pick-up.

Even going through stuff in the garage that sorely needed organization didn't seem a daunting task, but when Peggy offered a cold drink and air conditioned comfort Porter bobbed his head yes and forgot about the garage for another week. A kiss, a cold beer and his favorite chair in the den ended Saturday afternoon yard work. Peggy curled up on the sofa with a glass of chilled chablis. They shared simple family life conversation, their week past activities and the upcoming week. They wondered about daughter Nancy away at school.

The stress and turmoil of Peggy's dating life with her Rich Silver man was off and gone in some closet. Their weekend day progressed no different from that of any of their married friends. The telephone rang interrupting casual conversation. Peggy answered, "Hello, this is Peggy." Porter wondered which of their friends might be calling; he watched his wife to see if he could guess. When Peggy's face broadened to a grin and she blew a kiss at the mouthpiece Porter knew.

"Hello lover, just hearing your voice makes my day even better and better", and then softly, almost furtively, "I love you too." Peggy half turned on the sofa to hide eyes and lips while she talked with Silver. Porter noticed, let a dismayed frown crease his face, and just sipped his drink. He was about to leave the den to give Peggy privacy and protect his ego when he heard his wife respond to the phone, "I love your idea, let me ask Porter?" Porter eased back into his chair wishing he had bailed a minute sooner.

"Silver is inviting us to dinner tonight; he wants to introduce us to some friends he thinks we might like to meet. I want to go; are you up for it darling?"

Is Silver looking for help sexing my wife, Porter wondered to himself? One thing I am sure of is he isn't doing me any favors inviting me to dinner. What kind of friend of Silver would I want to meet? "What time and where, Peggy? I guess it is okay by me if you really want to go meet his friends." Peggy accepted the invitation and resumed her soft, furtive conversation while shaking her wine glass toward Porter asking for more.

Porter took his time returning; he was sure Peggy wanted the privacy as much as he didn't want to hear her one sided coos. After five minutes he returned with her wine in time to see his wife blow a kiss through the telephone wire as her goodbye. "I have the details, darling, dressy casual, Adolpho's restaurant, we will meet Silver and his friends at 8:30. I think you will enjoy tonight. Refill your glass and I'll fill you in about Silver's friends."

By the time Porter and Peggy were dressed and out the door, Porter was at least a bit intrigued to meet Silver's friends. A thirty-nine year old Latin American woman with two children, a boy in his twenties and a younger daughter meant she had her children early in life. That she was friends with Silver meant she probably wasn't an illiterate cleaning lady washer woman. Maybe I am being set up with a lusty lady and her daughter to keep me occupied while Peggy and Silver have their fun. Porter smiled.

As everyone was about to be seated around one of Adolpho's large tables, Silver handled introductions. Gesturing first to the woman very obviously the mother, "Porter and my darling Peggy, this is Maria, her son Rafael, and her lovely young daughter Rosa." Turning to Maria and her family Silver continued, introducing Porter and Peggy as man and wife, and then with an arm around Peggy's waist and a kiss that began on left cheek but sensually travelled to waiting lips, made very obvious to all that he and Peggy were lovers.

Maria responded to the introduction with a warm smile, a Buenos Noches Senora and kiss on Peggy's cheek, followed by the same greeting to Porter accompanied by a pressing of her full breasts into Porter's chest and a very light kiss on his lips. Porter couldn't help but appreciate her warm friendliness, and lush body too, and he still had a big grin when Rosa kissed his cheek with her greeting. Rafael was more restrained, but did softly hold Porter's hand and draw it to his chest. Porter blinked at that gesture but said nothing.

When he discovered over dinner conversation that Rafael had studied drama and dance in college, and now was with the local theater company, Porter figured he understood his greeting gesture. Rafael is a flaming queen, Porter was sure, but he certainly wasn't going to say anything derogatory. I am sitting here with his mother to my left, and his baby sister to my right, and both women are very attractive with all signs of both being very passionate women as well. I am not going to insult son/brother and screw things up.

Even if Porter had been inclined to focus attention on Maria's gay son, momma and her daughter were vying for attention and his exclusive time. Maria needed to whisper in Porter's ear often and managed to press a breast into his shoulder each time she leaned close. Sometimes breast simply mashed close, sometimes it seemed to jiggle against his arm, but every so often Maria pressed tight as if to bore through Porter's shirt with a hardening nipple and leave her imprint. When she was that close Maria's whisper was always accompanied by warm breath blowing on his ear.

Erection, a hard and throbbing penis, not penis -- cock -- yes - that is cock between my legs. When I am this hard what is down there is very much cock, Porter allowed in his mind. His breathing turned rapid with the sensations. Maria looked down and saw that she was fulfilling Mr. Rich Silver's request; he had asked her to distract Porter to give him more time with Peggy. If Maria caused the stir in Porter's pants Rosa took advantage.

Porter turned to Rosa and asked what she was studying in community college. "Muscle therapy", was Rosa's quick response and she demonstrated by giving a firm squeeze on Porter's inner thigh. Her hand was close enough that her knuckles made contact with Porter's erect cock momma made hard. Rosa demonstrated a massage technique she was learning. Her eyes made captive contact with Porter's; she smiled and asked, "Feel good?" Porter just moaned and reached for Rosa's hand.

Peggy and Silver were holding hands below the table and watching Maria and Rosa flirt with Porter. Both smiled when Porter succumbed to Rosa's ploy; the lover's kiss Peggy gave Silver was open and full. Peggy reached under table between Silver's legs, but turned to Rafael with a tease as simple distraction. "It looks like your sister has very good hands; Porter seems to appreciate her."

"Si, yes he does. My sister is very talented; so is my mother." Rafael followed with a lusty laugh that Peggy and Silver joined. Rosa ignored her brother's comment, but Maria blushed her understanding and agreement. She took the laughter as cue to show that she could be as brazen as her daughter. Porter was overwhelmed. Maria held his head with both hands as she kissed him on lips; Rosa twisted her hand to hold and squeeze him below. Porter accepted both women's caresses.

Rafael was the one left out as dinner progressed, but he had ordered light on purpose and was prepared to depart for a more suitable place as soon as he spotted the friend he telephoned earlier to rescue him. He did surprise everyone but sister with his goodbye to Porter who got a kiss on the cheek and a blatant fondling rub across chest that ended with hand on Porter's left nipple. Porter surprised even himself when he responded by covering Rafael's hand and holding him close for a moment while they said their goodbye.

"Your son seems a nice young man; the next time he has a play let me know about opening night. We can go and see him, the three of us." Porter reached and held Maria's hand and Rosa's to make obvious who the three included. When Rosa saw her mother draw the hand to breast she did the same. Porter found himself in a most delightful position and took full advantage fondling both. This time he initiated the kisses, mother first.

Silver watched and couldn't be more delighted. He and Peggy shared what public intimacy they could. "Tonight is working perfectly, my lover, and I have one more surprise in store." Peggy was curious but Silver resisted. Half an hour later, after a restroom break on Silver's part, it was time for Peggy to be surprised.

"You remember meeting my friend Red, don't you Peggy?" Peggy certainly did remember Red. She remembered everything about that first date with Silver; that is when she met his friend Red. Silver handled introductions with everyone. After Red's arrival two three person groupings became firm. It just seemed natural for Peggy to whisper in her husband's ear that she would go with Red and Silver, and Porter should leave with Maria and daughter Rosa. "You can have our house tonight; I'll call in the morning before coming home, okay?"

Porter kissed agreement with no concern for the obvious admission by his wife that she planned on having both men as lovers for the night. "We can skip church this Sunday; you don't need to call too early." He had a big grin when he turned back to Maria and kissed her with warmth and then gave Rosa the same. He was man in the middle holding hands with two attractive women as they left Adolpho's for Porter's car and ultimately his bedroom.

First in Silver's living room, and then again in his bedroom, Peggy experienced sexual delights she never imagined and still didn't think possible. Simply undressing, rather being undressed for she didn't unfasten a snap or button, became a sensual dance. Her men took turns freeing Peggy of pieces of clothing and each removal was accompanied by kiss and caress. Silver and Red took pleasure stimulating each bit of skin revealed, individually and together.

Peggy never imagined that Red could handle her body with the delicacy he showed. By the time her clothes were stacked over the arm of a stuffed chair Peggy was ready for as much pleasure as the men could give. She turned toward Red, "Let me have Silver first, then you Red, and then we can try some new things." Peggy kissed Red with hunger and then opened her arms and herself to Silver. "Take me lover, whatever you want; just take me."

In Porter's bedroom he was the one in the middle. His threesome reached the master bedroom as last stop on the introductory tour of his home Porter offered after fixing drinks. As he made gestures and pointed out features Rosa stopped him by wrapping him in her arms and smothering his speech with kisses. Soon Maria took over from her daughter.

Ten minutes of kissing, fondling, and throwing of clothing around the room found Porter in the middle of the bed he normally shared with wife Peggy, but tonight he was flanked by Maria and Rosa. Four hands played Porter's body; the women alternated with kisses, Rosa's lips caressing Porter and then mother Maria using lips and tongue. Porter was in heaven. Maria directed her daughter's breast toward their man. Porter suckled. Maria climbed aboard and straddled Porter's middle; she settled with cock fit in her warm and wet vagina.

Maria and Rosa made love with Porter; mother received his first load of passion while daughter kissed and fondled Porter with added stimulation. Both women played vixen to revive his body and ready him for Rosa. Porter wanted a more active role this second time; he took Rosa in missionary position while Maria used her breasts on his back as her contribution. Sounds of three languages filled the bedroom. Porter called his endearments and obscenities in English; Rosa and Maria cried out in Spanish, and all three moaned the universal language of sexual pleasure. Finally Porter flopped between two women exhausted but happy.

All three rested for a while. Rosa was the first to recover and Porter sent her to refill glasses. On return she found Porter and her mother sharing languid kisses. She put drinks on nightstand and joined in the fun. Eventually the three traded kissing for refreshment. On finishing her wine Rosa spoke softly, "You kiss women beautifully, Senor Porter, but let me show you how two women kiss."

Porter eased to the side and propped on an elbow. He could rest and recuperate while Rosa and Maria had their fun. His jaw dropped. Rosa's first kiss to her mother's lips seemed to draw them completely into the young girl's mouth. Daughter just devoured mother. Mother arched her back drilling her breasts into Rosa in response. Porter watched the two women thrash about in obvious pleasure. He had always tried to be tender and controlled when kissing Peggy; he had been taught restraint by his early first dates.

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