tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can't Handle Me Ch. 01

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 01


Note: All characters in this story are 18 and older.

It was the first day of the spring semester of high school. It was a bit on the warm side for late January in the Eastern US, so students and teachers alike were arriving to school with either light jackets or sweaters, and jeans or slacks. Denise was no exception as she arrived in her classroom to teach her first class of the day, World History, which was comprised of mostly freshmen and sophomores. She was wearing a pink sweater and black slacks, with black heels to match.

She opened a large drawer on the side of her desk and placed her purse inside, and then sat down to prepare for the first group of students to start filing in. Denise had been a teacher at her alma mater for the past 13 ½ years, and for the most part she enjoyed it very much. She was the kind of teacher that was loved by the good, well-behaved students, and hated by the slackers and the troublemakers, for she had a reputation for not taking any crap from them, and enforcing her rules and handling her own discipline. It was very rare that she ever had to send an unruly student to the principal's office-she preferred to handle behavioral issues directly and strictly. Because of her tough reputation, most kids didn't even bother misbehaving in her class-they either showed up and listened or didn't show up at all.

To the good students, however, she was more of a friend, a mentor, someone they could feel comfortable talking to. Maybe it was her still-youthful appearance-she didn't come across as old and stuffy like many of her peers, she tended to dress fashionably, her hair was short brown with blonde highlights and always styled, and she made time for her students who were genuinely trying hard-after all, she had been the same kind of student herself, not blessed with smarts but always determined and hardworking and never giving up. So when she saw a student struggling but trying, she empathized and gave that student whatever help they needed.

Her first period class came and went fairly smoothly-it was the same group she had had first semester, with no new transfers (as was sometimes the case at the start of second semester), so they all knew what to expect. The bell rang and the students quickly got up and filed out and down the hall for their next class. The schedule was in blocks and changed from day to day, so sometimes there was a break between classes, as there was today: Denise didn't have a class during second period, and then had her senior geography class third period.

As the last student left, Denise walked out into the hall. It was empty; the only three classrooms on that end of the hall were unoccupied that period, and the girls' bathroom directly across from her classroom was temporarily closed for maintenance. She looked down the hall in the other direction, and once she was satisfied there was nobody left in the hall, she began to turn around to head back into her classroom and get ready for the next class in about an hour.

Just as she turned, she heard a noise that surprised her. She stopped and turned back, and heard it again. It seemed to be coming from the closed bathroom. She slowly moved closer, trying to figure out what the sound was-it sounded like someone was eating, or mumbling-all she could hear was a 'mmmm' sound.

The door was propped partially open, with an orange cone in the doorway that had the 'Closed' sign taped to it. Quietly, slowly, Denise stepped over the cone, as the sound grew a bit louder. Then, just as she turned the corner, she saw what was happening, and her jaw dropped as she stared, wide-eyed.

In the center of the bathroom stood a young man, his back to the door, someone that Denise didn't recognize at all. But she did recognize the girl who was on her knees in front of him-it was Sara, one of her senior students, probably the smartest girl in the senior class and the likely class valedictorian!

As Denise watched in shock, the young man suddenly pulled his cock out of Sara's mouth-that was the sound she had been hearing!- and started spraying his seed all over her pretty face, into her straight brown hair, and down her neck and chest.

"Oh my God!" Denise exclaimed. "What is going on here?"

The young man suddenly yanked his pants up and turned, running quickly past the stunned teacher and out the door. "Hey, wait a min"- but Denise was too late to stop him. She turned her attention back to Sara, who was still kneeling on the floor, blushing deeply with embarrassment, and trembling.

"Sara? What was going on-are you okay?" She knelt down next to her prize pupil.

"I-I-oh god it's all over me-gotta clean up, gotta get to class..." Sara was still shaking as Denise got up to get some paper towels. But the dispenser was empty, and the water was turned off due to the maintenance.

"Don't move-I'll be right back!" And Denise ran across the hall, unlocked her drawer and pulled her purse out, and opened it to grab a pink handkerchief she kept in the side pocket. Then she raced back over to the bathroom, leaving her purse on the desk.

She quickly began wiping the cum off of Sara's face as she slowly began to calm down. It took several minutes, but finally she got Sara cleaned off and presentable once again. She laid the soaked cloth on the sink and turned her attention back to her student. "Okay so who was he? How did this happen?"

"Oh, Miss Denise," Sara replied, trying not to cry, "it all happened so fast...I never even saw him before my first class today-I don't even know his name! This is so embarrassing...!"

"Now now, it's not the end of the world..." Denise stated, trying to calm Sara down.

"Are you going to report me to the principal? Please don't...I promise it won't happen again..."

"You're my best student, Sara, you have a bright future," Denise answered. "I won't tell anyone about this. But how did you end up in here...doing, that...?" she added, blushing a bit herself.

"It was so silly...he was passing me notes during class, and the last one he told me to ask to use the bathroom and then meet him here...he slipped out of class when the teacher wasn't looking...he said he had something he wanted to show me, but I had to do exactly what he told me to do, so I got on my knees, and closed my eyes, and opened my mouth, and the next I knew I was...oh my god, Miss Denise, I don't know what I was thinking...!"

"It's okay," Denise replied. "You're okay-he didn't do anything else, did he...?"

"N-no," Sara stammered.

"Okay, just sit here a minute and get yourself together, then we'll go over to my classroom and I'll write you a note for being late to second period. And I'll find out who this guy is and deal with him-you have my word on that...!"

"Thank you, thank you so much, Miss Denise!" Sara gushed.

After a few minutes, Sara got up, and they walked together across the hall to Denise's classroom to get the note. Denise stuffed the handkerchief back into the side pocket of her purse before she locked it back in the drawer, not noticing that the purse had been moved slightly while she was away...


Denise sat at her desk for the thirty or so minutes before her next class, trying to refocus on getting ready for it, but the experience she had just had was still front and center in her mind. After all, this was not just any 'skank' she had caught in the bathroom in such an act, it was Sara, the smartest girl in her class! She had known Sara for a few years, and knew her family, and this was just so much out of character for her. Sara was someone Denise was quite proud of as a shining example and role model for the rest of the girls in her class-to see her degrade herself before a boy in such a manner was unconscionable!

Finally the bell rang to end second period, and the students began to file into her classroom for her third period, senior Advanced Placement (AP) World Geography class. Because it was an AP class and could count towards college credits, it drew only the smartest of the senior class, and thus was her most enjoyable class to teach that year.

Sara was in this class, and so was the girl who seemed to be her biggest threat to class valedictorian, Melanie. Denise smiled as she saw Melanie walk in and take her seat; if someone had said two years before that Melanie would be second in her class, nobody would have believed it.

At first glance, Melanie didn't look like the typical straight A student at all. She was naturally blonde, quite pretty, and voluptuous; she was a cheerleader. And until Denise had her in class two years prior, Melanie got by quite well on her looks, getting average grades without anyone seeming to take notice. As Denise got to know her during her sophomore year, she realized that Melanie was incredibly bright and smart, and decided she would work with her to help her realize her potential. The results were really quite amazing-by the time Melanie began her senior year she had completely transformed into a strong student, demonstrating her smarts in all her classes, and her personality and decision making reflected this as well.

Two years ago, Melanie was the kind of girl who would have gotten caught in the bathroom like Sara did. Now, she confidently asserted her place, rebuffing the comments she got about her looks, and only staying friends with those who also took their classes and themselves seriously. Even Melanie's mother, who was a high school dropout, had been motivated by Melanie's success to go back and finish her GED.

The bell rang to begin class, and Denise read off the roll call. Then she got to the two new students, transfers into the school.

"Hector Gonzalez?" she asked. A Hispanic boy in the back stood up slowly, "Here."

"And...Richard Masters?"

A blonde young man of average height and build who was seated behind Melanie and in front of Sara stood up. "Call me Dick." This statement got a few chuckles from the class as Denise looked up to identify him, and as she did, she gasped and froze.

It was him. The boy from the bathroom earlier, with Sara. In her class.

He had a cocky grin on his face as his eyes met hers, and Denise smiled back-having this punk in one of her classes was going to make handling the incident so much easier, she thought, as he sat back down and she began her class.


Denise took the first few minutes of class to go over the second semester syllabus and class expectations. Then she gave the class a reading assignment for the next 20 minutes, during which time she planned to catch up on some of the work she didn't finish during her open period.

A few minutes into the reading time, Denise heard a soft giggle. She looked up, but everyone seemed to be reading and doing what they were supposed to, so she sighed and went back to what she was doing. A few minutes later, she heard it again, a bit louder, and once again looked up to see nothing but thirty heads looking down into their books.

The third time it happened, a few minutes later, it was obvious who was doing the giggling. Denise looked up and saw everyone looking and staring at Melanie, who was giggling uncontrollably. But that wasn't the reason everyone was looking at her and either gasping or laughing; Melanie's blouse was completely open and unbuttoned and her breasts were half-hanging out of her bra, and she was blushing deeply even as she was giggling.

"Okay, that's enough!" Denise raised her voice, trying to hide her own shock and surprise. "Melanie?"

"Yes, Miss Denise?"

"In the hall. Now."

Melanie quietly got up and walked quickly to the door as Denise met her there to open it. Most of the class let out gasps or were mumbling to each other about what kind of trouble Melanie was going to be in.

Denise closed the door as soon as they were both in the hallway. "Melanie, what's the meaning of this?"

Melanie was still blushing as she put her hand behind her back, trying to conceal what was in it. She was trying to speak but the words weren't coming out, as Denise saw her hand move. "What's that in your hand?" she asked the trembling student.

Melanie's head dropped a bit as she produced the note she had been holding. Denise took it from her and opened it, reading it to herself:

'Hey Tits,

I want to have some fun with that stupid cunt of a teacher. I want you to do

exactly as I tell you. Every few minutes, I'm going to give you a soft poke, and when I do, you unbutton one button on that pretty little blouse, and giggle just a bit about ten seconds after you do it. The last time, when the last button opens, I want you to pull your bra down just enough to flash everyone those pretty titties. Do all this and there will be a wonderful present for you after class!'

The note wasn't signed. Denise's face showed her anger and disappointment as she looked up at Melanie. "Who gave you this?" she demanded.

"Th-the new boy...sitting behind me..."

"I figured as much-I've already had one issue with him this morning. I'll handle him. What on earth possessed you to do something like this, to do what he told you to?"

Melanie was still trembling in embarrassment. "I d-don't know, Miss Denise...he is kinda cute..."

"You are so far above this now, Melanie. All the progress you've made the last two years-I won't allow you to throw it all away just because some cute new boy passes you a note! Now fix yourself and button your shirt, and go back and sit down. I'll expect to never have a conversation with you again like this. Understood?"

"Yes, Miss Denise," Melanie replied as she finished buttoning her blouse. The look in her eyes showed that she knew Denise meant business. Denise opened the door as Melanie walked back in towards her seat, with everyone's attention on her and her change of behavior.

"Mr. Masters"-

"Dick." The boy chuckled.

"Out here. Now." He got up quickly, almost as if he was anticipating it, and strode out into the hall. Denise quickly closed the door behind him, and then without hesitation, she got right in his face. At 5'7" each, they were eye to eye.

"What the hell is this?" There was fire in her eyes as she spoke, flashing the note before his face.

He smiled. "What bothers you more, the stupid part or the cunt part?" His eyes never wavered from hers, he never looked down or seemed uncomfortable, even in the face of her anger.

"That's enough!" Denise shouted into his face. "I don't know who you think you are. I don't know what you got away with at your last school. I really don't care. I will NOT tolerate this kind of behavior in my class. I will NOT let you harm any of my students or jeopardize their futures. You may think this kind of stuff is funny," and she waved the note again, "but I take discipline VERY seriously. I've been teaching here a long time, and I've handled your type before. You think you're God's gift, you think you're better than those girls somehow, but you're not. They are smart and strong and have a lot going for them. So I suggest you drop your cocky attitude and learn some manners, for starters. And I want you back here in my class after school for detention. Understood?"

The expression on his face didn't change a lot, but he nodded a bit. "Whatever," he sighed. "You can't handle me." And he turned as she opened the door, and walked back to his seat. As they returned to the class, there was a lot of whispering and talking back and forth-the rest of the class had heard Denise's shouting even with the door shut and figured this new kid was really in for it.

"Alright, that's enough of that." Denise stated as she returned to her desk, and the class went quiet. "I hope everyone read the chapter I assigned-I have a few questions!" And she managed to get through three of them before the bell rang for the end of class.

"Okay," she said as the students started putting their books away and getting up, "chapter 24 is your assignment for tonight." The class started filing out and down the hall to the cafeteria for lunch as she sat back down. 'There's always one smart-ass in every class', she thought to herself. 'Another challenge...well that's why I got into teaching, to educate, to change these kids, show them they are all able to succeed, give them the tools they need...even the punks like that one.'

She had a thought, as she turned off the lights and locked the classroom behind her; she headed down the hallway and turned the opposite way of the cafeteria, towards the school office...


As her class was eating lunch, Denise was in the school office. "Hey, Denise," came a familiar voice from behind the counter. Stella had been working at the school almost as long as Denise had, and they were friends and former classmates there from their own school days. While both women were single, Stella had gotten married right out of high school, pregnant, and then quickly divorced soon after that. Her daughter was a senior there now and soon to graduate.

"Hey Stella...I'm looking for the transcripts for one of my new students, I was hoping you could help?" Denise asked.

"Sure, what's the name?"

"Richard Masters..."

"Ohh, him," Stella replied, almost giggling, as she reached down and picked up the file from her desk and handed it to Denise. "I saw him come in first thing this morning, what a dreamboat..."

"Dreamboat? Stella? He's..." Denise quickly opened the file, "nineteen! You're old enough to be his"-

"Mother, yeah, don't remind me, we aren't getting any younger, are we? I've got a boyfriend anyway...what about you? Who's in your life now?"

"I'm way too busy for that sort of thing, and the idea of getting tied down with any man, giving up my power, my independence...No can do! I like my life the way it is just fine."

"Sure you do," Stella replied. "So what's the deal with this guy?"

Denise was looking back down at the file as she answered. "He's already a bit of a troublemaker...I was hoping something in his file might shed some light on it, but there's not much here! His grades are excellent, mostly A's...he lives with his father...and here's the name and phone number of his last school, in California."

"I'm sure whatever his issues are, you'll handle him, you always do," Stella said as she got up to get the office cordless. "But here's the phone-call his last school, maybe they can tell you what his deal is. Ms. Vickers is out today, you can use her office if you want."

"Thanks Stella, you're the best!" Denise said as she took the file and the phone into the vacant office and sat down, calling the number for his last school.

"May I speak to one of the administrators, please?" she asked when the secretary answered.

A minute later, she heard a female voice on the line. "This is Vice Principal Stewart, how may I help you?"

"Yes hi, my name's Denise, I'm a teacher from Central Valley High in Virginia. I was hoping you might be able to give me some information on one of your former students, a Richard Masters..."

The line went quiet for a few seconds.

"Hello? Are you there?" Denise finally asked.

"Y-yes..." Ms. Stewart finally replied, her voice sounding a bit shaken. "Richard Masters...he's at your school now?"

"Yes, he just started today. I have some issues with him already and there's nothing in his file..."

"One second." Denise heard the sound of a door being closed and locked. "Okay, I'm back. You need to find a way to expel him. Right away."

"Expel him? After one day? What's going on? What happened when he was there?"

"Trust me, he's not the kind of trouble you want at your school. He's a very smart kid, he tested off the charts, but he is very misguided, especially when it comes to dealing with women."

"Yeah, I've seen that already," Denise interjected, "but something must have"-

"He has some kind of quality about him, I'm not sure what, he's always been able to get what he wants from the girls. He isn't satisfied with messing with the easy ones though-he targets the smart girls, the ones who would challenge him. After a few incidents here, we were able to get him psychoanalyzed..."

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