tagLoving WivesYou Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 02

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 02


When Carol has had a few drinks I like her to do a sexy dance for me, playing with herself while she dances until she has an orgasm. I sit watching her with my pants down and masturbating. I always get so turned on and when she's finished dancing I bend her over the back of the sofa and fuck her from behind. She doesn't like anal but sometimes she's so far gone she just lets me do whatever I want and doesn't complain when I slide my cock up her ass.

When she's drunk she loses all her inhibitions and bumps and grinds like a whore in a strip joint. I most often get her to do this when we've been eating out and I've made sure she's had plenty of alcohol. In the previous story I told about how she got fucked by my friend Mike when she was so drunk she couldn't stand up. She never found out what happened and both Mike and myself wanted to do it again.

One night when we were in a restaurant and I knew she was in the mood for dancing, I called Mike and told him to wait outside our house until we got back. In the car Carol took off her dress and wanted me to stop and fuck her, but I had my plan in mind and didn't want to keep Mike waiting too long. It was a difficult decision because she looked so gorgeous sitting there beside me in her black bra and panties.

When we got home I could see Mike hiding in the shadows at the side of the house. Carol staggered out of the car and I opened the front door and let her in. I went over to Mike and told him that I would leave the door open but he should wait until I called him. I went into the living room and put some music on. Carol likes to dance to stuff with a beat. She was sprawled on the sofa half asleep so I pulled her up and asked her to dance. She wanted me to fuck her right away but I said that I would be much more turned on when I'd watched her doing a sexy dance. She started to sway to the music, moving her ass and running her hands over her lovely body. I had a huge erection.

She had her eyes closed and was caressing her tits, I quietly went out into the hall and saw Mike looking in the door. I beckoned him in and went back into the living room. Carol was still dancing with her eyes closed. I picked up her tights which she had dropped on the floor and blindfolded her with them. She likes being blindfolded, especially when she's naked in the car and doesn't know where I'm driving and who might be watching us. Mike slipped in and stood watching her. He looked at me with a big smile and I nodded to him. Yes Mike, you are going to have her tonight!

I unhooked Carol's bra and exposed her large, firm breasts. She squeezed them in her hands, pulling on the nipples until they were standing out hard. All the time she was swaying to the music. She moved her hands down to her pussy and caressed it through her panties. Then she pulled the panties up tight between her pussy lips, then tight up between her ass cheeks, pulling them back and forth, getting ready for an orgasm.

Mike had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. I undressed and got behind Carol. I put my arms round her and felt her tits, rubbing the hard nipples. I pulled down her panties and told her I wanted to fuck her now. She started to remove the blindfold but I stopped her and told her to keep it on, it's more exciting like that I said. Then I had another idea. I tied her hands behind her back with my belt. I said she could imagine she was being raped by an intruder and she seemed to like this. The real reason I did it was so that she couldn't take off the blindfold and see Mike there.

I pushed her down on her knees and she opened her mouth to take my cock. I pulled Mike into position and he dropped his pants and touched his cock against Carol's lips. She started to lick his cock head and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Then she opened her mouth and took his cock in, moving her head up and down, deeper and deeper, more and more until she gagged on it when it touched the back of her throat. I was going crazy. God, it was mind blowing to see my beautiful wife sucking another man's cock and being unaware of what she was doing. Luckily, Mike's cock was about the same size as mine and also circumcised so she probably wouldn't notice any difference. I leaned over and spoke in her ear, telling her how good it was, making her think she was sucking my cock instead of Mike's.

Mike whispered that he wanted to fuck her. I pulled Carol to her feet and had to hold her up as she was now starting to stagger, the drink was really taking effect. I said I was going to give her a good fucking and moved her over to the sofa. I bent her over the back, still with her hands tied behind her and pulled her legs wide apart. Mike knelt down and kissed and licked her ass cheeks. Then he held the cheeks wide apart so we could see her asshole and her shaven pussy. He started running his tongue up and down the crack, poking it into her pussy while he inserted a finger into her ass. Carol was going wild and begging me to fuck her. Mike stood up and made his cock wet with saliva. Then he inserted it into my wife's cunt and fucked her slowly, pushing his rock-hard cock all the way in. She gasped out to do it harder and Mike started thrusting it in hard then pulling back and ramming it in again. Faster, she cried and I watched fascinated as my wife was being raped.

Mike gave a groan as he ejaculated and shot his hot, sticky cum deep inside Carol who was crying out as she came for the second time. I pulled Mike aside and took his place. I spat on my fingers and lubricated Carol's asshole. She didn't say anything as I slid my cock into her tight hole. I think she was completely out. I had a huge orgasm and shot wads of cum up her ass. I withdrew and told Mike he should leave. I untied Carol's hands and took off the blindfold. As I thought, she was out. I carried her into the bedroom and put her to bed.

Next morning she told me how much she had enjoyed the night before. I told this to Mike and he said we should maybe invite a third guy next time. That sounded good to me, imagine seeing Carol being fucked by two guys! Wow, I've got an erection.

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