You Choose


"Never had oral that way," she whispered so low it was difficult to hear, and I didn't know if she were talking to me or herself.

"I'm happy to show you something different."

"Larddd all mighty, but that was amazing," Alyssa said, her entire body shivered as if she were going through another orgasm. With eyes half-closed, her face sultry and relaxed, she looked very pleased, totally satisfied.

"You are exceptional," she said, one hand caressing my face.

I smiled, a little embarrassed that it was a first time for me. Still, there was some pride in that I had done so well, but then I knew what I liked Allen to do for me, and at that moment, I thought of an answer to Alyssa's problem.

After dinner and our usual nighttime rituals, I waited impatiently for Allen to finish up, my mind in total anticipation. He entered from the bathroom, and looking up I saw that he was in an almost condition.

The mattress gave way under his weight, and felt that telltale slipping toward his side. I placed the book I wasn't reading on my nightstand, and when I turned back, his manhood stared me in the face.

"You want me to bite?"

"No, no bite I."

"Think I'm joking?"

He leaned over me, grabbed the bedstead, brushing the tip of himself across my cheek and nose, knowing I would never really hurt him on purpose.

Normally, I don't mind Allen being forward, but tonight I had something else in mind, and didn't want to waste his precious juice. Still, the look and man smell of him, and the slight wetness of his pre-come made me want him more. Rubbing my face over his rapidly lengthening member, which began to fatten, I grabbed his ass cheeks, pulled him to me, my polished nails digging into the firm flesh.

"Yeow, easy!"

"Oh, I'm sooo sorry," I said, not meaning a word, and he knew it. No matter what happened during the day, I might not like him all that much, but always love and want to please him, and never keep sex from him because I'm angry.

I plastered my lips against the very tip of him, nibbling not too gently. My tongue sought the tiny slit in the barrel of Allen's fleshy gun, wanting the clear fluid that seeped there. I've often wondered why tasting pre-cum swept my inhibitions away, like it was some fabled fairy juice. I sucked hard, my tongue running up and down on the soft underside in swift butterfly movements.

"Oh baby," he said. "You know what I like."

"Es, ah doo," I mumbled around the thickness of him.

With increased pressure, Allen indicated that he wanted his cock all the way inside, and I had to be careful that he didn't cum too soon. Sometimes, when he's worked up, he pushes his cock in so deep it's difficult to swallow, and when that happens, he cums right now. He's just a once-a-night man, but will please me other ways, even after he's shot his load, so I wasn't worried at being left sexed up. Tonight though, I needed him in my own way, and I'd been thinking about this all day.

Allowing Allen some depth, I stopped him by gripping the base, just before the tip lodged against the back of my throat. I don't mind when I'm ready, to take his full length, but I have to prepare, and in his eagerness, he sometimes forgets.

"Ohooo, honey. You know what I need."

As his hips moved, the meat of him slid inside his outer skin like sheath, forcing my fist tight to my lips. He began to tremble, the telltale sign, and I made him pop out.

"Ohhhh, honey, not yet." He groaned, hips still in motion.

I gave his producer of pleasure a final kiss, and for good luck planted a couple on his flat stomach as it hovered over my face.

"Relax baby," I said. "I have something in mind that you'll enjoy so much more."

"But, I love your beautiful mouth."

I laughed. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just love to cum in it."

"That too," he agreed.

"If you don't like what I have in mind, I'll finish you orally," I said, and watched his smile grow.

I pushed him from straddling my upper torso, and rolled onto my stomach, pulled a pillow under my face, folded my arms in front, and opened for him.

"Ohhh," Allen whispered. "After all this time, you mean?"

Over my shoulder I said, "I want to try, but you have to promise me first that you'll only insert the head, and if I say stop, that's what you'll do."

"Of course," he said, sounding hurt that I would even mention it.

"There's special lube in the drawer." I indicated my side of the bed with a tilt of my head. "Use plenty."

It took several minutes for him to fumble with the cap, and then I felt him at the backdoor.

"That's cold," I said, shivering, then his finger entered, "Ahhh, easy, baby."

He smeared the buttery syrup all around the inside and outside of my little desirous starfish.

I was both willing and apprehensive beyond words at this point. Then the head of him was pushing at the entrance, and I tried to relax. Impossible. Which made it more difficult for him to enter. It felt like tree trunk at my little entrance. Maybe if I helped a little by heating up my sexual drive. One hand went to my clit, and I thought of all the wonders of climax, and then Allen just sort of . . . popped inside.

"Whoa," I yelped, and he pulled out. "Don't." But it was too late.

"I'm sorry. I was hurting you and couldn't help it."

"Let's try again, but easy this time."

I was very happy that Allen had used his fingers in my backdoor many times before this, when he brought me off orally. I enjoy that, but could imagine what pain there might have been in store for me without it.

Again, that building pressure, and then the gate to my rectum opened and this time he eased inside. When he went through that little ridged area, my ass yawned. I felt his jim-dandy staff with my fingers, rubbed the underside, along the large vein that pulsed with life, and I felt like defecating, but knew that to be wrong. I'd prepared with an enema bottle earlier, but the circumference of him stretched my virgin back door like an expanded rubber inner tube.

"Wait," I said, "wait." And he did. I trust Allen implicitly, but sometimes he can be impetuous and a little overbearing during sex. Thank heaven tonight, he was the perfect gentleman.

"Okay, honey, just a little more," I urged.

I was positive an extra-large diameter sausage pushed into me, not the cock that I loved, and wincing, my breath quickened.

"Stop, stop," I said. "Just rest there."

The muscle that make his cock jump also seemed to expand it. The stretching and relaxing, continued spastically as if his cock was a balloon filled with warm water rushing from tip to base and back. I thought his heart even tapped out a message through it because it began to throb.

"My god, you are so tight," he whispered, his hands searching and finding my tits squashed between me and the bed covers. I pressed up like I was doing the first portion of a pushup until he had one, his fingers capturing the nipple. Tiny pleasure nips rushed toward my pussy. I could swear he was getting longer. Shit, he was pushing.

"Stop," I said. "Stop it."

"Sorry, sorry . . . couldn't help myself."

"You'd better, or this is your final ass fucking with me."

"Okay, honey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, won't happen again."

I love it when Allen grovels, but I was very serous this time. In order for me to even think of enjoying his cock in my ass, he was going to learn patience. I was only a little bit agreeable by this time, and anal I could see was going to take time and practice.

Almost laughed then, thinking that for the very first time I have a man in my ass, and of all people to think about . . . my neighbor. What would Alyssa think, seeing this? The naughtiness of the situation, and the very personal nature of the act, plus the thrill of doing something banned, I felt a different closeness to Allen. We shared something now that few couples are willing to even talk about, let alone attempt. Something most of civilized society considered taboo, and that was more exhilarating than I could explain.

"I can take a little more," I said, wanting to feel him as deep as he does vaginally.

His pelvic region had yet to make contact with my ass cheeks, so I knew he was holding himself back, and not even close to halfway inside. It felt like much more, and all I could take at this time. He must have heard my thoughts for he ceased and stiffened.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry, I can't help it," he said. "You're so tight."

Oh my god, Allen's about to cum, my mind screamed and I prepared myself for that final lurch, the sharp pain as he rammed forward. He expanded, causing further tension in my sphincter. My breath sucked in and I held it expecting the worst. A sensation not at all unpleasant, as if hot water shot through the inner sanctum of my ass, once, twice and then a third and fourth time.

"It's good baby," I said. "Give me every drop."

Much to my relief, he did not do his normal hip thrusting climax, but held as still as he was able. The large groan that comes from somewhere deep within when he cums, is always a turn-on and deep satisfaction for me. Even at that, a twinge shot through me down there. Nothing I couldn't handle, and admitted the entire event hadn't been as bad as I'd envisioned. As he began to shrink, I pushed my ass back toward him.

"Humm, that was beautiful, honey," he said, his voice soft as a whisper.

"Thank you," I returned, knowing it could be much better, but if he was happy . . .

Though the muscles at the entrance to my rectum held him rather tight, the lube did its job as he shrunk, the head of his softening penis squished out, and my ass seemed to give a final doting squeeze. Allen rolled off, sank to the bed, out of fuel . . . breathing slowly if not hesitantly.

Just before a desperate need zipped through my pussy, I knew without doubt this was what Alyssa wouldn't do with her husband, but for now, I needed Allen between my legs another way.

As if reading my mind, he flipped me over and was there before I could do more than think about it. In as few seconds, I was building toward my own climax. He wouldn't allow that to happen too fast, planting wet kisses on the inner portions of my thighs as I writhed on the sheets like a wounded animal.

The next day, after Allen had gone to work, I called Alyssa, thinking about our time together. That I was a giving person, the nursemaid of family and friends was evident over the past eleven years, but never thought that I would be benevolent to the extent of giving sexual favors.

"Yes, hello, would you have time to come over . . . I think there's an answer to your dilemma."

This time, I was dressed when Alyssa knocked on the door, and after we hugged, I steered her inside.

"I've made coffee, decaf," I said.

"What? No wine?" she said, and laughing held her hands like twin stop signs. "I still have a headache, but coffee might help dissipate the pain."

"Sorry. That wasn't intentional, but I probably should have cautioned you about the after effects of The Farm."

"Might have warned me too, that you were going to take advantage," she said, a big grin lighting her face.

"Taking advantage, shit--you enjoyed yourself."

She grinned. "I did, but you did say something about my problem. You have a solution?"

"Maybe," I said, getting down two mugs for the hot brew. "You said you knew what Rod liked, but weren't about to accommodate him."

"I remember saying something like that."

"It wouldn't have anything to do with what I did, would it?"

She stared not saying anything, her eyes seemed decisive, telling me that she'd like to talk about anything else, making me choose words with care.

"Our minds are full of cultural and social beliefs that may or may not have real value," I began. "I wouldn't want to go against, or try to change any preconceived ideas or beliefs."

"Daline," she interrupted, "you don't have to worry about offending me. I have no misconceptions about what we did, and I don't think that makes either of us permanent Lesbians."

A secret smile went between us, even though we were the only ones in the room.

Okay then, she was willing to talk about it, that's good. Just had to steer her in the direction of my choosing.

"I'm happy, because that's what I believe. I was afraid that you might think because I went down on you so quickly . . . and got into playing with specific erotic regions, that you might think differently of our relationship."

"Don't be silly. That's not the first time anyone has touched me down there besides Rod, but I didn't feel it was out-of-place. What happened was exciting and beautiful."

"I'm so glad you don't feel that it was unnatural."

"Shit, Daline, I don't know if it was natural for me to let you do that in the beginning . . . but you brought out emotions and feelings that I didn't know even existed, and I can only thank you for that."

"Then you didn't mind my fingers?

"What? In my ass? Is that what you're trying to say?"

She smiled, and I chuckled. This might be easier than I thought.

"I wouldn't have put it that coarsely."

"Shit. What other way is there?" She leaned on the table, and I was happy Allen had tightened the legs. "It is what it is."

"Some people would be offended or embarrassed talking about anal intercourse."

"Is that what we're doing, talking anal sex?"

"Well, yesterday did involve the anus."

"Why," Alyssa asked, "do men want to stick their dicks in there?"

"Because it's tight, taboo, and exciting," I said.

"That's kinda what I thought."

"So, Rod has invited you to participate in anal sex?"

"Of course . . . "

"Then, you've tried it."

"Oh, hell, no!" Alyssa said. "Too painful to even think about a man's dick in my ass."

"We hadn't done it either," I admitted, "Allen and I, until last night."


"Hey, it's not that bad."

"Bull shit. A friend of mine tried it, and she said it was painful as hell, and I trust when she tells me something."

"Not with the right partner it isn't, but trusting that person is paramount." My hands went up in defense. "I'm not saying it's the thing for all couples to do. For years, Allen was only allowed to put his fingers in there when he's eating me out, because I really enjoyed it during oral sex. Never tried a dick because I always thought the sphincter could be stretched so far that something might fall out."

She laughed, made a face. "That would be embarrassing."

"However, the Internet says that the muscle down there is very elastic, won't lose shape."

Fuck! I don't believe anything the Internet says. I think those articles are made up by men who love to put their fishing poles someplace other than where it was intended."

I giggled. "Fishing pole?"

"Well, you know what some men say?"

It hit me then. "I don't care, what some idiots say," I said. "You weren't like that."

"I don't want to smell like Perch, and have a bunch of pussies slinking around for something to feast upon."

Alyssa was funny whether she wanted to be or not, and not bashful at saying what she thought.

"So, what did you really think?"

"About what?"

She was making me work for every answer.

"Come on, you know. What we . . ."

"Okay . . . I didn't mind your fingers in there," she said, but a little concern flashed in those iron-grey eyes.

I jumped at the chance to explain. "I ask only because if we were to keep working on your little bum, softening it up so to speak, you could really give Rod something different that he would like, and soon."

She took a sip of her coffee, set the cup down and looked up at me with those big eyes.

"How was it for you when Allen . . . stuck his fat dick in there?"

"How do you know he has a fat one?" I giggled.

"Didn't, but I know you. Don't think you'd marry anyone who didn't. So what was it like?"

Taking a big breath, I thought a moment before answering. This had to be worded just right if I didn't want to scare her away. This might be that something different, that Alyssa could share with Rod.

"I believe, every couple who's thinking of doing it should talk about it first. Allen and I made an agreement, and went very slowly," I said. "To be honest, I feel a little sore down there today, but nothing I can't handle, and I plan on working it every chance I get."


"Because I like giving pleasure, and I felt something . . . unexplainable."

"That's pretty vague."

"I felt different. Maybe powerful is a good word to use about how I felt, to be able give enjoyment that way."

"Did you cum?"

"It wasn't that kind of pleasure. It was more, an inner satisfaction. Though when Allen came I felt it through my entire body."

Alyssa's eyebrows took an inquisitive direction.

"And something you'd do again?"

"Oh yes, but slowly."

I could see ideas being turned on inside her head one light bulb at a time. "Maybe we could help each other," she said, and that sexy mouth opened just enough that her teeth brightened the small kitchen with sexual power, and I was running sufficient fantasies of my own. Her tongue, pink and alive wet the plump lips, making me a little dizzy wondering what it would feel like on my clit.

My face became hot to the touch, and my pussy ached with each heartbeat.

"When can we start?" she said, and I was over-whelmed.

Her smile became a full set of Las Vegas street lamps.

"How's today."

"As long as we never become fulltime lesbians," she said. "I love men and their cocks too much. No way I'm missing out on something that good."

"Me neither," I said, satisfied.

"I'm ready," Alyssa said, "here or my house?"

"We're here at the moment, but we can switch off."

For a week, we joined each as soon as the boys went to work. At the end of that week, we sat in her living room, just back from the De' Blue sex shop, with several new toys.

"I never heard of a double Wanger, but it looked interesting," she said, holding up something big, purple and u-shaped. "We can do both entrances at once with this." A big belly laugh came from her, "And we could even do each other at the same time." Alyssa straightened the U out.

"Hummm," I said, "How about a butt plug and vibrator at the same time too?"

"I hope not in the same place."

"That would . . . be interesting," I said.

"What say we try the double Wanger first."

"Let me see that." It was soft, but firm to the touch, some sort of bendable silicone. "Okay, who wants dibs?"

"We'll both do it."

"Me first," I said, because I was greedy, and horny beyond-belief. "Where's that lube?"

I was on my back on the couch in no time, opening a new tube.

"Let me do that."

I watched her put some on a finger.

"You have such nice hands," I told her, reaching under her kneeing figure to play with her little mouse.

"Don't get me started," she said, "and that isn't my hands you're touching, and we've agreed to do you first." My finger went in and I did a 'come here' motion with it. She squealed, closed her eyes, and I inserted another finger. She didn't need lube, and I wasn't sure that I did either, but her hands were all over my crotch spreading lube into every crevasse.

"This is so thick," Alyssa said, "like maple syrup."

"Supposed to be, it's for the ass. Thins out with body heat."

"Ohhh, I didn't know." She tried to wipe it from my pussy.

"Leave it, leave it. Won't hurt anything."

Alyssa bent the purple Wanger back into a U-shape, inserted one rounded end into my vagina with a little wiggling. I bit my lip as it went in, pleasure vibes began to radiate almost immediately. The other end, even with all the work we'd done the past week, resistance was strong, but it went in a couple inches, sending dissimilar sensations through my entire body. The one in my pussy was like slippery velvet, my body wanted to eject the other as a foreign object, and I squeezed the muscle down there keeping it inside. She worked the Wanger like a jackhammer, or at least what I thought a tool of that sort would feel like.

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