tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 05

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 05


It was a couple of months since I had watched Carol being abused by the black policemen in Nigeria but there wasn't one day went by when I didn't think about it. I kept seeing those big black cocks violating her pussy, her mouth and her asshole. I would have loved to see it happen again but I knew it never would. I felt that now was the time to get another one of Rob's tablets and put Carol to sleep again like we did before, and let my friends do everything they wanted with her beautiful body while I watched them.

I told Mike that I wanted to see Carol get fucked again and asked him to contact Rob and see if he was interested in having another session with her. The next day Mike called and said that Rob had found a new drug which was something like LSD. It was used for specific medical applications but it had been discovered that when taken in larger amounts it made people lose all their inhibitions and do anything they were instructed to do. He said it was perfectly harmless. And like Rob's previous tablets, the people who had taken the drug could not remember anything that had happened after they had taken it. This sounded too good to be true so I asked Mike to get the drug and we would try it out.

He came round to the house the following weekend and showed me a small bottle of colorless liquid. ''Just put ten drops of this into Carol's drink and see what happens. I'll come back tonight around nine and we can have a glass or two together and try it on her. I won't ask Rob to come, we'll just see if it works and if it does we can have him over next time.''

I told Carol that Mike would be bringing some work home for me that night. He arrived on time and we went into my office. ''All set?'' he asked, ''God, I hope this works, I can't wait to fuck your gorgeous wife again and if she is awake and participating, oh man, that would be out of this world!''

I made us all a drink and put the ten drops into Carol's glass. I took a tiny sip but I couldn't taste anything unusual. We sat around and talked and after about twenty minutes I suddenly noticed that Carol was acting and like she had had a bit too much to drink. Her eyes were shining bright and her speech was slurred.

''Are you OK honey?'' I asked her.

''I feel really great'' she replied, then stood up and began dancing to the music.

Mike looked at me and whispered ''Go on, try it.''

''Take your clothes off sweetheart, you look so beautiful when you're naked,'' I said to her, ''show us your tits and that lovely ass.''

Without hesitating she stripped off all her clothes and underwear and stood naked before us, just wearing her high heel shoes and swaying to the music. God, it was so erotic, I got my cock out and started to stroke it. Mike did the same and then we both stripped and stood close to Carol. We caressed her large, firm breasts and Mike bent his head to lick and suck on her nipples. We were both running our hands all over her body.

''Kneel down on the floor babe and hold our cocks'' I whispered in her ear. She got down and took a cock in each hand and started to jack us off. I put my rock-hard dick against her lips. She opened her mouth and greedily sucked it, looking into my eyes as she did it. I pulled out before coming and Mike put his cock in her mouth.

''Suck his cock Carol,'' I told her, ''make him cum in your mouth.''

''Holy Christ,'' Mike gasped, ''I never, ever dreamed this would happen, she's sucking my cock and I'm gonna shoot all my load in her mouth.''

I couldn't believe it was happening either. I'd seen Mike fuck her and sodomize her several times before but she had always been asleep, drugged or drunk and unaware about what was going on. Now I was watching Carol sucking his cock and looking like she was enjoying it. Mike held her head and ejaculated his hot cum into her mouth.

''Swallow it honey'', he said, drink my cum''.

I really could not believe what I was seeing. Carol hated swallowing cum but she had swallowed Mike's and was now smiling and licking her lips. I was so hot now I had to cum. I told Carol to bend over the back of the sofa and to hold her ass cheeks open. I spat on my fingers and made my cock nice and wet, then I pushed the head against her tight little asshole until it popped inside. She didn't make a sound or tell me that it hurt like she usually did when I sodomized her. I slowly pushed my cock all the way in and started to fuck her ass. It didn't take long before I shot a big load inside her. Now I was going to try something I'd never done with Carol before, ass-to-mouth! I've always wanted to do it but I knew that she would never agree, she would say it was disgusting.

''Get down sweetheart and suck me,'' I said, ''taste your ass''. She turned around and got down on her knees, took my still hard cock in her mouth and proceeded to give me a blow job, flicking her tongue over the head, running her lips up and down the shaft before taking the entire length deep into her mouth. I wondered what it tasted like but she didn't make any objection, just kept on sucking until I came again. She swallowed the load and started giggling like a kid. I pulled her to her feet and decided it was time she went to bed.

Mike left shortly after and I promised to call him the next day and tell him how Carol was and if she realized what we had done to her. The next morning she woke up and acted perfectly normal. Over breakfast she told me she had had a very erotic dream in which she had sex with two men. I asked her which men, but she said they were nobody she knew, which was a great relief to me. I called Mike with the good news and told him to tell Rob that his drug was fantastic and he could come over whenever he wanted and fuck Carol while I watched.

The following Thursday Rob called. He said that he had an amazing idea and wanted to know if I was in agreement. He belongs to a fitness/body building club and he said that he could arrange for a lot of guys to take part in a real gangbang with Carol. This idea gave me an immediate erection. I imagined Carol sucking all those cocks, getting fucked in her pussy and her ass and getting drenched with cum. We had to do it!

We arranged to go to the club the next night because I knew Carol would soon be having her period. I told her that Rob was having a small drinks party for club members and he had invited us and Mike along to see the place and maybe join the club if we wanted to. I had a nasty moment when she said she wasn't really interested and maybe I should go without her. I managed to convince her to go with me when I said that the evening would be very boring without her. It certainly would, as she was going to be the star of the show!

The next night we arrived at the club and Rob showed us around. There were eight guys there, all pumping iron, treading steps, on the running machines and so on, but no women in sight. Carol asked why there were only men there and Rob said that it was unusual but sometimes there were more girls than men working out. We went into the bar and had a drink. Some of the guys came in and I could see they were all looking at Carol with obvious lust in their eyes. We ordered another drink and Rob winked at me as he handed Carol her drink. This was it. Now it was just a question of waiting until the drug took effect. We chatted about this and that and then it happened. Just like the last time, Carol had that glazed look in her eyes and was swaying in her seat to the music.

''You OK honey?'' I asked her, ''feeling hot and horny? Undress and dance for us.''

Carol stood up without saying a word, she was obeying my orders. She took off her shirt and jeans and stumbled as she took off her shoes. Mike held her steady while I removed her bra. She peeled down her tiny black panties and stepped out of them. Mike immediately picked them up and sniffed them.

''Oh my God, her pussy smells so good Dave, you are such a lucky guy. And we are all so lucky that you like to share her with us.''

Carol was now slowly dancing to the music, completely naked. She looked incredibly sexy with her blonde hair done up in a pony tail. Rob called the other guys in and they all stood watching the erotic scene. She had her hands on her tits, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples until they were hard and erect. She stood with her legs wide apart and played with her pussy, spreading the lips, rubbing her clit and pushing her fingers in and out of her hole.

''Look at that snatch,'' I heard one guy say, ''I love a shaven pussy, are we really gonna fuck her?''

''You bet'', I replied, ''she's all yours tonight guys, do anything you want with her. You can fuck her in her pussy, in her ass or in her mouth, talk nasty to her. Just tell her want you want and she'll do it. Mike, why don't you show them?''

''OK guys,'' he called, ''get your pants off and let's give this gorgeous bitch a hell of a pounding.''

They were now all either naked or just wearing T-shirts and they all had hard dicks and were stroking them while they looked at Carol's superb body. Mike made the guys form a circle around her and said ''Look at all these cocks Carol, they're all going to fuck you tonight and you're going to suck them all, would you like that?'' Carol gave a laugh and nodded her head. He pushed her to her knees and told her to start sucking. He pulled her off each guy after a short while or she would have gone on until they came in her mouth. Then Mike took her by the hand and led her to one of those padded benches they lie on to pump iron. He told her to sit down and then put his cock into her mouth.

''Suck it baby and play with my ass while you do it, and look me in the eyes all the time,'' he instructed her. She put her arms around him and held his ass cheeks wide apart, slipping one hand between them and tickling his asshole with her fingers. Mike jerked as he felt her fingers on his sensitive anus. He gripped her head and fucked her face hard, ramming his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. My cock was so hard as I watched. I had seen her get fucked by other men many times but each time seemed even better than the last. I took my clothes off and masturbated as I watched Mike abusing my wife.

''Jesus,'' he gasped as he shot his cum into her mouth. Carol gazed into his eyes as she swallowed the massive load. ''God, that was incredible, who's next?''

One young guy stepped forward and asked to fuck her. Rob pushed Carol back on the bench so that she was lying with her legs wide apart on either side. ''Suck her pussy first,'' he said, ''taste her sweet cunt juice.''

The guy knelt in front of her and held her pussy lips open as he licked and sucked her lovely shaven pussy. Then he got on top of her and inserted his prick into her wet cunt. He kissed her while he fucked her, and I could see his tongue going into Carol's mouth. She responded and used her tongue too. This was the first time I had seen my wife kissing another man and it made me so hot. She put her arms round him and put her legs round his legs, holding him tight. She was really enjoying it.

When the guy had finished, Rob pulled him off and told Carol to get on her knees with her ass in the air. We all stood behind her looking at her in this obscene and humiliating position. Her tight little asshole looked so inviting and cum was dripping out of her pussy and running down the inside of her thighs. ''Watch this men,'' Rob said, ''she's gonna get my big black cock right up her ass.''

Everyone watched fascinated as Rob lubricated his huge dick and pushed it slowly into her ass. ''Does that feel good you sexy bitch?'' he asked, ''do you like my big nigga cock up your ass?'' Carol didn't reply but pushed her ass back on his cock, forcing it deep inside. When it was in right up to his balls, Rob began to fuck her, pushing his thick black pole all the way in and then pulling it almost out before thrusting it in again. He moved faster and harder until he was brutally sodomizing her, I could hear his balls slapping against her pussy. He pulled out and told Carol to sit down on the bench.

''Open your mouth bitch, I'm gonna shoot a big load of nigga cum in and you're gonna swallow it all,'' he gasped, ''Put your tongue out.''

I watched closely as he pumped his cock and ejaculated long ropes of hot cum. Some of it went onto her face but most went onto her tongue and into her mouth.

''Show us the cum babe,'' he said, and Carol opened her mouth wide. It was full of his thick white cum. Rob used his finger to push the cum on her face into her mouth. ''Now swallow and show us.''

She closed her mouth, took a big swallow and opened her mouth to show us that it was all gone. Jesus, it was so arousing, I had to cum soon. Then I had an idea. I had always wanted to see Carol get a double penetration. I asked for volunteers and all the guys offered to do it. I made Carol stand up and I chose a guy with a long cock to lay on the bench.

''Sit on his cock honey,'' I said and helped her get into position. When she was firmly impaled on him I pushed her forward until her tits were on the guy's face, he started kissing and sucking them. Her ass was in the air and we could see that her anus was still very distended after having Rob's enormous prick in it. I took another guy with a good size cock and told him to get it up her. He straddled the bench and slid his dick up her ass. It was fantastic to see. My wonderful, beautiful wife had two cocks inside her. The guy behind her started sliding his cock in and out of her ass and I watched enthralled as the double rape took place. I couldn't hold back any longer, so I went to the bench and lifted Carol's head to my cock, pushing it between her lips, feeling her soft wet tongue on the shaft. ''Give me a blow job sweetheart.''

It didn't take long before I came and emptied my balls into her mouth. She swallowed my cum and looked up at me smiling, with a dribble of cum running down her chin. I needed a drink after all this. I told the guys to go ahead and do all they wanted with her. I figured we still had an hour ahead of us before I took her home and put her to bed before the effects of the drug wore off. I went into the bar and had a couple of scotches.

When I went back into the gym I immediately got an erection when I saw what was going on. Carol was sitting on the floor with her face lifted up. All the guys, including Mike and Rob were jacking off and coming on her face, one after the other. There was sperm all over her. Her face was completely covered in it and it was dripping off her chin and down onto her tits. She was rubbing the cum over them, scooping it up and rubbing it between her legs into her pussy. Mike said that all the guys had fucked her and several had fucked her ass too. One guy had squatted over her face and made her lick his asshole. I wondered how many loads of cum she had swallowed.

It was now time to go so we cleaned her up and got her dressed again. All the guys thanked me for letting them have such a fantastic experience and asked when they could have Carol again. I drove her home and put her to bed, after making sure there was no cum still on her, especially in her hair.

The next morning Carol didn't seem to have any ill effects from the drug and she didn't remember anything that had gone on at the club. She said that she must have had a drink too many and her mind was a complete blank. But she had had another one of those erotic dreams which was so vivid it seemed to be real. I asked her about it and she told me she had been gangbanged and had had several orgasms in her dream. I was amused to hear that she had enjoyed the dream but could never do anything like that in real life.

We are now planning what to do with Carol next time. I want something even better than the gym session. I know a guy in the military who works at the base not far from here. Maybe he could arrange something. Imagine Carol let loose in a barrack room full of hot marines!!

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