tagLoving WivesYou Bet Your Wife Episode 01

You Bet Your Wife Episode 01


"Hello, and welcome to You Bet Your Wife. The show where only the contestant's wit can stop us from using his wife on national TV," boomed, an unseen announcer. "Now let's give a big welcome to Zoya Takoni, our host and the sexiest, kinkiest star in Hollywood."

A bright spotlight shot across the dark stage to reveal Zoya strutting across the stage. Her welcome consisted of nearly as much whopping as applause. Zoya clearly enjoyed the attention and rewarded the audience with a confident sexy walk, which would have challenged every man in the room, even if her body had been hidden by loose fabric from head to toe. To the obvious delight of the audience her outfit obviously made no attempt to hide anything. Today she was wearing a black leather mini skirt slit up the side to expose the thin strap of a blue thong. A transparent blue shirt, held closed in the middle by a single tie covered, though only in a very generous sense of the word, her top. Through the delicate blue fabric a matching bra was clearly visible. The entire outfit, would only barely have qualified for late night network TV, thankfully this wasn't network TV.

At the center of the stage a sleek couch waited by itself for the host. Just big enough for two people to both sit on, it was clearly designed to force its occupants into close contact. Zoya stopped in front of the couch waiting as the audience to quiet and the lights rose on this stage. Zoya stood on the middle of a glass stage empty except for herself and the couch. This stage was now brightly illuminated both by spotlights and a multitude of small lights shining up through the floor but nearby the outline of another circular stage were visible but its contents were obscured by darkness.

Flashing a naughty little smile Zoya asked the audience, "Is everyone ready for me to win someone's wife?" "Well then let's meet our contestant tonight!"

The deep voiced announcer broke in again, "Give a big hand to our contestant, Michael Schmidt from Chicago Illinois."

A new spotlight lit Michael's entrance. He was fashionably, though somewhat conservatively dressed in khaki slacks and a short-sleeved button down blue shirt. A slim build along with short brown hair completed his look as an attractive young professional. Coming up to Zoya, Michael reached out his hand to great her but disregarding Michael's attempted handshake, Zoya warmly kissed him on the cheek.

"Hi Michael, congratulation for qualifying for You Bet Your Wife." Following Zoya's gesture Michael and Zoya sat on the couch, the short length unavoidably pushing Zoya's bare legs up against Michael.

"Before we start the game tonight maybe you could tell us a little bit about yourself, Michael." asked Zoya while flashing him a flirtatious smile that would have challenged the vows of monk.

"Well I'm 23 years old recent college graduate. I finished up at UCLA only a little over a year ago," answer Michael his voice betraying a mixture of nervousness and the unconscious desire to impress a pretty woman.

As soon as the enthusiastic UCLA supporters in the audience died down Zoya continued her friendly questioning, "So what caused you to move to Chicago?"

"Work. It was the only place where both my wife and I could find employment."

"So what do you do?"

"I'm a computer programmer. I work for a firm that makes personal budgeting software."

"And your wife?"

"Allison does typesetting for the newspaper."

"Those are pretty different jobs, how did you two meet?"

"Well actually they aren't that different, we both do our work on the computer. That's how we meet. Allison lived across the hall from me our sophomore year and we met when she needed help installing some of her typesetting software. When we were both single the next year I asked her out and we've been together ever since," Michael replied smiling at the memory.

"Ohh that's sweet, and when did you get married?"

"Last year, right after we graduated from college."

"So since you started dating her has anyone else slept with your wife?"

"Not that I know of," responded Michael with a nervous little laugh.

"Does putting Allison on You Bet Your Wife, make you nervous? You know you might have to watch her sleep with someone else on national TV."

"Sure, I'm a little nervous but I'm going to quit before that can happen." Zoya's smile became a little devious at this response. It wouldn't be hard to tease Michael into risking a lot more than he planned. Not questioning his response Zoya continued, "So what made you decide to compete in You Bet Your Wife?"

"Actually it was my wife's idea. We've been thinking about starting a family so we want to purchase a house. Even though Allison's very pretty we didn't really think we were going to be selected when we applied but she didn't think having someone fondle her breasts would be the end of the world and we could get enough money to purchase our dream house." At the mention of someone fondling Allison's breasts Michael twisted a little in his seat obviously not entirely comfortable with the idea.

Lightly touching Michael's arm Zoya said, "I wish you luck getting that house. Are you ready to start playing?"


"Do you remember the rules?"

"I'm pretty sure I have them down."

"Well let me remind you and the audience," Zoya said launching into a practiced description. "Before this show started we gave Michael and his wife a psychological questioner as well as interviewing their friends. Our experts have examined those responses and figured out a secret dark fantasy of Allison's. How much of that fantasy Allison has to act out in front of our studio audience depends on how well Michael can answer our questions."

"The questions work much like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The first question is worth one thousand dollars and each additional question twice the previous question up to a total of ten questions. Like Millionaire the contestant can request a hint but he must 'pay' for his hint by removing a major article of clothing. Unlike Millionaire a wrong answer doesn't cause the contestant to forfeit money, it causes his wife to forfeit sexual favors. The later the question the more his wife has to pay for the mistake. For instance a wrong answer on the first question might require the contestant's wife to strip down to a bra and panties. An incorrect answer on question two, whether or not the contestant got the first question right, might cause his wife to strip down to only her panties. We can't have contestants cutting and running once they start to lose so you can only ask us to release your wife after a correct answer but the contestant can always choose not to spare his wife even if he gets the questions right. The later questions are harder than the earlier ones. There is also an extra special bonus for getting the tenth question right."

Pausing Zoya suggestively liked her lips making sure to rest her hand on Michael's thigh to make the beneficiary clear, "I'm your slave for the night." Rubbing her hand up and down over Michael's thigh Zoya suggestively continued, "I promise you won't be disappointed. Even better any couple getting all ten questions correct will have any reasonable sexual fantasy of their choice fulfilled. They may even select audience or staff members of their choice to participate. Our lawyers assure us that the contract our audience members have signed is completely binding. However, so as not to disappoint the viewing public the successful contestant must appoint an audience or staff member, such as myself, to take the place of the contestant's wife as if all ten questions had been answered incorrectly. On the other hand if you get the tenth question wrong not only are you going to be publicly cuckolded but the contestant must follow my orders while his wife is exploited and of course I get a large cash bonus. Contestants getting all ten questions wrong become the property of this show for one year."

"Alight Michael, are you ready to see the situation we have arranged for your wife?"

Still somewhat nervous but also quite curious what dark fantasy lurked in Allison's man Michael gave a brief nod. At his assent the second stage was sprayed with spotlights and burst into view. The first thing Michael noticed about the other stage was the transparent box, pulleys and ropes hanging from its ceiling, surrounding the entire structure. He wondered if it was to keep over-enthusiastic spectators out or reluctant participants inside but before he could dwell on the troubling second option he finally noticed his wife standing in the center of the second stage. If Zoya's outfit invited men to ogle her body Allison's tight leather corset demanded they fuck her. The rest of Allison's outfit did nothing to dissuade them. A small black thong, the straps obviously designed to be easily untied, was her only other covering. Boots and a wide leather collar completed the look. Allison wasn't the only person on the other stage. Standing around her stood four shirtless well-built men wearing only tight leather pants. Showing a degree of self control obviously beyond the audience they maintained a military at-ease position looking out into the crowd instead of ogling the barely clothed beauty in their midst. A tall blond haired women paced around the four men making sure they maintained their discipline. Skin-tight red latex covered her from head to toe but she carried a long black riding crop to discourage any ideas her outfit might provoke.

After a moment for Michael and the audience to absorb Allison's predicament Zoya returned to her role as the host. Addressing the woman in the skintight red cat suit Zoya asked, "Mistress Dena, could you please tell Michael and our audience what you plan to do with his wife."

The lady in the red cat suit responded in a clipped authoritarian tone, "First I am going to have Allison handcuffed show she can't object to our later uses of her. Then I am going to have one of my men remove her panties." While mistress Dena continued her list she was slowly pacing around Allison running her black riding crop over Allison's body dramatically illustrating her worlds. "After Michael's third mistake Allison's ankles will be bound in chains. Next we will suspend her by those ankle ties, leaving her dangling and helpless in the air."

With the graphic description of how she would be stripped and helplessly bound Allison began to tremble slightly, though with fear or desire even she wasn't sure. The mistress took note of her reaction but continued her list without the slightest warming of tone. "Suspended revealingly I will violate and toy with Allison and then force her to please one of my assistants. Her last shred of clothing will be striped from her and after this we will string her up horizontally giving me complete access to her body. Once she is hanging in the air with her legs spread I will let one of my assistants take her. Should her husband get the last question incorrect I will let my assistants use her as a fuck toy until they are fully satisfied." By now Allison's nervousness was clearly displayed on her face but the way her body would follow the light touch of her mistress's crop suggested that nervousness was mixed with desire. "Don't worry," mistress Dena said turing to Allison with a slight smile, "my men have plenty of stamina. They won't be satisfied for some time."

Zoya turned back to Michael asking, "So how do you feel about what we have in store for your wife?" "Well it makes me a little nervous," replied Michael his voice trembling just a bit.

"It also turns you on doesn't it," Zoya asserted running her hand up Michael's thigh and grasping his hard member through his pants to make her point. Michael's body twitched in response to Zoya's attentions but obviously feeling uncomfortable with his wife so publicly at risk he said nothing.

"Well it is to late for you to turn back now, Michael," intoned Zoya, "it's time for your first question."

Michael quickly answered the first two questions without any apparent difficulty. With each correct answer Zoya would now on the third question, "What is the second tallest mountain in the world," he seemed stumped. Being pressed up against Zoya, who never missed an opportunity to touch his arm or leg, wasn't helping his concentration.

"I should know this," commented Michael, "but it just seems to have slipped my mind."

Zoya began to finger the buttons on Michael's shirt and reminded him, "You know if you let me take off your shirt you can have a hint."

Michael hesitated for a moment glancing at his wife who was watching him intently, an unreadable look on her face and he answered, "Sure."

Allison stared unwaveringly, her expression indecipherable, as Zoya teasingly undid Michael's buttons. His shirt unbuttoned, revealing a trim well-muscled chest, Michael finished pulling it off flashing a guilty look towards Allison. Zoya's fingernails scraped lightly over Michael's pecks and trailed down his stomach to run teasingly along his belt line. The bulge in Michael's pants making the effect clear to anyone in the audience.

Finally, deciding she had been enough of a tease for now Zoya whispered her clue in Michael's ear, "There is a 'two' in the name." Zoya's fingers idly traced pattern's on Michael's bare top, distracting him while he searched for an answer he should know. Finally realizing the answer wasn't going to come to him he relented, "Alight, I give up."

"Ohh too bad," Zoya replied placing a lingering kiss on Michael's lips,

"Let's watch what happens to your wife."

In response to a barked command from their mistress the four men standing around Allison moved in to extract the cost of Michael's mistake. Allison stood calmly as the men closed in around her but her face betrayed nervousness and desire. Acting in concert the men behind Allison grasped her wrists, their strong hands holding her still as they handcuffed her hands together behind her back. The two shirtless men in front bent down to bind her ankles coincidentally giving the entranced audience a perfect view of the woman being helpless bound in front of them. Their work finished Allison's muscled captors professionally stepped back ignoring the opportunity to fondle their victim. Instead they pulled the heavy steel chains now firmly locked to Allison's ankles taught giving her no choice but to spread her legs in response. The entire position, hands cuffed behind her back and legs forcibly spread apart was designed to make her feel extremely vulnerable and it was working.

The red clad Mistress Dena strolled up to Allison to inspect her bound captive. Mistress Dena walked around behind Allison as if inspecting a piece of property letting her riding crop tantalizingly trace Allison's breasts and ass. In response Allison's heart began to thud in her chest but whether it was in fear or desire even she couldn't tell. Stopping behind her victim Mistress Dena reached her hands around to run them lightly over her victim's tight corset. Snaking out her tongue the red clad mistress teasingly licked Allison's ear and, in response to her sudden intake of breath, she whispered, "I'm going to have all my men fuck you while everyone watches, and your going to enjoy it."

Unlike Zoya, Dena wasn't wearing a mike and the audience couldn't hear what she said but they could see and imagine from the way Allison's body suddenly stiffened. A master showman mistress Dena knew she had built up the anticipation to just the write point and swiftly untied the knots holding Allison's panties to her hips. She could hear the audience gasp as Allison's panties dropped to the floor revealing a neatly shaved ribbon of hair. Knowing when to touch and when to build anticipation mistress Dena walked back around to Allison's front. Grabbing Allison's bare ass mistress Dena pulled her in for a long slow kiss, to the audible appreciation of the men in the audience. Then, as suddenly as the kiss had begun, Dena walked away leaving a flustered Allison.

"Wow that was sexy," commented Zoya to Michael, "are you ready for the next question?" Looking a little uneasy Michael gave a short nod. Smiling naughtily at Michael's discomfort Zoya read the next question which, much to Michael's relief, he answered easily.

Hiding her disappointment Zoya warmly congratulated him, "With smarts like this you don't have anything to worry about," while worshipfully resting her hand on Michael's right bicep. Zoya was looking forward to making Michael squirm while he watched Mistress Dena publicly turn his wife into a slut but she had to be careful and make sure he didn't chicken out. As it was, her carefully crafted compliment was having the desired effect and Michael confidently announced he was ready for the next question. "Name the two moons of mars."

The question hung for a minute in the air, the troubled look on Michael's face revealing his confusion. As Michael wracked his mind looking for the answer Zoya's hands began distractingly trailing over his chest. His attention divided Michael struggled to stay focused but he couldn't help but watch Zoya's teasing fingers slide under the waist of his pants.

Toying with the button on his slacks Zoya made him a compelling offer, "Let me take these off and you can have another hint."

Zoya knew reducing Michael to just his underwear would distract him far more than the hint might help but her fingers were keeping Michael from thinking straight. Torn at the offer Michael looked to his wife for advice and naturally found her staring back at him watching another women tease her husband but the apprehensive look on her face made up his mind.

Resolving not to get another question wrong and let this go any further he gave Zoya the answer she was hoping for, "Alight, I'll take the hint."

Flashing a triumphant smile toward Allison Zoya began slowly undoing Michael's pants. In keeping with her part of the bargain Zoya relayed to Michael the hint she received over her ear piece, "One of them is named Demos and the other starts with a P," while her skillful hands sought to undermine any benefit the hint might have given Michael. Seemingly incidentally Zoya took every chance to rub against Michael's hardening penis as she pulled his slacks down around her ankles.

Finding himself very exposed, not to mention aroused, in nothing but a pair of silk boxers obviously tented up by his engorged penis a flustered Michael guessed desperately, "Portos."

"Ohh, I'm so sorry," Zoya responded with faked sympathy, "The correct answer is Phobos, I'm afraid," Zoya continued tracing the edge of Michael's penis with a fingernail, "that your wife is going to have to pay for that."

Traitorously Michael's penis twitched in arousal revealing another weakness for Zoya to manipulate. Pretending she hadn't noticed, Zoya continued, "Mistress Dena would you please take charge of Allison's payment."

Slapping the riding crop against her leg Mistress Dena barked out an order. Jumping to obey one of the shirtless men behind Allison slipped his thick muscular arms around Allison's waste forcing her to lean back against his bare chest. Moving together as a team two other men in leather pants threw the chains attached to Allison's ankles up over two large pulleys, which hung from the ceiling. Rhythmically, in short sure strokes, the men pulled the metal links down over those pulleys inevitably dragging Allison's ankles up towards the ceiling. Allison's black boots were yanked off the floor forcing her weight to be supported by the man behind her and the chains fastened about her black leather boots. The extra weight seemed not to matter to the men on the chains, muscles bulging they continued to hoist Allison's ankles higher until her feet dangled from the chains nine feet off the floor. With a snap of finality the fourth man locked the metal chains to fixtures in the floor and the man who had been holding Allison about the waste gently released her to hang by her ankles. Michael watched fascinated as Allison was hoisted into the air. Despite himself he couldn't help but be aroused by the sight of his bottomless wife helplessly hung with her legs split into a Y. Turned on herself Zoya continued to lightly trace Michael's penis with her fingernail. In her mind Zoya relished the thought of toying with Michael while he watched Mistress Dena repeatedly use his wife. First though she had to make sure he didn't get away. Capitalizing on his fixated stare Zoya slipped her hand up under his boxers skillfully using her hand to bring Michael to new levels of distraction.

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