tagErotic CouplingsYou Can't Succeed Without Trying

You Can't Succeed Without Trying


I had a doctor's appointment. The insurance for a new job I had just started required me to have a physical. So I was in this clinic, went to the desk and checked in and then sat and waited to be called. In about four or five minutes this cute little dark haired girl came out of a door and called my name. I followed her and she had me get on a scale to weigh me and then sit down so she could take my blood pressure.

She's really attractive. Black hair, really black. Blue eyes and pale skin, sexy coloring. A face that might be more cute than beautiful, turned up nose, small mouth. Interesting nose, not big at all and truly turned up at the tip. Her hair was in a fashionable do, I guess. Maybe something like corn rows that had been combed out. It wasn't real long but it came almost to her shoulders and each strand seemed to be very kinky, more tightly curled but hanging loose. Really an unusually attractive girl. Small, maybe 5'2" or 3.

"You're very attractive," I said. She seemed to almost blush and said nothing, just fastened the cuff around my arm. She's dressed in what I guess are called scrubs, sort of loose overalls, pink in color. So it's hard to tell but she looks to have a good body in there. Julie Capone it said on her name tag. "My blood pressure will probably read high, Julie," I said, 'with you here." She glanced at me and sort of ginned a little but said nothing. She shoved a temperature stick of some sort in my mouth and the machine pulsed on my arm and readings came up. I'm thinking she's got to be 20 or 21 to be working here, probably has an AA degree. I mean she's no kid any more and legal as far as I'm concerned. I find it difficult not to make a pass at any likely prospect. It's surprising how often it works out.

Anyway, she pulls the temperature thing out, discards the tip, sticks it back in its holder and tells me to follow her. As we walk down the hall I get a good look at her. She has a truly gorgeous ass. Looks noticeable in size, nice and firm, not shaking around a lot, but bouncing a little from side to side as she walks. I must make some appreciative sign because she turns her head and looks back at me and grins slightly but keeps on going. We get to a door and she reaches up and flips some plastic signals out and steps back and motions me into the room.

"You were looking at me, is there something wrong?" she asks me as I pass her.

"No, not at all, Julie, you're a gorgeous girl to look at. I don't want to do any sexual harassment or anything but you have an extremely sexy body."

She gets a little red. "Oh, well, thank you, I guess."

"With you and that great body, "I said, "I think I'd start by eating you to a couple orgasms." Nothing to lose, go for it, I figure.

She blushes, gets noticeably red and turns and leaves.

The physical doesn't take too long. The doctor has me take off my shirt and listens to my breathing with a stethoscope as he moves around me, listens to my heart, asks me a bunch of questions about my life. Then I'm done, told to dress, given a referral slip to get an X-ray taken in the same building on another floor. As the doctor leaves, the door is open and I notice Julie out there looking at me without my shirt.

She'll probably like what she sees. I'm 24, 5'll", 170 pounds. Ever since I can remember, girls have been interested in me. I'm not all that handsome but there must be something in my genes. Of course, I've always been interested in them, too. Started doing things that I shouldn't with girls way back before I was old enough. I've learned that all girls like sex, are interested in sex. Maybe actually need sex. Some of them haven't realized that yet and some are being taken care of but that leaves an awful lot that are available. I've never learned to recognize which, though, so the trick is to try with almost all of them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Oral sex seems like a good hook. Every girl I've ever been with loved getting her pussy licked. Some would make themselves available quickly, not realizing I guess that it always leads to fucking and usually their sucking me. But they all love it. Maybe it will work on Julie, maybe not. I think I'll soon know.

I leave the examination room and head back to the lobby. Julie shows up next to me and walks along side of me. "Did you mean what you said?" she asks.

"What did I say?"

"Well, " she hesitates, "about sex, oral sex."

"Oh, definitely., I bet you're delicious. I envy your boy friend."

"Well," she says, hesitating again, "I've, uh, never, uh experienced that and, uh, would really like to."

"Anytime, Julie. Let's set a time when you can spend the night and we can follow it up with hours of sex and my eating you over and over if that's what you want,"

"All night?"

"I think it'd be best, you'd get the most out of it. And with that great body of yours, so would I. I've got to go down stairs to get an X-ray. Can we meet later? Or maybe you can give me your phone number and I'll call you."

"I better give you my number. We shouldn't really be doing this here at work." She scribbles her number on a post-it she has and hands it to me. This all hasn't taken more than a few seconds as we walked down the hall.

"I'll call you this evening," I said as I went out the door into the lobby. I smiled to myself. I think she's really ready, if a little shy about it. And she sure is cute, probably slightly pudgy under those loose clothes but who knows? Maybe Miss America.

Later, I call her. I think she's cooled off a little. "Julie, this is Dave, we talked at the clinic today."

"Oh, yeah. Hi, Dave."

"I'd really love to get a taste of what I'm sure is a delicious pussy that you have."

"Oh, well, I think maybe I made a mistake. I mean, I'm not that kind of girl and I've been dating this guy for a while."

"Julie, I'm not trying to steal you from a boy friend. This is just sex. It's just you having orgasm after orgasm and loving it. You don't even have to particularly like me, just like the sex. Let's just pick a night when you can stay out and you'll get more sex than you've ever had in your life. You'll love it and so will I. Are you on the pill? Do I need to stock up on condoms?"

"Well, yeah, I am on the pill. And you'd get down there with your mouth and do what I've seen guys doing to girls on the net?"

"Absolutely. And love it."

"No commitments beyond just sex, right?"

"Definitely. You never even have to be seen with me if you don't want to although I wouldn't mind at all if anyone saw us and thought how lucky I was to be with such a gorgeous, sexy girl."

"This is so dumb I know. It's just you've got me so turned on I really want to. O.k., let's. I don't work on Sunday, so how about this Saturday night. When and where should I meet you?"

"You tell me, I'll be there. I can come to your place or we can go to my place or rent a room somewhere, whatever. Where do you want me to pick you up?"

"We can't use my place, I have two room mates. You choose where. Rather than pick me up here, why don't I meet you outside the movie theater at Arrow and Azusa at eight pm, Saturday. O.k.?"

We met and here we are. She's naked on my bed. I was right all along, she has a gorgeous body, not pudgy at all. Pale color with that black, black hair, very interesting. She doesn't shave her pussy. Not as much hair there as I've seen before but plenty. Lovely tits. Not double D's but plenty. Dark nipples. After kssing and telling her how gorgeous she is I spend some time on those tits, soft but firm, really sexy. Then down over her stomach, no bulge at all, very trim. I get her to the edge of the bed, one leg over my shoulder, the other out to the side, her knee up, her foot on the bed. Beautiful pink pussy right in front of me.

"You have a beautiful pussy," I tell her just before I run my tongue up and down it. I use my fingers to spread her open and lick her up and down again, then push my tongue into her hole as far as I can and wiggle it around. She's moaning or "ugh"ing. I lick up again, savoring the feel and taste of her. "You're delicious," I say to her then lick some more. I find her clit with my tongue, still not as noticeable as I know it will be in a minute or so, and flick my tongue on it then lick down again. Her hips jump a little and her noises get a little louder as I lick her clit.

I decide to go for it, no use stretching this out. I like licking pussy, it's all very sexy. But for me, it's all prologue to my getting my cock into her tight vagina. I lick up again and center on her clit. Just below, I get two fingers next to one another and start pushing them into her. I flick back and forth on her clit, It grows as I knew it would and I slide my fingers all the way into her and start moving them around as I work on her clit. It's out enough now that I can get my lips on it and pull on it a little and suck it while I continue to finger fuck her.

It doesn't take long. Her noises turn to screams. Her hips jump, her legs start waving around. Her hands are on the back of my head, holding me to her. Then I can feel her juices coming around my fingers so I pull them out and move my mouth down slightly and try and suck her whole pussy as I taste her flow. She goes wild for a few moments and then calms down a little.

"That was even better than I had imagined," she says. "Fantastic."

I move my mouth off her pussy and back slightly and look at her. She's all pink, red inside, swollen compared to when we started. Seems as if she's turned inside out a little or something, lots more pink membrane showing now. I nuzzle back in and start licking again.

"Uh. Uh." I can hear her, her hips pushing a little. "I'm so sensitive, it almost hurts."

I keep licking. She's going to have another orgasm and doesn't know it yet. I want her so turned on her mind quits working. I lick up and down, hit her clit on each trip and each time her hips jump and another ugh comes from her. I shove my tongue into her vagina again and lick a little, then back up her slit. Onto her clit again and I slip fingers into her. I start seriously moving my fingers, flicking her clit with my tongue. Her noises increase. Her hands are back on my head, she wants this. I've done this before. The second one comes much quicker than the first. Is usually stronger. Same with her. In no time she's screaming, her whole body is moving, her legs are waving around and I get another face full of her juices.

As she starts to relax from her high, I move up, pushing her body back more onto the bed and get my cock aimed at her pussy and start pushing in. She acts and sounds surprised but her arms come up around me . She's tight. Very tight. I have to inch in a bit at a time but I finally make it all the way. We're body to body. As I start pulling back out, her hips raise. Soon I'm pumping in and out of her and she's pushing back She's so hot, she'll cum well before me. She does. Her insides grasping me even tighter. I just keep fucking her, moving faster and harder, pounding into her. She's yelling. Nothing intelligible. But loud. Her hips are pushing at me, her feet on the bed for traction. This little girl really gets into it. She's a great fuck.

She cums again. Or keeps cumming, I'm not sure. I fuck her for a couple minutes and then can feel my cum starting to rise so I pound even harder. As I finally shoot into her, I push all the way as hard as I can and hold it. Her legs come up around me, her heels on my ass, her arms still around me, trying to hold us together as tightly as possible.

Her eyes open and she looks at me, perspiration on her face. "I've never felt like that before. Ever. This is almost unbelievable. I love it."

We finally disentangle ourselves and are on our sides facing one another. She rolls about half onto me again, her one leg up over me. I can feel her pussy leaking onto my hip. We kiss. She runs her hand over my body, feeling me, slides it down between us to my now soft and sticky cock. "We're gonna be able to do some more aren't we?" She asks.

I kiss her again. "Definitely. Julie, you are a truly great fuck. We'll do this as often as possible." I kiss her again.

"Well, right now I'm very messy and you're not ready. So I'm going to the bathroom to clean up a little."

"I'll come and help," I say. "We've got hours and hours of sex ahead of us."

"Promise?" She asks, with a dirty smile, looking back at me as we head to the bathroom.

This time I was really lucky, I'm thinking. But you never know and you can't succeed without trying.

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