tagAnalYou Can't Deny Your Nature Ch. 02

You Can't Deny Your Nature Ch. 02


Hello all, this is your ever so humble, nearly omniscient narrator here with the story of Jane Forsyth. She is a self described middle aged ex-wife and mother.

For twenty four years Jane didn't smoke, drink, or have fun. Her husband put an end to all that once she had their first child. He wanted her to be the stereotypical wife and mother.

Her life was perfect in his eyes, but she was miserable. When she complained that she didn't want to be a boring prude, he responded by saying she was a wife and a mother, not a who're.

To add injury to insult, as soon as their youngest child left home for college, he left Jane the very next day for a 23 year old woman with multicolored hair, tattoos, and an oral fixation for older men with money.

After a moment of grieving, she decided the best way to get over her ex-husband leaving her, was to live her best life.

And so, she's trying to do anything and everything she hasn't done over the last twenty years.


Last weekend Jane was sitting in a pub toasting herself with a double shot of Ciroc. She's never been a glass of wine kind of girl; she likes to drink something as strong as the men she likes. Today she was celebrating crossing another item off her bucket list.

The item was, to travel with her favorite football team, and watch them play in another team's stadium.

She'd recently joined the team's fan club, and traveled with them to the first game of the new football season. She was alone now, but she was also part of a group.

She'd watched games at home with her husband in the early years of their marriage, but as she puts it, "My husband doesn't live at home anymore, at least not at my home. He left me a year ago for a home wrecking little tramp with a small ass, and big tits, and very few brain cells."

But she wasn't bitter.

Joining the booster club wasn't the only change she'd made to her life and to herself. She chopped her hair short, started wearing sexy underwear again, and having sex, to name a few.


Last Saturday night she made the biggest change she'd made so far. Instead of sitting alone on her couch at home, crying in her glass of vodka and lime while watching cheating husbands on Lifetime, there she was at a pub in downtown Chicago.

She was all smiles. It was the night before the first game of the season, and she was surrounded by a festive crowd of very happy, hardcore, die-hard fans boasting and swearing. The look on her face told you she loved it. She was so happy she'd stepped out on faith and joined her team's fan club.

But as much as she was enjoying it, after observing the festivities for a couple of hours, she needed a break. Just as she was about to get out of there, she noticed that one of the younger men in the fan club was checking her out.

After giving it a minute of thought with her Ciroc soaked brain, she decided to go talk with him. In case you're wondering of she'd turned into a who're, or a cougar once her nest was empty, well the answer to both would be yes and no.

Yes, inviting herself to spend the night at her neighbor's house was definitely a ho thing to do. But she hadn't become a whore or an older woman who preys on younger men. Circumstances had caused her to fuck Rex. The circumstance being, he was hot and she was horny.

As for the cougar thing, that happened because the second round of Ciroc had caused her inhibitions to slip just a little bit. There's no way her night would have turned in that direction otherwise.


So here's what went down. She was dressed in a pair of slacks, with her team's jersey over her blouse, which concealed a rather womanly pair of d-cup breasts and a curvy figure. Her eyebrows were freshly arched, and on point. She wasn't wearing very much makeup, perhaps minimal eyeliner and mascara, and one dollop of foundation.

Not that I know what any of that means, but when you're the omniscient narrator you're expected to say these things.

I digress.

Suffice it to say, Jane had her game face on, and she was looking way better than she gives herself credit for.


So back to the move she made.

Jane glided over and stood in front of the guy who introduced himself as Eddie. She carried herself with confidence she really didn't have, but there was no way she was going to let him know that. Instead she coolly introduced herself saying, "I'm Jane. People who know me call me Janey." Then she smiled warmly, and extended her hand. "It's nice to meet you."

Eddie shook her hand, and said, "I'm Eddie Munson." And then he didn't say anything else, he just admired the woman standing in front of him.

Her sultry voice was soft and feminine. When she smiled he saw laugh lines, and caused crow's feet at the corner of her eyes, but they added to her beauty. If he'd been anywhere other than there with the fan club, he'd have thought someone was playing a joke on him. Otherwise a woman like her wouldn't be hitting on him, but he'd been a member of the fan club for three seasons, and he heard about some of the things that happen on road trips. And so, as soon as Jane introduced herself, he knew what was up.

Jane watched his eyes as he looked at her, and then he looked around the room. So she said, "Who are you looking for?" Then glanced down at his hand to be sure she hadn't missed seeing a wedding band. "Is your girlfriend here? I'm not married anymore, so you don't have to worry about my husband. He traded me in for a younger dumber model years ago." Then she raised her eyebrows momentarily.

Eddie nodded his head, looked around the bar again, and then he raised an eyebrow back at her, before he spoke. "Um, nobody," he said. "It's just, to be honest, I saw you, and I kind of thought to myself that you're, you know gorgeous. I mean you are, and I didn't think you'd take someone my age seriously, if I came over and made my move." And then he laughed but there was also hope in his eyes.

She loved the puppy dog look on his face, and it made her feel like a boss. That was a new thing for her, and she found that she liked it. She was in a mellow mood, and more than a little bit horny, and she also found him attractive. She smiled and spoke in a very sweet tone of voice when she said, "Relax, I don't bite." Then she smirked as she showed him her thumb and forefinger close together, before she said, "Well, maybe I bite a tiny bit."

So what can I do or say that will help you get over being intimidated by me," Jane asked now raking her fingernails over his forearm. At that point she didn't know what had gotten into her.

After thinking about her question for a moment he said, "You can tell me that the difference in our age doesn't matter, that would pretty-much do it. I'd show you all my charm and personality." Then he laughed again.

She appreciated his honesty, and it made him more attractive to her. She said, "OK, I'm 46, and you're twenty what?" She was touching his arm again, and flirting with him.

He paused for a moment as he thought about her age, while looking intensely at her. She looked more like someone who should be his well put together boss, or very attractive grand mom, instead of the woman he was chatting up. Finally he said, "I'm 34."

From there they had a several minute's long conversation, she liked what he had to say once he started talking. They talked about the fan club, and the team's upcoming season. When they discussed other topics, sometimes they were reminded of the age difference between them.


Finally she couldn't put off taking a comfort break any longer, and so she told him she was going to go freshen up. Afterwards he offered to walk with her back to the hotel. On their way out of the bar, Jane waved goodbye to a handful of faces she recognized. She was still new in the fan club, and so she'd chatted with only a few of the regulars. She saw Tammy who was the only friend she'd made in the club so far, out of the corner of her eye as she and Eddie passed by her. When she saw Jane look her way, Tammy did the tongue poking her cheek thing, as though she was sucking a cock. Jane had to cover her mouth to hide the fact that she was laughing.


At their hotel.

When the elevator stopped at her floor, Eddie asked if she was doing anything else that night. Jane had already thought about what she'd say before the elevator stopped. She knew he was going to ask her for more time or whatever, because he wanted to fuck her. The dilemma for her was did she want to give him some pussy after only knowing him for a couple of hours. She wasn't feeling the effects of the Ciroc so much anymore, and she wasn't the same aggressive woman she was an hour or so ago.

She quickly checked him out one last time, now that she had a clearer head. Eddie was a husky guy, but there were obviously some muscles underneath the extra padding he has. There was a little more around his middle than anywhere else. As she looked at him she was reminding herself of what she considered her flaws. "Who am I to judge someone else, my boobs sag some now, and I have a bit of a mommy tummy, "she thought.

She was tempted to say yes, but she still had some doubt, so she said, "How about you give me your number, and if I decide to do something else maybe I'll reach out to you."

He agreed and they went their separate ways for the time being.


Taking charge instead of being seduced was arousing her. She was already looking forward to calling him. Thing was, she was ready to fuck, but she needed to think about whether or not she was ready to be a one night stand kind of woman now. She'd had one partner recently, but she'd gotten to know the guy a little and so that encounter hadn't bothered her. She would also be seeing him around the fan club, but she felt pretty good about him, and she knew it didn't have to be a thing unless she made it one. She was going to practice safe sex, and maybe give him head, but she didn't want to swallow his cum, since he was essentially a total stranger. Otherwise she wouldn't have a problem with swallowing it.


A short time later, she'd finished processing all of her concerns, now she was ready to see him again. She invited herself to his room to watch the late-night west coast football game with him. She wanted to go to his room because she figured it would be easier to leave his, than it might be to get him out of hers.

They spent most of the first half of the game watching the game, but it was a blowout by the end of the second quarter. So they talked about a lot of things, from politics to drug laws, of course sports, and finally sex.

In spite of the difference in their ages they found they had a lot in common. She was completely comfortable with him now, and ready to do some things. So she guided the conversation in the direction she wanted saying, "Describe the kind of woman you like."

He proved to be very perceptive when he said, "I like a woman with some curves, who wears pretty panties, and she doesn't shave down there."

Jane cocked her head and looked at him before she said, "How did you just describe me so well? Is there a hidden camera in my room, or a double sided mirror?" Then she bit her bottom lip, and tried her best to look sexy, before she encouraged him to tell her more, saying, "What else do you like about me?"

He responded saying, "it was just a lucky guess, and as for your second question, I'll answer that after I've had a chance to see how you do your thing."

"That was a good answer," she said."I'm sure you'll like the way I do what I do, and I'd be glad to show you." She put her hand behind his head, and then leaned in and kissed him, giving him some tongue, before putting her other hand on his lap, and feeling his stiff cock. After unbuckling his pants, he helped her slide them down far enough to completely expose his cock and balls.

His good sized cock had grown to its full potential, and it was already leaking pre-cum. She was hoping he'd last long enough for her to fully enjoy the sensation of having a cock in her hand again. She'd always loved to jack men off, but her husband didn't want her to do his, so she figured he preferred to do it himself.

Jane looked at Eddie's package, smiled and said, "I like men's nuts, don't ask me why, I just do, and you have quite an impressive pair. May I take your large squishy balls in my hand and play with them like this?

She was fondling his balls with her right hand, while touching his neck, shoulders and head with her left hand, as she talked to him. She was saying, "Would it be alright if I squeezed them and tugged them perhaps just like this? Oh yes, they are so heavy, they must be full of cum. I bet you haven't emptied them recently, have you?"

That was the first time she'd played the older experienced woman, and she found that she liked it, so she kept rolling with it saying, "Would you be mad if I moved my hand up to the base of your dick, and then ran my fingers along the shaft? That feels good to you, I can tell."

Now she was licking her lips, and grinning broadly before she said, "Do you like it when I massage your cock rather than stroke it. Mmmmm, I'd rather stroke it. Oh my, it's so thick I can barely get my fingers all the way around it. OK, get ready now; I'm going to beat it good for you."

It only took a couple minutes of her expert ministrations, to cause Eddie's breathing to become erratic and he started to grind his hips.

Jane recognized the early signs of an approaching orgasm, and tried to talk him down, she said, "Am I pumping it too fast? I'm gonna hold still and you. Are. Not. Going. To. Cum. I'm not done with you yet. I'm gonna tug your balls to help you get control of your dick."

Her words combined with her actions had him harder than he'd ever been, so she kept her touch light as she fondled his balls, and gently massaged his dick, but knew it was time to get down to business.

The next thing she did wasn't a bucket list thing but she'd seen it on porn she'd recently started watching. While hovering over his dick with her mouth, she dropped a glob of spit on it, and then she gripped it tightly and started stroking the shaft. She pumped up and down on it with a purpose, giving it a twist on every upstroke.

She was using both hands now, alternating between playing with his nuts and jacking his dick. He was laying back on his couch moaning and breathing heavily, which told her she had him where she wanted him now. She grabbed his dick firmly, and started jacking his dick hard and fast.

After a moment Eddie began to make his cuming face, and contort his torso. When he felt he was about to blow, he lifted his ass off of the seat, and shot a huge load of cum all over her hand, and on himself. He stifled his grunts as much as he could, and tried not to look ridiculous.

It didn't work, he looked ridiculous, we all do when we cum.

After he had a moment to regroup, Jane calmly reminded him that what had just happened was between them. Eddie was lying there spent and panting, predictably he agreed to do anything she wanted.


A few minutes later, when Jane walked out of the bathroom, having washed her hands, she spied Eddie sprawled out on the couch and admired her handy work.

She was feeling so good about herself, another thought came to her. Since she seemed to be doing all this bucket list stuff, why not cross another item off.

While still holding her gaze on Eddie, she said, "Is there any chance you're hiding any lube over there with those condoms?"

He even got your humble narrator's attention when he said, "I learned a long time ago to always come prepared on these trips with the fan club." Then a little mischievous grin showed up on his face.

He quickly retrieved his door kit and opens it for her to see inside. He had lube, and a bottle of pills that he didn't identify for her, but she assumed they would help his limp dick get up again that night.

She smirked suggestively when she looked at him again, and asked him if those pills were what she thought they were? Aren't you too young to need them?

He didn't say anything, but that mischievous grin of his was back.

Regardless, at this point she was feeling sexually invincible, with the sense of power and control she'd gotten from jacking him off on her own terms. Her naughty side had emerged, and she was ready to get her freak on.

When he assured her, his little big guy could rise to the occasion again, she told him she needed to go freshen up first and then she'd text him.

She felt like she needed to be in her own space for what she planned to do next. Besides, she wasn't interested in making the walk of shame in the morning.

Once she was back in her room getting herself sorted, the more she thought about what she had planned, the more aroused she became. After she was confident there wouldn't be any ick, she texted Eddie to come on up to her room.


When Eddie joined her his personality had changed. She smiled to herself, taking credit for him being so relaxed.

He looked at her wrapped up in the plush white robe their five star hotel provides for its guess , and he could barely keep from drooling, "You look so damn sexy," he said. "I can't wait to get my hands on you."

Jane stopped in her tracks when he said that. "Where the hell was that side of you an hour ago?" she asked. "Who are you, and what did you do with Eddie?" Then she laughed.

He laughed before he stepped to her for a kiss. When their lips touched, and their mouths open she tasted the scotch.

When they broke the kiss, Jane stepped back and said, "Woo, what brand is that? You smell like you washed your dick pill down with liquid courage. Now you're not afraid of me are you? And I just felt your hard dick on my leg, so your pill must be working."

Ole Eddie was definitely feeling himself. When Jane took a step back, he grabbed his dick, bit his bottom lip and then said, "Do you want some of this?"

"Yep, that's what I'm talking about," responded Jane, happily. "Did you bring the lube" The thought of what she was about to say and do, made her whole body tingle.

Eddie chuckled softly, and then that mischievous grin of his spread across his face.

Then he began to undress, while staring at her.

At the same time she untied the sash to her robe, and wiggled her shoulders to make it slide off of them.

When both of them were naked, Jane sucked in her stomach, pulled her shoulders back, and stood there to let Eddie admire her body.

Jane know she's not as fine as she used to be, but when she's honest with herself, she admits that she still looks pretty good.

When she saw Eddie's reaction to her body, any doubts she might have had evaporated. He looked her up and down several times with a smile on his face.

She couldn't ignore the effect she was having on him, and it sent her confidence soaring. She put her hands on her hips and said, "So, do you approve of what I'm working with?"

Then she took a couple of deep breaths, before she said what she'd planned to say, "I've decided not to give you any pussy." Then she turned around to show him her backside, looked over her shoulder and said, "But you can put it in my rear." She finished her little performance by biting her bottom lip, and giving him her best bad girl stare.

Without saying a word, Eddie took the lube from his bag, and then said, "Alright, I'm good with that."

Jane already had a towel folded on the bed. She spread it out and lay on her stomach, and slightly spread her legs.

She turned her head so she could look at him as he rubbed his hand over her back, shoulders and ass. His hands felt hard, but not rough. They felt manly and she liked that.

After a few moments of massaging her, he spread the cheeks of her ass and looked at her pussy and her cute little pucker. He admired her for a moment, before he squirted globs of lube onto his fingers and coated her ass. Then he pushed a good amount into her asshole, first with one finger, then adding a second, and finally getting three fingers inside.

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