tagIncest/TabooYou Belong to Me, Regina

You Belong to Me, Regina


A young man claims his mother and takes as her his woman

To my readers: This story is a departure from my usual style. I wrote it at the request of one of my readers who asked to remain anonymous. She gave me no guidelines other than it be a son/mother story of incest and asked that I keep it reasonably clean. There is sex, however, it is not the hot and steamy sex most of you prefer. I hope you will read it and judge it based upon its intended purpose. All in all, in my opinion, it is not a particularly bad story, however, you are the judges of that.

As the story opens, Daniel had graduated from law school and passed the state bar exam only the year before. He was still living at home with his mother, Regina. His father had left her three years earlier for a girl Daniel had dated a few times while he was still in high school. This left Daniel to care for Regina while he was still going to college. As a result of this, they grew closer together emotionally.

Daniel knew Regina was very sad and lonely since her divorce. Daniel had tried to get her to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and start over. She was only 42 years old and while her body did show some signs of middle age she was still a very beautiful and desirable woman. She still went to the gym and took yoga classes regularly but she brushed off every man who attempted to get close to her.

Daniel had always had a secret crush on his mother and she had always been the most prominent figure in his sexual fantasies from the time he reached puberty until the present day. She had auburn shoulder length hair, a near hour glass figure, deep emerald green eyes, and her D cup breasts still appeared to be somewhat high, firm and perky. Her legs were like long and firm those of dancer and her butt was incredible. Daniel found himself becoming more and more sexually attracted to Regina with each passing day and slowly he made the decision to let her know how he felt. He knew he was taking what could result in an utter disaster but he made up his mind to claim his mother as his own.

As the days dragged by, Daniel tried to formulate a plan that would insure Regina would surrender herself to him and become his mate. Sadly, since she was his mother marriage was out of the question but privately in the secrecy of their home she could be his and his alone.

Almost every night as he lay in his bed masturbating to visions of his beautiful sexy mother, Daniel could hear her through the wall of between their bedrooms. He could hear her muffled moans and he knew she, too, was masturbating. He wondered and hoped he was the fantasy lover she of whom she was thinking and to whom she was surrendering herself.

Since they mother and son, Regina dressed in a reasonably modest fashion most of the time at home but Daniel was often able to catch glimpses of her partially exposed body from time to time. He decided to turn up the heat a little by dressing more casually when he knew she would be able to see him.

Often he would wear only his boxers when he was in the kitchen late at night after Regina had gone to bed and he never made an effort to be particularly quiet at those times. She had come downstairs to investigate the noises on several occasions and more than once he had seen her staring at the tent his hard cock made in the boxers when she saw him. Daniel never apologized or made an effort to hide it from her.

On one occasion, he intentionally came out of the hall bathroom totally naked and sporting a full erection just as Rachel was coming out of her bedroom. Her face turned beet red and she gasped as she stared not into his eyes but at the menacing looking turgid member staring back at her from between his legs. Daniel made it flex upwards for her a couple of times. Without uttering a word, Regina scurried back into her bedroom and closed her door. Daniel stood outside her door for a couple of minutes and listened closely. He could hear her breathing heavily though the thin walls of the door.

A few minutes later he got a stethoscope from his closet and placed it against the wall between their bedrooms. He had bought the stethoscope for the sole purpose of being able to hear her more clearly. He could hear a very faint humming or buzzing sound which he knew must have been that of her vibrator. Then her heard her soft voice moaning and calling his name. She kept saying it was wrong but she wanted him to be inside her, to fuck her and make her come.

With his free hand, Daniel stroked his hard, swollen cock faster and faster as he listened to his mother on the other side of the wall. She must have covered her mouth with her hand or her pillow as she reached her climax because all he could hear were very low muffled noises. His balls tightened and then spewed his own cum against the wall as he imagined he was emptying it deep inside the womb of his hot horny mother.

Daniel was sure she had been thinking of as she reached her orgasm and he knew the time for him to act was near; not today but soon. Regina would still be wrestling with herself over the thought of having incestuous sex with her son but Daniel was sure he could weaken her resolve. He would take her and make her his lover but he had to have a foolproof plan in order to make his dream come true.

That night they were both rather quiet as they ate dinner. Daniel noticed that Regina hardly looked at him at all throughout the entire meal. When they were cleaning up the dish after dinner, Daniel made sure he "accidentally" pressed against her firm bottom and brushed the sides of her ample breasts several times. Regina did not shrink away but she did not press back against him either. He knew she was struggling with her feelings as well as with her desires.

When he went to bed that night, Daniel left his door ajar and the was TV on but the sound volume was turned down rather low. While he lay in bed masturbating himself very slowly, he heard the door of Regina's bedroom close quietly. He had his face turned toward his own door and in a few seconds he could see the light from the TV reflecting off two shiny spots which had to be the beautiful eyes of his mother.

Daniel increased the tempo of his masturbation. He wanted her to see the explosion of his cum as it jetted up from his turgid member. He hoped she would make a noise so he could catch her spying on him. In a few minutes the eruption came and his jism spewed upward like lava from a volcano. Daniel had a towel on the bed beside him but he only used it to wipe the semen from his body. He wanted Regina to find evidence of his masturbation in the morning.

For the same reason, he had not cleaned the semen from his wall and floor earlier. He wanted her to "break the ice" of his deeds and open the way for them to discuss what was inevitably going to happen between them. He opened the drawer of his nightstand and retrieved a book from it. The title of the book was "My Mother Belongs To Me." It was a steamy third rate pornographic novella about the incestuous love affair of a son and his mother.

Daniel placed it face-down on the nightstand opened to the chapter which graphically described the scene of their first coupling. He left the book for her to find the following morning which was Saturday and neither of them would be going to work. He was planning to go out for a couple of hours which would allow Regina some time to tidy up the house and hopefully read part of the book. She was an avid reader and Daniel hoped the book would add fuel to the slow burning fire he was certain had begun to burn inside her.

Regina had not only seen her son naked but she had also seen his hard pulsing male rod flexing before her. She had often thought of him sexually way over the years and especially since he was now a man and she was divorced. She knew she was no longer a young woman and age was creeping up on her but she also realized she still had a lot to offer a man. Men often hit in her but she rebuked them all. Even though her husband had left her for a girl half his age, Regina knew she much hotter than that girl. Daniel, her own son, had only dated the girl briefly while they were in high school.

She had gotten up during the night to go to the kitchen for some water and saw a light from Daniel's slightly open door. She had peeked in and saw him stroking himself. She knew she should have been mortified and not watched him but she was mesmerized by the sight. Regina had mauled her breasts and pinched her nipple which inflamed her hungry pussy and rapidly engorging clitoris. She had slipped one hand into her panties and finger fucked herself furiously as she watched her son.

When she saw his cum exploded from his rigid cock, it had triggered her own violent orgasm. She had almost lost her balance and fallen through the door onto the floor of his room. She crept silently back into the safety of her bedroom. What was she going to do? How could she justify her feelings and her need to satisfy her burning lust for her son? She wanted so badly to feel him ravish her aching sex starved body. She knew she had to do something but what could she do? Giving in to her desires might push him away forever.

Regina remember Daniel had pressed against her and brushed the sides of her breasts as they cleaned up the dishes after dinner. Had is been accidental of did he do it intentionally? Did he have the same feelings for her as she had for him? Did he want his mother to be his lover? She hoped he did. She fell asleep with her thoughts.

The next morning at breakfast was more or less normal for both of them although they were both somewhat quiet with each of wondering what the other was thinking. The big difference this morning was that Regina wore only a very short robe and nothing else. She had decided to show a little, actually a lot, more bare skin than was usual for her. She tied the robe rather loosely which exposed a considerable amount of her more than adequate cleavage to the hungry eyes of her son. Had they been able to express their thoughts and feelings openly, they would have left the kitchen and gone straight back to bed together.

Finally, Daniel decided to take the bull by the horns or in this case the woman by tits and take the risk. So far she had not said a word about anything and he knew she had watched him masturbate last night. This morning she was flaunting her body for him. He had to be bold and find out how far she was willing to go.

"Gina, I am going out for a couple of hours this morning. Would you tidy up my bedroom while I am gone?" Daniel asked her. He had never before called her any anything but Mom.

Regina did not even bat an eye at his request or by his addressing her in such a personal and familiar manner. She simply said, "Of course, baby, whatever you want."

Daniel got up to take a shower and get ready to leave and said, "You look terrific this morning. I hope you will make it a habit to dress like that more often when we are here alone."

She looked up at him with her big green eyes and smiled as she replied, "I'm glad you like it and I will do as you ask. After all, it's just the two of us who are here. There is no reason we should not be more comfortable around each other."

"Good, Don't bother to change into something else unless someone drops by. I like seeing you dressed like that. You are a very beautiful woman," He replied.

"Daniel!" She exclaimed in mock disbelief at his remark, "I'm your mother. You should not speak to me like that."

"Yes, Gina, you are my mother but you are also a very beautiful woman. Please tidy up my room while I am gone, he said as he left the kitchen.

"Yes, Master," she whispered to herself as she felt her face begin to flush and a strange tingling feeling rippled through her body.

Regina hummed to herself as she cleared away the dishes. 'Does my son really think I am a beautiful woman? Does he want me? God knows I want him. Can I actually go through with it? Can I make love to my own son? It is so wrong but I want it so badly,' She thought.

A little while later, they met in the hallway. Daniel was dressed and was about to leave but he stopped to admire his gorgeous mother as she walked slowly toward him. When she was within arms reach, he placed his hand behind her head and pulled her closer.

Regina trembled at his touch but allowed him to pull her closer. He leaned down and kissed her on her soft tender lips. Without even thinking, she parted her lips and dragged her tongue across his. He told her goodbye and headed past her down the hallway.

Regina scolded herself for her incestuous thoughts but she could not control the feelings which snaked though her body. Her nipples hardened like diamonds and her clit swelled like a tiny penis between her legs. At that moment, any thoughts she had about incest being a bad thing vanished. She knew if her son touched her again she would be like putty in his hands. She would eagerly spread her legs and offer him her heart and soul as if he was a god.

Daniel was having similar feelings as he drove away from the house. He ha taken the risk and his mother had not offered even the slightest amount of resistance. She had not balked at all when he called her Gina and she had licked his lips when he kissed her goodbye. He licked his lips to savor the taste of the lip gloss she had left there during their brief kiss yet still he wondered if she would allow him to go further.

He had no reason to have left the house this morning other than to give her time to clean his room. He wondered what she would think when she saw the dried cum on his sheets and the wall which separated their bedrooms. He was more curious about how she react to the book he had left on his nightstand. His mother was a very smart woman but she was also very curious. Daniel knew she would read, at least, part of the book. He went to his office to review some of his upcoming criminal cases. He owed his clients his best effort in spite of his lust for Gina.

When he returned home just before noon, he found that Gina had changed clothes but he was not disappointed. Instead of the robe she had worn at breakfast she was wearing a dark green teddy with sheer silk stockings held up by a matching garter belt. On her feet, was a pair on very shiny dark green stiletto heeled pumps. She was dressed like a slut who wanted nothing more than to be fucked by her man.

Daniel looked at her and smiled. Gina returned his smile and said, "I know it's wrong but I don't care. I want you and I pray to God that you do not hate for this but I think you want me just as much as I want you. Please forget this is incest and make love with me."

Daniel smiled at her and replied, "Shut up, Gina. Come here and kiss me but kiss me like I am your lover because from now on that is what we both shall be to each other...lovers."

"My darling, make me yours. I have never wanted so much to belong to anyone as I want to belong to you. I wallowed on your cum stained sheets before I washed them. I licked the wall of your room before I cleaned and I read that chapter in the book I found on your nightstand three times. I masturbated to it every time as I imagined it was us doing things they did to and with each other. I will be your whore. I will be your slut but I will not be your mommy slut. You are a man and I am a woman. I am YOUR woman. If your truly want me, claim me and I will joyously surrender myself to your every whim and desire," Regina said with tears in her eyes.

They locked their mouths together and kissed with the passion that only true lovers can ever know. Daniel lifted Regina off her feet. She wrapped her legs around his hips and ground her neatly but unshaven pubic mound against his in an effort to find some relief for the growing itch of her engorged clit and dripping pussy. Their tongue twisted and tangled back and forth from mouth to mouth like two snakes each trying to devour the other.

Daniel carried Regina up the stairs and somehow managed to neither drop her nor fall. Instead of stopping at his door, however, he carried her to her own bed. When he laid her down upon it, he said, "Gina, from now on we'll be sleeping here together. Don't even think of it being any other way. You are my woman now."

"YES! I am whatever you want me to be. I love you, Daniel. I read everything in that book and I want to do them all with you. Your father is the only man who ever fucked me and he had no imagination or desire for anything other than plain vanilla missionary position sex. That is all I have ever known. I have never sucked a cock. I have never tasted cum. I have never been fucked in my ass. Please make me do it all for you. I am your woman. I am your eager and willing slut. Use my body in any way you wish," Gina pleaded.

"Are you still fertile, Gina?" Daniel asked.

"No, menopause came a little early for me," she answered.

"Good. I hate condoms and I want to fill you with my sperm every time I take you and that will be two or three times a day, every day. I have dreamed and fantasized about you for as long as I can remember. I intend to do my best to make up for all those wasted jerk offs. My father was such a fool for giving you up for that silly little kid. Yes, to me, she is a silly little kid. If all he wants is missionary sex, he'll never keep that little slut. I wonder if he knows I popped her cherry when we were in high school but soon she was fucking and sucking almost any cock she could get. That's why I dumped her," Daniel said to her.

"Well, darling, I've got two virgins holes left...my mouth and my ass. They both belong to you and all the rest of me does, as well. I promise I will not be fucking any cock but yours so please don't dump me," Gina replied.

"Stand up and undress me, you beautiful little slut but you stay dressed. I'll buy you a new whole doll outfit but I want to rip that one to shreds when I claim your hot, horny body," Daniel commanded her.

"Umm, I am so happy we worked through the incest thing on our own and just so you know, I have fantasized about this for a very long time myself," Gina admitted.

She did not waste anytime as she undressed Daniel. She literally tore his shirt from his body without bothering to unbutton it and she ripped his pants and boxers off in one swift motion. When his hard throbbing cock sprang free, she licked the oozing precum off without giving it a thought.

Daniel grabbed a handful of her thick auburn colored hair and pulled her head back. As she opened her mouth, he commanded her to suck his cock. He told her he would teach her how to take it all down her throat later but this time she was going to take his full load in her mouth and swallow it.

"Damn, Gina, you're doing great for an oral virgin. You're a natural born cocksucker. I can hardly wait to drive this cock down your throat and up your tight virgin ass. Before this weekend is over I'll claim all of you," he said as she locked her lips around his turgid shaft and bobbed her head furiously up and own upon it.

"I have read that men always worry about how the size of their cock measures up to other men so I will tell you that your father was much smaller than you are," Gina said.

"Hell, Gina, I don't give a damn about the size of his or any other cock. I don't are much for fake tits so I'm sure as hell not going to buy implants to get a fake cock," Daniel told her with laughter.

Gina started giggling and Daniel could not hold back the sudden eruption of his balls. The power of the suction and motion of her hungry mouth was simply too great for him to control. He didn't bother to warn her. He just filled her mouth with his hot seed and watched as she tried in vain to swallow it all. There was just too much for her inexperienced mouth to handle and it leaked out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin before falling onto the silky green fabric of the teddy she was wearing.

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