tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Look But Not Touch

You Can Look But Not Touch


Richard nudged the door open with his knee, slowly shoving forward trying not to spill the gin and tonics he held. Once he was the other side his ass swung at the door, closing it.

"Here look at this for a mouthful," he walked over to where his wife was sat at the computer, putting the two glass's down he lent over her shoulder, "And what mouthful of fuck fantasy are your little perverts telling you now?"

Bettina took the drink from him, "Look for yourself; read what he would do to me if he got his hands on me."

Richard took a sip from his glass, turned and walked to the other leather chair, "No, you tell me."

As he sat down Bettina looked at her husband and smiled. They had been married a long time, he was 49, she was younger, but still bloody attractive but despite all their love for each other the same thing happened to them as happens to hundreds, there sex life had needed that mid life boost, nothing to do with other people, just a bit of harmless fun, well that's what he said at the start.

That start was three years ago, surfing, chatting, finding porno sites and generally spicing things up. Six months ago she saw a web-cam, she had to have one and that's how a whole new ball game started.

The smile became a grin, "You are one horny pervert," he laughed back at her, "And you're the one that found ifriends. net and have been teasing those poor, sick, loser's ever since."

Bettina had a school girl giggle and she was using it right now as she read the mail on the screen, "Oh I like this one," she sniggered, "Listen to this, Hello Velvet Vixen, may I introduce myself as the man you want to fuck you, that's what you want, I read your last entry on the site, I can imagine you home working out in your home gym, your lycra training suit wet with your glistening sweat, your nipples long hard against the restraining material, pointing, sensitive ready to be sucked and pulled."

She looked at Richard, "I may just have to play with myself while I read this bit, listen to the pathetic jerk. Can you feel my hands there pulling the material off your shoulders, my tongue curling in to your ear before I start licking at your neck."

Richard laughed, "I hope you've had a wash."

Bettina's hand slid in to her pants, "As I pull the material down your arms and off your wrists but I'm gently kissing your back, my hands are sliding round to hold your lovely big tights. I can feel your nipple, long, hard and great to pull on, you love me pulling them, twisting them as I roll them between my fingers, I'm going to suck them but not yet."

Richard giggled, "I'll get another drink this could be a long time."

Bettina raised her voice so he could still hear, "I'm pulling the suit over your round firm ass, licking at the sweat that glistens on your buttocks, I can smell your hot sex, I want your pants off so I can spread your legs and suck at your wet flesh, getting my tongue in you sucking the juice out of your body."

Richard returned with more drinks, "I thought he was going to do terrible thing if he got you alone."

Bettina's legs were open as her fingers tickled the top of her slit, "Just shut up, drink and listen, Your legs are open I can slid my hand between your legs, my thump travels from your ass to your cunt, its wet and I'm pushing my finger around the slippery lips, go on groan you cunt, you love it, you slut."

Richard snorted, "I didn't think he knew you."

Bettina snapped, "Shut it unless you want me to be one, I may fancy going out on my own."

Richard answered, "All right just joking, go on."

"Now I've got you, your mine, your so wet, your lost in your sex, I've got you so aroused that you don't hear me as I take the cuffs out of my pocket, I bite your buttocks, you put your hands behind you hoping to stop me but I'm waiting, I grab your hands and click, your defenseless and your mine to do with as I please."

Richard remarked, "Lucky bastard."

Bettina giggled, "Which one?"

Richard grunted as she carried on, "You struggle but your no match for me, I've got you, shall I gag you, you plead with me not too, but I grin at you, I'm going to spank your ass and I don't need to listen to your screams, lets stuff your mouth with your pants but only after I've pissed on them, I love to see you stuck up bitches being forced to suck piss before you get to suck cock, my cock."

Richard joked, "You better have another drink to get the taste out."

Bettina took no notice, "The look on your face while you watch me piss on your panties, open wide, I'll rip your fucking nipple off, that's it in they go, suck them bitch or your nipples will pay, you keep them in your mouth while I enjoy your ass."

Bettina was squirming on the chair, rubbing her self, Richard watched as she slid her hand out, licked her fingers then plunged them back down again, "Bend over, don't fight it, you're here and the only company you have is me, just you and me and my hard cock that you are going to make soft many times tonight, bend over or I'll hurt other parts of your body."

A quiet groan came from her mouth, before, "That's it my little slut you have no option you're my toy now, god lady you got a great ass, now keep those panties in your mouth and take that, and that, are you going to cry, not yet, I'm only just warming up and surely not before I get to sting your ass a dozen times, then if you don't want another dozen you are going to kneel before me and suck cock and I got a cock big enough to fill your mouth and long enough for you to choke on."

Bettina squirmed, "I'm not going to take these cuffs off, I want you my helpless slave all night so I can fuck you, over and over again and then my friends will be joining us and they will fuck you, only this time they will take all your holes at once over and over again."

She looked over at her husband, "Richard I need fucking." Richard stroked his cock, "Let the web-cam viewers know we are going on line, lets put a show on for them, I'll set it so they can't see our face's."

Bettina quickly tapped on the keys as Richard moved the little white camera, aiming it at the sofa and just at the right angle so as the left end was out of shot, she stopped typing.

Richard dropped his pants, his erection stood proud, "Come here slut," Bettina giggled at him, "They won't be on yet," Richard smiled back, "I just want to keep your motor running, come here and keep your back to the camera, just in case."

Bettina got up and moved towards Richard both careful not to show their faces to the web-cam. As soon as Bettina was in front Richard moved in front of her put his fingers in the waistband of her pants and pushed them down, Richard bent and sucked at her huge erect nipples as his foot pushed the pants to the floor, "Some body must be getting a great view of your ass, open your legs."

She opened as told and Richard slid his hand down, cupping her cunt but letting his finger wave at the camera from between her legs. All the time his mouth sucked at her nipple forcing long moans from her throat until she hoarsely whispered, "I need your cock in side me, now."

They had put on little shows for the web-cam before, her in her sexy lingerie him playing with himself then her finishing him off but this was the first time they were going to fuck for the, as they put it, hopeless, loser's and they were very careful not to show their faces

Richard drove his cock in to his wife as she bucked on the sofa; she had not been this hot for a long while the thought of men watching her getting fucked was such a turn on that she came three times before Richard filled her sopping cunt and he was quick.

Richard and Bettina lay exhausted; Richard pulled her mouth to him and kissed her, "That was one mighty good fuck." Bettina still trying to be flippant panted, "Thank you sir, will you come again?"

He moved slowly off her making sure he stayed out of sight of the camera, "If you get as hot as that again, I will cum many times," he slid round and switched off the web-cam."

She pushed her self up, "I think I'll take a shower, seemed to have got myself a little sticky, see you soon."

Richard heard her going upstairs, he went to the computer and sat, an idea slid in to his mind.

He open M S N messenger and logged on to his e-mails, nothing but mail from the insurance company he worked for and bits to do with nursing for Bettina, he went to the chat room, just what he thought.

Five messages with their password on and all from their resent viewers.

He read their usual drivel all apart from the forth one, this guy sounded different, didn't use foul talk, it didn't read like the others who wanted to fuck and use Bettina no this guy sounded educated. Richard read how the guy had two mates and the three of them had watched, the complemented him on his own prowess and they spoke of Bettina as a lady, a magnificent woman. Then the questions why they did it, why did he show his wife off to others, what caused them to want to do this? Richard was still high on his excitement so he told him he would answer them but on the privacy of e-mail.

Richard went upstairs to check on Bettina, she was sat naked in front of the dressing table mirror drying he hair, he went up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her breasts, he felt her nipples still hard under his palms, she pushed back to him, "Fix us a night cap, a nice Cointru for me would be just the thing, I'm still as horny as hell and maybe your cock feeding it to me would be the finishing touch."

Richard had never had it so good, he went down stairs, but before the drinks he went to the computer, sure enough he had mail.

Quickly he opened it, it was from their admirers. They asked question after question, some still wondering why they did it some a little more personal and to Richard exciting, he thought if this gets me sex like I've never had it before what if we took it to the next level.

Richard didn't really answer the questions but let out just enough to get them interested in meeting, he did put in that if they met it would only be talking and maybe dancing but no more they could look but not touch but he was sure his wife would tell them things in the most intermit way.

He sent the reply, then fixed the drinks and went back to the bedroom. Bettina was still naked, a wicked look in her eye as she lay on the bed. She was on her stomach at the end of the bed, her lovely face supported by her hands as he elbows dug in to the bed arching her back in a sculptured curve down to the firm round globes of her ass.

As Richard entered the room her legs bent, her ankles crossed and she squirmed her hips in to the bed.

He stood in front of her, glass in hand, she did nothing but mouth the words, "Yes please," then she parted her lips and slid her tongue out.

Richard dipped his rapidly hardening cock in to the glass and laid it on his wife's wriggling tongue. Bettina let her tongue play over the cock head before sliding forward and capturing the length in to her hot wet sucking mouth.

Her head moved around as she sucked the liqueur off his cock, then she slid back, "More please," and they did it all over again and again, Richard covering his cock as far down as he could knowing Bettina was still highly aroused and would keep using her mouth until he was down her throat, she had never sucked him that far before but she kept at it, pleasuring him until the glass was empty.

The smeared glass stood empty on the dressing table as Bettina knelt on the bed, Richard was fucking her and she was taking it hard, his cock pounding her cunt from behind as they enjoyed a frenzy of fucking each other for another hour.

They both lay in bed, Bettina in an exhausted sleep but Richard was still excited god how he loved his hot sexy wife, slowly he slipped out of bed and went downstairs, again he had mail, yes they'd love to meet and they understood the rules, they would be in contact later, they wanted to give Richard time to arrange, date, time and a venue.

It was about that time that Richards and Bettina's server started to play up; e-mails kept breaking up or not getting through, time and time again during that week e-mails would turn up complaining of no answer, but eventually he got through to their admirers and a place and time was arranged.

Friday night arrived, Bettina was dressed to die for, Richard gazed at his lovely wife she was stunning, the skirt swung around her knees but the slit ran up to her upper thigh giving scintillating views of her white flesh just above her stocking tops.

The wrap around blouse easily parted as she moved, her magnificent breasts firmly held in a pink satin push up bra stood high showing a deep cleavage line, Richard smiled at her, "Any panties?"

She just smiled back, "Are we ready?"

Richard went to the computer, "I'll just check it," he switched on, yes he had mail.

Bettina looked at him, "I said are we ready?"

He nodded, "Yes but we are going to a different bar, it seems one of your loser's can't go in the Nuevo Bar, he's banned, still come on from what they say the other place is a bit further out."

The car ride took over an hour, it was further than Richard thought but they were there. They walked in, it was a nice place, lots of booths, subdued lighting, pleasant music; they smiled at each other as they moved to a booth.

Richard looked around the place, it was quite full, but the waitress went to them straight away, Richard ordered. A few minutes later she returned, Richard offered to pay but she said the guys at the bar had paid, Bettina strained to see where the girl pointed; peering through the crowd she saw four men smiling over at her.

Nether of them knew what to expect, Richard thought they would be younger and a little more smartly dressed. Bettina thought they would be different more like Richard, business men but these men didn't look that type, it was to late now, they were walking over.

As in all situations one of them took charge. He introduced himself as Carl, then pointed to Pete, Jazz, and Stuart, they all sat. Carl waved at the waitress and she automatically brought the same order of drinks again.

The first half hour consisted of small talk and drinks until the music started, Pete was the first to ask Bettina for a dance, Jazz excused himself to the washroom and the other two started getting at more personal questions with Richard.

Richard was getting uncomfortable, questions were coming thick and fast, "How far down her throat can she suck cock?" How many times has she taken two, three guys up her?" "What's she like to spank?" "How may other times have you let men dance with her and grope her?" "Do you like to watch her get fucked?"

Richard was trying to answer them by telling them that this was the first time, that's why he said they could dance and talk only, no touching. Just then Jazz came back and sat hard down beside Richard, he nudged Richard, "Looks like your lady likes Pete's hand touching her ass."

Richard stood; he peered in to the crowded dance floor to see Bettina almost slumped on Pete, his hand all over her ass. Richard went to push past Jazz when he felt a sharp prick on his buttocks; he turned to look at Pete, "What the fuck was that, that fucking hurt, you want to, to tr, trrrrryyyaahhmmphh?"

He slowly started to sink to his knees; Carl was up and out of his seat helping Jazz guide Richard back to his seat. Stuart got up and made his way on to the dance floor aiming for Jazz.

When he got back he was helping Pete with a very tired Bettina, they slumped her down on her seat, all the men admired the show of leg that hung out of the slit of her skirt. Pete was behind her, his eyes feasted on the large mounds of flesh that were clearly visible over her blouse.

Carl smiled at Richard who was doing everything possible to focus on what was happening.

Carl nodded towards Bettina, "The drug works slowly if mixed with drink but eventually it has the same effect as the quicker injected version, it's a special mix including Ryhipnal and tranquilizers now you just sit there and be a good boy while we check your wallet and her purse, just need a little information about our new friends."

Soon the four men had the couples address and car keys. Richard watched as his lovely wife was manhandled up and out of a side door, soon it was his turn.

Richard slumped in the passenger seat of the big roadster; Bettina was in the back between Stuart and Pete, while Carl drove. Though Richard could not move and his speech was nothing more than a pathetic slur he could see the lights of their own car behind and to add to his misery, he could hear.

The three men laughed and joked as the two vehicles drove towards Richard and Bettina's home. Carl complemented Stuart on his brilliance at hacking in to other people's e-mails, and how gullible stupid thrill seekers are. Richard shuddered as Carl said, "I bet this ain't gona be the thrill these two were expecting but mind you she looks hot and available."

Stuart giggled as he said; "I bet those three ass-holes are still waiting at the Nuevo Bar for these cunts to turn up."

Richard felt sick as he heard Pete give an evil laugh, "Talking of cunts where I got my hand feels like it can take a few and still want more."

Carl joined in the laughter, "Hay you remember what this ass-hole said; you can look but not touch."

Pete's answer cut through Richard like a knife, "Hey ass-hole I'm gona more that touch your bitch, I'm gona get your wife so hot she's gona fuck my brains out whether she likes it or not."

Carl was still laughing, "Oh Mr. Michael you better believe him, he's a fucking mean machine and he seems to like the feel of your wife's cunt."

Pete was still playing underneath the slit in Bettina's skirt. As his hands drove between her legs, he was grinning in her face as she rocked almost unconscious between the two men, "Stuart, we still have some time, get her tits out, lets see the size of her nips, they look to good to be true."

Richard could only sit and watch as Stuart pulled his wife's blouse open, his body was immobilized, he was unable to move, he could do nothing to help his wife as a hand pushed in to her bra and dragged her tits out.

Richards's misery was confounded as Pete shouted, "Fucking hell man look at the size of her fucking nips," he turned and looked at him, "You better hope I don't suck those beauties off your mrs tonight."

Richard fought to move, but it was as if his body was weighted, it was useless all he could do was mumble like a demented drunk as he watched the outline of Pete's hand between his wife's legs forcing groans from Bettina's mouth then his eyes slid up to see Stuart sucking at one of his wife's breasts while Pete licked the nipple of her other large mound.

Carl said, "Getting close now boys."

Pete stopped licking the red bud, he grinned at the helpless Bettina, "Hear that lover, soon be home and we are going to have fun," he turned at looked at Richard, "You getting excited Mr. Michael, looking forward to me plugging your pretty wife's mouth with my cock, your pecker gona get hard while we fuck every hole your old ladies got, don't you get too excited to quickly as we are gona be at her all night."

The two cars pulled in to the drive, Jazz was out and unlocking the front door before helping Carl drag Richard in to the house, making sure they looked like buddies coming home from and night out.

Pete and Stuart had fun redressing Bettina before man handling her in to the house; she was dropped on the sofa while they got a hard backed chair for Richard.

While Pete looked for drink the others made themselves comfortable, Carl got another syringe and pumped more drug in to Richard, he smiled at Richards attempts to stop him, "Oh come on Richard, don't you want us to play with your lovely wife, you'll enjoy watching her get hammered and don't worry we won't inject her, well not yet, no its more fun making her drink it, after all we don't want her completely lifeless, we want her to have some feeling of us fucking the shit out of her."

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