tagMind ControlYou Can't Deny It

You Can't Deny It


"Fucking stupid fucking goddamned motherfucking fucker of a fucking fuck!" The torrent of profanity really didn't make Doctor Emily Crane feel any better as she pulled into the nearly-deserted parking lot, but it certainly seemed like a better plan than punching the steering wheel again. At least swearing didn't make her knuckles hurt.

"Fucking idiot! Fucking doctorate in biochemistry didn't help you remember to take that grant application home with you, did it?" She parked the car and got out, slamming the door furiously behind her before she remembered that the door sticks when you slam it. "Fuck!" she shouted, just before remembering that she was no longer in the relative privacy of her car. Lucky for her, it looked like most of the staff had gone home for the evening.

Oh, yes. So very lucky for her. She was so lucky that she hadn't noticed that she'd left that grant application in the office she shared with Doctor Halloway until after she'd driven the entire length of her two-hour commute. She was so lucky that she got home at seven o'clock only to realize that she had to drive all the way back out here, then drive back home, then finish the grant application because it had to be ready at 7:00 AM sharp or the lab would lose ten million dollars in funding. Which would be a massive setback to research efforts that could save millions of people from the miseries of clinical depression, schizophrenia, and other neurochemical disorders. "Maybe you should have taken a class or two in 'Not Being Such a Fucking Idiot', Doctor Genius!" she snapped at herself as she stalked into the building, slamming the door behind her. The door-slamming didn't help any more than the wheel-punching or the swearing, but Emily couldn't seem to let go of her anger just yet.

She flashed her I.D. to the security guard, who didn't even look remotely interested. This late, who could blame him? She'd seen all of three cars in the parking lot when she got here, and one of them was probably his. Not exactly the world's hardest job. He was too busy leafing through a girlie magazine to say anything to her, which was probably a good thing. The mood she was in, Emily would probably have bitten his head off for saying "Hello."

She stomped down the empty hallways, her grumbling voice echoing through the silence of the deserted labs. "...fucking hate that fucking drive anyway, why did I even buy a house that far out in the sticks, 'oh, I know, I'll buy a house out in Forest Lake, property's so cheap out there that I can get a great deal,' fucking four-hour round trip every day and I don't even see the house I bought because I'm always driving!" She let out an explosive sigh as she approached her office, her anger carrying her so quickly through the hallways that she barely had the chance to register that there was a light on inside before she'd reached the door and flung it open hard enough to smack into the wall with a loud bang.

Suddenly, Emily forgot about her anger far faster than she imagined possible, as it was replaced with shock and embarrassment. "Sorry, Vanessa!" she blurted out, her eyes widening. Because instead of interrupting her office-mate in the middle of catching up on some late-night paperwork, or perhaps doing a few after-hours experiments, Emily found Doctor Vanessa Halloway sitting in her office chair with very little clothing on. In fact, the only thing really obviously draped over her was-- "Sorry, Lily!" Emily blushed bright crimson. Lily was sitting in Vanessa's lap, more or less straddling her crotch, and she was wearing even less than Vanessa was.

They both looked over at her. Lily wore a startled expression on her face, like a little girl caught trespassing in a neighbor's garden. But even as she stared at Emily, her hands kept roaming over Vanessa's body as she rubbed against the other woman like a cat in heat.

Vanessa's expression, on the other hand, was entirely different. She was clearly enjoying Lily's caresses, but she seemed to be far more interested in Emily than in Lily. She didn't look guilty or ashamed at all, and any trace of surprise had vanished from her features by the time Emily had finished speaking.

Neither one of them said anything. The awkward silence seemed to stretch out forever, with Lily's panting breath and tiny sub-vocal moans the only sound in the room. Finally, Emily felt like she had to say something, if for no other reason than to explain that it was stunned surprise instead of some sort of sick voyeurism that kept her from turning around and leaving. "I, um...I didn't mean to interrupt," she said.

Vanessa's mouth quirked in a smile so tiny it was practically subliminal. Emily pressed on, her mouth now going independently of her brain. "I just, I forgot the grant, and I had to come back, and...I didn't know you were in here--I mean, I didn't know you were in here at all, not I didn't know you two were in here having--um...I mean, not that there's anything wrong with it or anything, I'm not offended, I just, I didn't know you two were, um, that is, I mean, it's fine and all, but I didn't know you and Lily were lesbians..." She finally forced her jaw to clamp shut.

Vanessa chuckled. "Oh, Lily's no lesbian. I am, but Lily's not." Lily started to speak, perhaps to voice some sort of protest at the statement, but Vanessa put a finger to her lips and the nervous look on Lily's face melted into a dreamy smile. She began to suck gently on Vanessa's finger in utter contentment.

Emily studied the buckles of her own shoes intensely. "Um, bisexual, then." Whatever, she thought to herself. Gay, bisexual, bi-curious, just really really horny, who cares? I don't want to see it!

"Oh, she's not bisexual, either," Vanessa said. "At least, she wasn't until an hour ago. Doctor Bouvier here has been helping me test a formula I've been working on for quite some time, and I think you'll agree that it's been..." Lily nuzzled her neck, and Vanessa's voice trailed off into a wordless purr for a long moment before she finished her sentence. "Quite successful."

Emily looked up in surprise. Somehow, even the sapphic tableau in front of her seemed less surprising than Vanessa's words. "You drugged her?" It seemed hard to believe. Lily didn't look drugged--not that Emily was studying her closely. In fact, she was studiously avoiding doing exactly that. But Emily kept up on her research, and she felt pretty confident that nobody knew of any drugs that could make Lily do what she was doing with her tongue right now.

"It's a bit more complex than that," Vanessa said. "The formula I created actually bonds to key chemical receptors in the brain itself, altering the neurochemical balance on a permanent level. I've theorized for some time that certain core personality traits are actually the result of complex neurochemicals, but it's only in the last week or so that I've been able to isolate and replicate a formula that would induce permanent and irreversible changes in those core personality traits." She shrugged nonchalantly. "After that, it was simply a matter of getting someone alone after hours."

Emily paused for a moment while she tried to process all that through a brain that still kept yammering about two women groping each other in her office. It took her several seconds to get her mind back onto chemistry. But once she did, she shot Vanessa a dirty look. "Look," she said, "I told you I wasn't offended! You don't have to lie to cover it up. Especially not a lie that absurd."

Vanessa disentangled herself from Lily and stood up. Lily mewled softly in dismay, but settled into a kneeling position on the floor. "I assure you," Vanessa said, "I'm telling the absolute truth."

Emily glared at them. "Oh, come on!" she said. "You seriously mean to tell me you made Lily into a lesbian with some new drug you concocted?"

Vanessa held up a finger to correct her. "A submissive lesbian," she said. "The 'submissive' part is very important. After all, fifty percent of the population is male, and while I'm not particularly attracted to them, I still need them obedient and pliable if I'm to be allowed to assemble my harem of lesbian slaves without interference." She picked up a spray bottle from her desk. "Really, that's why I got into neurochemistry in the first place--I wanted an army of obedient slavegirls. All the other stuff about curing mental illness was just a side project."

Looking into Vanessa's eyes, it was clear that she wasn't joking at all. Emily wasn't even sure how to respond--'disgust' and 'contempt' seemed to be locked in a vicious battle with 'shock' and 'dismay', leaving no clear winner. To think that she'd been working side by side with Vanessa for sixteen months now, without even guessing at this insane and pathetic delusion that her fellow scientist had been harboring! And Lily--she should be ashamed of herself for encouraging it. If she was into other women, fine, but playing along with this whole 'submissive lesbian drug' thing? That would only make Vanessa's obsessions worse.

"Vanessa," she said, shaking her head, "you need help. I've worked with you, I know you have a first-rate mind--how can you spend your time on some wild-goose chase like this? How many months have you wasted with this--this idiocy? Setting aside the moral implications of a drug, which I won't even get into because it's--" Vanessa stepped forward suddenly and sprayed a fine mist of clear fluid in her face.

"--impossible," she finished, just before surprise set in.

The sulfurous stench of the formula filled Emily's nostrils. "Ugh!" she cried out. "Oh God, what was that?" She could taste it on her tongue, and she spat on the carpet involuntarily to try to clear the flavor out of her mouth.

"My lesbian slave-maker," Vanessa said condescendingly. "I want an army of women to serve my every whim, and you're a woman. Do I need to make it any clearer?"

Emily wiped the liquid off her face and onto her blouse, gagging. "You need help," she repeated.

"Yes, that's why I figured I'd start with the people here in the lab," Vanessa replied. "Having several talented bio-chemists as slaves will help me immeasurably in synthesizing more of the drug, and of course, you'll want nothing more than to help recruit others to my harem. I'd planned to get started tomorrow morning, of course, but when you walked in and saw me with Lily, I really didn't have any choice but to enslave you now."

"No, I mean you need mental help, Vanessa," Emily said, her eyes watering from the stench that still clung to her skin. "What you're talking about, it's impossible. Insane. I don't know what that stuff was," she said, suddenly worrying that it might be poison of some sort that Vanessa had deluded herself into believing was a 'slave maker', "but I don't believe you can just rewire someone's sexual preferences with a spray bottle."

Vanessa sat back down, setting the spray bottle on the desk again. Lily made no move to sit back in her lap, thankfully. "Well, of course you don't believe me," she said. "If you believed me, you'd have run for it. Which would have been fun--Lily and I tackling you, holding you down and spraying your face, then lying on top of you and holding you until your struggles melted into desperate, aching need for my body...mmm." She wriggled slightly in her chair. "Lily, I think I'd like a tongue bath now."

Lily's voice was soft and meek as she said, "Yes, Mistress." It was the first time she'd spoken all night, and Emily was shocked by the tone of quiet arousal in her voice as much as by the way Lily bent over and began sucking and licking Vanessa's toes.

"Vanessa," Emily said, tearing her eyes away from the spectacle, "you can't seriously expect me to buy this. I mean, you 'dosed' me with a plant mister! How could you possibly avoid contaminating yourself with this stuff?"

Vanessa leaned back confidently in her chair and spread her legs, exposing herself lewdly to Emily's gaze. "Oh, that's quite simple. I already created a formula that affixes itself to the same chemical receptors, but has no transformative effect. Sort of like those plastic covers you can buy for electrical sockets. It doesn't do anything, but it makes sure that nothing else can be plugged in there either."

Emily rolled her eyes. At least the smell was beginning to fade. "Right, how stupid of me to argue. I should have known your delusion would be utterly seamless." She sighed. "I'm sorry, Vanessa, but I'm going to have to take this to the director in the morning. Whatever relationship you and Lily have, it's clearly progressed to the point where it's interfering with your work."

Vanessa reared her head back and let out a wild giggle. "Oh, my!" she said. She looked at the furious expression on Emily's face. "Sorry, it's just--Lily, pet, why don't you tell Emily here exactly what you said after I told you what the spray was going to do to you?"

Lily pulled her lips away from Vanessa's feet long enough to say, "I said, 'I'm sorry, Vanessa, but I'm going to have to take this to the director in the morning. Whatever delusions you have, they've clearly progressed to the point where they're interfering with your work.'" Then she returned to her task, giving the soles of Vanessa's feet a long, slow lick.

Emily shook her head. "Nice try, but if you and Lily have a--" A kinky sadomasochistic lesbian relationship-- "A thing together, she'd be willing to do what you said with no magical drugs required."

Vanessa stretched slowly, arching her back to give Emily a full view of her breasts. "I understand, Emily. You're a scientist, after all. You won't accept unsupported claims--you need evidence." She reached down and stroked Lily's long dark hair possessively. "So let's start with the obvious. Why are you still standing here watching us?"

Now it was Emily's turn to be condescending. "I'm confronting you about your behavior," she said. "You're the one who decided to turn it into some sort of lesbian peep show."

Lily's mouth had reached up to Vanessa's calves now. "Yes, I am," Vanessa said. "I'm deciding things--sexual things involving other women. I'm commanding a woman to perform sexual acts on me. How does that make you feel, Emily?"

"It's--it's disturbing," Emily said. Because it was disturbing her, the way that the two of them had decided to try to drag her into their sex games. That was the important point, whatever Vanessa might be trying to imply. Sure, Emily felt a slight amount of arousal, but she'd read the research--that was just an autonomic response to visual stimuli, that was all. Any woman would get at least a little physically aroused by any sexual display, even if it was one they would never be interested in actually participating in. That didn't prove anything.

"An interesting choice of wording," Vanessa said. "'To disturb' means to upset an existing order of things. You're not saying it's disgusting or repellent to you, you're saying that it's breaking up your existing patterns of thought as you watch. It's interfering with your old ideas of sexuality, as it were." She reached down and put her finger on Lily's chin. "Up on your knees," she commanded.

"That's--that's not what I meant," Emily said, blushing as Lily knelt on the floor, her hands behind her head. She was suddenly glad Lily was facing Vanessa. She didn't want to see how turned on Lily got when she followed orders like that. "A poor choice of words doesn't mean I'm turning into a lesbian."

"No, you're absolutely right," Vanessa said. "It would mean you were turning into a lesbian if you stared at Lily here, on her knees for me, and found yourself admiring the smooth, supple curves of her body." Vanessa put her foot gently on Lily's breast and began to slowly stroke her toes down the swell of Lily's side. "It would mean you were becoming submissive if you found yourself wondering just how good it would feel to kneel like this." She traced her way along the crease of Lily's hip, her foot sliding down between Lily's thighs. "It would mean you were turning into a submissive lesbian slavegirl if you watched her ass flex and quiver, ever so slightly, from the pleasure of my touch, and wondered if you could possibly control your need as well as Lily controls hers." Emily could see Vanessa's foot, her toes lightly tickling Lily's pussy as Lily whimpered and struggled to avoid pushing herself down onto them.

"No," Emily whispered. It wasn't possible. It was the power of suggestion, that was all. Vanessa was describing sexual things using that purring, shivery voice of hers, and it was getting into Emily's head a little. Pure psychology. It had to be. She couldn't, she didn't want to...

"No?" Vanessa said. Her face fell. "Oh, well. Then I guess we should stop." She pulled her foot away from Lily's pussy. "Up on your feet, Lily, time to get dressed. Emily says she's not interested."

"Huh?" Emily blinked in confusion. Was Vanessa really giving up this easily? Privately, Emily admitted that she was a little relieved if she was; she hadn't wanted to give Vanessa the satisfaction of knowing, but the whole show was starting to get to her, just a tiny little bit. She could feel the sticky warmth between her thighs and knew that when she got home, the grant application would just have to wait until she'd relieved a little personal tension with the help of her vibrator.

Lily clearly looked disappointed. But she didn't complain, despite the fact that the ache in Emily's pussy couldn't have compared to the one she must be feeling. "Yes, Mistress," she said.

"It's okay," Vanessa said, giving her a long, soulful kiss. "I understand you want to cum, pet. I know you want me to tease your sensitive flesh with delicious licks and sweet caresses, tweak and rub those beautiful soft titties until you're moaning and begging and whimpering." Her fingers matched action to her words. "I know you want me to tie you up, make your body as helpless as your mind to resist me. I know you want to feel my soft, feminine flesh against yours and let me bring you to orgasm after orgasm as you give in and become my docile, obedient lesbian slutslave." Both Lily and Emily quivered at the same time.

Vanessa abruptly broke the contact and began to pull on her blouse. "But we're disturbing Emily, and that would be rude of us. As much as I love to see your naked, sweaty body, Emily doesn't." Emily suddenly found herself noticing the sheen of sweat on Lily's skin, and wondered exactly how she'd gotten that way. It wasn't that hot in the office...unbidden, images rose to her mind of Lily writhing in ecstasy as she sat on Vanessa's lap and ground her pussy against her Mistress' thigh until orgasm after orgasm left her shaking, panting, sweating and exhausted--

Lily retrieved her shirt and covered the flesh that had taken center stage in Emily's imagination. She wouldn't even be able to make it home first, Emily realized. She'd need to stop off in the restroom on her way out of the building and jill off while remembering what they'd looked like naked.

"So we can't let Emily in on the fun," Vanessa continued, now almost fully dressed. "We'll simply have to go somewhere else, somewhere where it's just the two of us. Then we'll be able to start the fun again, pet. I'll peel those clothes off of you, reach down between your legs and run my fingers along your pussylips--I know you'll be dripping down there, pet. I know how horny you are right now, hearing me describe how I'm going to make you submit. Just as soon as we get out of view of Emily, I'll strip naked too. You'll be able to see every inch of my body, the body I know you worship even if Emily doesn't. Then you can kneel and lick my pussy." She shrugged. "We simply can't do that in front of Emily, that's all."

"I--I don't mind," Emily blurted out. Her eyes went wide when she realized what she'd said.

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