tagLesbian SexYou Can't be Serious

You Can't be Serious

byColleen Thomas©

Del stared across the coffee table and fought to keep her anger in check. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying desperately not to let the anger come boiling out. Francis squirmed on the sofa, her large, expressive blue eyes showing her confusion and fear.

"You did what?" Del asked, hearing the anger in her voice and berating herself for letting it show through.

"I asked your mother if she would like to stay with us," her lover of five years whispered.

"Fuck me running," Del said as she put her face in her hands and massaged her eyes. She could feel a headache coming, one of the nasty ones.

"I'm sorry Del, I didn't think..."

"No! You didn't think!" the lanky butch exploded. She immediately felt like a complete heel, as the voluptuous little blonde cringed. Before Del met her, Francis had been involved with a string of abusive lovers, both male and female. She was really gay, Del knew it for sure, but more than even her orientation, she was a slave to her low self-esteem and negligible self worth. Her first husband had thoroughly beaten her down and the string of partners, after he dumped her, had only served to cement the idea in her mind that she was worthless. Del had spent five years rebuilding the girl's shattered self-image, but the little blonde still couldn't say no.

"I'm sorry, baby," Del said, moving to the sofa and hugging Fran gently.

"I didn't mean to...I mean, I didn't know..." she whimpered pitifully.

"I know baby, it's my fault. I never talked to you about my mom. You had no way of knowing," Del said gently.

"I just thought you would like to see her," Francis whined and Del resisted the urge to yell at her again. In her most reasonable voice she started.

"No. My mother called, imperiously told you she was going to be staying with us, and you just couldn't tell her, no," the butch said.

"How did you know?"

"Because I know you and I know my mother. Why is she coming to New York and how long is she staying?" Del asked, suddenly very tired.

"She is coming to work on some building and said she was staying for about a month," Francis replied, the smile returning to her face and the almost ever-present happiness to her voice. Part of the reason Del loved her so, was her inexhaustible good cheer, but she recognized this for what it was.

"Don't play dumb blonde with me Fran, I've warned you about that before," Del said seriously.

"I'm sorry Del," she said contritely.

"And stop fucking apologizing!" Del yelled, her temper getting the better of her again.

"I'm sorry," she whined.

Del couldn't take any more. She stood, swiftly leaving the living room, stalked down the hall, and locked the bedroom door behind her. Del growled in frustration when she heard Fran following her. She moved swiftly to the bathroom and slammed the door, but even then she could hear Fran's voice, wheedling and begging at the bedroom door. The tall butch sat on the commode and held her head in her hands, massaging her temples.

She sighed heavily and turned on the taps in the tub. It was more to drown out Fran, than because she really wanted a bath, and she barely noticed as the tub slowly filled. Standing back up she stripped off the black blouse and undid the front closure on her tiny black bra. She didn't bother pulling it off her shoulders, but instead undid the button on her black jeans and pulled the zipper down while kicking off one of her boots. She kicked off the other as she wiggled out of the jeans and black bikini briefs. She stepped out of the pants and as she stood back up shrugged out of the small bra. Her movements were purposeful and efficient, devoid of wasted motion.

She stepped gingerly into the tub and eased her lanky frame into the steaming water. Del turned off the taps, and was immediately aware of the silence; apparently Fran had given up. She inhaled deeply of the steam and let the nearly scalding water relax her.

Del would never hit her lover, but there were times when she had to fight the urge. Not that she had ever struck any of her lovers, but Fran sometimes made her want to. Del knew that it was learned, a conditioned response from her; she attempted subconsciously to give Del an excuse to smack her around. Dr. Hattingley called it a defense mechanism of sorts, whereby Fran pushed her lover to hit her and could therefore say to herself she deserved it. In some twisted psychological way it allowed the small woman to feel she was in control of the situation. The doc had warned Del she must never give in to it. Each time Frannie tried it, if she didn't get the response she was looking for, the urge to resort to it would diminish.

"Easy for you to say," Del snorted. She loved the small woman, had shared so much of herself with her, and now Fran knew exactly which buttons to push. The most infuriating, from Del's point of view, was the dumb blonde routine. Fran was brilliant, deep, and thoughtful. She could easily be anything she put her mind to, while Del had struggled mightily just to get her GED. She wasn't dumb, but lacked book learning and the patience required to acquire it. Frannie could read something once and repeat it almost verbatim a week later. Del was touchy about her own ignorance, and seeing Fran play dumb for effect often sent her into a rage.

Del soaped up her long legs and pushed the small blonde and her irritating habits from her mind. She had much bigger problems now than Fran's insecurities. Her mother was coming and that could only lead to trouble. Big trouble.

Del and her mother, Carmen, got along about as well as a pair of male Betas in a coffee cup would. They butted heads on nearly everything. It wasn't that she disliked her mom, in fact she loved her very much, but when she left home they seemed to have an understanding of sorts. Until Carmen divorced Del's dad, married an Italian national named Guiseppi Primo and moved to Milan, they enjoyed having lunch every Friday. They both loved one another, loved each other's company, but seemed to realize they could only handle each other in very small doses.

Del was a top and her mother was very domineering. When they were together for too long always ended in what her retiring father called the feminine equivalent of an 'I've got a bigger dick' contest. Del tended to agree, especially as she had gotten older and come to realize she was gay. She and her mom fought like a pair of bull dykes in a bar full of femmes and now Carmen was coming to stay with them for a month. The water was tepid when Del finished her bath and got out of the tub. Her anger nearly spent, she opened the door to the bedroom as she toweled off.

She was turning back the covers on their California king bed when Fran peeped around the corner of the door-frame.

"Can I come in now?" She asked in a stage whisper.

"Yeah babe, come on in."

"You're not mad at me anymore?" She asked as she hesitantly stepped into the room.

"No. It wasn't your fault. The only one I know who can tell my mom 'no' is me. I had no right to expect you to. Even Dad couldn't," Del said as she sat on the bed.

"I really thought you loved your Mom. I wasn't playing dumb. Honestly, I had no idea you would be upset," Fran said as she sat daintily on the bed. Del looked at her closely, but the big eyes were open and earnest. Maybe she hadn't been playing dumb. Maybe she was finally starting to break that habit. Del hoped so, she felt a lot better knowing that in this case Fran probably was telling the truth.

"I love my Mom, baby, I really do. It will be great to see her, but we don't get along too well in the same space. You had no way of knowing. I really should have been mad at her, because she does know better."

"Maybe she is hoping to change all that," Fran said hopefully.

"And maybe you plan on buckling on my strap-on and fucking me senseless tonight?" Del responded. She laughed when Fran's eyes got big and a blush rose to her cherubic cheeks. Del leaned up, wrapped her arms around Fran and pulled the small woman down next to her.

"Tigers don't change their stripes, babe," she commented before kissing her forehead.

"So your Mom is a butch?" Fran asked in a subdued voice and Del burst out laughing.

"Not that I am aware of. She's just very domineering," Del said as her fingers tenderly caressed the skin of Fran's shoulder.

"Oh," she replied, sounding disappointed.

"Why? You got a thing for my mom?" Del asked playfully.

"Well, she is really pretty, at least from the pictures I've seen," Fran said.

"Jeezus, Frannie, are you telling me you've got the hots for my mom?"

"No, well, maybe a little. You have to admit she's hot," Fran said carefully.

"I never looked," Del said, rolling over on top of Fran and nibbling her neck.

"Well, she is," the little blonde giggled as she tangled her hands in Del's short black hair.

"Whatever," Del said, licking up the satiny skin of Fran's neck towards her ear.

"Don't whatever me, Delana! Your mom is dreamy and I would love to have her between my legs," Fran said.

Del rolled over on her back and snorted. Fran got up and went into the bathroom to take her own shower and get ready for bed. Del reached over into the drawer of her night stand and got her harness out. Fran would be wanting her night-night fuck when she got out. To Del's well ordered mind it was still a very strange thing. To her it would make more sense to take a shower after sex, which Fran religiously did, but she was just as anal about taking one before sex too. The two or three times Del had been so horny she couldn't wait, the sex had sucked. Fran had been totally unresponsive and stiff as a board the whole time. Del now simply accepted the pre-sex showers as a matter of course.

Her harness was black and made of a stretchy material that she could tighten or loosen by pulling tabs at her hips. The dildo was black also, but she had several in the drawer to choose from. This one was just the one she usually wore because it was pretty average sized and sex with it was comfortable. The strap that ran between her legs was open so she could still receive oral or manual stimulation from her smaller partner. It took her less than a minute to put it on and she lay back down. She was listening to the water running when her mind drifted back to their earlier conversation.

Is mom really hot? She asked herself.

She wrinkled her nose as she thought about it. I guess she is pretty hot, I just never thought about it, she admitted silently. Not that the admission made thinking of her mom having sex any less weird, but Carmen was only forty-four and probably just hitting her sexual prime. Obviously she was still sexually active or that horn dog Guiseppe would have had no interest in her. Still, thinking about her mom having sex gave her the willies and she put it out of her mind.

Fran came out of the bathroom, her body all rosy and steaming. She crawled right onto the bed, and between Del's thighs, before straddling her body as they kissed. Del felt the dildo rub against her mound as Fran grasped it. The little blonde was obviously not in the mood for foreplay tonight as she lined it up and slowly sank onto it. She sat up and began to rock her hips, riding the toy and forcing it against Del's pussy.

"What's gotten into you?" Del asked as her hands went to her lover's hips and tried to control her rocking. "Mmmmmm, I was playing with myself in the shower, fantasizing about your mom," Fran said with a giggle.

"Come on baby, lay off, that's not funny," Del said.

"Yes it is. You blush and your nose wrinkles. I've never seen you blush before," the blonde said as she caught her heavy breasts in her hands and began to roughly knead them.

"Yeah, well how would you like it if I was telling you how I'd like to bang your mom?" Del asked.

"Fine by me, would probably be the first time in her life she ever got properly fucked," Frannie said. Her voice was kind of dreamy and Del knew she was losing her already.

"No fucking fair, you know I hate that bitch," Del grunted. She wasn't really into this and yet she was beginning to get excited. Sex every night, like clock work wasn't really her thing. She preferred some spontaneity and a lot of foreplay and teasing. These right-before-bedtime sessions were however, necessary and she did enjoy making Fran cum. Fran suffered from night terrors and for a long time had woken screaming for nights on end.

One night during a particularly nasty and long running bout Del had decided to try to totally exhaust her with sex to see if she could sleep. It had worked and Fran had latched onto it like a safety line. At first Del had considered it silly, but over time she had discovered that it worked. Fran's shrink called it psychosomatic, but neither she nor Del cared what it was called. As long as it let Fran sleep without nightmares Del was happy to do it. They had also discovered it didn't take a marathon session, just as long as she had a good orgasm before they went to bed, she slept fine.

Sometimes they would make love rather than just fuck, but most weekdays were like tonight, just a quickie to ensure she slept well. Del didn't mind the fact that part of her role in life was sex-toy-stand-in, but it did make sex rather unsatisfying for her. That was counterbalanced by the fact that they normally had sex several times a day on the weekends and at least twice a day most others. Fran was nearly insatiable and Del was almost as bad. Tonight, though, watching the black dildo sliding in and out of her pink lips, while she was teasing about her mom, was getting Del hot.

"You know she has great tits," Fran said in a husky bedroom voice.

"Who? Your mom?" Del responded.

"No silly, your mom."

"Not as nice as yours," Del responded, moving her hands up to cover Fran's breasts. She really wished Fran would change the subject or just shut up. Her mom's tits shouldn't be a topic of conversation ever, but definitely not while they were making it.

"Is she as athletic as you?" Fran moaned. Her eyes were tightly closed and her hand was now stroking her clit as she rode harder on the black dildo.

"God damnit Fran, are you fantasizing about fucking my mom?" Del yelled.

"Yes," the little blonde responded, drawing the final sound out into a sibilant hiss.

Del wanted to be hurt or angry or at least put out, but she wasn't. Fran was obviously close to orgasm and she looked so sexy with that euphoric expression on her soft features. Del started to work her hips, driving the dildo into Fran's wet pussy and pinching her nipples. Del pinched pretty hard because Fran didn't have a lot of sensation in them.

"Ohhhh, yes! Yes! Yes Carmen! Yes!" Frannie moaned as she came. The little blonde collapsed onto her lover and Del's arms went around her; it was an automatic response. Del was in shock at what she had just heard. They had shared their fantasies before, Fran knew all about Del's secret desire to be topped once by her friend Shelly, and she knew all about Fran's favorite fantasy of having two girls at once, but this was different. Fran seemed unaware of it and eventually took another shower before curling up next to Del and falling asleep. Sleep was long in coming to the lithe butch.

* * *

Del sat on the sofa staring daggers at her mother and girlfriend. They had been flirting all week, but tonight they were both drinking and the sexual innuendo was getting thick. She had been drinking too, but where their moods had become mellow, hers had turned morose and mean. She was seething inside, looking for a fight, and when it came it wasn't even over something major.

Carmen was dressed in a summer dress that did little to hide her charms. She was older now and her figure was more matronly, with wide hips, and a heavy ass, but she had always been pretty top heavy so overall she looked good. Her legs were still long and toned and the sandals she wore showed off her dainty ankles and feet. She noticed that Fran's wine glass was nearly empty and turned to Del.

"Refill Fran's glass," she casually ordered.

"Fuck you! You want to get her drunk, go fill it yourself!"

"I'll fill it," Fran said quickly and started to rise, but Carmen put a hand on her arm.

"Who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that?" Carmen demanded of her daughter.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, giving me orders in my own apartment?"

"I didn't give you an order, I asked you to refill her glass," Carmen asserted.

"You didn't ask shit, you told me to go do it," Del yelled.

"Don't you take that tone of voice with me, young lady!" Carmen yelled back, rising to her feet.

"I'll take whatever tone with you I want, you fucking bitch!" Del shouted and took a step towards her mother. Without warning Carmen's hand shot out and she slapped Del across the face.

Del drew back and threw a punch. It landed right on the point of her mother's chin and the older woman crumpled to the floor. Fran rushed to Carmen's side and then looked up accusingly at Del.

"How could you?" She demanded.

"That's right you little cunt, take her side," Del slurred and stumbled off to bed.

She stayed alone in the big bed that night, feeling very small and very unloved. She rose early, giving up on sleep and padded into the kitchenette. Her head was throbbing and she desperately needed a cup of coffee. Carmen was already up, sipping a mug of hot coffee and staring out the picture window. The morning sun was harsh as it bathed her mother's face and it showed her age, but she was still a very handsome woman, Del thought as she got her own mug of coffee and sat down across from her mom.

"I'm sorry about last night," the older woman said, her eyes never leaving the window.

"Don't sweat it. You knew it was going to come down to that when you came. It always does," Del said dismissively. Apologies from her mom were something totally new and it made the lanky girl nervous. She looked hard at her mother, really looking at her for the first time since she arrived. She was still beautiful. Age hadn't dimmed her soft brown eyes and no gray touched her raven hair.

"I had hoped it wouldn't this time," Carmen said softly.

"Why did you come Ma?" Del asked plaintively. "You had to know I haven't changed and you had to know it was gonna come to that. I left home the last time you hit me and I feel like a shit for hitting back, but you knew it was going to happen. I'm older and more responsible than I was then, but I haven't changed,".

"No, you haven't changed. But I have," the older woman said softly. Del had no answer for that and just waited to see what her mom meant.

"I don't suppose you know I left Guisseppe. The divorce was finalized before I left Milan," Carmen continued after a pregnant pause.

"Why?" Del asked, taking another sip of her coffee and feeling herself relax. This wasn't going to be a war, she was suddenly confident of that and it allowed her to let her guard down. Whatever her mother had to say, she wasn't going to challenge Del for supremacy in her own apartment. She had been set to defend herself and her actions, but she now realized it wasn't going to be necessary.

"Can't you guess?" Carmen asked earnestly, catching Del by surprise.

She stared at her mom for a long time. The divorce couldn't be it, Carmen was far too independent to let something like that drive her to acting so strangely. Del was still hurting from her mother and her girl flirting and her mind returned to it. When the obvious answer dawned on her she was thunderstruck, unable to even speak.

"Yes, you can. I can see it in your eyes," the older woman said with a gentle smile that seemed to take years off her face.

"You can't be serious, Ma," Del protested, but it sounded inane even in her own ears. It was obvious to her that her mother was totally sincere. Her mother ignored the comment and took another swallow of coffee before speaking again.

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