tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Can Leave Your Hat On

You Can Leave Your Hat On

byDenim & Lace©

The lights in the bedroom suddenly dimmed and an eerie silence fell. I even stopped breathing for a bit. I sat on the bed, pillows stacked behind my back. Just as the note had asked me to do. A small light illuminated the dark corner of the room, by the bathroom door.


A flash of the note in my e-mail just that afternoon shot through my mind.

PJ, Will be at the Davidson Hotel~ at the airport around 8 this evening. I have a few things I need you to do before we meet tonight.

1)Go to room 254 ~ the extra key is waiting for you at the desk.

2)Take a hot shower ~ Musk oil scented washcloth is in there waiting.

3)There is a teddy on the bathroom counter~ I believe you prefer pastel colors.

4)When finished with your shower~ dress~ while still wet~ do not dry off.

5)Go lie on the bed~ covers pulled back for you already.

6)Wait 15 minutes ~ to air dry.

7)Stack the pillow behind your head and back.

8)Dim the light next to the bed ~ low light ~ not off.

9)I will join you shortly thereafter.

Why I did as the note asked, I don’t know. I was scared, excited, aroused, and still damp from my shower. The air in the room seemed to swirl around me. Cool on my water soaked body. The pale orange teddy clung to my breast, tummy and behind, as I lay there waiting for a man I had never met before.

I dropped everything after reading that note, my hair appointment ~canceled~, supper with my neighbor ~canceled~, the phone call to my sister ~canceled~. Something drove me to needing to find out more. To go to the hotel. Do as he asked. And wait till he came to me.


“How did he get there?”, I wondered.

"What's going on?" I asked, my voice shakie.

"Shhh....just wait, you'll see!"

A low rock beat could suddenly be heard from the boom box there beside him. It was loud and the bass turned way up. I instantly recognized the music. The horns and drums gradually increased in tempo and as Cocker’s rough voice began to belt out the words, a nice looking man, dressed in jeans, a dark silk shirt, and dress hat danced into the light cascading from the bathroom door that he opened a bit as he strutted by it. Almost like lighting a spot light on his own ass.

His silhouette slowly danced toward the middle of the spotlight. There I could see his side and front basked in the light.

~Baby take off your coat......Reallllllll slow~

He slowly removed his shirt. Swaying his hips and shoulders to the beat. Then proceeded to turn his back to me. That hat pulled down so the shadow hid his electric blue eyes.

He danced erroticly towards me.. lifted one foot...placed it on the edge of the bed. I smiled wickedly. And reached for his shoe.

~Baby take off your shoes......I’ll take off your shoes.~

First one shoe .....then the other. He slowly danced back into his spotlight. Driving his hips to the solid heavy beat of the drums.

The song progressed as he seemingly jumped.. spread his legs jut wide enough for me to see the light shining between them.....all the way up to the crotch of his now fuller jeans. As he swayed his hips from side to side, the light would flash between his thighs like a beacon. The shadows began to look softer as he slowly wiggled his hips and his jeans fell to the floor. Exposing his black silk boxers.

~Come over hear~ Stand on that chair~

From nowhere a chair appeared. He leapt onto it. Placed his hands behind his neck and rolled his hips in a figure eight only 2 feet in front of me. I felt myself beginning to show a soaked area on my teddy as I adjusted myself nervously on the bed. The top of my thighs wet, and cool from the juices that were flowing - being exposed to the air in the room.

The piano kept beat with him as he danced on the chair for my eyes to take in. He took the hat from his head, held it in front of himself. Then seemed to wiggle slightly as his boxers slid to his feet. Lifting one foot out ... he picked them up with his other foot...and tossed them thru the light to the blackness in the corner.

I unconsciously let my hand slip to my thighs, lifted my right thigh and brought my heel to within inches of my backside...letting my left leg lay flat on the bed. The soft light running across it...and shining on my inner thigh of my right.

~They don’t know what love is.... Ya’ll can leave your hat on....Pretty one.....Hey give me reason to live..~

He stepped off of the chair, with the hat still held close to his body. And turned completely around, swaying his hips in a circular motion as he did. When he had turned back to me, his silhouette showed the hat on his head yet again.

Ohhhhhhhh ....ummmmmm...... I better stop this story right about here!!!!! OMG..... check the thermostat....I think it is up a bit toooo high!!

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