tagInterracial LoveYou Can Never Go Back

You Can Never Go Back


Janet was a married mum of two and 38 years old who owned her own florist shop. She looked great for her age with a figure that turned many an eye, she had been with quite a few men before she met and married her husband. It was undeniable that she was one of the happiest married women people knew, they all were amazed at her love and devotion for her husband. Janet loved him completely and their sex lives were brilliant no problems there, she still loved and lusted after him. However she was becoming increasingly aware of people and opportunities, and she hated the thought that she would regret things passing her by.

This conversation was often brought up when her best friend Ann came round and they talked of how sex didn't always mean love. Ann was a single mum craving attention although she never seemed to quite get what she was looking for and envied Janet and Simon's love for each other. Ann knew of Janet's numerous affairs and rather than be judgmental was jealous of those too.

During one of Ann and Janet's chats, the subject of sleeping with a black man arose. Ann said she had never been attracted to this type of man not because of his colour but because she had never met anyone who floated her boat as Ann put it. Janet blushed as she had met a guy who definitely floated her boat and was wondering if she should tell Janet that she had fucked him.

As Janet told Ann everything she went into detail of how she had been working in her shop and had taken a delivery from an exceptionally good-looking guy called Wes. He had been courteous and kind but had looked at her in a hungry kind of way. Wes was over 6 foot tall, with a fit slim body and the most deep brown eyes. Janet told Ann that he had made her extremely hot and she had kept him talking for as long as possible. Janet went on to explain that after he had left he called the shop to check the order was ok and to ask Janet if she fancied meeting for a no nonsense fuck. She told Ann that she was taken aback but that she said yes with out a thought, Ann just grinned and said that nothing surprised her anymore and asked when she had met him. Janet told her that they had arranged for Friday and that she had picked him up and they went to a B&B that he had booked under a false name for Janet, saying she was his boss there for a conference.

When Friday came Janet had been a bundle of nerves she had dropped the kids off at friends and drove off to meet Wes, she was terrified she knew he was good looking but never having wanted to fuck a black guy she had her reservations. He called to say his train had arrived and he was waiting and 10 minutes later she picked him up, he got into the passenger seat and politely asked how she was, he looked and smelt great and was all in black except for a long dark brown leather coat. Janet became aroused immediately he looked fine. Wes had asked Janet to dress in a suit and wear her glasses so that she looked business like, so she had done as requested.

They drove to the B&B and Wes went to the door and sorted out the parking for Janet, he disappeared into the house signalling to Janet as he did where to park. Janet parked left the car and entered the house, walking up the stairs to where she heard Wes and the guesthouse owner talking. As she reached the top of the stairs Peggy the owner held out her hand and said 'Hi Mrs Hopkins this is your room'.

Janet took her hand and thanked her and was shown around the bathroom and rest of the house. Peggy showed her the TV and stereo and asked if she would like a cup of tea, to which Janet declined. 'Would you like breakfast in the morning Mrs Hopkins?' Peggy asked.

'No thank you Peggy a cup of tea would be fine' said Janet knowing full well she wouldn't be there in the morning

Wes looked at Janet seriously and said 'she doesn't eat breakfast!'

'Oh ok then, if you want anything just holler, I'm going out now but will be back in a few hours' Peggy said

'Oh that's ok' said Wes 'Janet has to be at a conference later so she may not be here when you return!'

'Fine fine' said Peggy 'but don't forget your key and with that she left the two of them in the room.

Janet looked at Wes and giggled, this was so far fetched they were alone in a flowery decorated room that looked like it belonged to an elderly aunt and they were going to be fucking like rabbits.

'Well how are you' Janet finally said to Wes

'Fine lady' he replied taking her in his arms and locking the door. They kissed deeply and Janet's hands roamed over his taut, muscular body, his hands were in her hair. He pulled away from her and removed his coat and jumper then he lay on the bed and patted it so Janet would lie next to him. She lay facing him and he pulled her close kissing her hard, hands everywhere, he kissed he mouth, her neck and was lifting her top to kiss her breasts. He sucked her nipples and it felt like half her breast into his mouth Janet looked down and the sight of a different colour skin on hers aroused her no end. Wes pulled her on top of him so she could feel his enormous cock hardening and said 'take off your clothes '.

She did as she was asked and he watched her every move, smiling as she removed her top then her bra. He cupped her 34b breasts and started to suck them again and she moved her hips grinding into his cock. She felt so dirty and yet so alive, looking at this guy who was at least 11 years her junior. He removed his top to show a fit hard torso and she ran her hands over him enjoying the feel of his black satin skin. Wes stood her up and turned her round and started to remove her trousers, he wasted no time slipping his hand between her legs and pinching her clit 'mmmmm' she moaned as she felt her excitement grow.

Wes then removed her panties and she was naked before him a 38 mother of 2 standing naked in front of this fit toned black hunk, he had looked her up and down and sighed 'Janet you're a fine looking woman with a great booty, I'm gonna enjoy today I'm sure', and with that he took off the rest of his clothes. Janet watched as he removed his Calvin Klein's and gasped at the size of his cock 'you never been with a black guy before Janet?' he asked as she shook her head 'oh boy I'll make sure you have a great time lady' he sighed.

She lay back on the bed and he climbed between her legs, she could feel the tip of his cock pressing into her but he had pulled back. He looked at her and she was overwhelmed at how beautiful he was, his dark skin and dark eyes were stunning. He knelt between her legs and kissed her neck, shoulders and then trailed his tongue down her body, she was tingling all over it felt so wonderful. His mouth moved slowly down her stomach towards her wet labia, she was sighing willing him to go further with her mind. The tip of his tongue touched her clitoris and she moaned she felt his mouth envelop her lips as he sucked, his teeth rubbed on her clit and she was in heaven. Watching him expertly lick her out was driving her mad his beautiful young face deep between her legs kicked off the first of many amazing orgasms. Wes withdrew his head and his mouth was covered in her cum, Janet sat up and kissed his lips tasting herself at the same time.

'Now lets have some fun' he smiled as he moved his body over hers. She felt the tip of his cock again and this time it slid easily into her 'oh yeh' he sighed as he moved in and out of her 'so wet baby, so wet'.

Janet had loving this and slid her hands around his neck moving with him keeping pace, he felt so good inside her warm pussy and she was glad she had taken this opportunity to be with him. The bed was creaking and groaning as they moved and she knew that Wes could keep this pace up for a long time. He pushed deep into her and asked her to keep moving as he stayed where he was, so Janet moved her hips fucking his cock. She felt her orgasm grown and was franticly moving on him as he held fast; she looked deep into his eyes and knew he loved every minute. The very fact that he held her gaze took her over the edge and she covered his cock with his cum. He took over then and plunged into her fucking her hard, his tight body working on her, he looked at her and cried 'I'm cumming' and pulled out to cum over her stomach. Janet however had other ideas and got to her knees taking his erupting cock into her eager mouth and swallowing the hot cum as it left him. He moaned and watched her 'never cum in a lady's mouth before' he gasped.

Janet told Ann she had smiled at him a real self-satisfied smile and licked her lips; she had enjoyed the taste of him and knew the way she was looking at him was turning him on.

He had stood up and wiped the sweat of his body with a towel and then lay back down taking Janet in his arms, 'sweet woman your incredible, you sure know how to turn me on' he said as he kissed her. He caressed her and kissed her, treating her like a goddess. When he looked at her it was with passion and longing she hadn't felt like it was a dirty fuck anymore!

They talked always touching hands never leaving each others bodies, Wes had brought a picnic for them which they shared on the bed naked together. They kissed and it was as if they had known each other for ages. Wes asked questions like why Janet cheated and if this had been a good experience for her so far and she answered with honesty, this was going to be a friendship too Janet had thought.

But then Wes had wanted more and his hands were back between her legs, his cock was hard again and his mouth was hungry. He became dominant and pushed Janet into the position he wanted her, face down on the bed. Wes' hands were firm as he teased her clit and her pussy was flooding with juices, she knew she would cum from his touch again. He was kissing down her back and over her buttocks 'you have a fine booty Janet' he exclaimed 'its known as black man kryptonite mmmm' he said in his silky tones as he carried on touching her.

Janet told Ann she had felt like she was on another planet, her body had responded to his every move and it felt wonderful. Her hips moved at his touch and her juices were flowing like a river, she pushed his head between her legs and felt his tongue lap at her. He stopped and moved backwards a little so that he could watch as he fingered her, she was moaning and grinding against his hand and he was smiling at her in a really horny way his eyes alive with lust. Wes placed his head back between her legs and began licking her clit, slowly up and down then he took her lips into his mouth and sucked. Janet's orgasm was building and building as he licked and sucked and she was telling him how fantastic it felt and not to stop and with that he increased his pace, she had her hands on his head and was fucking his face for all she was worth. He held her hips and ate her out and he brought her to a crushing orgasm 'better?' he enquired.

'Oh Wes your amazing' Janet sighed 'nobody has ever spent that much time on me', Janet's husband had an amazing tongue but she had never felt so alive.

'Did you know that you have the biggest pussy lips I have ever seen' Wes said to Janet.

Janet knew this was true and had been embarrassed about this in the past but she felt like Wes liked them so there was no need to be prudish.

Wes looked at her and said 'you've made me hard again' and with that he lay on his side behind her and entered her. Sliding in and out of her his hands roaming over her exposed body again, Janet felt another orgasm build. Moving in time with him she fucked hard against him, he changed positions and climbed on top. Janet licked the sweet sweat from his neck 'bite me hard babe' he moaned 'harder harder' Janet's lips were clamped on his neck it felt so good to be making this gorgeous man moan. Janet wanted more than anything to make him happy.

She started to talk to him 'that's it baby fuck me, god you're a great fuck'

'Tell me more' he said

'You know that I want you to fuck me' she replied 'I want you to fuck my mouth, my arse and my cunt. I want you to fill me with cum' he groaned into her neck 'come on fuck my cunt take me, your such a excellent fuck' she was writhing on him 'I'm so glad we met up, yes fuck me hard' Janet looked down between them and watched he beautiful black cock slide in and out of her 'oh babe that looks wonderful, your so sexy, fuck me please make me yours'

'You having fun babe' Wes had asked her as he fucked her

Janet had grinned and licked her lips this was by far the best fuck she had ever had, but more than that he was beautiful and beautiful person so kind and thoughtful. She had never met a man who let her set the pace, who watched her as he fucked her, he was incredible and she wanted him to know. She knew this was just an affair but wanted to be friends with this guy as well.

She put her arms around his neck and he pulled her to a sitting position, she was straddling him now and riding him, he was sucking on her tender breasts taking them fully into his mouth she watched as her hips ground down on him, he had made her body flood with new sensations, she wanted to feel his fingers in her as he was fucking her. Every so often his fingers went round her back and down onto her arse but he never touched her arse intimately, she longed for this but the tease was better than the action. Janet lent back onto her arms and jerked her hips as he stayed still letting her bring herself off again 'mmmmmm mmmmmm ahhhh' she moaned 'yes I love it, you feel so good in me Wes' she said.

The tempo was picking up again and Janet's pussy started to contract round his wonderful cock 'ohhhh I'm cumming I'm cumming' she cried.

'Come on baby' Wes replied

'Yessssssssssssssssssssssss' she sighed as another fantastic orgasm hit her, and Wes lay her down and began to fuck.

'Wanna cum now' he sighed

He had fucked her with relish and passion she hoped he had enjoyed her movements and loved the feel of her touch on his skin. She looked into his eyes and knew he was going to explode, then he pulled out and came all over her stomach. It had felt great to be under this mans body and covered in his seed.

He lay next to her and caressed her while he recovered, they knew time was short now and that Janet had to leave, but they could not stop kissing and touching, he was such an excellent kisser, but they eventually had dragged themselves away from each other and dressed, every so often stopping to kiss and embrace.

They left the room in a dishevelled state, with the money on the dresser and Janet had dropped him off at the station after kissing him.

Ann was looking at her with amazement, 'oh god Janet you lucky bitch' she sighed 'will you see him again and if not can I have him'

Janet smiled thinking 'yes I hope to see him again, but I will certainly put forward your offer' and with that they sat laughing.

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