tagBDSMYou Can Keep The Shoes On

You Can Keep The Shoes On


Agreeing to join you for some crazy-morning, outdoor playtime, I met you in the parking lot just as you were slipping on a backpack. I lead the way.

I found the most spectacular park destination. The rough footpath that wanders off through the tall wild grass is easy enough to miss if you don't know to watch for it. It's about a nine iron just off the main trail, past some concealing bushes. There's a clearing enclosed by 3 of the biggest trees I've ever seen. Some kids have set up a fire pit in the center and dragged in some fallen tree trunks for seating. The clearing is just off the river. The far side of the river is rocky and inaccessible and this bank is lined with rushes. The clearing is completely private.

This is the kind of place teens might frequent at night, but I was confident we would have no unexpected company this early in the morning. I sat down on a log and watched as you opened the pack, took out a blanket and spread it out beneath one of the trees. You also took out some cord, the sight of which got me excited and nervous at the same time.

You came to sit beside me, slid your hand over my neck and pulled me in for a friendly kiss. I was nervous. You leaned close so that you could whisper your plans in my ear. "I want you to take off all your clothes. Then I'm going to bind your hands and tie you to that tree over there. I'm going to have my way with you while you're helpless to do anything about it. I'll stop anytime you want -- just say the word. Are your ready?"

I blushed and nodded. We stood and you pulled me close for a reassuring kiss and hug.

I began to undress. First my t-shirt then my athletic pants. I hesitated standing in my underwear and little red running shoes. "uh-uh... take those off too. You can leave your shoes on." I unclasped my bra and shimmied my panties down, slipping them over my sneakers.

"Nice," you said. As I stood there you walked around me, running your hand over my skin: over the swell of my breasts, across my tummy, over my hip and around to my ass. You gave me a smack and my skin goose bumped.

Taking both of my hands palms together and looping a length of cord over my wrists, you wound the cord 5 times making sure the coils sat neatly one on top of the other, then tied it off. I flexed. My hands were not coming apart. You looped another length of cord between my arms and over the bindings then lead me towards the blanket where you threw the open ends of the cord over an overhead branch. The branch was just out of my reach. You pulled until my arms were straight overhead, and then tied the loose ends to another branch on the far side of the tree.

You wandered off for a moment looking around the bushes for something. I was feeling very exposed. All that I could do was to press my knees together, twisting at the end of your rope.

From across the clearing I could see that you had a green branch with you. This made me nervous. With your camera phone you snapped a picture of me biting my lip. "Don't fret," you grinned as you approached. You started stroking me with the branch, running it up the outsides of my thighs and a cross my knees. It was ticklish, delicate and sharp all at once. You passed the branch over my stomach and I clenched. I keep anticipating more but you're just playing with me. While you teased my skin with the branch you continued to take pictures of my curves, with and without the branch. You walk around behind me dragging the tip of the branch along my skin, around my waist. I curl away from its touch but realized I couldn't get very far with my hands taunt above my head like this. You were behind me. I could feel the branch scratch my shoulder blades, my ribs and trace my spine. I started to relax, enjoying this weird exposure and this unique organic caress.

THWACK! You smacked my ass with the branch. I jumped and twisted on the cord. And laughed because the branch was too green to cause any real damage. You wrapped your arm around my stomach and waist to hold me still, then whipped my ass quickly 4 times. Ouch - it stung just a little. You stepped back and quickly snapped a few more shots of my blushing ass as I twisted on the cord.

"That's enough, you sexy bitch. I'm so fucking horny right now," you growled, tossing the branch and phone aside. You came around in front of me and grabbed by breasts, squeezing them together and started to kiss them. Mmmmm... I was so sensitive now. A bolt of electricity coursed through my body pooling in my groin. I could feel my moisture building. You gave my tits a playful slap and stepped back.

You removed your shirt and stripped off your jeans. Still with your boxers on you knelt in front of me, slipped a hand between my thighs and threw one of my legs over your shoulder. I stumbled a bit balancing on one foot and dangling from the cord. You pressed your mouth to my pussy, tasting me, your tongue exploring my folds then settle your mouth on my clit. You sucked it, flicked it with your tongue, teasing it in response to my twisting and bucking. Oh wow.

Standing again, you pushed your wet mouth against mine so that I could taste my own sweet flavour. Without pulling your mouth away from mine you pulled down your boxers. Your now free penis rubbed against me, brushing against my pussy lips. I wanted you inside me and rotated my hips to bring you closer. But you turned and walked back to your backpack. You took out a condom and stood so that I could watch you put it on. You grabbed a small bottle from the pack and returned to stand behind me. "I'm going to fuck your ass and there's nothing you can do to stop me."... "oh, yes please," I mewed and pushed my bottom out to you.

Kicking my feet apart, you positioned yourself behind me and thrust into my pussy. Oh! You grabbed me around the waist and thrust up into me several times. Fuck that's deep.

"You've got such a sexy body," you crooned and then leaned back. With your cock still inside me I felt you drizzled lube into my crack. It was cold. You slid your thumb down coating it and spreading the solution over my anus, then pushed your thumb inside. I gasped and you thrust with your cock a few more times. "You're so fucking tight. I can't wait to feel this squeezing my cock."

I was panting my excitement and nervous at the same time. "Please. Now," I begged. And you laughed.

"K, Baby." You pulled out and pressed your cock against my ass. The head went in easily but I wasn't ready for the rest. I yelped and stood up on my tiptoes. You stopped and let me take back some of the control. I gasped and started to settle back onto you wagging my way down the length of your cock. I moaned as you slowly filled me up. With your entire cock in my ass, you grabbed me around the waist and held me in place.

"You're such a dirty slut," you whispered in my ear. "Out here in the park where someone could come along at anytime. Bound to this tree in the morning sun... my fat cock in your ass... and you're fucking loving it, aren't you?" You smacked my ass and reached around to grab both of my tits - hard.

"Ah! Please..."

You started to move in and out of me, slow at first but then harder as I let you know that I was ready to pick up the pace. "Oh, yes," I breathed. "Yes, yes, yes...".

You reached between my legs and started to rub my clit while you fucked me. My legs began to tremble. Fuck. I was going to cum. I could feel it building in the pit of my stomach. I pushed back to meet your thrusts. Oh, and there it was! I started to shudder and I crunched forward as much as I could, considering my position. I tried to twist away from you but you pinned me in place and my ass contracted tightly around your cock. You choked on your laugh.

"Shhhhhh..." you soothed me. "Thank you," I breathed.

When I was calm again, you gently pulled out and walked around the tree to release me. My hands were tingling from being held high for so long. I didn't realize my knees were as week as they were and I folded to the blanket that covered the ground.

"Mmmmm, perfect. Stick your ass in the air for me. I'm not done yet."


After our pleasure was wrapped up, your backpack re-assembled and our clothes back on, we sat on a log and you took out your camera phone. We flipped through the many pictures of me. I blushed, worried about this evidence getting out. "Don't worry," you kissed my forehead and started to delete them.

"Wait! Not that one!" It was the perfect shot. My face, except for the edge of a smile, was mostly hidden behind my stretched up arm. I was twisted so that my right breast was in profile. My hip was jutting out with a sensual curve and my bottom was pink with switch marks. "Email it to me."

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