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You Can Call Me Al


She pulled off her hat to display her shaved head to detective Ross. There was a slight covering of two days growth, but she was still bald.

"This occurred on Tuesday?" the detective asked her.

"I did not even realize what happened until Wednesday. I mean that it was not my desire to shave my head, when I woke up on Tuesday. Then it took me another day to get up the courage to come here. "

"We're you sexually assaulted?"

"I don't think so. At least I don't remember feeling uneasy, and I did go out with a guy to a few places and got a little loose. I think. It is still all fuzzy."

"Why don't you start with when you woke up on Tuesday, and when you think you lost control of yourself?" Rachel started to recall her day with brushing her teeth, getting dressed, taking the subway uptown, and discussing all of the details about work until she left the office at seven that night. "Did anything seem out of place at work?" he asked.

"Like what?"

"Were any of the cases new? Did you go out for lunch? Did anyone come to see you who you did not know?"

"Nothing new. I had a salad delivered for lunch, and just some regular meetings with ongoing cases."

Rachel paused for a moment, "I wore a garter belt with stockings, and the dress I wore was really too short for the office. As a matter of fact I hadn't worn that dress with stockings, since I dated this guy. He had a thing for that look, and I liked to dress for him sometimes. But that was years ago."

"Well that is a start. What about when you left the office? Where is your building?

"299 Park, midtown. I live near here on West 4th, so usually I take the E train downtown. I remember walking over to Madison and into the subway. Surprisingly, the car was not too crowded, and I was able to sit down. Most people got off at Penn station and a few stops later I got off at West 4th. "

"Did anyone else get off with you? "

"I don't recall. I don't remember much after I got up from my seat. I've walked out of that station hundreds of times. I usually stop and watch the basketball games in the playground right there before I walk to my apartment. But I have nothing concrete. I can only remember trying to walk home, stopping for a haircut, and then going drinking with some guy that seemed vaguely familiar."

Ross followed up, "but you said you had no intention of getting a haircut. What changed your mind?"

Rachel just shrugged. "I have no idea."

Ross continued, "Nothing solid until the next morning, that was Wednesday, yesterday. Can you place the guy in your mind that you went out with? Where did you meet him?" he prompted her.

"No, I can't place him or how we met. Nothing clear until I woke up still in my stockings and with a bald head on Wednesday."

"Did you go to the hospital for an examination?"

"Not yet. I did not think anything happened, but now I am not sure."

"You should go now for a rape kit and blood work to see if anything comes up. I will have officer Grill go with you. She has lots of experience helping women in these cases," he said with his professional empathy. "The results will give you some peace of mind and help me."

"It will help to go with someone."

Ross continued, "I have a couple of ideas for my investigation. First, I will check with other precincts to see if anything else like this happened. Second, let me show a before and after picture around to the hair places in the Village. From your account it must have happened there. Third, I will check into your ex-boyfriend to make sure I can rule him out. "

"Thank you for believing me. You must think I got loaded and did this to myself. I didn't have control of anything I did that night." After a pause Rachel added, "I wanted to talk with a female detective, when I came in. I thought it would be easier, but I did not want to wait for her to get back. You made me feel very comfortable. "

"Thank you. We have had many cases where women were taken advantage in some capacity. You were likely roofied, but we will make sure. Did you have something to drink between the office and getting off the subway?"

"Not that I can remember," she answered.

"Detective Flynn is my partner. I will fill her in before we look to see where this happened." Detective Ross took out his phone and snapped a picture of Rachel. She then messaged a picture of her with her long brown hair back to him. Officer Grill escorted Rachel out of the building to go to the hospital. "I will call you later with whatever we learn," he made clear to Rachel.

After she left Ross pulled up the latest cases from around the city to see if anything matched what Rachel had told him. Nothing had hit the system as of yet. He then pulled up all hair salons and barber shops within a five block area of the West 4th street subway station. Flynn returned as he printed out the addresses along with Rachel's before and after pictures. She was just about to sit down. "No time for your coffee," he said. "We have a case."

He recounted Rachel's version of the events to Flynn, as they walked to the first place on 6th Avenue. "Steve, do you think she is telling the truth. It sounds like she was roofied, but maybe she is just embarrassed or hiding something."

"Hannah, I think she is telling the truth. But she says she did not drink anything, so a roofie is unlikely. It must be something else." No one recognized either of Rachel's pictures in the first ten shops. After an hour they entered Al's. It was not a huge shop like Astor Place. It only had three chairs and a few sinks.

The barber greeted them. "Would you like a cut today?"

"Nothing now, thanks," Ross answered as the barber brought his attention to Flynn.

She showed her badge. "Did you see this woman on Tuesday?"

The barber did not have to look at the pictures for more than a moment. "She was very adamant about shaving her head. I asked her if she was sure, although it is not something uncommon here. I shave a girl's head a few times a year. However, she asked me to close up while I did it. She even agreed to pay me a hundred bucks for the inconvenience. I told her it would only cost the usual twenty because I was about to close."

"Were any of your workers here or any customers? I was just about to close, so just me working. But there was one customer, who walked in right after her. "

"Did he stay?"

"Rachel told me it was fine, but she did not really pay much attention to him. I figured he was her husband or boyfriend."

"What do you mean?"

"During the shave he took quite an interest."

"Why don't you run through the details?" Flynn asked.

"She sat down and asked to have her hair cut to a bob, a pixie, a high and tight, a full #1 buzz and finally to a wet razor shave over in the sink. I thought it strange that this woman would know all the terminology, but I proceeded as she wanted. She let her dress ride up to her hips exposing her stockings and her eventually her privates. No underwear and she did not mind that I saw her. When I started to use the clippers, she started to play with herself. "

"And you just let her?" Flynn asked with contempt.

"Who was I to stop her? I enjoyed the show, but not as much as the guy in the chair. By the time I got her hair all buzzed off she had an orgasm. It took a few minutes for her to recover and to walk over to the sink. She asked me to let the guy give her the wet shave. This time I watched the guy wrap her head in a warm towel. After removing the towel he took a handful of hot lather and smoothed it over her head. Using a straight razor he slowly scraped away the whiteness, until her pink scalp began to appear. In another few minutes he was done. He washed her head again, and she sat upright. He used some of the oil and massaged her head for at least ten minutes. Then he kissed the top. That was it. He put a hundred on the chair, and they left."

"Can you describe him, and did he touch anything other than her head?" Ross asked.

"Maybe at the time, but now he fades in my mind. I am pretty sure he only touched her head, and he definitely had some skills as a barber."

"Do you have any cameras in here, and do you still have that hundred?"

"Sorry, no to both."

Flynn left her card, and they walked outside. She gathered her red hair and put it up into a ponytail. Ross took notice of her neck line and stammered a bit, "it got a little hot in there."

Lightly stroking her hair Flynn smiled and suggested, "let's look around for some cameras. Maybe we can get a glimpse of what this guy looks like."

They gathered five videos from any camera near Al's and went back to the station. Officer Grill intercepted them, "Hey, Ross I have Rachel's hospital report."

"Flynn, can you get these tapes going, while I talk with Grill. No roofie, right?"

"Nothing. If she even drank, the alcohol is gone. She was not forcibly raped either. No bruising anywhere. But I did find some semen on her sheets. She said it must be the guy's because she had no one else up there in months. The lab is trying to match it. Also, I have picture of her and the ex-boyfriend. Check out what Rachel looks like from a few years ago."

Flynn interrupted, "Ross, I have a few pictures of the two of them from some of the cameras by the barber. Grill, bring that older picture over here, please."

Grill looked at the computer screen as she handed the picture to Flynn, "same guy. Older, but it's definitely him." Both Ross and Flynn nodded. Grill continued, "Look at her hair in the picture. Not much there. This is not the first time she shaved her head."

Ross got up. "Flynn let's take a drive over to Rachel's apartment, and tell her we have a match for her ex. Maybe she knows where to find him. Grill, please call her to let her know we are on the way with information."

They probably could have walked the five blocks to her apartment, but they were likely going to drive around to find this guy after talking with her. She lived in a building on MacDougal. It had no doorman to question about the other night, but there were some cameras. Rachel was waiting for them at the door of the building. She still wore the same jeans and the hat from the morning. She let them in, and they walked upstairs to the second floor. "Would either of you like some water or coffee?"

"Water would be fine with me," responded Flynn. Ross signaled he would have one too.

"Bottles ok?" Each of them put up a hand to catch the liter of Poland Spring being tossed.

"Rachel, we have pictures matching your ex to the guy with you that night. What is his name, and do you know where he lives?" asked Ross.

"I hadn't talked with him in three years. We broke up after law school. It was too painful being together but not headed in the same direction." Rachel could see the detectives' expressions for her to continue. "James, James Hunter, he wanted to travel and work overseas for the firm we both summer interned for. I wanted to stay in New York. My family is here, and going away for two years was not what I wanted."

"So that was about five years ago?" asked Flynn.

"Six. We emailed and kept in touch. We even hooked up in New York a few times, and once I met him in Italy for a week. But then I started dating someone else and we needed to stop. James was persistent for months. He even came back here and hounded me for days. My boyfriend got into a fight with James and told him we would go to the police, if he did not stop. That was three years ago. "

"Is that other guy still around?" asked Ross.

"Nope, just somebody I used to know," said Rachel flippantly.

Flynn showed Rachel the picture that Grill had obtained before. "How long did you keep your hair that way?"

"We both shaved our heads for a charity event during our first year of NYU Law. We met about a month before that and were dating casually. We kind of stumbled upon the event at a shop near school, while looking for a place to have lunch. Although it was still winter we both kept shaving our heads every week. Everyone seemed to like it, and we were so horny all the time." She stopped and seemed embarrassed by that. "I knew I needed to grow it out for my summer job, but once school started again we had another shave at some barber shop. We kept them that way for most of the next year and the process repeated for the next summer. "

"Did you ever shave your head after James left?" asked Flynn.

"In Italy he convinced me to cut it into a pixie. I was working and did not want to shave it and deal with a wig."

They both looked at her like something was wrong. "Have you ever wanted to cut your hair in the last three years?" asked Ross.

"No, I had been growing it out since then. I only had a few trims. However, on certain days when it took all day for my hair to dry, I remembered how easy it was to just get up and go out with a hat over my bald head. But I did not want to cut it now." Rachel reflexively reached up to take off her hat and rubbed her scalp. "It does feel good though. Maybe I won't mind it so much, but the wig at work for a few months will suck."

Ross asked, "Do you remember having James up here on Tuesday? We are going to look at the camera footage from the bodega at the corner, but it likely won't show much."

"I still don't remember much from Tuesday, but I don't think he raped me. The hospital found no bruising, and I don't feel like anything was wrong. As a matter of fact I now believe it felt good. I just don't remember having any control like in a dream." She broke down and began to cry.

Flynn put her arm around Rachel. Ross knew Rachel was holding something back, and Flynn was just about to get it from her. After the crying stopped Flynn asked, "do you know where he is?"

"I met him for coffee near my office a few weeks ago. He said he was in town for a few days and would be back and forth from London over the next few months. We talked about both of us being single and working real hard. He even commented on how long my hair was, and asked if I was going to keep it this way. I joked to him the shaved head was not coming back for a while, unless he convinced me."

"Has he contacted you since then?" asked Flynn.

"Just a brief email saying he was going to Singapore for two weeks before coming back to New York, and he would try me then."

Ross was now adamant "he is in town somewhere. If he tries to contact you, make a date. We will arrange to intercept him."

Still in tears Rachel wept, "detectives, now that I know it was James, I don't want to pursue the complaint. What happened, though against my will, was with someone I still care for. When I came in this morning, I did not know anything. Now, I think I can work it out with him."

Flynn let her finish then explained, "Rachel, we see women in your position have these feelings when assaulted by their boyfriends and husbands or even date raped. You did not ask for this, and he somehow got you to do this. Moreover, we need to know how. It was not with drugs, but somehow you willingly had your head shaved, went out partying with him, and then slept with him. Now you have only a fuzzy memory of this. Maybe he has done this with other women, too. We need to question him, and then we can decide whether to charge him with rape and assault."

Rachel understood Flynn. She agreed to meet with James, if he called her. Ross put a tap on Rachel's phone, so they could easily apprehended him. In the meantime the police would look for him by canvassing all the hotels. Ross notified the Port Authority and Amtrak to be on the alert for James trying to flee the City.

Ross called Flynn at 6AM on Friday, "we got a hit. James called her just a minute ago. He told her that he left because he could not remember anything from that day. He was in a fog for two days and missed his flight back to London. He wants to meet her for coffee on Astor Pl. at 8AM. I will get some back up. Meet me there."

Flynn met him at 7:30. "Is Rachel ok? Did she keep is straight with him?"

"She is in the car with Grill around the corner. At 7:55 she will walk over to Starbucks. We have two plains clothes inside in case something happens. I have her wired, so we can listen to James explain himself to her. "

"Hey, Rach. Sorry what happened that night. I was planning a big surprise for you but not this. I swear," Ross and Flynn heard James through the microphone. "Of course, I was so hot for you during the shave, but it felt like a dream. I did not realize it was you until the next morning. Even then I was not certain about much, and I did not want find out right then that we made a big mistake. I am so sorry again for running out, instead of figuring things out with you."

"James, I don't think you would ever hurt me or take advantage. I don't even mind the bald head. I forgot how much I like it."

"You look great. You know I always love you this way. From what I remember the shave was quite erotic and all the fun we had partying. Then we made love like we did all that time ago and in my dreams over the past few years. When I woke I expected to be alone in my hotel room, not back in your apartment."

As James reached for Rachel's hand she explained with real passion "James, I am so sorry, but I was not sure until this morning that you were truly innocent,"

Grill got up and approached them. She instructed James to put his hands on the table. "I did not do anything," he yelled at Grill.

"Sir, put your hands on the table," she demanded. James complied. What else could he do?

That was the last Ross and Flynn heard in the microphone. The exited their car and entered the store. "James, we need to talk with you at the station. Please come with us. We won't cuff you now, if you come quietly."

James stood up and looked at Rachel, "I was not in control just like you." The detectives put him in the car, while Rachel rode with Grill in the squad car.

James reiterated his innocence to Flynn and Ross on the short ride to the station. They walked him into the precinct house, and the desk sergeant shouted, "Ross, you have a husband and wife waiting for you and Flynn."

Flynn took James over to her desk and Ross went to his to see what these people wanted. He walked up behind them, and all that he noticed was the back of her bald head.

"How long ago did this happen?" Ross asked the couple as he rounded his desk. Upon sitting down he recognized her even without her usual blond bob framing her face. "Bill, she still looks real good without the hair, but the juries might not take her seriously," Ross joked.

"Thanks Steve, and you are correct. They won't," she snipped back at him.

"The sergeant said a husband and wife were here, but he did not say it was ADA Willams and her husband."

"Surprise!" Bill mocked. "I agree with you about Sharon. I was trying to get her to cut her hair for years. She finally chopped off those locks a few months ago to that cool bob."

"So how did this happen?" Ross followed up.

Sharon told the details, "We went into this shop on Tuesday, and Bill was the one looking for a shave. Somehow, after his zero cut, I jumped into the chair, and the barber used the same clippers on me that he did on Bill. And that was not enough because Bill put a hot towel on my head, spread some shaving cream, used a straight razor to scrape away all the stubble, massaged some lotion into my scalp, and then he kissed the top of my head. We paid the barber 100 bucks and left. We barely made it home. We almost did it right there in the street. And it felt like a dream."

"One I've had more than a few times," Bill quipped.

At this point Flynn walked over leaving James and Rachel with Grill. "Hey Sharon, I like it. Same story as Rachel, I assume?" she asked Ross.

"Seems so," he answered. "I gather you two know we have had another case like this."

Sharon responded, "Once we came to our senses on Wednesday, I checked with the DA's office to see if the police had any investigations. Rogers told me she was on her way here to talk with you about the arrest you made. The guy you have at your desk did not do this. Bill did."

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