tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can't Handle Me Ch. 03

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 03


Denise woke up the next morning, in her own bed, as she tried to remember the events from the night before. It was all quite a blur, she wasn't even sure how she got home...she remembered being at her student Dick's house for dinner, his apology, and then things got a bit hazy...she thought she remembered Candy, the maid, telling her she used to be a teacher...she must have dreamed that, she thought, along with other things – like watching herself on a movie screen, and having dessert eaten off of her...

She sighed and rubbed her eyes as she got up and started getting ready for another day of school. As she pulled on a blouse and slacks, she thought to herself that she really shouldn't have gone to a student's house for dinner, but she did get the apology she had been wanting, so this one time maybe it was okay. No harm seemed to be done.

Her morning classes went very smoothly, especially her third period class; Dick, Sara, and Melanie were all on their best behavior. Denise was so relieved – she finally felt like maybe things were getting back to normal again. She ate her lunch, and then, as she walked past the office on her way back to her classroom, she saw Stella inside, waving at her to come in.

"Yes Stella, what is it?" Denise asked as she strolled into the office.

"Hey, Denise, I just got a call a minute ago, from that lady in California, the one you spoke to on Monday? A Ms. Stewart?" Stella handed her a slip of paper with the phone number. "I was about to have someone run it down to you..."

"Thanks, I'll call her back from here if that's ok?" Denise asked as she spied an empty office to the right.

"Sure, go ahead," Stella answered. Denise walked into the office, shut the door behind herself, and dialed the number.

"Yes, may I speak to Ms. Stewart?" she asked when the secretary answered.

"Sure, she's right here," the woman replied.

"This is Vice Principal Stewart, how may I help you?" a familiar voice asked.

"Oh hi, this is Denise, from Virginia, you just called for me?"

"Yes," Ms. Stewart replied, "I just wanted to check on your situation, after we talked the other day, I've been a bit worried for you. Have you gotten rid of him yet?"

"Oh no," Denise answered cheerfully, "the problem's all taken care of. I met his dad yesterday, and after he got done with Richard, he was falling all over himself apologizing to me! He hasn't been a problem ever since!"

"Really?" Ms. Stewart asked in amazement. "Wow, that's wonderful...after what happened here with Candi, I was afraid it was happening all over again..."

"Candi..." Denise repeated, "that was the teacher's name?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason," Denise replied. "Yes, I think between his father and I, we finally got through to him!"

"You seem very sure of yourself, Denise. I'd still be a bit careful if I were you, he is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. He may seem harmless now, but that might be what he wants you to think..."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," Denise said as she said goodbye and hung up the phone. 'It's just a coincidence,' she thought, 'that the teacher and the maid are both named Candy...' and she didn't give it another thought as she walked down to her room to finish the school day.


Denise drove home from school that afternoon, feeling very happy and confident. It was another beautiful day, weather-wise; the temperature had been near 70 that afternoon. She arrived home and walked through her front door, stopping in the kitchen to set her purse down on one of the stools by the counter. Just as she turned around to head towards her bedroom, the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" Denise wondered as she turned the other way, to answer the door. She opened it to see Ashley and Barbie standing there in the doorway. They were both dressed and made up as if they had just come back from some kind of modeling shoot. "Ashley? Barbie?" Denise asked in surprise, "what are you doing here? How did you know where I live?"

"Oh," Ashley replied as they took a step in, "we came with Dick," and Denise gasped as she saw her student standing behind the two girls as they walked in together.

"Richard! What are you doing here?"

"It's Dick," he smiled as he stepped between Ashley and Barbie, towards his shocked teacher. She backed away from him, against the kitchen counter, feeling his eyes on her as he stepped closer to her. He had a bag in his hand, which he set down next to her purse on the stool. Then he moved his fingers against her stomach, sliding them between the buttons of her blouse, and against her bare skin. Denise let out a soft whimper as her arms dropped to her sides. "Good girl. You remembered who is in control here."

Denise's eyes widened. "What? What about your apology yesterday...?"

"You really aren't the brightest crayon in the box, my little teacher," Dick answered with a smirk. His fingers moved up and down her abdomen, undoing the buttons on the lower half of her blouse as he spoke. "You really thought this was over? You believed my little 'apology'?" He laughed. "I'm going to take you out tonight."

"Take me out?" Denise exclaimed, "I'm your teacher, not your prom date!" She stiffened a bit as his fingers moved up, opening the rest of the buttons on her green blouse.

"You'll be whatever I want you to be, Denise," Dick stated calmly as he slipped the blouse down from her shoulders and off. He smiled at her pretty light-green bra. "I'm going to take you out tonight," he repeated, "but first, we have to get you ready," and he reached behind her, unhooking her bra and pulling it away from her chest, twirling it in front of the stunned teacher.

"Get me ready? Where are we going? What do you mean?"

"All in due time, just relax," Dick replied as he hung her blouse and bra up on empty hooks that were hanging above her kitchen counter. He gave her bare breasts a quick and gentle massage, smiling at the change in her expression. His right hand slipped down to her slacks, unbuttoning them and letting them fall to the floor, and revealing her light-green matching panty, which he eased down to the floor next. "Sit up here, Denise," Dick said as he patted the countertop.

Denise's expression was one of utter confusion as she felt herself obeying, pulling herself up onto the counter, her feet dangling as Dick finished removing her slacks, panty, stockings, and heels. She had been so sure that she had regained complete control of this situation - how could she have been so wrong? Why wasn't she fighting against what was happening? She gasped as she felt his hand easily push her thighs apart to inspect what was between them.

"Very nice," Dick smiled as he caressed her, feeling only a tiny amount of hair. "Let's smooth this up a bit, shall we?" and he reached into the bag for a bottle of cream. Squirting a generous amount onto his fingers, he began to massage it all around her rapidly swelling labia. Denise gasped as she felt the hairs tingle and then disappear, and the tingling in her labia got more intense. Dick finally stopped and looked at his handiwork. "Perfect. Now, let's get you dressed, shall we?"

Denise began to reach up where her bra was hanging, but Dick stopped her. "No, girl, not those clothes. I have a brand new outfit for you to wear tonight." And he reached into the bag, and pulled out a lavender and pink dress. It was short, and sparkly, with a small silver frill around the bottom, and a strap for the right shoulder. Denise's eyes widened as Dick held it up before her – it was definitely unlike anything she had in her closet! He motioned for her to lower her head, and then he slid it over her, pulling it down as far as it would go. It was snug, and went down to her mid-thigh. Dick motioned for her to get to her feet, and she complied, as he smoothed the dress out.

"Absolutely adorable!" Dick exclaimed as he looked over his confused teacher. "Now, I have to run for a bit, but Ashley and Barbie here are going to finish getting you all ready for tonight. Have fun!" And he took Denise's hand, quickly giving it a kiss, before turning to walk out. As he did, he picked up her purse and took it with him – she was too distracted by everything going on to notice.


Denise stood there in her kitchen, wearing only the lavender and pink dress, as her attention turned to Ashley and Barbie, now that Dick had left. "What now?" she asked.

Barbie quickly spoke up. "Ashley is a real expert at makeup, she's going to really doll you up, Denise. Seriously, when was the last time someone did your makeup for you?"

"Umm," Denise thought for a moment, as she tried to remember when.

"A long time, right? Well, have a seat here on this stool, and relax." Barbie picked up the bag that was sitting on the stool and handed it to Ashley, then took a seat on the next stool over. Ashley reached into the bag and took out a medium-sized cosmetics bag, and started emptying the contents on the counter.

"Do you know where your brother is taking me tonight?" Denise asked, as Ashley took a makeup removal cloth out and started thoroughly cleaning Denise's face, getting it ready for what she was going to apply.

"Our brother?" Barbie laughed. "You thought he's our brother? No...he was our classmate! Back when we all lived in California..."

"You m-mean," Denise stammered, "at his l-last school...the one he got expelled from?"

"Yes," Barbie and Ashley both answered with their heads down a bit. "We're the ones who got him kicked out of school."

"You mean....you're the 'smart ones'?" Denise asked incredulously, as Ashley smoothed eye cream around her wide eyes.

"We thought we were," Barbie replied. "We're so glad Dick found us when he did...or we might be stuck at some boooring college..."

"What do you mean?" Denise asked in wonder, as Ashley brushed foundation over her face. "Dick somehow convinced you that you weren't smart enough for college?"

"Not exactly," Barbie giggled. "He showed us that trying to be smart wasn't how we were meant to be, and it wasn't making us happy...! He invited us both to come with him, and discover our true selves, and we've both been happy ever since!"

Denise was wide-eyed as she listened to Barbie explain how they arrived at their current state, while Ashley continued to work on her makeup, applying concealer and finishing powder, and contouring and highlighting the edges.

"And Candy...she was your teacher there...?" Denise asked.

"Exactly," Barbie answered, as Ashley started working on Denise's eyes, first with a light blue eye shadow, then some pink, a dark blue for the creases, some white eyeliner around her eyes, and finally false lashes. "She was like us, stressed all the time, trying so hard to be smart...now she is so happy!" Barbie began to brush Denise's hair softly. "She struggled against it for a while, just like you are, but eventually she realized it was her true nature."

"Her true nature?" Denise gasped. "She was a teacher, now she's just a maid! That's silly!"

"Now now, Denise, what's so silly about it?" Barbie put the brush down and ran her fingers through the incredulous teacher's hair, as Ashley began applying pink lipstick and gloss to her lips. "Things are so much easier for us when we don't have to try and think our way through life. We can be what we were meant to be...dumb eye candy!" Barbie and Ashley both giggled as Ashley put the finishing touches on Denise's face.

"I'm not dumb eye candy...!" Denise protested, as Ashley quickly painted both sets of Denise's nails a soft pink that matched her lips. Barbie had pulled some accessories out of the bag and was putting them on Denise – some gaudy bracelets for her left wrist, some large dangling earrings, and a pair of five inch open toed light colored heels with ankle straps. Both of them ignored her last comment.

"There," Ashley said as she put everything back in the bag, "all done! Do you have a full length mirror somewhere – you have to see this!"

"In my bedroom," Denise answered, as she got up and slowly walked towards her bedroom, Ashley and Barbie right behind her...she walked in front of the mirror, and stopped, her eyes wide. Ashley and Barbie moved to either side of her.

"Wow-that can't be me...!" Denise exclaimed. "I look so...so...young!" Her mouth was open in astonishment at what she saw. It was obviously her, but she looked so much younger, almost a college-age caricature of herself!

Barbie giggled, "You do! You totally look like you could be our sister! Ashley, you really outdid yourself this time!"

"She really did, didn't she," came a male voice, coming from behind Denise. It was Dick, smiling as he pressed up against his teacher's back. "What a doll you are, Denise, just look at yourself!" As Denise continued to stare in wonder at herself, she felt his hand moving up between her legs, pushing a familiar object-her egg-smoothly and easily inside her. "You did great, girls, I'll see you later!" And Ashley and Barbie turned and began to walk away.

Denise's expression clearly showed her surprise. "My egg...you took it from my purse again..."

"Oh, I did better than that, you silly little bimbo, I took your whole purse. Here, here's a brand new clutch for you to carry, with everything you need inside," and he handed her a small lavender and pink clutch purse which perfectly matched her ensemble. "Now, I believe we're ready to go." And he led her out of the front door, and into his waiting car parked out front.


As Denise began to get into the passenger side of the car, she stopped. "Umm...Dick...?"

"Yes, girl?" Dick answered her.

"I'm not wearing anything under this dress," she replied, blushing a bit.

"I know," Dick smiled as he got in the car. "That dress fits you quite well, no need for anything else under it, and you'll stay warm enough, trust me." He chuckled as he watched his confused teacher sit down in the seat, closing the door behind her. As he started the car, his left hand silently slipped the remote for the egg from his pocket.

"But you said we're going out...I can't be out in public without a bra! Or panties! It's...umm...ohhh..." Denise moaned suddenly as she felt the familiar buzzing inside her. Dick smiled as he reached over and reclined her seat back a good bit.

"It's what? Were you going to say something, silly little bimbo?" He waited a few seconds, but the only response he got was a soft whimper. "That's what I thought. Now just relax while we're in the car. I'll put on a little educational video for you to watch," and he reached over and turned on the video screen in front of her. "The last few days of your life, in living color," he laughed as he put the car in drive and started off. Denise lay back in the seat, her arms at her sides, as the video from the first day that week began to play.

"I'm really glad you were so dumb as to carry that wonderful egg with you to school, Denise," he taunted as she watched silently. "It took me weeks of work with Candy to get her to the point you're at now, in just a few short days." He watched the teacher's breathing begin to pick up a bit, and quietly hit the button on the remote, turning the egg off. He smiled as he noticed little change in her expression or state as she sat there, transfixed by the images. "Amazing, isn't it. To watch yourself, see what you allowed to happen to yourself, see what excited you. You're very responsive, girl. Who would have ever known there was such a hot body underneath all those boring teacher clothes?"

"Huh, iiiii...ummm..." Denise mumbled as she watched the scene in the video change, to the night before, when she went over to Dick's for dinner.

"Just relax. I know you can answer my questions while you watch, can't you, Denise?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"Good girl. Now, tell me, whatever made you think you should be a teacher in the first place?" Dick asked as he continued to drive down the highway towards their destination, still unknown to Denise.

"Umm," Denise mumbled as she tried to think, "I don't know...I always wanted to be one...since I can remember..."

"And nobody tried to talk you out of it, did they? Your parents, teachers, counselors, I'm sure they all said 'good for you!' even though it was pretty obvious you weren't cut out for all that heavy thinking, right?"

"Umm...right..." Denise mumbled, as her eyes stayed glued to the screen, watching for the first time what she had missed after passing out: all the dessert being eaten off of her excited, trembling body; then Dick picking her up, tossing her over his shoulder like a slab of meat, and carrying her unconscious body to the shower to clean her off; and finally being driven home by Dick, Ashley, and Barbie, and placed in her own bed, to wake up the next morning.

"Now, don't you wish that someone like me could have gotten hold of you then, when you were eighteen, and guided you down the right path, and saved you all these years of frustration and failure? That's what I did with Ashley and Barbie, and what I'm doing with Sara and Melanie. They are all much happier now than they have ever been, now that they have found and embraced their true place in the world."

The video came to an end just as Dick finished this statement, and Denise suddenly snapped out of the reverie she had been in since it began. She turned suddenly, her expression once more looking upset. "What do you mean failure? I've been a teacher for 14 years now! And what do you know about my or their 'true place'? You're nineteen! You don't know anything about me!"

Dick smiled as he glanced over at his angry teacher. "I know a lot more about you than you think, pretty girl. As a matter of fact, I'll prove it to you. I'll ask you a bunch of questions about you, all yes or no answers. If you answer no to any of the questions I ask, then I'll admit you are right, and I won't press it any farther. But if you answer yes to all of the questions, then you admit that I am right, and you'll listen to everything else I have to say. The only thing I ask is that you answer every question honestly, no matter how embarrassing it may be. Can you do that?"

Denise thought for a moment, then replied, "Yes, I can do that, if only to end this ridiculous argument!"

Dick grinned. "Excellent. Now, just lay back and relax, and just answer yes or no. Okay?"

"Okay," Denise muttered as she lay back in the seat again.

"Good. First question: are you 38 years old, Denise?"

"Yes," she replied quietly.

Dick smiled. "That was an easy one – I had a peek at your driver's license. Okay, next question: when you were in high school, were you a cheerleader, and an athlete?"

"Yes," Denise answered, "I was both."

"Good," he said as he kept his eyes on the road. "When you were in high school, were you very sexually active?"

Denise blushed a bit and paused, but finally mumbled, "Yes..."

Dick smiled again. "When you were in high school and college, did you struggle to make good grades, even though athletes and cheerleaders usually get graded easier than the smart kids?"

Denise visibly bristled as he finished asking the question. "Yes, but"-

He quickly cut her off. "Yes or no, that's all I want to hear, understand?"

"Yes," Denise breathed, blushing again.

"Good girl. You're doing so well. Next question: When you were in high school, and a boy wanted you to do something, did he get better results when he told you what to do firmly, as opposed to asking?"

Denise gasped in surprise as she tried to think back to when she was in school – this wasn't a question she had expected.

"Don't think, Denise, just answer. Now."

"Yes," Denise replied.

Dick grinned broadly. "I see nothing has changed." He looked up as he took the upcoming exit – they weren't too far now from their destination. "Have you found it more difficult to begin and sustain relationships because of the expectations of being a teacher, Denise?"

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