tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can't Handle Me Ch. 02

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 02


All characters are 18 or older.


Thankfully, the drive home from school was a short one. Denise was still a bit disoriented as she pulled into her driveway and staggered out of her car to her front door. She opened her door and went straight down the hall to her bedroom, tossing her purse on the dresser and flopping down onto her bed.

"Oh my god," Denise mumbled, "what just happened...what did that boy do to me...?" She just lay there for a few minutes, hoping her head would start to clear a bit, but the experience she had just went through was still overwhelming her thoughts. 'Did that really just happen?' she thought to herself. Maybe soaking in a warm bath would help, she thought, and so she finally got herself up, walked to the bathroom, undressed, and turned on the water to just the right temperature.

As Denise lay back in the warm tub, soaking, her thoughts kept drifting back to the events of the day, and the feeling that accompanied those thoughts was humiliation. She had never been so humiliated in her whole life! There was the physical humiliation of being tied over two student's desks, and blindfolded, and stripped, and driven to a mind-blowing orgasm with her own vibrating egg in her own classroom.

But it was the verbal humiliation that was really driving Denise crazy. She kept hearing his words echoing through her mind as she lay in the tub, trying to relax. 'Stupid cunt', he had called her, "silly little bimbo', 'good girl', 'don't worry your pretty little head about it', and 'don't try to think, it's not what you're made for, anyway'. Her eyes closed as she heard the words again. Here she was, a college graduate and a respected, experienced high school teacher, and a student, a boy half her age, was putting down her intelligence!

Denise didn't even realize that her left hand had slid down her tummy, until it had slid down a bit farther, between her legs. Her eyes opened in horror. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed out loud, as she realized the verbal humiliation was somehow turning her on! She sat up suddenly in the tub, then stood up and turned on the shower to rinse off. She had been relaxing long enough!

A little while later, Denise was sitting at her writing desk, in a pajama short set, trying to compose her thoughts and write out a plan of action. After all, that's how she handled every other issue that came up in her work.

'First off,' she wrote, 'he said he had taken pictures. I need to confront him about those, find out if he's just blowing smoke', she added as she took more notes. Denise tried to think back again; she couldn't remember ever hearing a clicking sound from a camera. 'Maybe,' she thought, 'he thinks the threat of them is enough to intimidate me!' She steamed a bit as she decided that was not about to happen!

'Second, I need to meet with Sara and Melanie, without him around. He is NOT going to derail my two brightest students!'

'Third, I need to find out more about this boy. I need to contact his father somehow-if what Ms. Stewart said is true, he might be the key to stopping him. I need to get something on him, so I can get control of this situation!'

Satisfied for now with her plan of action, and quite mentally exhausted from the events of the day, Denise ate a light supper and called it an early night. Her last thought before sleep overcame her was that tomorrow was going to be a hell of a lot different than today...


Denise woke up the next morning, refreshed, happy, and raring to go. She thought as she started to get herself ready, that she must have had a really nice dream, although she couldn't remember anything about it. The humiliation and shock from the events of the day before had been replaced with determination and a plan to set everything right, the way it should be.

She checked the temperature and the weather forecast, it was going to be another mild day for late January. Denise picked out a lavender button-up blouse and a black skirt that went almost to her knee, which was the dress code for teachers in her district. She had already picked out a lavender bra and panty set so the blouse was a logical fit. Then she slid on a pair of thigh high stockings and her favorite pair of black ankle boots. She checked herself in the mirror and smiled at her appearance, then she grabbed her purse and things and headed out the door to school.

She walked into the school a few minutes before she had to be in her classroom for first period, which gave her the time she needed to stop by the office and let them know she was going to need a substitute for her morning classes the next day. Denise had decided that the best way to try and meet Dick's father would be when Dick was in school-hopefully his father would be home, and if not, perhaps someone would be who could shed some light on Dick and give her something she could use on him. That was part 3 of her plan; Denise was going to try to accomplish the first two parts later that very day.

Her classes that day fell differently than the day before; instead of her free period being in the morning, it would be in the afternoon. She had two classes of World History before her third period senior geography class, and both passed rather uneventfully. The bell rang to end her second class, and Denise sat at her desk, anticipating Dick's arrival as she thought about what she was going to do.

She looked up as he walked in, smiling to no one in particular, dressed in a green t-shirt and jeans. Right behind him were Sara and Melanie, and it almost looked to Denise as if the two girls were competing to see which one could get through the door first! Finally they both made it through and followed Dick into the classroom. Denise frowned at their behavior-they seemed to be fawning all over him as if he were the second coming of Brad Pitt!

The three took their seats, in a slightly different order than the day before-Dick was sitting directly behind the two star students. The rest of the class were taking their seats as the bell rang to begin class.

Denise smiled as she stood up to address the class. "I hope everyone read the assigned chapters last night...because we are going to have a pop quiz to start class today!" The class collectively groaned a bit, but it was short-lived for the most part; this was an Advanced Placement course after all, and these students were the smartest seniors and pop quizzes didn't tend to faze them as much.

She took a stack of papers and began to pass them out to the class. Each quiz was two pages, stapled together, with twenty-five multiple-choice questions. She finished passing them out and then took her seat to watch as the class started taking the quiz. Denise was watching Dick, Sara, and Melanie in particular, to see their reaction as they turned to the second page. She had placed a Post-It note on each one of their quizzes on the second page. On Dick's, it asked him to please stay after the class was over to talk to her; and on the girls' notes, it asked them to come back after the last class of the day for a few minutes, and not to tell anyone about it. If her plan was going to work, she needed to get the girls' attention without letting Dick know what she was doing, in case his threat about the pictures had any merit.

After twenty-five minutes, all the students had finished and Denise collected the quizzes. She spent the remainder of the day on her prepared lesson, and finally the bell rang to end the class. She stood there watching everyone else get up and leave, as Dick picked up his backpack and walked calmly up to her desk.

He stood there eye to eye with her again, his back to the classroom door as the last students left and the door closed behind them. "You wanted to see me, Denise?"

"Yes...Dick," she replied. He smiled upon hearing her call him by that name. "What happened yesterday...I'm not going to let you ever do anything like that again, do you understand?"

"I think you are mistaken, little girl. You seem to have forgotten who is in control here," Dick answered calmly but firmly. "Did you forget about the pictures, you stupid cunt?"

"Don't you call me that!" Denise exclaimed. "I am a 38 year old woman, your teacher, for Christ's sake - not a little girl or a stupid cunt! And you're lying about there being any pictures...!"

"I don't lie, Denise," he stated calmly, as he reached into his backpack and pulled out a digital camera. He turned the camera and held it up to her face so she could see the display, then he pressed the play button...

Denise gasped as she watched, her eyes wide in shock. The video he was playing back was about two minutes long, and it was her, from the day before, lying over her own desk, writhing and moaning with the egg inside her until she finally climaxed. She couldn't believe was she was seeing -- she thought he had left the room before this had happened!

"Want to watch it again?" Dick teased as the video came to an end. Denise vigorously shook her head no, even as she was trembling in shock and fear. "Too bad, you're going to," and he pressed the play button a second time, smiling at the incredulous look on the teacher's face as she stood there watching and trembling. The sound was just loud enough that she could hear her own plaintive moans and whimpers. Her arms were at her sides, biting her lip nervously as the video came to an end once again.

"You silly little bimbo, you really thought I was bluffing," he said as he stuffed the camera back into his backpack. "Be a good little girl or you're going to end up as a YouTube sensation," he chuckled. His fingers went to her stomach, sliding in between the buttons and finding her bare skin, lightly stroking. She let out a confused whimper as she felt his fingers touching her.

"Now, Denise, I have lunch waiting for me," Dick smiled as he stepped back, withdrawing his fingers from the stunned teacher. "Although the idea of munching on your delicious little cunt instead had crossed my mind." He paused to watch her shocked expression. "Maybe another day. Now remember what I told you yesterday. I'm in control, you dimwitted little bimbo. You're going to be a good little girl from now on. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she breathed as he turned quickly and walked out of her classroom, shutting the door behind him. Denise sat down at her desk, her head spinning, as she tried to wrap her mind around what had just happened.


Denise sat at her desk, having lost her appetite for lunch after what she had just went through. She was glad she had the next period free, because she needed the time to get her head straight and think about what she was going to say to Sara and Melanie after school. Part one of her plan was a total bust; hopefully parts two and three would have better luck, she thought. The video he showed her, and the names he had called her, continued to run through her stunned mind.

She looked at the stack of quizzes in front of her; maybe grading some of them would take her mind off of what had happened a bit. The first one happened to be Dick's, and he had every question right, which didn't really surprise Denise that much - there was no question the boy was smart, he was just terribly misguided.

The next two quizzes were Sara's and Melanie's. Two more A's, Denise thought to herself as she started to grade Sara's. A look of disappointment started to come over her face as she began to mark red X's over many of her answers. When she was done, Sara had only gotten 13 of the 25 right! And Melanie's grade was even worse -- 11 out of 25!

Denise stopped grading and stared at the two quizzes. These two girls had never gotten less than an A on any test, quiz, or paper in her class first semester -- this was so out of character for them, it looked to Denise as if neither one had opened her book at all. She shook her head in disbelief and disappointment. Well, she thought, I guess I have my starting point for the talk with them this afternoon...

The rest of her afternoon went quite smoothly, and the final bell rang to end the last class. A couple of minutes after the room had emptied, Sara and Melanie walked in together. "Hi, Miss Denise," they both chimed as they walked to her desk, both seeming quite cheerful and happy.

"Hi girls," Denise replied, "please, have a seat." She took out their quizzes from earlier. "I have to start by saying I am rather disappointed in your quiz grades from today, both of you. Did you even read the chapter I assigned for last night?"

Both girls looked down for a moment, then Melanie was the first to look up. "Umm, well, we were a little busy, Miss Denise, I guess we kinda forgot about it..."

"Busy? On a school night? What were you doing?"

"We were...umm..." Sara mumbled.


"We were with Dick." Both girls were blushing a bit and this revelation.

Denise was shocked and appalled. "This boy, that you just met? Both of you? I can't believe what I'm hearing..."

"Please don't be mad at us, Miss Denise!" Melanie blurted out.

"I'm sorry, Melanie, but I am mad, and very disappointed. He's trouble, big trouble, and the main reason I called you both in here, was to warn you to stay away from him, you both have bright futures and you can't let him ruin that for either of you!"

"You're wrong, Miss Denise, he's not any trouble," Sara replied. "He's really wonderful!"

"Trust me on this, girls, he may have you both convinced that he is wonderful, but he's not. There's more going on with him than he's told you, you have to trust me on this, I know things that you don't...you have to stay away from him!"

The two girls looked over at each other, then they both started giggling.

"What's so funny?" Denise demanded.

Melanie stopped giggling long enough to respond, "He showed us the video last night. The one he took in here after school yesterday."

"Oh my God," Denise gasped, "he didn't..."

"Do you really keep a vibrator in your purse, Miss Denise?" Sara giggled as she reached for Denise's purse, which was on the edge of her desk. Denise reached out to grab her purse away but it was too late, Sara's small hand had found the egg and pulled it out.

"Please, put that back," Denise asked. She couldn't help but feel that this conversation was rapidly slipping out of her control.

Sara passed it over to Melanie. "How does it work?" Melanie inquired.

"Please, please, please give it back to me," Denise pleaded. Melanie shrugged and started to hand it back to her. Just as she did, the door opened, and Dick walked in, smiling.

"Hello there girls, I thought I might find the three of you in here," he remarked as he walked over. "Are you sharing your toys with your students, Denise?"

"What? No...!" Denise exclaimed as she quickly stuffed the egg back into her purse, blushing quite hard.

"Hi Dick!" Sara and Melanie gushed. Dick smiled back at them as he walked around behind Denise's chair, reaching over and sliding his fingers into her hair.

"Hi girls!" he replied. "Are you both done here? Ready to go?"

They looked to Denise, who nodded weakly yes, then they both stood up. Denise remained in her chair, and Dick still had his hands in her hair. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Would you like to join us, little girl?"

Denise gasped and shuddered, "j-join you?"

"Yes, dear, there's plenty of room in my car if you want to come home with us, I don't think Sara or Melanie would mind, would you girls?"

"Oh no, not at all!" they chimed.

"N-no, I can't, that wouldn't be right," Denise answered, trying to assert herself somehow. "I'm your teacher, remember?"

Dick smiled as he stood up, his hands leaving her head. "Your loss, girl. Just remember you were invited..." and he walked out the door, Sara and Melanie behind him, as Denise breathed a momentary sigh of relief, and got her things and headed home.


Denise awoke the next morning, the events from the last two days still fresh in her mind. Her plan to fix everything, to get back control of the situation, had so far been an almost complete failure. Dick had visual evidence of what had happened the first day, and even worse, he had shared it with Sara and Melanie. Her two brightest students seemed to be completely under this new boy's spell, and she feared that their perceptions of her had been permanently altered by what they had seen in the video. 'At least,' she thought as she started getting ready, 'at least I didn't accept his ridiculous invite to go home with him, what a disaster that would have been!'

Denise was taking the morning off to pay a visit to Dick's house, and hopefully speak with his father, which was the third part of her plan. She decided she needed to assert herself a bit more than she had lately, so she chose a navy blue pantsuit to wear that morning. Black stockings and heels, conservative makeup and jewelry, and a light strawberry perfume completed her look as she headed out the door and drove to the address listed in Dick's file.

The address was outside of the town limits, and took about ten minutes for Denise to drive to; as she drove, she wondered to herself what she might find. There was no information whatsoever in the file about Dick's family situation, besides the fact that he lived with his father. She wondered about Dick's mother, if perhaps her absence might explain to some degree his misguided perceptions about women.

She arrived at the house, it was a nice looking Victorian house, rather large for two people, she thought, as she pulled into the driveway. Denise strode up the stone walk and rang the doorbell. As she did, she noticed some sort of inscription above the door, in Latin, but she didn't recognize it. After a few minutes the door opened.

"Yes, may I help you?" the woman who answered the door asked. Denise looked at her in surprise; besides the fact that she wasn't expecting a woman to answer the door, this woman's appearance was almost the exact opposite of Denise's. She was dressed in a pink and red maid's uniform, and one that left very little to the imagination. The bustier only covered the bottom half of the woman's chest and the skirt was quite short as well, with thigh high stockings and five inch heels to match. She had a pink duster in her left hand and a somewhat vacant expression on her face.

"Hi..." Denise blurted out, "I'm sorry, maybe I have the wrong address-I was looking for a Mr. Masters?"

"No dear, you're at the right place," the woman replied. "Is he expecting you?"

"Umm, no, I'm Denise, one of his son's teachers, I was hoping I could speak to him if he's available?"

The woman's expression didn't change. "Wait here, I'll go and find out if he can see you." And she turned around briskly and marched away. Denise stood in front of the door, waiting, and then a man approached the door, smiling. Denise assumed he must be Dick's father, as the resemblance was obvious. The man was taller, more tanned, dressed very casually, and quite striking in appearance, she thought as he opened the door.

"Hi, Denise, I'm Mr. Masters, please come in," he said. "This is a most surprising visit, what can I do for you this morning?"

"Well," Denise answered as she stepped into the elegant foyer, "I was hoping to speak to you about your son, Dick"-

"You mean Richard," he interrupted. "I don't approve of Dick as a nickname, if I had wanted him to be called that I would have named him that." He smiled as he walked into the living room, which was also quite elegant in appearance.

"Oh, good, I feel the same way, Mr. Masters," Denise said as she followed him into the room, looking around and taking in everything she saw. There was a large couch on one wall, and a beautiful glass table in front of it, and one armchair across the table from the couch. The woman who had greeted Denise at the door was standing in front of it.

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