tagAnalYou Can Only Hope

You Can Only Hope


I peeked and you were asleep in your bed. I slipped in, closed and locked the door.

Quietly, I removed my clothes down to my red lace bra and panties, slipping under your covers and finding your body warm and relaxed. I decided to slide down totally under the coverings, so I could kiss your chest, your nipples and kiss down to your belly button. I run my tongue around the outside ridge of the round opening, while slightly running my right hand over your shorts to feel your bulge. Nice!! Really Nice!! He's there and ready to welcome my visit.

I feel your breathing change; your body stiffens as if to prepare for an adventure. My fingers run up and down your cock just slightly, no firm pressure, as if I'm just teasing and not planning to ravish.

Kissing your belly and down to your hairline, I rest my hands on both sides of your pelvis and move my face lower, gently kissing you through your shorts.

I love the way he jerks and pushes towards me. But, I want to tease, feel him wanting more from me. I run my hands down both sides of your hips and hold both ass cheeks . . . a little squeeze, not firm, just enough to tease to what's to come.

Knowing that you love having your dick sucked, I look into your eyes and ask you if you want me to suck him. I get a throaty "Hell, Yes!" and our adventure begins.

Taking your silk shorts at the waist band, I slowly pull them down and toss on the floor. I kiss your toes and everything in between right up to the bottom of your balls, which seem to be tightening up a little and are hard as golf balls.

I take one ball in my mouth and rub my tongue around him, then the other. While gently sucking and kissing your balls, my hands are rubbing up and down your rod, touching the very tip with the tip of my index finger and smoothing out the drop of cum that has appeared.

Next my lips move to the base of your cock, kissing and licking the rod as I make my way north. I continue to use my hands to make sure he knows it's me and that I'm coming.

I glance up to see what you're doing and I see that you are watching every minute of my play. You want to make sure you don't miss anything, so you can replay it over and over again later. Our eyes meet and I can see that you want more.

I reach the peak of the rod and while watching you watch me, I lick my lips and settle on the top of your cock. Heaven!! He's smooth, hard and fits perfectly! I touch the tip of my tongue to your tip and get a little taste of your cum. He's growing harder and stiffer and I run my tongue around the edges of your smooth, flat head, then I slowly start to move an inch then two down his surface.

I love this part!! I love having the control over something so treasured by the receiver.

I'm moving my lips and my tongue up and down your cock, three inches, four inches, five inches. He feels warm and slick and you are starting to lift your hips in the hopes of moving him faster and deeper; but, it's my time and I pull back a little to let you get control of yourself. My lips are going up and down over your head, letting the cool air hit in between each time he's enclosed in my mouth.

At this point, your balls are on fire, they've pulled up and are as tight as can be. You're moaning and sweating and you want more.

I ram him in as far as he'll go and you catch your breath from the surprise and the amazing feel!! I go up and down and try to take him in all the way to your balls! I want him and you want to give him to me.

I'm rubbing my breasts against your legs as I mouth fuck your cock. I lean in, touching my pussy to your calf and feel a little jolt of pleasure. My nipples are hard as can be and are rubbing against your thighs as I wait to feel your explosion in my throat. You're bucking and tightening your ass (which I'm now squeezing and kneading because I want to experience the explosion with you). You say you're cumming and I watch your face as you begin the journey to fuck my throat as you cum and cum. I swallow each release and then lick you dry as you take a deep breath and sink deeper into the bed.

I lie beside you and quietly say, "After your rest, I'd like you to cum in my ass." Amazing recoup time!! While I thought we would rest for ten minutes or so before our next round of pleasure, you recouped in a little over five and began running your fingers from my nipples to my clit . . . with an ever growing rod at your center.

Seeing as I was expecting a certain treat, I got up to go in the bath and made preparations for our next round. A nice hot shower and cleansing had me anticipating a little more strenuous session to come. A little lube here and there and I'm ready to party. Walking back into the dim room felt like our own little sex oasis. I brought you a warm damp hand towel to freshen you up and we are set to go.

You bend over and kiss my breasts, several times, as they peak to perfection and my pussy starts to dew. My hand has reached down and taken hold of your rapidly expanding cock -- touching the tip and head eagerly. You slide down a little, kissing my belly and blowing on the patch of red. You take your finger and softly slide it on to my clit, pressing on it before sliding into the lower lips. Feels so good and I softly moan as I push into the bed and slide my legs a little farther apart.

While my head starts to push back as my torso slightly rises up, I'm watching you through slitted eyes knowing that my first orgasm won't be long in coming. You have one finger in my pussy and your thumb is rubbing on my clit. I'm wet and getting wetter and you tell me to relax and let it happen. I close my eyes and feel, just feel. My pussy walls tighten and I see stars as the spasm happens, just like you wanted.

You ask me where I want it . . . and I look you in the eye and say, "Where do you think?" It doesn't take you long to flip me over and place your hands on my ass. You ask if I'm ready and I assure you I am. You lean over and kiss my shoulder, middle of my back and then kiss my lower back. Your finger is rubbing up and down my crack before you reach over to the table and pick up the lube.

We decide to slide down to the end of the bed, placing a couple of pillows on the floor for the comfort of our knees. You put some lube on your cock and start to lube my ass with your lubed finger. I have my elbows on the bed, looking back, watching you and what you're doing. You ask again if I'm ready. I say I am, but you can feel that I'm tense. You lean in rubbing, your dick against my pussy lips. In and out between my legs, slow and forceful. At the same time, you're rubbing my hole with your lubed finger, slowing helping her to open. You tell me to relax, take deep breaths and let it happen. Your cock feels good and I've wanted the rear action with someone other than my toys for quite a while.

You pull your cock back and rub him up and down my crack, stopping once in a while directly at the hole. In between, you're slowing getting your finger in farther and helping to prepare the entry for a rear fuck. You put a little more lube on your cock and start to guide him in. My natural reflex tightens up and you slap my ass and tell me to breath. It stings and I love it. I want to be slapped again and I tell you so. You slap and push at the same time and slowly make your way into my ass. It burns, it's tight way too tight to move. You pull out a little and use more lube before pushing in farther.

My fingers are touching my clit, rubbing and pressing and working to bring on the heat. You're all the way in and it burns like hell!

You ask me if I'm ok; which, I answer I am. And you start to move. You tell me it feels so tight and hot and you're going to fuck me like no other. I'm gritting my teeth and starting to warm up. I feel you going in and out and pressing against my ass and I can feel your balls right below. I'm picturing what it looks like from behind and beside us and I'm getting horny and hotter. I want it faster. I want it harder.

You have your hands on my ass and you're picking up speed and increasing the pressure into my ass. While my middle is pressed against the bed, I have one hand squeezing my left breast and my right hand squeezing and pressing against my clit.

I feel it building, as you pound and stroke my ass. I tell you I'm going to cum and you're all for it because it's building up for you also. I'm moaning and squeezing my ass muscles and asking you to fuck me harder and explode up my ass.

Your balls have pulled up as tight as possible as you pound into me and prepare to unload your wad. A massive wad that I feel erupting over and over. I moan and then let out a scream because I'm cumming and cumming as I feel your cock pulsing up in my ass. I tighten to try and get every drop. It feels so good and my body just keeps cumming and my inner walls keep pulsing.

You pull out and take a breath as you wonder how you can please me in our next adventure.

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