tagFetishYou Can't Make Me

You Can't Make Me


She lay back on the sofa propped up by pillows, absentmindedly eating a box of chocolates and half watching television. A commercial showed young energetic adults frolicking on a beach. It reminded her of how lazy she had become. Lazy and very, very fat.

But some small part of her was horrified at just how fat and lazy she'd become and for some perverse reason, that made her tingle.

Her body billowed gently around her with her plush, pillowy belly pushing out and supporting her big marshmallow boobs; her wide plush bottom and fat thighs spreading out under and before her.

She used to care about her then athletic body, hitting the gym almost every day for aerobics and strength training and eating carefully so she could stay lean. Had it not been for a very wicked fantasy of hers and meeting him, she might still be that way. She smiled, thinking how little she really cared about that now, and picked up the phone to order a couple of large, loaded pizzas.

Being fat and lazy turned her on so much she would make herself cum several times a day, usually after stuffing herself silly in front of the television. Then he would come home in the evening and after kissing and fondling her fat hips, ass and belly, would ask her what she did that day. She would typically reply, "Not much," and look down or away exposing some chubby roll of hers as she did. He would then harangue her, saying she probably did nothing but lay around watching television and stuffing herself. Sometimes he would say how he couldn't believe how much she had let herself go and get so fat and out of shape. He would usually grab some fat part of her and say, "Look at yourself! You disgust me. You have really let yourself go!" He would then go into the kitchen and in seeming anger, get a mixing bowl, fill it with ice cream, several handsful of nuts and covered in fudge. Coming back, he would thrust it at her say, "You want to be fat? Then gobble this up, piggy!" She would start eating it and he'd stand over her and tell her to eat faster, sometimes taking the big spoon from her and feeding her so fast she could barely swallow in time. She would soon end up gorged on ice-cream, with some of it smeared around her mouth and chubby cheeks and some having run down her double chin.

He'd then roughly take off her dressing gown and hungrily look at her, pushing her in front of the full-length mirror and standing behind her say, "Look at yourself!" He'd then greedily massage her fat breasts, then her belly, hips and thighs and tell her how fat she was getting. He would then reach between her legs and feel how very plump and very wet she was. They would then end up on the floor and fuck madly till they had crashing orgasms together.

It Began

It had all started innocently enough after their first dates when it was clear they were both in love and very committed. They enjoyed eating together and their frequent visits to nice restaurants consisted of serial overindulgence where he teased her about getting her fat. He saw that kind of talk did a little something for her although she steadfastly denied it.

She actually loved the teasing and the attention and had to step up her workouts to stay slim. He made sure there was a regular stream of fattening temptations - he stocked her place with all the things she really loved, putting little caches in places where they couldn't be avoided. When she asked him why he was doing this, his reply was, "I told you I was going to get you fat." He would then smother her with kisses and sometime tickle her into submission, popping rich treats in her mouth if she tried to voice resistance.

She adored the attention, and his talk, touch and technique were uncanny. He knew just what to say and do to get her to melt. He could bring her to an orgasm within minutes - whether she wanted to or not - or keep her simmering for hours. More and more often, he would get her revved up and keep her just short of orgasm and make her eat rich little things till full. Then he would bring her off - often plunging deep into her - igniting a series of writhing, breathless climaxes that left her completely spent from which she would drift into a restful nap. Afterward she would get a little angry with herself for giving in but knew she wouldn't change a thing.

After a few months they got a place together, where there was always an ample supply of calorie-laden treats within easy reach. He starting insisting that she relax more and try to take it easy. He also cooked often, creating wonderful meals she knew full well were intended to put pounds on her slender frame. So it became an even greater struggle to stay in a smaller size when she found herself getting into a cycle where she would gain a few pounds, increase her work out and lose it, only to gain it back and start all over.

They also started going to a number of events and parties which she loved because she could dress up and meet all kinds of new people in addition to their wonderful friends. There was always great food and drinks so she would find herself swept up in the social whirl and end up eating and drinking a little too much of all he brought her. This all too often meant she would shorten or skip her morning workout to the point where she was regularly missing at least one workout each week.

The Sloping Path

Some months passed when one Friday night after a terrific dinner and several bottles of wine and prior to a big pool party the next day with a group of their friends, he playfully insisted she model her two-piece bathing suit for him. Going up to the bedroom, she saw he had it laid out for her, but vamped it up a bit doing a playful strip-tease for him. She put the top on first and they both noticed that she was spilling out of the cups. She wiggled her new "bazongas" at him and stepped into the bottoms, and wiggling her derriere, edged them up. She started to struggle getting them past her thighs and giddily said, "they must have shrunk a bit." When she finally got them all the way on, not all of her fit into the now tight suit.

She stood there shocked by all of her squeezing out of it. Her thighs gently squeezed out the bottoms and a soft, rounded tummy now firmly pushed the front down while her hips stretched the fabric tightly across her much rounder bottom. And she was not only spilling out of the top and squeezing out under the straps, but it rode lower in the front from the increased weight of her breasts.

He grinned and said, "come here sexy," and she, half dazed walked over to him only to be embraced and kissed, then thrown on the bed and stripped of the suddenly small bikini. The sex swept away any lingering shock until the next morning when they were getting ready to go to the party.

She stood in front of the mirror feeling the yielding softness of her tummy, waist and hips; feeling the weight and volume of her breasts and seeing from the side just how big her belly and ass had gotten. She had started to get herself worked up and her bullet hard nipples showed it. "Honey," she said, "I can't wear that suit."

"Don't be silly sweetheart, it just fits better than ever before," he chided.

"But I've gotten so... so..." she couldn't say it.

"So what, gorgeous?"

"So fat..." she almost whispered.

He laughed and said, "You look great sweetheart, healthier and happier than I've ever seen you. Besides, a few pounds wasn't going to hurt you - I love the way you look, you sexy goddess."

He came over giving her a big kiss and hug and patting her plump bottom, said, "We better hurry up or we are going to be late."

She put on a sun dress that was much smaller than before and gathered her things and she half dreaded what people were going to think. The other distant and hidden half was quietly thrilled and it made her moist.


The party went fine. People were clearly surprised by how much weight she had put on. She got a lot of "you look so... healthy," and "looks like living together agrees with you" and so on. Out of the corners of her eyes, she saw a number of hushed side-conversations between women while they practically stared at her. It embarrassed her, but it also made her tingle.

After that, he started practically waiting on her, insisting she relax even more and not letting her do cleaning, shopping or anything strenuous. He was particularly attentive and tender before her workouts, insisting she eat something first - usually too much - to maintain her strength. These sessions often ended in the bedroom and her workouts became less and less frequent as the pounds piled on her. Despite her best efforts to stay with her exercise program, she started to both fret and thrill that she may be losing the little undeclared - at least on her side -weight war between them.

On her growingly infrequent trips to the gym, the surprise and shock on the faces of her friends and gym-mates got more obvious - she had gotten larger workout gear but not large enough to disguise her growing assets. Their comments became increasingly guarded until they pretty much only traded simple "hellos." Different men were now approaching her too. The trainers saw her on a path to self destruction, and one of them confronted her with a "tough love" "you-know-you-are-killing-yourself" speech. Instead of readily admitting the girl was right, as she might have done before, she got so upset and offended, she stormed out never wanting to see the place again.

Going home in tears she told him about it. After listening very carefully, he told her that her eating was indeed getting out of control and she was turning into a fat slob. She was stunned and stopped sobbing immediately and he went on. "I don't know how you expect me to be seen in public with you much longer," and grabbing a handful of her belly fat, "it's just disgusting! Now wait here." With that he stormed into the kitchen and came back with a mixing bowl filled with a third of a chocolate layer cake, ice cream and chocolate syrup. He put in in front of her and handed her a tablespoon an she dutifully ate the whole thing.

Expanding Horizons

He started demanding that she gain more weight, making her eat more cakes, candies and "special shakes," by ordering too much at a restaurant and insisting she eat it all before they could leave. Once home, he would help her undress and lovingly tell how fat she was getting and that she'd soon be too fat and lazy to do anything about it. He would take her on 2 and 3 week cruises and feed her Mai Tais and Pina Coladas when they weren't at the buffet, so that on return, her clothes would be obscenely tight as she waddled ashore. He would scold her on the ride home and poke and squeeze her fat knowing how hot it got her. And within minutes of arriving home, they would be naked and sweaty on the floor panting as they recovered from their greedy sexual routine.

She was growing out of her shrinking wardrobe and had started letting him buy her clothes. They would start out rather loose and easily comfortable and over a period of weeks get snug and uncomfortable tight before he would agree to take her out to get something new. He demanded she try on everything he brought her at the stores and always snuck in a stretchy top, skirt or dress in the size she used to wear. It would look stretched, revealing every bulge and ripple, and it would embarrass her to model it to him in plain view of the store staff and customers.

It was only when she very reluctantly agreed to send her old, too-small and several-sizes-ago clothes to charity, that she realized she could possible lose the battle. She had been half-comforted herself with knowing she could exercise and diet her way back in that delicate size and part of her kind of hoped her weight gain would slow and stop soon. The other, wicked part of her looked forward to tearing through several more sizes and growing into a big, lazy fat girl.

She now thought of herself as fat and could see she was getting even fatter. In some ways it was like she was a spectator watching an attractive woman eat and gain more and more weight. She was terrified and turned-on at the same time. Her tummy was now very round and firm with a thick layer of soft fat that fascinated her. She would find herself stroking and kneading it when she watched television in a half dreamy state. Her boobs were real boobs now, round and fat ones that bounced when she walked. They also rested on her belly when she sat. And when she walked, her fat thighs rubbed together and her now broad hips and ass swayed, jiggled and quivered. She loved watching their love making in the mirror as he greedily enjoyed her expanding body and told her how completely she engulfed and emptied him. She also loved how much he filled her.

Standing in front of the mirror at more than twice her original weight with her heavy fat boobs, her big soft belly, her big ass and wide, rounded hips and her thick, soft thighs, she wished sometimes it didn't turn her on so much, but then he would say something or touch her and she'd be off again.

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