You Can't Handle Me Ch. 03


"Yes," she breathed again. She was quite conscious now of the fact that she had yet to answer 'no' to anything.

"There's a double standard with the way that students are allowed to dress and act, and how the teachers are expected to dress and act. Does that frustrate you, Denise, even make you a little jealous at times?"

"Yes," she replied, a bit emphatically.

"You're jealous of the way the girls can act, and dress, and the attention they get from the boys, aren't you, Denise?"

"Yes," she answered again. Her chest was beginning to rise and fall a bit more rapidly.

"Are my questions exciting you, Denise?"

"Yes," she breathed, as she squeezed her legs together a bit.

"Good girl, you've done so well, and you're almost finished. Tell me, Denise, is it important to you, what men think of you?"

"Y-yes," Denise stammered a bit. She shifted a bit in her seat, as Dick made a turn down another road. Darkness was beginning to set in.

"I can tell you really didn't want to say yes to that. But you're being honest and that's what matters. Some of my questions are a little embarrassing though, aren't they?"

"Yes," she blushed, her breathing still a bit rapid.

"Would you agree that men care more about what's under your blouse than what's in your head, Denise?"

Denise paused, blushing even harder as she answered, "yes..."

"Would you agree that men think more about what's between your legs than what's between your ears, Denise?"

"Yes," she gasped, as she squeezed her legs together once more.

"Last question. It excites you more when a man calls you 'dumb cunt' than when he calls you by your name, doesn't it?" He pulled the car off the road and into a parking lot, turning to look at her and waiting for her response.

"Umm," Denise mumbled, as she turned to see him looking at her intently. She was desperately trying not to say yes, but the sensations between her legs were growing stronger.

"Answer me now, you dumb cunt!"

"Yes," Denise panted breathlessly, a look of shock sweeping over her face.

"Very good. You answered all of my questions yes, didn't you, Denise?" His hand went out to caress her trembling cheek. She nodded yes as he continued. "That's because your true nature is finally coming out. You were never meant to be in authority over others, or for anything requiring much thought at all. You're an object. A dumb cunt. A pretty plaything for the pleasure of others. You're meant to follow directions, not give them. Right now, standing in front of a class and being in charge of them is the farthest thing from your mind, isn't it, Denise?" His hand slid down and caressed the tops of her breasts, visible above the top of her dress.

"Yes," she breathed, as her body shuddered in anticipation. She looked down a bit, and caught sight of his manhood through his pants, and locked onto it.

Dick grinned as he saw where her eyes had gone. "You'd like nothing more than to pleasure me right now, wouldn't you, you dizzy little girl?"

"Yes," Denise whimpered loudly. As she responded, his hand suddenly pulled away from her, and he opened his door.

"Not now. We're here," he said as he got out and walked around to open her door. She looked up to see that they had arrived at some sort of nightclub, a place she didn't recognize, as she stepped out slowly. She realized she had absolutely no idea where she was at all, or how long they had been in the car. As Dick took her hand and led her towards the entrance, his other hand slid into his pocket and lightly touched the lowest setting on the egg's remote.

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