tagGroup SexYou Can Handle It Ch. 04

You Can Handle It Ch. 04


The next week I went back to a client that I hadn't worked with in over a year. Unfortunately the client was in Jacksonville, a five-hour drive from Atlanta. I had to leave at 4AM to get there. I met the project team and we began outlining where everything was going and over what time frame. By 5PM I was ready to quit. One of the junior team members stopped at the desk I was calling an office this week.

"Jeff, the gang meets at The Oysterman every afternoon after work, if you'd like to have a drink with us." The Oysterman was a restaurant and bar next to my hotel, in the second block from the office.

I surveyed the terrain: golden sunlight on top, some gentle hillocks at the next level sloping down to a flat plain, and a hidden valley that I guessed might have a hot spring in the middle. She also looked to be the same age as Diane. (For those of you who don't have daughters, most of us dirty old men feel a little squicky when the female in question is too close to the age of one of our daughters.)

"Lori, I appreciate the offer but I got up at 3AM this morning, maybe some other time. Take a rain check?"

"Sure. I'll hold you to it." Her smile was genuine and dazzling.

The next afternoon at 5:05, Lori was standing by my desk again. "Jeff, ready to use that rain check?"

Ah, hell, only drink when you're alone or with somebody else. "Sure, let me pack up here. See you in about fifteen or twenty."

"It's a date."

Why had she said it that way?

The crowd at the Oysterman was all fifteen or more years younger than I. We talked shop, vacations this year, other small talk. Lori started out sitting on the same side of the booth that I was in. Four drinks and ninety minutes later we were sharing the same leg space under the table. She laughed at all my jokes, even laughed at my bad puns. As the rest of the gang cleared out, Lori didn't relieve the crowding in the booth.

"I'm not sure you should be driving home," I said. I was much more sober having had only three drinks and outweighing her by eighty or a hundred pounds.

"I'll be fine," Lori replied. "Beshidesh, have you seen the inshide of the cabs in thish town?"

I hadn't noticed her slurred speech before. She must be really drunk. "Look, I'll drive you home. Your car will be safe in the garage until tomorrow."

"You don' have t'do that. I'll, I'll be okay." Her protestation was very faint. She knew she was in no shape to drive.

"No! It's settled. Let's get you home."

She leaned against me in an unsteady wobble all the way to my car in the hotel garage. She was accidentally pressing one breast into my chest. I noticed that the air conditioning in the bar had caused her nipples to erect. I put her in the passenger seat. By the time I got into the driver's seat Lori had slumped down and closed her eyes. In doing this, her skirt had risen to show a lot of thigh. She wasn't wearing hose. From the angle of her legs, I was sure that if I leaned forward and over slightly I'd be able to see her panties. 'Dirty old man,' I thought and resisted temptation.

Lori kept her eyes closed but managed to give me understandable directions. Every time we rounded a curve her legs seemed to open further and the skirt rose higher. By the time we pulled up at her apartment I was getting brief flashes of her panties. "Okay, we're here," I announced. "Let's get you inside." I helped her out of the car and then up the stairs to her unit.

"Jeff, I'll fix you some coffee before you go."

"No. You're home. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Jeff! You are less drunk than I was, but you should have some coffee and wait before you drive back." 'Doesn't this apple look pretty,' asked the serpent.

"Well, maybe one cup."

Lori settled me on the couch and then went into the kitchen to start the coffee. She blew back through the living room. "The coffee's brewing. Got to go tinkle. I'll be back in a sec."

I was very relaxed when Lori returned, dressed in a white silk robe. I could see the shadows of her nipples where they tented the fabric. Within seconds nothing about me was relaxed. "Lori! What's going onph."

Her mouth squelched my question as her tongue pried my lips apart. Well, pried may be an exaggeration. When a twenty-three year old blonde bombshell hits a forty-five year old guy who is slightly befuddled with alcohol, there is not very much resistance. By the time I became lucid again, I was convinced that this was another sign from the gods that I would have my revenge on Barbara.

I responded with a kiss and slowly ran my hands over her neck and shoulders. I trailed a string of kisses down her throat and back to her ear. When I nipped her earlobe with my teeth, she purred. I kissed her again as I moved my hand from her shoulder around to her breast, lightly cupping it and feeling the nipple tickle my palm.

Lori reached for the bulge at the front of my slacks. Soon she had the zipper down and my prick up in her hand. Breaking our kiss, she slid to the floor and took the head into her mouth. As she swirled her tongue around, she used both hands to undo my belt and trousers.

"Lift up," she commanded and pulled my trousers and boxers to my ankles. She rapidly worked my shoes and everything else off. Then she resumed that delightful suction with her mouth. After about two minutes of tonguing and sucking, Lori began to lightly tease my balls with one hand. As she continued to use her mouth, she ran her fingertips over the soft skin. Then she held them in her hand while teasing the smooth skin underneath with one fingertip.

Meanwhile I shucked my shirt and t-shirt. As Lori sucked and played, I could feel the sperm beginning to boil inside me. "Lori, I'm going to come soon." She just increased the speed of all her actions.

Another minute and I released the first spurt into her mouth. "God, you are so gooood!" I spurted several more times. I felt her swallow once before I finished. Then I collapsed back onto the couch. I hadn't realized that I had tensed my body and arched away from the couch when I came.

Lori didn't seem to have spilled a drop. I saw her swallow again when I slipped out of her mouth. She smiled at me and leaned forward still on her knees. I automatically took her in my arms. When she turned her face up to be kissed, I did so immediately. Barbara doesn't swallow, but before we were married I had tasted my cum in several of my girlfriends' mouths. It's not ice cream, but it is certainly not horrible. I always figured that if I wanted them to taste it, I couldn't complain about some taste in the girl's mouth.

"You are so much fun," Lori confided after our extended kiss finished. "I like guys who aren't afraid of themselves."

I pulled her up until she was on the couch lying across my lap. We necked and nibbled on each other for a while. Her robe was open allowing me full access to her body, but I used the slipperiness of the silk to create sensations that she would never have felt skin-to-skin.

Soon I recuperated and began a more intimate exploration of the delightful flesh available to me. I bent to alternate licks and bites on the tiny nipples presented to me. While my mouth was teasing the top half of Lori's body, my fingertips were relishing the smooth slender legs below. I trailed my hands down the outside of one thigh and back up the inside of the same thigh. I grazed my hand across the downy curls and then down the inside of the other thigh and back up the outside. I repeated this path several times.

I kissed up her neck to her lips as my hand wandered over her lower lips. I could feel that she was wet before I pushed between. As our kiss started, she moaned while my fingertips barely parted the fur between her legs. Lori spread her knees and my hand entered her as if being vacuumed in. My fingers now coated with her secretions, I was able to lightly caress from the top of her pussy to the bottom with the same frictionless ease that I had used when rubbing her robe against her skin. Whenever my fingers approached her clitoris, her hips would buck trying to make firmer contact. I started circling around her firm button in faster movements. Her tongue lashed at mine and a deep hum resonated in her throat.

"Oh, Jeff! Harder! Faster!" Lori broke the kiss to direct my actions.

I thrummed her clit like a guitar string.

"Oh, god! NOW! Yessssss!" She collapsed onto my lap. After several shuddering breaths she sat up. "I want you in me now." She rolled off me and onto her knees leaning against the back of the couch.

I pulled the robe from her shoulders and tossed it aside. The light from the lamp reflected off her pussy and the crack between her cheeks where her wetness had flowed down. I momentarily considered pushing into her rosebud since it was so well lubricated. However, enough time for that later.

My cock was just a little high when I was standing so I knelt on the edge of the couch and pulled her furrow onto me. She spread her legs to adjust the height slightly as I began rocking back and forth.

With only two strokes I was firmly seated in her warm velvet glove. Then I started moving slowly in and out. I immediately recognized that I had been watching something similar last week. Looking down at the expanse of perfectly smooth skin in front of me, I quickly forgot the old scene and fully immersed myself in the new sensations.

"Lori, your skin is so soft and smooth. The curves of your body are delectable and lush to look at. You are so hot and wet I don't know how long I can last."

"Jeff, you feel so good. So big and strong in me and holding me. I'm going to come soon."

With this she began to move back and forth also. I adjusted my timing and speed so that we wouldn't accidentally separate. I also reached around and fingered her clit.

A soft purring started from Lori. We meshed perfectly for several minutes and then began to speed up. Soon we were using short strokes to slam against each other.

"Oh god! Oh god! Oooooooh! Now! Do it!" Her pussy started vibrating around my cock. This triggered my orgasm. I slammed into her and held her jammed against my hips as I spurted time after time into her womb. We both rolled to the side and collapsed spooning onto the couch.

"Jeff, you are incredible." It had taken several minutes of recovery to steady our breathing and gather enough oxygen to speak.

"The inspiration of your gorgeous body is what does it for me." We babbled on at each other for several more sentences before Lori twisted around to recline from the edge of the couch against my side. Her legs were splayed open and then she pulled her heels to the edge of the couch. Her lips parted showing our mixed liquids now cupped in her pussy.

"I've got a big favor to ask of you," she said. "Since you seem comfortable in your maleness, the thing that would really finish the night for me is for you to use your mouth."

"Right now?"

"I can almost come just thinking about it."

I didn't mind the taste, as I said, but I had never contemplated such an act. I knew that my parents had probably thought that any oral sex was wrong. Maybe this was an advance of the younger crowd. I pulled my arm from under Lori and started kissing down her chest. I feasted briefly on each nipple and then swirled my tongue in her belly button.

I moved between her legs and lifted her calves to my shoulders. I took my first lap of our combined juices. Soon I was taking long licks up and down her pussy. When I inserted two fingers in her channel, I could tell she had a small orgasm. She began to moan and babble again.

"Sooo good. Right there. Yes, just like that. Oh, this is going to be a big one. I'm coming. Coming NOOOOWWWW!"

Her hips vibrated spastically against my face, and then she dropped heavily onto the couch. She tugged weakly at my shoulders. When I moved upward, she pulled my face to hers. First she licked off all the wetness from my lips, chin and cheeks. She followed that with a deep kiss using her tongue to retrieve any taste that was inside my mouth.

On Wednesday I took Lori to dinner and then back to my hotel room. We started with a 69, which got us both off quickly. Then, a leisurely lovemaking session ended with Lori on top. Afterwards, Lori asked me to lick her to one last orgasm. In fact, she had three while watching me gobble our juices.

Thursday Lori fetched "the best pizza in town" and a six-pack of beer while I finished some last details. She waited for me at my hotel room. When I got there, she had artfully arranged some pepperoni and tomato sauce to give pizza eating a whole new perspective.


The next week I was back in Macon. I called Barbara early every night so that Sandra and I could play as long as we wanted. I realized, though, that my affairs were only putting off the time that I would have to deal with THE PROBLEM.

One thing had been nagging at the back of my mind, Harry's attitude on the day that I met him at church. His approach had been more alpha male than lover trying to conceal something from the husband. It had almost been disrespectful of Barbara. It could have provoked a scene between us right there. I was surprised that Barbara had taken up with someone who seemed to be inconsiderate. I was more surprised that a man that cared for her would have acted that way.

Another problem that teased around my consciousness was scheduling. Harry was meeting Barbara at least once, maybe four times a week. What was he doing the other three days? Was an eligible bachelor pining away for his married lover all weekend?

On Friday I left Macon early to check on Harry's evening activities. I had discovered where he worked, so I parked down the street from that building before 4PM. His car was in the lot and I waited. About 4:55 I began following his car, not a problem in Atlanta's slow moving evening snarl.

He went home. I still had time to kill so I parked across from his subdivision and waited to see what might happen. About 6:30 his car pulled into traffic. This time he zipped through the lighter traffic to a condo group. Stopping briefly, he collected a blonde who looked to be about thirty. I had become an expert at finding personal details on the Internet so I quickly wrote down the address and then followed Harry to a nice restaurant downtown. I parked two blocks away and walked back. Harry had conveniently gotten a table by the front window, two chairs only. She must have been chilled by the air conditioning because he was holding both her hands.

"Hi, honey," I talked to Barbara over my cell. "I've got a problem I'm trying to clear up here. I'll give you a call before I leave."

"Be careful driving," she replied.

I watched Harry and his date for almost two hours. Then they left, returning to Harry's place. Harry must have gotten a thrill out of making love with the curtains open. He didn't think that anybody was spying on him. I snapped a roll of film. He used the same limited repertoire that he used with Barbara. Even the sequencing was the same: girl sucks boy, boy does girl from behind over couch, girl rides boy to orgasm.


Back in Jacksonville, I had to put in a lot of extra hours on Monday and Tuesday to finish up the design proposal for the client. Lori had told me at lunch on Monday that she was on her period for the next couple of days so everything was cool. An email on Tuesday afternoon invited me to dinner Wednesday at her apartment.

I arrived about 7:30. Frank Sinatra was crooning on the CD player and candles were lit in the living room and dining area. Lori was wearing a halter and a tiny miniskirt. Who was seducing whom?

Lori had prepared a light but delicious meal of salmon steak, rice pilaf and Caesar salad. After I had opened and poured the wine, she instructed me to sit at the table so that she could serve me. She put the salad bowls with salad on the table. Then she served the pilaf onto the dinner plates. Finally, she opened the oven door and bent to pull out the baking dish with the salmon. She had her back to me and bent from the waist. She wasn't wearing panties and the view was spectacular. Her legs were spread and all her treasures were on display. I gaped.

"Do you think that you'll like what I'm serving," she asked.

"If that's for dessert, then no matter what, the meal will be a success."

"No. I've got something else for dessert. But maybe for a postprandial drink." She giggled.

When she put my plate in front of me, I tried to run my hand underneath her skirt. "Down, boy," she commanded. "You can only think about coming courses not sample them."

After we finished eating, I helped her put the dishes in the dishwasher.

"I've got a special desert, but it's a surprise. Go sit on the couch." She shooed me out of the kitchen. About five minutes later the electric lights suddenly went off. Lori glided into the room carrying a tray with two flaming desserts, Baked Alaska.

Baked Alaska is impressive to look at but the taste is bland, a meringue crust over vanilla ice cream with a mild taste of brandy after the flames go out. However, seeing the two mounds next to each other sparked my imagination. I did the obligatory oohh'ing and aahh'ing to show that I appreciated her efforts, but after I had eaten about a third of the dessert, I put it down and began to nibble on Lori's neck. She responded enthusiastically as if meringue and ice cream was not high on her to-do list either.

I quickly skinned off her halter and her miniskirt. A brief foray between her thighs revealed that she had been thinking about the next course as much as I, but maybe she didn't foresee the condiments that I was planning. I moved to kiss her again but also used my free hand to grab the remains of the Baked Alaska meringue. I suddenly dropped the cone onto her breast.

"Damn, that's cold!" She broke the kiss and looked to see what I had done.

I held it in place while I moved to bite off pieces. After a few nibbles, I had uncovered her nipple. I started to flick my tongue over the very erect nubbin. As I did that, I removed the remaining crust and put it back on the plate.

"How would you like it if I did that to you," she asked. I could tell she was only trying to act mad.

"You gave me the idea with the pizza," I replied referring to our tryst two weeks ago. "Now, I want to try eating ice cream out of your bowl." I reached for a large dollop of the softening goo.

"No, no, no," exclaimed Lori.

"Yes, yes, yes," I replied as I moved the white substance toward her pussy.

"At least not here! It'll make a mess." She rolled to her side and stood up, moving towards the bedroom.

I grabbed the plate and followed her.

"Hurry, before I back out," she said spreading her legs.

I only picked up a small spoonful this time. She rocked her hips upwards and I put about a teaspoonful in her cleft.

"Ooooooh. Hurry up and eat me!"

I bent to the task immediately.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooooh Goddd!" In little more than a minute Lori was spasming under my assault. She thrust her hips hard into my face and then dropped back down to the bed momentarily sated.

"Jeff, I don't want to do that often, but that was kinky enough to put me over the top really quick."

"Well, the syrup on the ice cream tasted better than anything I've ever had."

"I've got to get the stickiness off. Be right back." Lori disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared shortly.

This time we made love slowly and conventionally. I rode her in the missionary position until we both came together.

We rolled to one side and rested for a few minutes. When I had softened almost to the point of falling out, Lori rolled to her back. She lay there with her knees bent, one of them resting on my leg. I still had my arm around her. I was enjoying lightly tugging and twisting the nearest nipple. Looking down at her glistening, gaping pussy I was sure that the next request would be for oral sex.

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