tagErotic CouplingsYou Can’t Stop Me Ch. 05

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 05


*We only know the present; the past is as much a mystery as the future*

Carmen doesn't want to do anything on Sunday; she wants to cuddle in the room all day. I am getting the sensation that she didn't want to leave which is a real issue with exams about to start. I decide on the one thing I know she loves, exercise.

"Carmen, let's run across campus to Maynard Hill just the two of us?" I ask after I get permission to speak.

"That's ten kilometers," Carmen says with real enthusiasm. I try not to groan. "We can run the whole way."

"We'll need to stop by your place and get some clothes," I respond hopefully, trying to cut a few kilometers off of our race.

"Oh, I have a spare set of running clothes in your closet," she grins as she skips over there. I can't remember picking up those. Maybe it was Ashe did it. The fact that she dancing naked across my room makes me worry less than perhaps I should. I get dress with a bit of a mad grin on my face. I also pack my backpack with some water and some apples and carrots before we head out the door.

I don't get humiliated in the fact that I don't fall over dead keeping up with the pace Carmen sets. She does do a little running backwards, smiling with her pert breasts bouncing in order to encourage me – without even trying she's looking so damn sexy. Her running away view looks pretty good too. In the way women do, she feels my eyes on her and she finds it highly amusing, but only with me.

At the cliff overlooking the campus valley we settle down and sit on the grass. She reaches out and puts her hand on my hand.

"Are you ready for exams?" I make an attempt at conversation.

"Sort of; I wish it would be over with. It keeps us apart," she tells me.

"It isn't that bad. Soon we'll have Winter Break then one more semester of normal school," I respond.

"Robert, what do you want to do when the year ends?" she starts then, "Can't we just go somewhere, together?"

"For the summer; what do you have in mind?" I inquire.

"I was thinking more like after college," Carmen looks down. Oh no, we aren't going there.

"Well, I have my Master's program to complete and I'd like to think you would graduate too," I counter. Carmen doesn't look happy and I take a deep sigh. "When do you think that we should think about next semester."

"Now I guess," Carmen says softly but obviously unhappy.

"I was thinking about moving in together. I'm not sure what your finances are like, but my parents have been good with supporting me and I could probably swing a small place near campus with you."

"Really!" she beams. "Where are you thinking about staying?"

"There are some places off Main Street. It wouldn't be much," I reply.

"How about the home you are living in now," Carmen suggests. "I like it."

"That's Steve's place. I'm not sure I want to stay there, especially since I'll be seeing you."

"But if Steve moves out," Carmen persists

"Then his parents would sell it," I sigh.

"We could buy it," Carmen smiles dreamily. "I've always loved that house."

"Oh ... Carmen, that house has to be worth a cool half-million. There is no way we can swing that," I insist. "We are poor college students."

"If I could find a way to get the money, would you live there with me?" Carmen says intensely.

"It would mean I wouldn't have to move," I joke, "but I don't know where we can come up with that much change."

"Leave it to me," Carmen says as she kisses me, "I'll find a way to make this work."

"That still doesn't deal with the matter of Steve living here. He loves the place and it isn't like I can ask him to leave. How about we put some days aside after exams and before we go home for Christmas to pick out a place," I reposition the argument. Carmen studies me and I can see her trying to figure something out. She hugs me and suggests we go back home.

The rest of the next two weeks is a blur. When I'm not prepping for my own exams I'm helping my students study for theirs. I see Carmen occasionally during the day, but she's like thief in the night with her attentions. I barely notice her she is so undemanding, just like old times. On the last night before the end of my exams she leaves me a noting asking me to come to bed early.

Steve and I talk a bit late that afternoon. He was healing up nicely and the doctors say he will regain full use of his fingers. It is sad because I made it pretty clear that I will be spending time with Carmen and he wants nothing to do with her. We decide to be parting ways and I promise to be out of the house by mid-January. We hug. Outside of Ashe, Steve was my closest friend.

I eat my meal in my room and wait patiently for Carmen while I listen to the radio. I look up and she is standing there, looking at me with a strange sense of destiny. Carmen begins to take off her clothes in a deliberate fashion. She almost appears to be in a daze. I know something is about to happen and I am no sure I'll like it.

I am about to say my starting phrase when Carmen fixes me with a fearful gaze. I start stripping down and she stops to stare at me. When I finish getting naked I slide into bed and wait for her. When Carmen joins me she lies on her back and looks up at the ceiling. I prop myself up on my elbow and look down on her.

"I love you," Carmen says out of the blue. She puts a hand on my arm and starts tugging. I'm not sure what to do when Carmen's pull becomes so much more insistent until I fall on top of her. I feel her other arm push against me to hold me off. I sneak my arm past Carmen and use it to prop myself up above her. I also press my face down within an inch of Carmen's.

Carmen looks up less terrified and more innocent and I'm not absolutely sure what she wants. I move one leg over hers and push it down between hers. It don't get resistance so much as blind acceptance. I shake my head. That seems to get Carmen's attention because she slowly develops this adoring smile and nods.

"I want something for us to remember each other by while we are apart and something to look forward to when we return. I want this."

I kiss Carmen on the neck and start working my way down to the nape then to her sternum. I'm moving to her left breast when Carmen lightly runs her hands through my hair.

"Now," Carmen insists. I rise up, look into her eyes and shake my head in the negative.

"I may lose my nerve," she pleads. I go back to kissing her until I suckle at her nipple.

"Please," Carmen whimpers, but I persist.

I roll my tongue around her left nipple then kiss the bottom of her breast to impress upon Carmen that I'm making progress. By the time my baby kisses get beyond her the bottom curve of Carmen's stomach right before her pubic region she's already pushing up against me. I press Carmen's legs far to the sides so I can have unobstructed access to her private parts.

The sound she makes is so passionate when I place my first kiss upon her lower lips; it is priceless. I rapidly start licking from the top to the bottom until my nose is sticky wet and my tongue is reaching deep into her.

"Please, oh please," Carmen starts chanting as she keeps tilting her head up in pleasure. I wiggle a finger underneath my chin and slip into her very tight vagina. I rub it along the bottom, not so much to find her G-spot, but to get her used to the sensation of being penetrated. When I slip my second finger in she lets out a deep, guttural moan which is my cue to start sucking on her clit.

"Oh!" she gasps as I start pulling her clit into my mouth. Her hands make balls in the sheets and her body tenses. "Please, please, oh please," she goes on and on followed by "ugh, ugh ... Aaahhh!!!! Rob!!!!" as she hits her orgasm. Normally I would be pressing for her clitoris to give me a second orgasm but I don't want to confuse her and apply more stress than the truckload she's already shouldering.

I climb up her body, her knees following my progress along with my hips. She wraps her arms around my neck and begins kissing my lips, face and chin, licking at her juices she's left there moments earlier.

"Now," she purrs with a lot more confidence and determination this time.

I lower my hips down until my cock is playing along her wetness. There are a few false starts as my penis is trying to slip up onto her pubic hair instead of going in. Carmen cocks her hips up and I enter her. Carmen gasps in a startled yelp. It is only my head inside her but I can tell it frightens her. I tap myself on the chest while balancing on one elbow.

I coax her senses along as I move my hand down her stomach to her sex. I rest the back of my hand against her pubic mound and put to fingers onto her clit. Though stuck between our two bodies I'm able to wiggle them in an alternating pattern them in either side of her most sensitive part. Now when I press in there is pleasure with the pain and fear.

"Ugh," she moans. I move me little in and out until I can feel her muscles loosen up. I finally push up into her until I feel something more than muscular resistance. I've been here before, but my only other time I was as confused and uncertain as my partner and pretty much made a mess of the thing. I'm a whole lot more prepared this time.

I hover over her for a kiss, which is a little difficult considering the difference in our sizes. She is so into what's going on it takes her a moment to figure out what I want. She pushes herself up with her stomach muscles and kisses me.

"Yes," she whispers. I move back out and push back in with force.

"Ah!" she yelps. She clutches herself tight to me. I increase my attention on her clit. It causes me a strange pain to see the tears of pain in her eyes, but at the same time she's trying to move her body in rhythm with mine. I'd like to last long enough to finish her to orgasm but I've become too caught up in her own experience I haven't been paying attention to my own thresholds.

"Aaahhh ..." I grunt as I start shooting my semen into her.

"Oh," she gasps. I stop pushing in and start slowly putting. "Mmmm," she sighs as I slip out. I tap my chest once more and I can see her deciding how to handle the moment. She gives a weary grin.

"It hurts; Ashe was right ... I'm kind of glad it is over," she responds sheepishly, "but," she grins, " I know the next time will be much better. You've made me so happy." Sometimes I think she tortures me with my silence. Somehow by surrendering that control to her she draws strength as a person and it reinforces her trust in me. It still can suck.

I roll to the side putting my back to the wall. Carmen lays there for half a minute before curling up to me. She rubs her hand against my chest and starts kissing me there as she likes to do.

"Hold me," she murmurs so I obediently do so. She squirms closer in. "You are going to remember me now. It will be all so much better when I get back, you'll see."

There is nothing I can say, so I rock her back and forth instead.

"Thank you," she mutters before she nods off. I'm wondering why she doesn't want to wash off before going to sleep, but I figure this is her moment. When I wake up again she is slipping back into bed, still very naked.

"Carmen, have you been sneaking around the house naked?" I dreamily speak my first question of the night.

"You don't need to worry about it. There was something I had to take care of, but it is handled now," she lovingly smiles. She pulls back the cover and puts something warm and wet on my crotch. She starts bathing me, which feels nice.

I'm not sure what she could mean by what she's said, but I'm too tired to care. I find it a bit odd that she's been so much less body-conscious considering Steve's still in the house. Maybe she's coming along more than I thought. I'm starting to think we've turned a corner.

"I'm going to love living here," she whispers after she finishes cleaning me up. Suddenly I really want to know where Steve is.

Steve looks at me kind of strange the next morning at breakfast. Carmen has gone off to her final exam earlier while I'm thinking about sending her off tomorrow.

"Dude?" Steve asks.


"That is one crazy bitch you've got there," he tells me.

"I've heard that before," I admit.

"No dude, she's nuts; certifiable crazy nuts. She scares the crap out of me," he confesses. I've never known Steve to feel passionate about anyone or anything so this comes as a shock.

"She's intense," I allow.

"Well, all I have to say is better you than me," he says.

"Um ... okay."

"Bro, if you ever decide to ... I don't know ... confront that bitch, let me know. I've got your back," he offers. I'm not sure what to make of that.

"Steve, is there something I should know?" I ask.

"Rob, if you haven't figured it out by now there is nothing I can tell you that will make a difference," he says as he stands up. "I have to get going."

"I thought you were done with exams?"

"No, I'm going home right now. I don't want to be hanging around here right now," he informs me. This is stranger still because Steve's not a big fan of his home life.

"Help you pack?"

"Thanks Bro. With these hands it is going to be a bitch," he grins.

"Are you going to be okay driving home? If you wait until tomorrow, I'd be happy to drive you," I offer.

"Nah, I think not. You and psycho-Carmen have fun here tonight," he laughs.

"Stop calling her psycho; she's sensitive about that," I counter.

"You're right; she's sensitive. Do me a favor and forget I called her that. Now let's pack. I can't wait until I get home. I slept like shit last night," he sighs. I get his stuff and do most of the packing and I waving him off before noon. That's a new record for Steve.

"We have the house to ourselves," I tell Carmen when she comes in. She gives me a shy smile which she keeps as we go and pack up her dorm room and into the front room of the house. She packs remarkably light and I note that most of her clothes are black. I tease her about it and promise to get her decked out in colors when spring comes.

"Do we have to?" she asks quietly.

"Bras are nice, but bikinis are better," I tease.

"There are a lot of people at the beaches – girls too," she points out.

"Afraid they will all be jealous," I smile at Carmen. "They should be." She studies me to see if I'm joking with her. When she sees that I'm not, Carmen gets so close I feel she's trying to crawl inside my skin.

"You are so wonderful. Am I really the only girl for you?" she asks softly.

"Carmen, why do you doubt me?" I respond.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't. It is only that I get afraid some times; I am afraid that I'll lose you," she whispers. "You know I wouldn't know what to do without you."

"Carmen, I appreciate everything you've done for me," I say as I give her a hug.

"You do, don't you," she sighs. "That means so much. You understand me so well." I wish that was true. There are times when I don't feel I know her at all.

"Carmen did you have a talk with Steve?"

"I told him we really wanted the house. I think we came to an understanding," she smiles.

"I'm stunned he didn't hit on you again. Steve can be a bit dense where girls are concerned," I suggest.

"I don't think Steve will ever touch me again, Robert. I think he understands me too," Carmen explains. I find that naïve on her part, but I'm willing to let that lie. Steve understands that I care for Carmen and that should be enough.

That night we don't do much more than cuddle. I get the feeling she's still a bit tender which I'm willing to work around. I've never thought of myself as a romantic, but I'm finding it hard to reconcile my previous approach to women with how I'm dealing with Carmen. Somehow she can press her naked body against me while she sleeps and I'm not waking her up to my sexual attentions. Her body is ripe but off bounds. It is all kind of crazy.

I put Carmen on the bus heading home with a tearful good-bye. I tell her we will see one another in one month, but she cries that it will be too long. She's terrified that I won't be here when she gets back. I ask her to trust me, which she accepts with hiccups and trembling hands. I am polite enough to stay and wave until her bus rolls out of sight. For the first time in months I take a Carmen-free breath. It feels odd.

When I get back Ashe is waiting for me. She looks a little nervous.

"It is okay. Carmen's on the bus heading home so no more stealthy cats sneaking about," I joke.

"Rob, you should take her more seriously. I tell you that girl has more than a few screws loose. I am really worried about you. Has she done anything to weird you out recently?" Ashe asks.

"Well, we finally did the deed," I tell her.

"Oh damn Rob. You were her first. That binds her to you more than ever, which is not a good thing. Did you use your regular charms on her?"

"What do you mean?" I inquire.

"Did you give her an orgasm?" she glares at my idiocy.

"Of course; that is why God gave men tongues and fingers," I tease. Ashe looks uncomfortable.

"Rob, sometimes you are a damn idiot," she sighs. "She's never going to want to let you go."

"Carmen keeps telling me that. It is kind of sweet," I confess.

"No Rob, it means she wants to control you completely. Remember, she's insane and she's crazy in love with you. Anyone who gets in the way of that is in danger – ask Steve and Lindsey."

"Huh?" I question.

"Rob, you can't believe Lindsey 'accidently' fell in front of a car. If it hadn't been for the guys quick reflexes Lindsey could have been crippled or killed," Ashe explains.

"No way," I shake my head.

"Yes way," she counters. "Steve stepped out of bounds and she would have killed him had he not been so much bigger and stronger. Also, I've been looking all over for the guy who assaulted her on your birthday but with no luck. I think something happened to him."

"This sounds so far-fetched; sure she's devoted and kind of a stalker but ... sigh ... maybe you are right. There is something I haven't told you about Carmen; she's been sneaking into my room since we first met. I've changed the locks on my door, checked all the doors and windows, but she keeps finding a way inside and I don't know how. Ashe is that spooky or what?"

"Rob, that means she can kill you or Steve whenever she wants. Why didn't you tell me this beforehand? Maybe we could have had the cops deal with this," Ashe responds.

"And tell them what? I have a stalker girlfriend that sneaks into my house but I can't catch?" I say. "Besides, at the time I was thinking more about not getting her angry with me. Later, I didn't want to hurt her." Ashe looks at me in a way that makes me decidedly uncomfortable.

"That is very sweet of you Rob. You're a nice guy. I've always thought so," she sighs. She then puts a hand behind my head and pulls me into a kiss. This isn't a friend's kiss, or even a 'feel sorry for you' kiss, but a hungry living thing of passion and need.

"I love you Rob. I don't want anything to happen to you. Don't get lost in this girl because there really are other options out here for you. I've wanted you to know ... for a long time," Ashe tells me. She turns and hurries out of the house. Ashe is the best friend I've ever had.

What the hell has happened to my life?

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